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[Preorder] Nintendo Switch OLED Model $299 with Switch Trade-in ($539 without) @ EB Games


EB games have kicked off the preorders for the new Switch.

$50 deposit required.

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    Not a great deal IMO

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      I'll bite at AUD $299 (non trade-in)… 😜

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      Wait until you find out how much they charge for games!

      (As someone who owns a PC and Switch, the Switch store prices give me more nostalgia than the games. Remember when the SNES came out and some games were selling at over $100? I saw one shop sell Streetfighter II for $119. Nintendo sure does remember).

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        That's the one thing I like about switch. Their games retain value better than Apple products and European cars still under warranty.

        I usually buy games when they're on sale for $40 then resell at full rrp on gum tree.

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          Apple products and European cars still under warranty

          one of these is not like the other

      • I disagree. You can usually get new games for $60 - $69, whereas PS5 and Xbox S1/SX are as much as $120.

        If you shop around (and use OzB) then buy on sale on the eShop and/or physical in stores you can get some good deals.

        • If you shop around (and use OzB) then buy on sale on the eShop and/or physical in stores you can get some good deals.

          Switch's best deals are about triple the price of PC's best deals on average. Sometimes more, e.g.: LA Noire is about 5 times more. (Even ignoring the Epic Store freebies).

          PS store has a lot better discounts than Switch too, though not as good as PC.

          There was a recent deal on here where Witcher 3 was discounted to $30 on Switch. Switch-only gamers were upvoting it like crazy while all the gamers in the comments were pointing out it's regularly around $10 on other platforms, and has been for ages.

          It's like that for most games.

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          Nobody should be paying $120 for PS5 games, they need to stop shopping at EB Games and paying full advwrtised price.

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    Seems like a lot of money to spend just to upgrade to a new hat.

    Edit: I'm glad my 10,000 comment was a Simpsons reference.

    • Iwanitiwantitiwantit

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    Updates include -

    New kickstand
    Enhanced audio (not sure what that means)
    7 inch oled screen
    64gb internal storage
    Lan Port on doco

    Otherwise hardware is most likely identical.

    Seems that you pay about $80 for that functionality. Worth it for people first coming in maybe, but not really an upgrade in my opinion.

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      So you pay double for not much , considering you can pick up normal switch for 330 this is a joke .
      I though it would have more improvement

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      I believe the "enhanced audio" is better built in speakers, which work in handheld/tabletop mode and mean nothing in docked mode.

    • normally my old switch sits on the tv bench serve as a console.
      this round of upgrade is not attractive…
      but the $239 trade in value of old one sounds good.

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        Not really, since you can probably do a private sale of $300 easy on FB

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          Don’t forget eb bonus.

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      Also, the LAN port on the dock replaces a USB port.

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      People with consoles purchased in the first 24 months would also see a 50% or so battery life increase, which matches the minor console update that happened a few years post release.

      As someone that mainly uses the console in hand held, that’s not insignificant.

    • No enhanced joycon? :D

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    Ignoring whether this is a worthy upgrade or not, they're basically giving you $240 for your Switch.

    If you were to sell your Switch on eBay, you'd get about $300. After fees and shipping, you'd have $245. ($10 shipping + $45 fees).

    Pretty good deal. Even better if you're a EB member.

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      Ouch. Ebay charge that much fees now?

      • +3

        13.4% for managed sellers without an ebay store so on $300 would be $40.20 but in the above example I would expect closer to $15 to ship a Switch (slightly more if you insure it) so Juiciness' net proceeds are pretty accurate.

        Depends obviously on the value of items you sell, and how you post, but I've sold quite a bit on Ebay over the last 6 months and, as I keep track of it all very closely, my average combined ebay fees and shipping costs (often Aus Post regular parcel post) account for about 31% of my average sale price (and my average sale price is about $42.50 for items I sell).

        • -6

          I sold my gpu for 700 and eBay hasn't charged me a thing, just pay pal, that was 6 months ago

        • Isn't shipping fee payable by buyer?

    • How much would I need to pay if I am level 4?

      • +4

        20% bonus

        240 X 1.2 = 288

        539 - 288 = $251

        • Legend. Thanks.

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      Sellers fee on eBay are simple to avoid so this isn't correct.

      i.e. list on gumtree and it has a link for listing to eBay for free

      • -1

        List for free but pay full sellers fee, which is where they get you.

        • +2

          No you can sell 2 items via Gumtree per month with zero seller fee. Although be prepared to spend a month on eBay chat trying to get your money back. See the other thread on the eBay/Gumtree promotion. It's a mess, but eventually you can sell for $0 final value fee.
          Not sure why noise36 got negged when what they posted is correct.

    • Sell on market place for free.

      • +3

        You could but who wants to deal with strangers right now?

        The haggling is also brutal.

        It's so convenient with EB.

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      $0 fees on gumtree or marketplace, so you get much more if you avoid ebay.

      • +2

        Do you though?

        From my own experience, people expect things to be much cheaper on those platforms.

        On eBay, even after fees, I'd get about the same amount for my item without having to deal with meeting up with strangers and time wasters.

        Having said that, I was just a victim of an attempted scam on eBay. eBay ruled in my favour though.

        • +2

          I have had mostly good experiences on gumtree and marketplace, its a bit more mucking around, but ebay is a joke with their fees.

          • @eggaz: You can avoid the fees with Gumtree/$0 FVF promos though.

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      One point of note, if you have an OG Switch from around launch day, these are a worth a bit more and you might like to sell them instead of trade.

      You can sell an OG Switch, just the tablet body, for $300-350. You can keep your joycons, dock and power block…sell them for more or whatevs. Full bundles can be $500+ but they're slower to sell, as most the buyers just want the body.

      The term you're looking for on eBay/GT/FB is "unpatched nintendo switch". You can check your serial# by googling "nintendo switch unpatched serials".

      • Does it matter what OS version is installed? Or do people just want the specific hardware? Cheers

        • +2

          The specific hardware, it (generally) doesn't matter what OS is installed, it's a hardware exploit Nintendo can (seemingly) never patch. They haven't managed it yet and the exploit has existed for years.

          The OS version does matter for what custom software currently supports it but that all tends to get updated in a pretty timely manner (1-2wks) or sometimes Nintendo didn't introduce anything that breaks anything, so that'll be fine too.

          • @eagerfisherman: Nice. Thanks for this info - I think I’ll sell my switch tablet only and keep my joycons + power brick for spares. Looks like I’d get more than if I traded the lot with EB, and for minimal effort! Cheers

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              @jk82: @jk82 @birdseye Don't post your full serial# in any listing, make sure to censor out the last 4-5digits. Precautionary but if your console gets banned, that can make it difficult to sell.

      • Well you learn something new everyday - turns out mine is very early and definitely unpatched according to this Guess I'll try and sell it then - the dock is stuffed and I don't really do handheld, if I can get a good price then maybe I'll buy the new one

      • Interesting. Seeing as I'll never exploit mine, I wonder if I should try selling it for the same as the new OLED version is worth. Unless I'm missing other reasons I should hang onto my OG switch?

        • No there is zero reason to hang on to an OG hackable Switch if you're not going to exploit it and are looking to sell/upgrade.

          Don't post your full serial# in any listing, make sure to censor out the last 4digits.

    • Pffttttttt… ebay isnt the only place to sell stuff.. Facebook is free. May not have all the protections but better for local sale. Gumtree is also an option

  • I'll wait for a Christmas bundle or drop

  • +9

    What a joke upgrade.

  • +7

    No way this is worth $299 to upgrade from old switch to new version… No thank you.

  • +8

    Why do people not hesitate for a second spending $1500+ on a new iPhone every few years but a $540 upgrade on a 4+ year old device is unquestionable?

    If you don't play handheld fair enough. I use my switch everyday 95% handheld so I'm more than happy for the upgrade.

    • +9

      People forget that people value things differently based on their interests and usage amount.

    • +27

      Because you actually do get upgrades on the phones like better camera, better processor and better CPU/GPU but this $540 upgrade is just getting an OLED and speaker update and nothing else.

      I'm the guy that buys all revision of console but I will not be getting this because the upgrade is miniscule compare to the price that is asked for.

      • +2

        Pretty much a tab s7 vs a tab s7 plus

      • Yeah fair points.

        I do feel tho that most of this shade it just people's frustration it's not a pro model, I get it.

      • This could only be acceptable is if they released it and remove the normal Switch from sale. Maybe a slight price bump. Selling it as much as a PS4 Pro tho? You gotta be kidding me. With the same awful CPU and memory bottlenecks as the OG Switch? For $540 it has to be incredible for me to buy it again. Get outta here with that crap. I’d love these upgrades on a much better Switch. Also minimum 128gb internal storage. Stop being so god damn stingy at that price.

    • +11

      Why do people not hesitate for a second spending $1500+ on a new iPhone every few years but a $540 upgrade on a 4+ year old device is unquestionable?

      Maybe because mobile manufacturers actually provide upgraded hardware in their revisions. This thing is running the same internals as the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 which was released in 2014 and could be had for $283 five years ago!

      Plus, if Apple continued to release mobile hardware that had a fundamental hardware issue like the Switch does with Joycon drift people would be up in arms. Yet Nintendo fans continue to accept the crap because “I nEeD mY ZeLda!!”.

      So yes, unnecessarily buying a new expensive phones frequently is stupid. But that doesn’t make buying this any less stupid either.

      • This thing is running the same internals as the NVIDIA SHIELD tablet K1 which was released in 2014 and could be had for $283 five years ago!

        Off by about a year and almost double the processing power.

        The Shield Tablet uses the K1 processor (it's literally in the name). The Nintendo Switch and Shield TV uses the X1 processor.

    • +1

      because iphone at least update processor

    • +5

      With iPhone you get
      New cpu
      Bigger Battery
      Better cameras
      More ram
      Faster wifi
      Can play highrer res games than switch
      Wireless charging

      Iphone use 5nm tech from 2020
      Switch uses 20nm tech from 2017

      Most are on 24 month plans so they pay the same plan price and get a new phone after 24 months. Or resell the iPhone for atleast 60% - 70% of the original rrp since iPhones hold good resale value.

      • But, it doesn't have the games :P

        I kinda agree that Switch isn't something that has a good hardware (I think I am better off getting the illusive PS5 or XBox Series X for just little bit more) or even just emulate older games using a phone or a tablet (nowadays a lot of phones can connect to monitors as well). Nintendo seriously should have at least upgraded the internals. Not hitting 1080p 60fps for 4 years old game (Zelda BOTW) is just, it's messed up. That said, I don't think phones and consoles are comparable.

        Kinda reminds me of how Yahtzee Croshaw described the console exclusives as hostages that the console makers are holding.

        Though, I would not get the new OLED version, even though I have the the older Switch that has less battery life. It's too much for something that doesn't mean anything to me. Frankly I think people would be better off getting the non-OLED version Switch cheap. Though that's my 2c.

    • -2

      The 4+ year old gaming console hasn't been throttled by the manufacturer to run so slow that you need to buy a new one.

      • Apple throttles performance when the battery degrades to the point that performance must be decreased to prevent random restarts not to force people to upgrade. But don't let facts get in the way hey.

        • Yeah thats 100% true…lol

        • Apple throttles performance when the battery degrades to the point that performance must be decreased to prevent random restarts not to force people to upgrade. But don't let facts get in the way hey.

          Source: Dude just trust me

    • $540 is more expensive than a Xbox Series S and around the same price as the PS4 Pro.

      You also don't get a controller with the Switch.

      • +2

        You get two controllers with the Switch

    • many of us do hesitate to spend so much on unnecessary items. only sheep need to keep up with the flock.

    • +1

      Thats true. What constitutes an upgrade is in the eye of the beholder. To me this looks like a complete waste of time. I'm confused as to why Nintendo released this especially when the Switch Pro is apparently on the way.

      • +1

        I imagine the OG switch will phase out leaving this as the standard

    • iphone has billion times more application to daily life than a switch unless ur a 16 hour a day gamer.. simple

    • +1

      People do hesitate to spend that on a phone but. When the iPhone X launched at $999USD the price point was quite widely critiqued. Additionally data has shown consumers are keeping their phones longer and longer now days, especially as phones have been somewhat decoupled from 24 month contracts. Costs and diminishing returns is a factor of that.

      People however place value on different things. There’s a market for $2000 phones and there’s a market for gaming consoles over $500 and video cards over $1500. Meanwhile there’s also people still buying PS4’s. And iPhone 6’s.

  • +4

    Thanks, pre-ordered without trade in.
    This definitely isn't a bargain though and imo doesn't belong here.

    • It definitely is a bargain/ saving.

      • +2

        When you can sell the switch for more on facebook/gumtree it really isn't.

  • +3

    I never take my switch out of dock unless I’m giving it a little clean or changing games so this is pointless for me

    Really disappointed as I was hoping for a switch 2 or pro version

  • +4

    This is a bad upgrade. Period.

  • All trade-ins are a scam unless you get a big bonus like what Samsung is doing right now. Just throw whatever you want to trade on eBay or Facebook Marketplace and get extra.

    • lol @ the downvote

    • I traded in 2 games I paid $5 and $10 for. So got a new Switch Game for $44. So sometimes it can work but I do agree that most of the time you are getting ripped off.

  • +21

    New features:

    • Burn in
    • Is it really that common in OLED screens in general? (Never owned one)

      • +1

        Nowadays, not as much it seems.

        Then again, an OLED screen for a gaming device could be problematic, given the number of hours one can spend on a single title combined with static UI elements.
        It apparently was an issue with the PS Vita.

        • I watch thousands of hours of YouTube on my oled phone and have no burn in. The only way modern oled gets it is if you’re running it really bright, or it’s very cheap.

          • @Hunterex: I'm not saying burn in is still a big issue nowadays, but in your case with YouTube I'd imagine the content you watch varies a lot which would make burn in less of a concern to begin with.

            You're right with the brightness factor.

  • This oled model is only indicating us how much the "pro" would cost. That's the only function.

    • Nailed it on the head. Nintendo are trying to push the price up so the successor’s price isn’t TOO shocking. I’d say this is them trying to skip ahead of the inflation that’s happening before everyone’s eyes.

  • +2

    Nice, should be more like $250 out of pocket after level 4 bonus. Not too bad for my 4 year old Switch and not having to deal with eBay fees and hassle.

  • Finally it’s official

    • +7

      Yeah officially disappointing.

      • +1

        This. Such a deflation.

    • This isn’t the successor/pro model people were talking about. People got mixed messages about this and the next one confused. That one will probably be late 2022 or 2023.

  • +2

    Well I’m an utter schmuck and I’ve preordered the neon. $251 for me after trade in with my Eb world bonus. Still not sure I’ll go through with it but my $50 is down and can think about it later. I figured my joycon are currently stuffed with really bad drift. And it’s over $100 for a new set of them. So $150 for a better screen and better battery (as I have the day 1 switch, not the slightly bigger battery one that came out a while ago).

    (mod: private selling or trading in comments prohibited)

    • +4

      Just so you aware you can probably get a bit more than youre expecting if you sell you OG Switch. Apparently day 1 Switches can be modded so fetch a higher price.

      • Interesting. Might have to investigate how much they’re going for privately. Cheers.

        • +1

          No worries. I saw this being discussed on Reddit yesterday so that would be a good place to start.

          • @samyall: Cheers I’ll take a look on reddit.

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