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[Klarna] The 4th/Final Instalment Payment Waived, Save 25% ($10-$2000 Order Paid via Klarna) E.g. 6700XT $824.25 @ PC Case Gear


UPDATE PM 09/07/21: This promotion is actually being ended by Klarna TODAY, presumably 11:59PM AEST 09/07/2021 before end of day presumably before 5PM (source: PCCG contact)

UPDATE 15/07/2021: It is now updated on the T&C page that the offer is "closed by Klarna on 9th July 2021 at 17:00 AEST".

Terms and conditions: https://www.klarna.com/au/klarna-instalment-offer-terms-and-...

The offer is available from 00:00 on the 7th July 2021 until 23:59 on the 21st July 2021. Klarna reserves the right to commence the offer at an earlier date and/or extend the end date at its sole discretion. (Offer Period).

For eligible customers making a purchase between $10 and $2,000 using Klarna at a participating merchants online store, Klarna will waive the fourth and final repayment of that purchase. The order made with the merchants will show the full order value – this discount will come about as a result of the fourth and final repayment being waived.

Currently the "best value" upper mainstream/high end graphics card is PowerColor Radeon RX 6700 XT Hellhound 12GB (https://www.pccasegear.com/products/53534/powercolor-radeon-...), for $1099. With the deal, it'll come down to $824.25 before shipping.

Although I guess to use the highest amount of benefit (i.e. $500 off), you need to have an allowance of $2000 first with Klarna.

For those who want info on whether/when Klarna does a credit check: https://www.klarna.com/au/customer-service/does-klarna-perfo...

For customers to be eligible to have the 4th and final payment waived the first, second and third instalments must have been paid in full and on time. Order will show the full price through the entirety of checkout, you will receive an email afterwards saying "We've got your final payment covered"

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  • hm 25% on GPU?

    • +35

      Needs to be 50% off to take them back to RRP. XD

    • Anything, final payment off which equates to 25% off on a whole order.

  • +18

    This would be amazing if GPU prices were close to normal.

    • -17

      What is "normal"? If by normal you mean fair value, then they are "normal", right now. Graphics card prices are a function of crypto profitability.

      Take the 3080, for example, it makes around $9 mining Ethereum after electricity costs of 20 cents per KwH. The 3080 when it was released had a MSRP of $1139. This makes the payback period for this card just over 126.50 days. That's amazing! I'd buy up all the cards at that price. Hence prices get bidded up. I managed to buy 3080s for around the $1600 to $1800 mark. They've been mining Ethereum ever since I got them and they've all paid for themselves now. Its free cash after power costs.

      The 3080 Ti MSRP is supposed to be $1920, I guarantee that they will definitely be alot higher than that at launch.

      • +11

        You probably thought you were showcasing how smart and financially savvy you are… but you've come across as a massive twat.

        • -6

          I know gamers are not happy with people like me, but its nothing personal, its just business, if there's money to be made, people like me will do it.

          I couldn't care less what you think of me. I posted to outline my experiences, share my knowledge and maybe open someone's eyes to another perspective. I didn't post it to get validation. Upvotes or downvotes mean nothing to me.

          • @techlead: Get an upvote from me. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’ve learned not to bother with the negs as well.

          • @techlead: When?

          • -1


            maybe open someone's eyes to another perspective

            do you think people weren't already aware that gpu prices are high because of greedy idiots hellbent on ruining the environment for a tiny profit lol

            • -5

              @nope: Haha, interesting way to describe it, the profits are not "tiny". How are miners "idiots"?

              As for "ruining the environment", that's a matter of priority, there are many other things which to me are ruining the environment for little gain, but I'm smart enough to not call those people who are into those things, "idiots", as it might have more value to them than me and that's ok.

        • +2

          you've come across as a massive twat

          That's rather unfair

          ..to massive twats, what's more than massive?

  • +7

    List of Participating merchants:

    PC Case gear

    Lol is that it? =( Darn.

    • I think it's a Klarna wide offer seeing that there was also a JD Sports listing with this same promo

      • +4

        I tried playing around with the URL, if you change it from x-pc-case-gear to x-jd-sports it works. However x-umart doesn't (nor did anything else work).

        PCCG don't seem to have advertised this on their site at all from what I can see, which is a bit weird.

        • Must be a few select stores then

      • +2

        It might be worth reading some Klarna reviews before buying:

        • +7

          To be fair to klarna, I bet 9/10 of those people didn't bother to read the t&c regarding credit checks, people seldom bother.

        • +7

          The first review is literally an idiot complaining that she can't pay off Klarna using a different BNPL virtual CC. BNPLs all the way down.

        • Wow, a credit check that only lasts 90 days and another one may be performed.
          that will leave several marks on your score.

  • Not a single 3080 falls under $2k.

    • -1

      All of them are aside from bundles…

      • For eligible customers making a purchase between $10 and $2,000 using Klarna at a participating merchants online store, Klarna will waive the fourth and final repayment of that purchase. The order made with the merchants will show the full order value – this discount will come about as a result of the fourth and final repayment being waived.

        I see no 3080 under $2k

        • +1

          oh man, not braining today, read $3k… Ignore me, haha.

    • +2

      wait for another month, all 3080s willbe under 2k without any bargain applied.

  • +31

    This is excellent for Ryzen CPU's considering they're nearly cheapest on market already before the offer. Prices before shipping with the 25% off are effectively:

    Ryzen 9 5950x - $899.25
    Ryzen 9 5900x - $629.25
    Ryzen 7 5800x - $471.75
    Ryzen 5 5600x - $321.75

    • Yea PCCG usually has pretty fair/market price already

    • Im so glad I resisted all those past deals, never thought it would come down this much

    • -1

      Grabbed a 5900x. Surely they'll run out or PCCG price jack!

    • +2

      This is INSANE for CPU's more like it. Grabbed a 5900X for the price of a Ryzen 7, gotta love OzBargain

    • The 11900 SKU's are just a better binned 11700 SKU's.

      For a 300Mhz difference between locked parts, grab a 11700 and save yourself $200 ($374.25 after the discount).

      • +4

        The saving would only be $75…

  • +22

    "When you choose to pay in 4 interest-free instalments with Klarna, we will perform a credit check for the first attempt to fulfill the purchase. We will be able to use this credit check for 90 days. If you were to attempt another purchase after the 90 days or if you change your address in our app or website, we will perform another credit check. This credit check will be visible on your credit report, but does not directly affect your credit score. It may still affect your ability to be eligible for credit at other parties, as they can see the credit inquiry on your report and may use it as a basis for their final decision. As a responsible lender, we do not wish to grant credit to customers who may have difficulties in fulfilling payment. It is for this reason that we perform a credit check. We want to gather information about our customers in order to ensure that they can afford the debt before we even consider providing them with credit."

    • Hang on…. how bad is a credit check?
      Isn't a credit check part of every contract? ie, signing up to a phone plan?

      • Pretty much - but I guess if you're using it often enough you'd be up for 4 credit checks a year

      • I don't think a credit check happens at every telco. Some don't bother. Maybe there's a total $ threshold.

      • +5

        Issue is that a lot of companies will have a set parameter regarding other credit checks in their approval process.

        Multiple credit checks may indicate they are trying to source large sums of money via multiple applications via multiple lenders, or are receiving rejection after rejection ie. higher risk.

      • +10

        Some lenders will balk if they see too many enquiries within a short period on your credit history. Four in one year is not too bad, but if you did four in one month that may raise a red flag with them. Telcos used to be the worst for it, and people who churned regularly would often clock up a lot of enquiries. Then, when it came time to go to a traditional lender (e.g. a bank loan) they'd get knocked back.

        The trouble with this is an 'enquiry' simply records that a credit provider did a check on your history, where they will often list the amount you are looking to get from them, but it doesn't actually say whether the enquiry resulted in a successful application or not. Some lenders simply assume a credit check = credit provided, irrespective of whether you actually took up the offer or received credit. For example, if you had 4 x enquiries for credit cards that each had a $10k limit this can look like you've recently signed up for $40k of debt, even if you didn't actually get any of them. This is one reason why it's a good idea to keep an eye on your credit history.

    • Every 90 days is a joke. Annually or every two years is reasonable e.g mobile signup or credit card points churning

  • +1

    buy 4 hard drives for the price of 3? nice way to get a NAS going

    • +3

      yeah but prices still probably pale in comparison to the Amazon 16tb HDDs for around $430 ea

  • +6

    Runs until 21st of July. Time to put in a reminder and see if all those predictions of cards falling this month actually happen :)

    • This comment didn't age well.

      • My sibling and I were going to buy some stuff….

  • -1

    I have went to CO but discount havent applied yet…

    • +3

      thats not how it works, u pay with klarna, they cover last installment

    • +1

      What are you saying exactly? Did you not read the description?

      • +1

        sorry then got it

  • +1

    This appears to be for all purchases made during the offer period? Quite generous.

  • +3
    1. Purchases made in-store or using the Klarna app one-time card, are not eligible for this offer.

    online only then

  • +1

    hmm that opens some cool gaming laptop options, including 2070 or 3060 based.

    tempting. but 15 inch only.

    17 inchers are 3050 only.

    I mean within $2000 range for maximum discount.

    • +6

      that opens some cool gaming laptop options

      No such thing as a cool gaming laptop

      • with a cooling pad I beg to differ haha

        any laptop is cool with a cooling pad. except shit laptops, nothing helps with that (are you listening Dell)

  • +4

    $262 for a 27in 1440p 170hz ips monitor sounds alright I think the cheapest it has been, comes up on here often


    • Add shipping

      • yes good point, could change the outcome for a few but I think it would still be the cheapest it has ever been even with $50 shipping

        • Cheapest by just over $50, but yeah, less after shipping (recent $314 PLE deal had free shipping).

          Seems there will be lots of things at the cheapest they've been with this offer.

  • +1

    not worth the credit check
    i made the same mistake with zippay
    and i avoid all the latpay deals
    afterpay is the only account i have

    • +6

      Under what circumstances is it not worth the credit check?
      I've used lattitude pay deals a bunch of times… used zippay and afterpay also… my credit score is fine AFAIK…

      • -1

        yeah afterpay and lattitude do not affect you credit score at all this is mainly because its like layby it lasts no more than 2 months to pay it off, unless you fail to pay then it will.

        • +1

          Hang on. I thought Lattitude Pay does credit check.

          • @burningrage: Maybe not? Generally the ones with no check are the ones which start you on a lower limit.

            But as above mentioned, a few credit checks don't hurt that much.

            1 check can be worth hundreds in this case, just don't apply for any credit in the next 90 days. Worth it unless you're thinking of signing up to multiple credit lines in the next 3 months

    • +5

      what's wrong with credit check?

  • What mobo is good for 5900x

    • +2

      Asus TUF X570 are good value

    • MSI B550 mortar was my pick

  • List of Participating Merchants

    PC Case Gear

    Only PC Gear?

    • JD Sports has the same offer on a banner on their website. I’d be interested to see if there are other stores too

  • does this work on kogan? how do you know if this deal works or not it makes you put all you details in first?

    • No idea about kogan. I just bought from PC case gear and theres an email confirming my 4th repayment is free.

      • How much do they let u spend? For first timers

        • actually I can't tell, I can't find a way to look it up. The 5900x so far I guess

  • +5

    Hey so what is the maximum they will allow in purchases when you first sign up to Klarna?
    I don't want it to be under 2k and i don't want my credit score to get hit just to find out
    Anyone know?

    • +6

      This is important. Everyone is jumping to the $500 off $2000, but unless you have credit history with them the actual amount you can use to purchase is lower.
      They won't tell you what that number is up front.


      "However, in order to ensure safe spending practices, how much you can spend is determined by a number of factors. These include how long you have been shopping with Klarna and how many purchases have been made and successfully paid back. Meaning, the longer you have been using our 4 interest-free instalments feature, and the more orders you have successfully repaid according to your payment schedule, the more likely you will be able to spend more."

      • +1

        Never used them before, yet i just bought a $1199 Ryzen 5950x cpu no issues, first payment have been taken.

        • Did you sign up on their site, or just use the pccg site and choose klarna as the payment option?

          • +1

            @divvydan: Through PCCG, i selected Klarna as payment and then followed it through which consisted of phone number and email verification codes being sent and adding my bank card.

      • when I tried to create a one-off card, it only let me put up to $1000

        • I believe it depends on the individuals.

        • +3

          One time card is not applicable to this promotion

    • +1

      Any takers to be the sacrificial lamb of OzBargain to test this out?

  • $40 to ship a Fractal Define 7..


    • Pickup?

      Edit: Nevermind, just read they dont do pickups anymore

  • read the bottom of the page. its only for pc case gear.

    • and JD Sports, and maybe others.

  • +1

    Hope this deal is legit cause i just bought a Ryzen 5950x haha absolutely did not need it for this is a really good price.

  • +2

    So I can build up a parts list say $1999 and it'll effectively cost me $1500 thereabouts?
    I had a wish list no GPU PCPartPicker list the other day I wish I saved it..

    I'd have something like
    Mini ITX Mobo
    Liquid 240mm AIO
    16GB (2x8GB) 3600Mhz CL16
    Samsung 980 PRO 1TB
    SFX 750w
    Should come in just under the 2k mark for that kit.

    All I would need is a Case and GPU and that's prob a notch down from top tier kit..

    $2k worth for $1500..

    Assume you can use Credit Card to pay off Klarna?

    • seems like a good way to build a reasonable mid tier system

      • +4

        5900x is not a mid tier system, its the 2nd best cpu available. Best value for the price too.

    • Mine is exactly the same except I'm going for air cooled in a NR200 case. Mine came up to $1919 including shipping. Excludes the air cooler and GPU. Haven't commited yet though. Still reading up on credit checks.. Normally I wouldn't be too worried but I'm currently refinancing and do not want any blockers..

    • yes credit card. I used my Amex even

  • Thanks, grabbed a U6-LR for $243!

  • +1

    Is postage included in the $2,000 limit? So if I buy something worth $1,999 and shipping is $20 is that product still eligible for the 25% off?

    • +2

      I think it is, my email from klarna includes the $15 postage in the order total.

      • +1

        Thanks, that's a shame.

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