This was posted 6 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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[Preorder] Nintendo Switch OLED Model $299 with Switch Trade-in ($539 without) @ EB Games


EB games have kicked off the preorders for the new Switch.

$50 deposit required.

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          Buy the new switch (Even though it has no significant internal spec upgrade) if you want but Never get rid day 1 switch!

          Hack it and keep it forever..
          Day 1 switch is priceless

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            @pinkybrain: I’m not really interested in hacking it. I’m past the days of ripping games thankful to a good income (I don’t bemoan people that do choose to do that though, I did once upon a time when I was a student without much money). But hey (mod: edited private selling).

            • @dwhes: Not just ripping games

              Can put home brew and emulators…
              If you not interested in that then okay…

              But if you got good income why even need to sell it?

              Also there is no significant internal spec update so not even worth getting it..

              But up to you..
              Maybe Someone else will appreciate this hackable console more.

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                @pinkybrain: Seriously we have plenty of devices that can run emulators or homebrew better than a switch can if that’s what you want to do. And just because I have a good income and don’t want to steal games anymore, why would that preclude me from wanting to recoup some money on and old system if I do upgrade? They are hardly mutually exclusive. I’m not rich by any means, can just afford to buy my games now and not interested in hacking my switch. And yep I agree the upgrade is incredibly shallow at best, you can see I called myself a schmuck in my first post. But everyone can make their own decision on if it’s worth upgrading for them or not.

                • @dwhes: Recoup cost to buy a non significant update with
                  PPI that is lower cos there is no increase resolution while screen size has increase (downgrade in sharpness)

                  Emulator Not in portable form
                  With built in controllers
                  And large size screen

                  You can test out all the games
                  Some games you lose interest after playing 1 time or a few minutes

                  Anyway you are set on selling it so no point with this conversation
                  So Someone else will appreciate it

                  Do what you want!
                  No need to reply to this.

                • @dwhes: Seriously interested, what other portable device can run emulators better than switch for less than 300? Phones not included as I need physical buttons.

                  • @oranglama: Phones with a controller like Razer Kish would work well if you have a reasonably recent flagship phone.

                    Samsung has been pushing DeX, I think from S8 onward, so if you have a Samsung phone, it'd likely even connect to a TV via USB-C to HDMI cable.

                    Both Xbox controller and Playstation controller can use bluetooth (Xbox One controller, some do, some don't so check what model you have), so it is possible that you already have everything you need. Phone holders for those controllers cost like $14 dollars from stores, probably cheaper if you can ask someone to 3D print it, source from China or DIY.

                    Though, those phones would cost more than 300 dollars, and might only worth it if you have them already.

          • @pinkybrain: Don't have a switch myself but don't all these things end up being hackable eventually?

          • @pinkybrain: Can I know why?

          • @pinkybrain: you remind me that my switch is unpatched, i should keep it. just wondering does the nintendo system version matters? just updated to 12.1.0 . never hacked before. but i think one day, after i got the real pro switch

            • @ce5himm: hardware exploit should be unpatchable..

              but you should google to check..

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      Exactly on the same boat. I preorder to mull things over, see if I really want it. Otherwise, calmly cancel. Better that than rushing out to try to find if I really wanted it imo.

      On your joycon drift, I managed to get a couple of mine fixed by sending to Nintendo Mel, no charge so long as there was no physical damage on them and could attach proof of purchase. This was even if they were out of warranty.

      Depends where you bought yours, but places like JB and EB keep your online receipts if you have an account.

      This was a couple years ago for me but it might be worth asking.

      Check here or call them 03 9730 9822. I reckon they're probably still repairing them to avoid a class lawsuit here too.

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        Oh nice. Well I’ll consider doing that if I don’t end up trading in. I bought from Eb day 1.

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        Lucky you. The (profanity) made me pay and they returned them unfixed because to them apparently there were no issues. Absolutely hate them.

        • That sucks :/ wish everyone had as good a experience as I did.

          Maybe trade into eb games? Don't think they test them when they're traded.

      • +1

        I’m undecided too.

        I also sent both joycons to Nintendo. They fixed them both but one of the joycons refuse to connect unattached now. Hence I’m trying to think whether it’s worth it.

        I’ve preordered for now, think later

  • Have they fixed the joycon drift?

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      No,same as old model. Also no internal change. Confirmed by Nintendo

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    Yeah nah, no, nope. That’s a bad deal even without considering it’s a pre order / notification post.

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    what a joke. just because no competition. missing old days with Sony handsets.

    • Yeah during the recent ebgames trade in's I traded my switch and games in and have gone back to playing on Vita. Sick of Nintendo.

      • -1

        That'll show 'em!

  • You would spend $300 more for a tab s7 plus over a tab s7. This is a similar upgrade.

    This should be called the switch plus.

    • +3

      Not similar at all.

      s7 plus have higher resolution, bigger screen and bigger battery. With the increased screen size and higher resolution, you don't lose PPI.

      Switch OLED have no resolution change, bigger screen and possibly same battery as v2 Switch. You get nice screen but you lose PPI which makes low resolution games more blurry

      • My point being is you spend the extra for screen size and oled. Battery life is same.

        Price $300 more samsung

        Price $90 more rrp nintendo switch.

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    Nintendo are masters of selling old stuff for new RRP and making billions, joke of a company. Yes I own a switch, finished BOTW then gave it to the kids to play mario games.

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      This is a joke and definitely not worth the upgrade cost. I'll be sticking with my V2.

  • I have the latest switch the 2020 one, is it worth upgrading to a Oled? I have it plugged into my OLED TV with my pro controller lol what other feature does this have besides a OLED?

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      If you mostly use it in docked mode I wouldn't bother.

      • -1

        ok it has a build in LAN port yep thats something I do want . double the internal storage 64gb is good too lol.

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          Just buy an adaptor for the LAN. $300 extra isn't worth the LAN upgrade. That's one expensive LAN then.

          • @TLZ: would rather have a built in lan port its something they should have had from the beginning .

            • @kungfuman: Yep, so spend the $20 and get a USB LAN adapter for the switch dock.

        • +1

          Just get bigger sd card
          Only update is that lan port

          Not worth paying $300 more just for this dock mode upgrade

          Switch has been out for 4 years and that is the best Nintendo can do?
          Pretty Pathetic!
          Though Nintendo is on form here so should have expected this.

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            @pinkybrain: its has a OLED screen I don't think you realized how much those things close lol thats thats the big upgraded the better colours deeper blacks if you ahve ever used a PS Vita OLED VS LCD is a massive difference in picture quality.

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              @kungfuman: If you dock it then OLED is meaningless

              I was talking about internal spec update which is none…other than 64gb storage

              This is update is more for handheld mode
              And only big change is oled
              But ppi is reduce cos same resolution but bigger screen.
              You actually get less sharpness with this new model.

    • nope the graphic on many switch games probably doesnt make use of OLED anyways

  • So they're offering less than market price for a trade-in towards an overpriced non-upgrade. No thanks.

    • +4

      Why would they offer market price when they have to sell it at market price second hand?
      They are a business after all

        1. They charge more than normal second hand price anyway. So they could offer more and not lose money.
        2. They have these deals to entice people to upgrade. If they lost a little (but less than the margin on the new Switch) it would still be a win for them.

        Offering less than normal second hand prices and way less than what they sell refurbished Switches for isn't enticing at all. Then add to that the fact that the new Switch is way overpriced anyway (not EB's fault but it makes it worse).

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    • Same thing is ongoing for ps5 and Xbox series consoles deal posts as well

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    So I need to give EB a switch, pay $299 to get the same switch (with different skin). Whut? Where is bargain?

    • It is a bargain for EB Games only. It is even on the title of this deal 😂

  • There is nothing indicating if this includes the original switch (3 hour battery model) any ideas?

    • +1

      Eb only has 1 sku for switches so it'll include the day 1 version

    • +1

      Don't trade in your day 1 Switch. You can hack it; even if you don't want to it is worth extra to someone who does want to.

      • Mine isnt day 1 i got it 1 year after release. wasnt this patched out for that reason?

        • +1

          Check its serial number against lists that show which are hackable

  • +11

    This is genuinely not a good deal. I can't believe the RRP for the OLED one is $539! They're kidding themselves.

  • +4

    Nintendo has a history of milking consumer with their minor upgrade. This got to be the worst one.

    • I think the worst are their never ending "special editions" which they charge premium prices for a bit of decoration or different colour cases, and people still rush out to pay for them…

  • +5

    $299 with a trade in?! Hahaha that's hilarious! What a terrible deal!

    If this was a Switch 2 that would make sense. But for a nicer screen and speakers with no spec bump at all this is insanity.

  • Don't really get anything over my original switch as a docked user. Would have liked to see this priced at the original 449 RRP seeing as the lesser models have dropped in price.

  • -1

    What’s eb’s policy on trading banned consoles?

    • They wouldnt know it's banned until they sell it to someone else.

    • How did your console get banned?

      • I was stuffing around with that pin hack / err home brew, my console can pretty much play any game downloaded to the sd card but I haven’t had time to touch my switch in years, it’s prob worth more than the trade in value haha

        I was just curious, but it looks like there is no policy on banned consoles…

  • +1

    The RRP is ridiculous for the limited improvements.

    However, the trade in deal is decent if you're intending on getting one anyway, and you don't have to deal with people by selling it privately.

  • +3

    Come on it’s got a slightly larger/brighter screen and that’s about it. Not worth trading in 1 for 1.

    • OLED isn't slightly better, it'll look significantly better. Having said that still a joke from Nintendo, with the cost reductions in all the same hardware over 4 years they could have at least kept the price the same.

  • no black model, because black models matter. So I am annoyed!! why are they trading black for white!!

    • -1


  • +4

    I would have thought they would have atleast added bluetooth audio capability.

    • Notable upgrade if they did; might be the thing that will tip me over to buying

  • It looks good and I bet the screen will look very nice to play games on, but this isn't a enough of an upgrade to warrant buying this model if you already own a switch. Will be sticking with my hacked launch model and V2 for a while longer!

  • Amazing how everyone is complaining about the marginal upgrade to this product. It's Nintendo were talking about here, 80% of their revenue comes from 3 franchises that have been regurgitated and re-released for decades now.

  • This is an upgrade for handheld players only,

    • Slightly bigger OLED screen (which usually provides better battery life)
    • 64 GB memory instead of 32 GB
    • Better speakers
    • Better kickstand
    • LAN port on the dock ( minus one USB port)

    Everything else is identical. So, who should buy it? If you are playing Switch only on docked mode, you have absolutely no reason to buy it. LAN port cannot justify it at all.

    If you are playing only on handheld mode, I believe you should get a Switch Lite instead because it is almost half price of Switch OLED. Well, if the price is not important, then you can buy this one or upgrade your old one.

    For new buyers (like me), OLED version seems nice but it is overpriced like hell now. You can easily find a brand new Switch less than 400 dollar (it is $379 on Amazon now) so I have no intention to pay $150 extra for an OLED screen. Once it is around $450 then it can make more sense.

    • I mentioned it earlier, but for many people upgrading this also has a considerable battery boost for handheld mode. Anyone who purchased in the initial 24 months or there abouts has a model with lower battery life than the model that’s available today as they did a mid life refresh a few years back.

  • Any idea if they check the quality of the trade-in?

    Have an original with a busted rail that wont charge and has also had to undergo some internal soldering to fix it in the past. The rail was unfixable. Somewhat tempted to trade it it in if they dont really care , or do they come back later once they send them off for a refurb.

    • As long as it's presentable and the problem is not easily discovered, you shouldn't have any troubles trading in.

      It's surprising how many people trade their hardwares in without cleaning them.

  • +3

    the joke is on whoever thought this is a deal or pay extra to get this when there isn't any real update from the previous version.. these people are part of the problem on why we are having to pay high price for a sh*t product..

    • Yes its pricey but I dont think its a shit product.

  • It should be noted that this is on top of any member trade in bonus. So for me being a level 3 which nets me 15% on top of the $240 trade in figure gets me $276 which is pretty darn close to the $300 that I would get from privately selling it. Though it's a shame they don't give you more if you have the redbox version with the longer battery life

  • +4

    OP, might be worth adding this to the body.

    EB World Bonus stacks on top of this. So trade-in credit is $539 - $299 = $240. Therefore…

    • No Membership: 0% = $299 ……..($240 trade in value)
    • Level 1: 5% = $287 ……..($252 trade in value)
    • Level 2: 10% = $275 ……..($264 trade in value)
    • Level 3: 15% = $263 ……..($276 trade in value)
    • Level 4: 20% = $251 ……..($288 trade in value)
    • Level 5: 25% = $239 ……..($300 trade in value)
  • +3

    Haha, What happened to all those gaming experts with inside scoops about the new console?

    Nintendo fan here, but no wonder people are annoyed. After all the hype, it’s an XL upgrade for a PRO price.
    Actually not even XL, this is more of a “Switch L”.

    • +1

      I reckon they knew something was coming but got tripped up on the fact there was once again two new models being released at different time schedules. Leak about the OLED model was 100% accurate. People misconstrued it to be the successor instead though. The Orin SoC and T239 is still very real. Just not for this model.

      Yeah it really is a Switch L tbh. Not even bigger for people with big hands. Was really looking forward to replacing my Switch.

    • why is it a switch L?

  • Also note that the OLED will have less PPI just read it will also be 720p on a 7in screen. Not sure how less sharp but the old switch will be sharper for sure

    • We’ll need to wait and see, but it’s only about a 30ppi difference. It’s not massive so it may be negligible and offset if the displays otherwise better.

  • How disappointing from Nintendo. I’ll hold on to my first year Switch for much longer.

  • +2

    A premium Switch would’ve been great. 3 years ago! More internal memory, 64gb is still not enough. Better screen. A kickstand worth a damn. Speakers that don’t cause ear cancer. Maybe Bluetooth support for headphones. Harder glass screen. A dock that isn’t screen scratching plastic pollution.

    I no longer care about fixing these problems on the Switch 1. That ship sailed. Bring on a worthy successor because this hardware in 2021, going 2022, stinks. Something as simple as browsing the eshop shouldn’t be this painful. I want to play Hyrule Warriors AoC without it hurting my eyes. I should not have to use a experimental emulator to get stable 30fps for a game i bought

  • +1

    No disrespect to the OP, thank you for sharing with the community, however as a "deal" this is total garbage. Time should be catching up with Nintendo to let them know they can't get away with ripping off their fans for much longer.

  • +1

    Same performance though…

    Yeah nah

  • +1

    OzRipoff - literally not worth the upgrade from the old.

  • +1

    Not a great, maybe should go on rrpbargain

  • How does this trade in in combination with a pre-order work? Can I keep my old switch until the new model releases? I'm anticipating a price drop in the second hand market for old switch consoles, cuz people will try to get rid of them. If I can keep it until OLED releases, that's a deal! I bought me switch for just over 300…

    • +1

      Had the same question so I called my local EB to find out.

      You preorder online (or in shop) and wait. Only once the new one is out you need to bring in your old Switch. Then they have a look at it and decide on the spot if it's in good enough condition for a full trade-in value. So if it's scratched somewhere or has any other defects you might have to pay more than $299 for the new one as you won't get the full trade-in value. You also need to have all the bits and pieces that originally came with the console. If all good, and assuming you're not an EB member and don't have trade-in benefits, max you'll get is $240. Looking at eBay you should be able to get at least $50-$60 more there, around $300, so maybe try your luck there. Going that way you obviously won't be able to keep your Switch till the last second as you don't know how fast it will (or won't) sell.

      • +1

        “You also need to have all the bits and pieces that originally came with the console.”

        For anyone wondering, that excludes packaging. You also in my experience can give them any HDMI cable rather than necessarily needing to use the one that came with the system.

  • I was wondering if they would take the Nintendo switch Lite as well..

    • They’ll no doubt take it but the trade in will likely be less.

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