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[Klarna] The 4th/Final Instalment Payment Waived, Save 25% ($10-$2000 Order Paid via Klarna) E.g. 6700XT $824.25 @ PC Case Gear


UPDATE PM 09/07/21: This promotion is actually being ended by Klarna TODAY, presumably 11:59PM AEST 09/07/2021 before end of day presumably before 5PM (source: PCCG contact)

UPDATE 15/07/2021: It is now updated on the T&C page that the offer is "closed by Klarna on 9th July 2021 at 17:00 AEST".

Terms and conditions: https://www.klarna.com/au/klarna-instalment-offer-terms-and-...

The offer is available from 00:00 on the 7th July 2021 until 23:59 on the 21st July 2021. Klarna reserves the right to commence the offer at an earlier date and/or extend the end date at its sole discretion. (Offer Period).

For eligible customers making a purchase between $10 and $2,000 using Klarna at a participating merchants online store, Klarna will waive the fourth and final repayment of that purchase. The order made with the merchants will show the full order value – this discount will come about as a result of the fourth and final repayment being waived.

Currently the "best value" upper mainstream/high end graphics card is PowerColor Radeon RX 6700 XT Hellhound 12GB (https://www.pccasegear.com/products/53534/powercolor-radeon-...), for $1099. With the deal, it'll come down to $824.25 before shipping.

Although I guess to use the highest amount of benefit (i.e. $500 off), you need to have an allowance of $2000 first with Klarna.

For those who want info on whether/when Klarna does a credit check: https://www.klarna.com/au/customer-service/does-klarna-perfo...

For customers to be eligible to have the 4th and final payment waived the first, second and third instalments must have been paid in full and on time. Order will show the full price through the entirety of checkout, you will receive an email afterwards saying "We've got your final payment covered"

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  • is there a way to check your klarna limit?

    • Have to sign up as they have to check your credit history

    • For every purchase 90 days apart..

    • +7

      Thanks … I'm out. Credit check every 90 days or for every purchase (depending on payment method) is going to mess up your credit score. Not worth potentially saving around $100-200 based on Afterpays initial limits for new customers (minus $15-20 shipping for a single hard drive, plus its $20 more than a local retailer - PLE).

      • +1

        Isn't it more like potential $500 saving and if you only use it for this one off deal, it's just the 1 credit check?

  • Is it for laptops aswell and what about purchase over 2k

  • is that only to PcCG? or it applies to other online stores as well?

  • Can someone recommend 2x16gb ram for Ryzen 5800? Also what's the initial limit for klarna?

    • +1

      zen3 sweet spot for price/performance is 3200cl14 or 3600cl16 speed.

    • I bought Crucial Ballistix 3600Mhz CL16 and haven't had any problems. I got 4x8Gb to fill all my DIMMs.

      The equivalent on PCCG is the G.Skill Trident Z Neo if you're looking for 2x16Gb kit.

  • +4

    I dont think they check credit file. I got a long name (5) and I made an account with just 2 of my names and was able to buy a 5950x. With companies that check credit file like telstra, its always a pain to place orders because of my name and them not being able to check the credit file.

    • +4

      Five names, you must be Lankan.

    • +3

      I bet it ends with Nathan

  • They dont stock Ergotron monitor mounts :(

  • The language suggests it can be on multiple purchases… so I guess it's safe to have a crack at the 5900x now… then try for a GPU later :D

  • +7

    We will perform a credit check when:
    Purchasing with a ‘One time card’ for the first time.
    At check out from a partnered merchant.
    When making a new purchase, if your account has been inactive for more than 90 days.

    Imagine getting a credit check after every 90 days. Shudder.

    You can forget getting a decent home loan or being able to refinance.

  • So how does this work.. u just pay by klarna and just don't worry about your last payment? How do you know if you got the deal?

    Perfect timing as I want to buy some ubiquiti gear

    • +4

      I just did an order now. About a few minutes later after all the confirmation emails I got another email from Klarna saying “we’ve got your final payment covered.” to confirm the promo was successful

  • +2

    Tried to sign up with Klarna but rejected.

    I have AfterPay with 3,000 limit and LattitudePay with 1,100 limit.

    I prefer AfterPay!

    • Did you do it on klarna website or do it through checkout on PCCG?

      • I tried by registering at the checkout and through the app. Tried two different phone numbers. They don't like me.

    • I just signed in using the commonwealth Bank database

  • +1

    The cheapest 6800XT in stock is the red devil which is $1,999 but with the shipping it goes above 2k and not eligible for the offer…

    • +3

      PCCG bumped up its price from 1899 just yesterday. Surely just a coincidence.

      • Silly question, but what tool do you use to check for historic prices at pccg or other sites? That would be extremely helpful to me.

  • +1

    Do i register for Klarna first or do i just proceed to buy?

    • +1

      I registered on klarna first. Then bought through pccg. Seems good so far, first payment taken out and even got the follow up email from klarna confirming the deal.

      • Which email did you get confirming the deal, did the exact same, bought, but no email to confirm the deal, only the order details email.

        • +1

          Order placed at PCCG
          Then a minute later got an email titled "Your 1st payment complete, nice!".
          Then a minute later, another email "NAME, we've got your final payment covered."

  • +1

    Credit check to save $500. No thanks.

    • +9

      Yes please

    • +1

      I don't think you could even save $500 as a first-time user, likely to get a credit limit less than $1k…

    • CRedit card deals are usually $600~$800 giftcards/cashback - I'd say this is on par.

    • Why the credit check is so bad?

  • This is a great offer. I'm looking for a Nitro+ 6700 XT or 6800 XT for my white build. Do PCCG stock those at all?

    • Search for them on PCCG. Was mentioned above that the cheapest 6800 XT would go over the $2k mark with shipping.

      • +2

        Still too expensive even with the offer unfortunately.

    • Why don’t you check?

      • I'm asking if anyone has seen them listed prior to currently.

  • +1

    Hilariously enough still well above RRP but great find.

  • Apparently u can use this with Umart?


    (Scroll all the way to the bottom)


  • +3

    Hey guys, How do I know that I'm eligible for this offer? I've checked it on klarna app, and on "From our editors" section it only shows JD 4th payment free until 11th of July. :(

    • Thanks for commenting this, grabbed one! Any chance you know of some good keycaps to go with it?

      • +1

        what's your budget?



        Taihao keycaps are a good gateway.

  • Is there a good gaming laptop deal at the budget end? Keen to take advantage of this deal but pretty out-of-date with what's good value in gaming laptops these days.

  • +2

    Amazing, thanks OP, grabbed a 27" Odyssey G7 for close to $760..

  • +2

    Credit check on using your own money? Multiple credit checks? I think Afterpay still more attractive.

  • Decent savings if you're looking for some headphones

  • Thanks OP, was waiting for the Ryzen 5 3600 to go below $250 so I could pull the trigger!

  • κλανιά

  • Could someone please confirm:
    - Should we register with Klarna first to see how much credit we can get before buying at PCCG?
    - Can we make multiple orders, all with the benefit of having the 4th installment waived, or this promotion is only for a single order (and so you need to combine multiple items in the same order)?


    • +2

      Just bought 1.8k worth, no credit checks, not possible to check your limit prior to making the transaction itself.

      This is from their support page
      "To ensure safe spending practices, each new purchase is evaluated by our system to determine approval. This takes into account many different factors including time of day, size of the purchase, how long you have been shopping with Klarna, and how many purchases have been successfully paid back.

      Restrictions are tighter for ‘new’ shoppers until we get to know you. Each time you use Klarna we are making a fresh decision, and over time you will be able to spend more.

      Minimum spending limit is $35."

    • I've done two orders, got the "4th payment waived" confirmation for both.

      $1441 for the first
      $454 for the second

      So under 2k for both - can't personally verify if that is a requirement or not

  • I just signed up at the checkout phase and was instantly approved for 1.8k
    Should I call Klarna to double-check eligibility? I don't think they did a credit check as well….
    If not I should cancel the order right?

    • Did you register with Klarna first or through PCCG purchase?

      • +1

        Installed app first, didn't create an account until checkout.

        Edit - Got the offer email as well.

  • just want to confirm, I purchased items amounting to 1900 bucks (1930 including shipping). When I got the payment plan, it included the full 1930 bucks. Is this what everyone else received or did it show that the 4th payment was waived in your payment plan?

    • +2

      Won't show the discount at checkout, you'll get an email after checkout.

      • yeah sorry, that wasnt clear. I got the email from Klarma but it shows all 4 installments. Was wondering if the rest of you had the 4th installement showing in your account like you have to pay it? Should I cancel the order?

        • +2

          you should have a separate email a saying "we've got your final payment covered" if using gmail check promotions that's where mine is.

  • So ultimate question, Sign up for Klarna first and workout if you can get a $2k limit? or Just build a $2k cart and checkout via PCCG and apply then?

    • Darn, in my haste I didn't build up to a $2k cart, I only bought a $1600 item. T_T

  • +3
    1. Sign up Klarna
    2. Build up $2k cart.
    3. Checkout via PCCG choose Klarna method payment.
    4. Check your email after payment.
    5. Check the email "we have got your final payment covered".

    Gz. Now you owned Klarna for $1500.00 !!!!

  • +2

    Has anyone tried using this deal with multiple transactions?

  • +1

    Thanks OP. Bought the 5900x. Had to return the 5800x I bought from harristechnology eBay for 544.

  • https://www.pccasegear.com/bundle/200402/cooler-master-sk622...

    Not a big purchase, but this is a good deal. Keyboard is $146 minimum from other retailers, mostly $160+, not all include wrist rest. This is $129 including wrist rest. All AU options available (black or white colour, red or blue switches). Get another ~$35 off if you use Klarna I guess.

    • I've been using this for a few weeks now. I got it for form factor (I don't have the desk space for switching between 2 full size keyboards).
      Wouldn't recommend for a right shifter - takes some getting used too.
      Also if you are a heavy user you might only get 2 days out of a charge (but you can plug it in and keep using).
      edit: forgot to mention the just audible high pitched charging sound.

      I like it still, but find myself looking at other keyboards

  • +1

    Does this work for multiple transactions or just one?

  • Didnt see the promotion email. Waited 20mins after I got the "Your 1st payment complete, nice!" email. Should I cancel the order?

    • The email confirming I got the deal came immediately after my "Your 1st payment complete, nice!" email.

      • hmmm, I got nothing after that. I'll wait until tmr then

        • +2

          Check Promotions tab if you use gmail

    • Check your bin, my email got send to bin for some reason, if you use Gmail it should be in promotion tab.

      • no, Im not using gmail. checked all folders

        • Keep us posted as soon as you find it

    • I'm the same.. no email confirming I got the promo .. email confirming I bought something though. I'll just wait

      • +2

        Just an update. I chatted with their support. This is their response.

        Thank you for your patience, I can confirm that you placed your order within the timeframe for this offer. Klarna will waive the 4th instalment for you after the 3rd instalment has been paid and cleared in our system. This can take up to 2 weeks to adjust once the 3rd instalment has been paid.

        • Glad I didn't cancel

    • I canceled this order and placed another two. received the confirmation shortly, all good now :)

  • the office 365 ($85) and family 365 ($109) price is ok on pc case gear

  • I presume this offer is valid for one transaction only, right? Eg, I can't repeatedly buy parts up to $2000 to get the last instalment waived?

    I got the 6800 to add to my existing mining rigs. Bargain!

    • I can't see anything in the T&Cs indicating its 1 time use only, but I feel like there is no way it can be used multiple times…

      It says "Klarna - 25% off on purchases above $10. Make your first 3 payments and Klarna will cover your final payment", seems to indicate that it is multiple uses but I'm not willing to test that theory lol

      • Yea, seems too good to be true. If that's the case, I'd buy out their entire graphics card stock haha.

    • I tried to make a second purchase and it says I have reached my spending limit no matter the size of the purchase.

  • Two fails for Klarna:

    1. My fault, but. I submitted the wrong address. There's no way to go back and correct your mistake.
    2. My cards expire in September, therefore I have no options to pay. What do they expect me to do, go get a new card just for this? Does everyone have lots of credit cards or something?
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