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[Klarna] The 4th/Final Instalment Payment Waived, Save 25% ($10-$2000 Order Paid via Klarna) E.g. 6700XT $824.25 @ PC Case Gear


UPDATE PM 09/07/21: This promotion is actually being ended by Klarna TODAY, presumably 11:59PM AEST 09/07/2021 before end of day presumably before 5PM (source: PCCG contact)

UPDATE 15/07/2021: It is now updated on the T&C page that the offer is "closed by Klarna on 9th July 2021 at 17:00 AEST".

Terms and conditions: https://www.klarna.com/au/klarna-instalment-offer-terms-and-...

The offer is available from 00:00 on the 7th July 2021 until 23:59 on the 21st July 2021. Klarna reserves the right to commence the offer at an earlier date and/or extend the end date at its sole discretion. (Offer Period).

For eligible customers making a purchase between $10 and $2,000 using Klarna at a participating merchants online store, Klarna will waive the fourth and final repayment of that purchase. The order made with the merchants will show the full order value – this discount will come about as a result of the fourth and final repayment being waived.

Currently the "best value" upper mainstream/high end graphics card is PowerColor Radeon RX 6700 XT Hellhound 12GB (https://www.pccasegear.com/products/53534/powercolor-radeon-...), for $1099. With the deal, it'll come down to $824.25 before shipping.

Although I guess to use the highest amount of benefit (i.e. $500 off), you need to have an allowance of $2000 first with Klarna.

For those who want info on whether/when Klarna does a credit check: https://www.klarna.com/au/customer-service/does-klarna-perfo...

For customers to be eligible to have the 4th and final payment waived the first, second and third instalments must have been paid in full and on time. Order will show the full price through the entirety of checkout, you will receive an email afterwards saying "We've got your final payment covered"

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    • Debit card?

      • Mine was issued at the same time as my credit card when I changed banks, so same expiry :(

    • They take every payment at 2 weeks so only need it valid for 6 weeks.

      • This was their limit - the system straight up rejected me and told me to use another card.

    • +2

      yep bit of a miss for me too,

      I tried to purchases a 5600x and a Refurbed X570 Gigabyte Gaming Mobo.

      Declined, changed to just the 5600x, Declined, Changed to Mobo Only, Approved

      went to App to pay off the balance and then see if having a fully paid off sale will let you purchase a more expensive item. Declined.

      checked bank statements and ive been charged 1 25% payment and 1 100% payment, im assuming it will be worked out in the wash, but all in all a pretty unclear and kludgy setup.

  • Oder placed for a SF600 PSU + 5600X, but I can't see email says 4th payment waived…How can we confirm?

    • +2

      If you use Gmail, the fourth payment waived email was redirected to my Promotions tab even though the first payment successfull email was in my Primary tab.

      • +2

        Thanks so much, found it, yea not a bad deal grab 5600x for $320 and SF600 for $130.

  • Picked up 2x 1TB Gigabyte Aorus PCIE Gen 4 SSDs for 150 each, great deal, too bad I just picked up a 5950x through the recent afterpay deal for 1020, $1299 msrp owners must be spewing

  • +2

    Immediate family of Klara employees not eligible. Immediate family includes: spouse, ex-spouse, de facto spouse, child or step-child (including by adoption), parent, step-parent, grandparent, step-grandparent, uncle, aunt, niece, nephew, brother, sister, step-brother, step-sister or first cousin.
    Better make sure a long lost relo doesn’t work there!

    • If they are long lost, how would they know? How would they make the link? :P

  • +5

    Got the message…
    "Sorry, we can't complete this purchase
    Please choose a different payment option."

    I tried reducing my order down to below $500, still the same message. No problems with my credit card history.

    • apparently lots of factors effect that including time of day

  • -3

    that's a cool 25%off anything.

    Too Bad PCCG jacks prices by 25% already.

    • What went up?

      • Obviously 25% more is a pi$$take by dbmitch.
        But he's right, it's not a true 25% off.

        • +3

          I can admit to being butthurt for sure, I was looking at 3080s when i made the comment, they're nearing the magical 2k mark at some retailers since the china ban, but PCCG refuses to be any lower than 2.7k and without a $2000 balance you cant get the deal anyway, plus the maximum discount is $500 when 25% off 2.7k is about $650, which they won't cover.

          But the 25% off does good work for shit that's not jacked up like highest end CPUs

          But lets be real, once this promo ends there is ZERO reason to buy at PCCG price-wise. Never the lowest, always at minimum a few dollars more than others, BUT they also never do free delivery, so the bigger the product, the bigger the shipping.

          I just hope this doesn't fool people in believing in buying from PCCG exclusively afterwards.

    • idk the $899 5950x i bought sure seems cheap as fk

  • +2

    Heads up to other people. It's tempting to try and pay the whole thing (3 payments) straight away. Don't do this. You'll end up like me paying all 4 payments straight away (thought I was paying 3) and then waiting to hopefully talk to customer service during business hours. No idea if I can get my last payment back, might just be screwed.

    • May be easier just to cancel your order. I actually cancelled my first one and have made a second, not sure if they will give me my 4th payment though on this one. I have made 3 payments. So now it's just a waiting game.

      • That's an interesting idea, might try it.

      • +1

        Your tip just screwed me.

    • Or maybe you just found out early they weren't really going to waive the 4th payment for anyone..

      • Nah I changed my mind on an order. Wanted to add some extra things. I only made one payment on the first one. I got the email saying they will cover the 4th payment when I made the second order only though which is weird…time will tell.

    • I paid 3/4 of the payments and never got the offer email, I cancelled and now I'm stuck.

    • I did this as well because I wanted to free up money to buy more stuff. I spoke to someone on their support chat and they said someone will contact me in a few days. Fingers crossed I get it back otherwise I'll be busy writing to the ACCC and spamming their socials with my grievances 🤣

  • Free money

  • Hmmmmm buy the giftcard now for 25% off and wait for GPUs to drop ??

    • Interesting, first it work on gift cards and how long do the cards last expiry?

    • +1

      You cant do that.

    • I don't think the Klarna deal works with buying gift cards. Better check the T&C's and/or PCCG.

      • Nothing in the KLarna T&Cs?

  • Just signed up through PCCG and it went smoothly. The confirmation email waiving the last instalment came shortly in the Promotion box after the order was completed.

    Btw do we know if the payments will be taken automatically from the stored credit card or we need to pay manually? Would not be convenient if you have to remember to pay or will be late and so won't be eligible for the promotion any more.

    • How much was your purchase if you don't mind me asking?

      • +1

        Close to 2K.

  • I never got the confirmation for the offer so I decided to cancel my order and try again after a few hours. I paid 3/4 of the payments.

    Unfortunately I cannot place another order as I've maxed out the 2k limit … sigh.

  • +1

    2 questions, has anyone:
    Paid it off early (successfully)?
    Made more than 1 order and received the “we’ve got you covered email” on both?

    • +8

      Haven't looked at paying early but I have made 2 orders and got that email on both

  • For eligible customers making a purchase between $10 and $2,000 using Klarna at a participating merchants online store, Klarna will waive the fourth and final repayment of that purchase.
    Subject to the Exceptions below, to be eligible to have the fourth and final payment waived, customers must make a purchase between $10 and $2,000 in a single transaction using Klarna at the online checkout of a participating merchants online store.

    The toc says 'that purchase', 'make a purchase', 'a single transaction'.

  • What is everyone's advice if unapproved for a $1150 6700xt?

    Buy a smaller purchase through another vendor, make payment in full and then try the purchase again next week?

    Or is it unexpected that I will get a high enough limit to utilise this deal?

    Thanks in advance

  • Is there a good DDR4 memory deal? Especially for memory overclocking. I found a lot by a search but don't know which one is a good deal.

  • Need a 1440p 32 inch monitor for general office use and watching movies…budget $500… any recommendations please?

  • +2

    I noticed Umart and Wireless1 take Klarna. Is this promo apply to them also?

  • Does this apply to pre-orders?

  • Anyone know how PCCG 'Store Credit' works at checkout?

    Want to buy a Samsung G9 @ $2499, but Klarna only goes up to $2k.

    Could I buy 3 x $200 PCCG Gift Vouchers at retail and redeem them as $600 'Store Credit', then checkout the G9 @ ($2499 - $600 = $1899) + $63 shipping = $1962 via Klarna, to stay under the $2k limit?

    That would still save $490.50 with Klarna's 25% off.

    • +2

      I think best to contact PCCG to see if that works, they are pretty helpful most of the time.

  • +3

    Thanks heaps OP,
    Finally, replacing my 9 year old Core i5-3470 with Ryzen 5900X :-D

  • "Sorry, we can't complete this purchase
    Please choose a different payment option."

    Got a pristine credit record (yes, I keep tabs on it monthly) and haven't applied to any sort of financing in the past 2 years (no phone or anything of the sorts), so no idea what the heck is going on.
    I, of course, triple checked and there's more than enough to pay for the items in full in the bank account associated with the payment method in Klarna, so no idea what's up.

  • +3

    I ended up sorting it out and they have confirmed with me that multiple transactions are eligible.

    There goes $4k …

    • +1

      Got any emails or screenshots you could share to confirm?

  • Seems to work with pre-orders as well…

  • Hey has anyone tried the klarna promotion with umart? Does the promotion work?

  • I try to buy something under 2k, it says over my limit? Anyone knows where to check my limit?

  • Just sold my rtx 2070 super for 950.. was thinking to wait for gpu prices to drop but this doesn't look bad. Worth getting a 6700xt from a 2070 super? Or would i have to get the 6800xt to see a difference?

    • 6700xt is definitely faster than 2070 Super. It's pretty much the same speed as 2080Ti or 3070.
      Obviously 6800/xt or 3070Ti/3080 would be a more significant upgrade though.
      Anything better than 6700xt is priced pretty bad at PCCG though. If you are happy with that, its not a bad option. If you want faster card, I'd probably wait.

      • +1

        Cool tx. Te.pted coz bought the 2070s for 630.. sold for 950 and this is 825.. haha.. but would prefer something little faster

      • Checked some reviews.. seems like the 3060ti beats the 2070s by a little bit and the 6700xt is just in between the 2070s and 3060ti but the 3070 is still better in all of the vids I've seen..

        • Yep. 6700xt beats it in a couple of games, but most of the time 3070 is slightly faster.
          But unless you play 4K or chasing those ultra fps the difference from the 2070s is not going to be world changing.
          …and in any case, if those things do apply, something faster is even better.

          3070Ti's might be reasonably priced soon (perhaps wishful thinking) as they are less attractive to miners. They look to be about the same speed as the 6800 (non-xt)

  • Has anyone successfully purchased more than 2k worth of stuff over multiple orders?
    I understand Klarna might knock you down but I'm curious if the offer still applies.
    I bought a 5900x now wondering if I shouldv'e gone for the 5950x. first world problems :(

  • +9

    UPDATE PM 09/07/21: This promotion is actually being ended by Klarna TODAY, and you'll need to get your order in before 5PM (source: PCCG contact)

    • Thank you sir! I put my order in :)

      "Thanks for choosing to shop smoooth with Klarna. This email is to confirm that we're covering your final repayment on your recent purchase at PC Case Gear."

  • +2

    Has anyone's PCCG order been shipped yet? Mines sitting at "Processing".

    • I haven't made an order (quite a pity, but I don't really need to buy anything atm), but I'd guess it'll probably take a while considering it must've been a big volume that it triggered Klarna to can the deal just two days after the promo started.

      Best to contact PCCG to check.

    • +1

      I put in an order on Wednesday and another one yesterday - both still processing.
      FAQ on their site says 1-2 days handling time however I imagine they have been smashed by this deal!

      • +1

        One shipped, one processing for me

    • +1

      Got part of my order shipped today.

    • +1

      Both my orders shipped today

    • +1

      received today

      • Nice. I have two orders shipped (one Friday and one today), neither tracking number is active yet.

  • I accidentally bought the 5950X instead of 5900. (profanity) lol

    • lets trade, I accidently bought the 5900 instead of the 5950 :) (I'm in Melbourne too)

  • From the Klarna website:

    The offer is available from 00:00 on the 7th July 2021 until 23:59 on the 21st July 2021

    Is this definitely over?

    • +3

      Under the payment method, the little blurb that previously said 25% off with Klarna is gone.

      Saying that, it’s pretty poor, there is nothing official from Klarna stating this much earlier expiry.

  • Seems over… early bird gets the worm. Lucky got my order in. Giving everyone potentially 500 bucks is going to add up …

  • +12

    Was gonna get something, abruptly ending the promo early with no notice is pretty shitty of them.

    • +3

      Yeah I was so busy today but so excited to get home, sign up to Klarna and purchase using the offer. I accept it, but it’s irritating. Will now reconsider using Klarna in the future.

      Anyways congrats to all who nabbed a bargain (:

  • +4

    Dodgy [email protected], will be sure to avoid this bunch going forward.

  • Why is Klarna throwing money at us?

  • +2

    I'm wondering if they can simply do that…
    The T&Cs on their website (and I've printed a PDF before the promo was over) clearly stated that it would run until the 21st and that they could START EARLIER, but nothing saying that they could END earlier than that date.

    Any recourse anyone would recommend taking - if only to show them that these kinds of garbage behaviors should not and will not be tolerated?


    • +2

      Can’t agree more, but we can do nothing to change their mind. Maybe PCCG thought the prices were too heavily discounted due to the waiver. Also, I think ending a big sale event on Friday is truly unwise.

      • +7

        I think it isn't anything on PCCG's end, as the promo is run by Klarna. Likely Klarna's budget for the promo got OzBargain-ed.

        I don't know any recourse, maybe you can enquire with Fair Trading what the regulations are regarding promotions. Not sure if Klarna had a blanket statement about them reserving the right to change conditions at any time. But yea, sucks to miss out. Good luck.

    • +4

      Further down in a different section it said something along the lines of klarna can end the offer at their discretion.

      • +1

        You're right. I just reviewed it and it says so.
        Still, not a great record for a company, in doing it in such a shady manner and only 2 days into a promo that was supposed to last another 2 weeks…

  • +4

    Shattered! I've been waiting for a 6700XT deal for months.
    Why did I wait. Death to Klarna!

    • Yeah I feel the same! Gutted

  • +5

    Damn… was gonna buy the GMMK Pro tomorrow / in weekend… now they ended early… :(

    • +1

      Same here! Was holding out for the Keychron Q1 to be released before pulling the trigger

  • The link still says the sale is still on.

    • The link has been disabled.

  • Klarna ending the promo super early without adequate notice, in breach of their own terms, is super dodgy.

    • I tend to agree, great deal, negative for poor management, abrupt end without any notification, and sneakily removing link.

  • +1

    Had the 25% off in the payment selection . Bought. No email. Contacted live chat. Promo ended 5pm so not valid. Why have a section in your payment selection saying otherwise.

  • +11

    For anyone interested spoke to a representative at Klarna, (have nothing better to do). They stated the promotion was ended by PCCG not by Klarna who believed, as per the terms and conditions would go for 2 weeks not 2 days. It was also mentioned that there may be repercussions for PCCG.
    I don’t think they are too happy about taking the wrap for this.
    It would make sense PCCG were probably taking the majority of the discount, and as everyone has said did not premeditate it becoming so popular.

    • PCCG say its Klarna, Klarna says its PCCG. Who are we to trust :/

  • did anyone notice that PCCG prices are not GST included? :-(

    • See at the bottom of their website page:

      © 2021 PC Case Gear. All prices include GST.

      • +1

        True, my bad.

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