Being Ripped off by Wall-Mount Installation Team When Buying a TV from The Good Guys

I am from Adelaide. I recently bought a TV 75" from the Good Guys (for $1700)

I paid $300 for wall mounting. The wall-mount installation is arranged through the Good Guys by an external company.

On the day of wall mounting, I was charged $100 extra for concealing the cable under the wall and I am happy with that. Then, the staffs suggested me to provide:
* 2x HDMI cables (3m).
* 1x Surge Protector
* 1x 5m Fly Lead
They didnot tell me that they will charge me extra. I thought they are included in the cost.

At the invoice payment, they charged me:
* 2x HDMI cables (3m) = 2x $100 = $200
* 1x Surge Protector = $100
* 1x 5m Fly Lead = 39$

All the HDMI cables and surge protector are still visible outside the board. Thus, I can confirm that these are the one they provided to me
* $11 each (charged me $100 each)
* $28 (charged me $100)
* $12 (charged me $39)

I have called the installers to justify the costs. However, they said that they have installed the "high-quality" product and refused to discount/refund.

I was charged $200 for 2 HDMI cables which are worth $20. Do you have any suggestion on where should I proceed with the formal complaint about this?

Total $749 for wall-mount installation cost, excluding the wall-mount kit.

Receipt 1: labour cost $300
Receipt 2: extra installation (above thread) $439

This is the photo after wall-mount installation

Update 1: I have contacted the Good Guy who said that they will contact the installers and get back to me…

Update 2: The GoodGuy has reviewed this case and contacted the installers. The installers has got back and offered the refund of $220 back to me. In particular, the costs have been updated as follows:
* 2x HDMI cables (3m) = 2x $100 = $200 (previously charged) => $50
* 1x Surge Protector = $100 (previously charged) => $50
* 1x 5m Fly Lead = 39$ (previously charged) => 20$

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              • @ntienvu: So that will be the key point for your complaint, why hds did not tell you the cost of 100 hdmi. BTW, I almost come up with a nick name for hds, the 100 hdmi shop.

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                @ntienvu: Just try to clarify, when you receive the invoice of 439 from hds, did you assume you have not paid the 299 initially and thought the 439 bill consists of 299 + 100 extra for inside wall + GST 39.9?

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                  @htc: Exactly the point! I thought i didnot pay the $299 in advance.

                  Now I am making a complaint with TheGoodGuy who said that they will contact HDS. In the meantime, I make a dispute transaction to cancel the $439 bill, I am not sure how it goes though.

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                    @ntienvu: Really hope you can get back some cost, seriously you are after some good shopping experience and paying extra for a full service but not ripoff service, you are not being unreasonable, you are not disputing the 299 and the extra 100 you paid, (which is almost 400 extra you paid on top of your tv price) you are only questioning why they will charge such a fee on hdmi without disclosing the cost. I am almost compelled to think a company should really give you a discount on buying their equipment rather than ripping you off. Today is Thursday, hopefully tgg will contact you soon, if not resolve by Friday, you will find it hard to enjoy your weekend with a new entertainment system at home. Did you tell TGG when they will get back to you?

                  • @ntienvu: I think HDS is deliberately inflating the price of hdmi so it looks like it costs 299 + 100 extra + GST. They probably did that to others. The key point the invoice from hds did not show the cost for the hdmi.

              • +1

                @ntienvu: Really hated these company trying to milk more money, op has already paid extra for installation and inside wall installation thus giving these company business, but then being hit with not 100 but 2 100 hdmi is just …., they could have gone for 3 100 hdmi but that will look too greedy…

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                  @htc: thanks a lot for your patient and support :)

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                    @ntienvu: TGG may not have paid the hds yet, I have a feeling TGG may pay HDS once a week or once a fortnight, so may be you can ask TGG to refund the whole or part of the 299 you paid. Ideally is the company refund you the difference from the market price, but I think a good compromise could be they refund half of the equipment charges, say 150 to you. Given the greedy nature of HDS, I think they deserve to give you all the equipment for free as part of the installation cost for giving you so much stress.

          • @ntienvu: thank god the dryer does not use hdmi!

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              @htc: FYI, the GoodGuy has just replied to me that they will review this matter with the installer and internally. They will get back to me in 2-5 business days.

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                @ntienvu: You can let them know that there's a thousand ozbargainers that will see the outcome ;)

  • Was working before? Because right now it is not…

    I'm sure they do that because once they are there most people just want them to complete the job, whatever they have to do. It's still your fault (accepting the charges, not clarifying how much it's gonna cost, and the paying), but their charges are absolutely outrageous. I am pretty sure if you had asked before, they would come with a more reasonable price, otherwise you wouldn't accept the quote. As you didn't ask, they just did it and charged as much as they wanted.

    I think that TGG should be involved as they've selected the installers. However, if you want to convince TGG, you should compare TGG prices, not Amazon prices.

  • Just treat it as a life lesson and move on

    Enjoy your new set up.

  • +1

    This is why I'm a cynical person when buying pretty much anything. Up selling is designed to exploit your already open wallet and it's almost never to the customers net benefit. Expensive lesson OP, but one that you'll remember. Remember to always research exactly what you want before hand and know the exact product or service you're after, decline any add ons as a default position, and always shop around at every step.

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    Wow. $749 for a wall install? My TV cost $500. Your install is more expensive than having the TV on the floor. Sorry that this happened. If you already paid, there is not much recourse

  • +1

    Sounds like a bait and switch kind of thing, I'm sure they knew what they were doing when they failed to mention the price though I doubt the installers themselves would get the extra profit.
    Not all places are a rip off, I had a broken window repaired for $80 when you hear stories of it costing hundreds.

  • Wall mounting a tv is nice but has too many drawbacks for me. Cost and you cant move it easily..

  • +7

    For 750 bucks I would have done the same job naked.

    • +1

      Maybe they were naked ?????

    • Depending on the shape of your body. :P

    • +1

      Make sure you list your services with images so potential clients can choose between with or without clothes.

      • Optional extra's like oil and wigs I won't list though, just get those added as a shock surprise afterwards on the bill.

        Unlikely to come on OzBargain whining about that.

        • I can think of many surprises that could happen in this kind of business if details are not clear.

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    "At the invoice payment, they charged me:
    * 2x HDMI cables (3m) = 2x $100 = $200
    * 1x Surge Protector = $100
    * 1x 5m Fly Lead = 39$"

    HO-LY F-U-B-K

    in what universe can someone charge $100 for a HDMI cable!

    Yeh you get ripped off the above shouldnt cost more then $150 MAX and even that is expensive!

    • +1

      If it charges double the market price, it is understandable, but 100 for one hdmi is almost like a highway robbery.

  • If you already paid you will probably struggle to get any money back.

    If not then just don't pay this bill.

    Either buy the same cables and return those, or pull the ones in the wall out and return. Even if you need to do a little damage to get em out it will be worth it.

    • +1

      I have paid (i wish i would have not to), but then I immediately contact my bank to dispute the transaction. They are processing this dispute….

      • +2

        I don't think you will be successful disputing this via the bank.

        Go back to the company and tell them you will return the cables, your only hope I think.

  • +2

    You should ask for all costs before you agree to the service, including extra fees. Not doing so is essentially giving them permission to charge what they want. Yes I agree you have been ripped off, but you should have asked for the costs.

  • +4

    Most of you are missing the point here. OP made assumptions, I get it, BUT he didn't make the assumption that a contractor for a large retailer would absolutely rip him off.

    This is an absolute rort plain and simple.
    The ONLY reason the contractor did not disclose the prices is because not many people would accept them.

    Most of us here are reasonable, and being reasonable, as the contractor we would disclose the cost before proceeding, especially if the cost is not nominal.

    OP, absolutely take it to the small claims tribunal.

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    It looks like you should be able to claim $299 back, you've paid for the installation service twice. That shouldn't be an issue.

    The cable costs are crazy but that's what happens when you have someone else supply.

    • +2

      Yes, I think you have paid the $299 twice as well.

      Take a copy of both receipts in to TGG and show them you have been charged twice for the installation. (Don't mention the itemised prices quoted to you by the installer over the phone; that btw sounds like you were being bullsh!tted to).

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    OP take it to SA Fair Trading for proper advice. I think you may just get told something to the effect of 'it's a lesson learnt' but they will be able to tell you what exactly you're able to do legally rather than advice from the internet.

  • Yowch, they dicked you down good. Always pre-buy your cables for this thing. I ordered 3x 3m HDMI 2.1 cables recently to futureproof my in-wall setup. Only $25 each too.

  • +1

    Damn, all that and they didn't even supply hdmi 2.1

  • +1

    @OP only thing I can help you here is call them and ask if they have a $100 HDMI cable and shove it up their A$$

  • $100 each for the HDMI cables? Are they made of diamonds?

  • -2

    agrees with the quote, pays the bill. .. then jumps online "me no understand"

    If you agree to a service you pay for it. If you pay for it you agree everything was done to standard. Whether you overpaid or not is another topic, but they've done nothing wrong here. As others have said, learn your lesson and move on.

    • there is no quote to begin with

    • +2

      So from your point of view they could have charged $1000 per hdmi cable and it would be all kosher?

      There is an element of good faith in most buisness dealings. And charging $100 (far over what average joe would consider reasonable) for a hdmi cable is a breach of good faith.

      • Agreed. No one would ever assume a non 2.1 HDMI cable to be anywhere near 100

  • +3

    Only read first few comments. Ozbargain is an unforgiving crowd. Like you I assume there is some reasonability in overcharging and I don’t expect to be ripped off like this for being a decent person and being fuss free.

  • Does work like these entitle op for cooling off period?

  • +1

    Had the exact same thing once - although I was lucky that I was a tightass about using my own cables except for one that didnt reach and they gave me a 3m one and when I was the for bill it was $100+

    I was quoted "$299 + parts" for the install. Here's my invoice

    Was furious. Moreso because they would accept payment by credit card for me to claim price protection on the cable.


    Note: This was with a different installer

    • -1

      So you were upset because the installer was half way through installing your OLED on the wall and one of your cables provided wasn't long enough so they had to stop work and supply sell you a cable on the spot… Seems pretty reasonable to me these guys probably had multiple jobs on that day and them being held up by no fault of their own pushes back on the next bookings..

      • +1


        The issue is clearly them charging an excessive amount for HDMI cables.

        Sure, they have to drive around with excess stock inn the van, they have to make money, theyre providing a convenience etc.

        But charging $104 for a $9 cable is excessive.

        • -3

          Do you complain when you go to a JB and see a power bank for $180 yet you see an alternative on AliExpress for $30 or when JB sells a belkin cable for $89 yet a no name brand is $9 ? What really is your point…

          So your complaint is they should of had to provide emergency stock to be installed asap but not at $100 ? Yet the markup at most stores is like this anyway ??? 🤷🙄 Wait till you see the cost of a replacement battery from RACQ is I guess that would be excessive to you too 🙄

          • @solidussnake:

            power bank for $180 yet you see an alternative on AliExpress

            Not talking about an alternative.

            JB sells a belkin cable for $89 yet a no name brand is $9

            Again, not talking about a different product.

            The $9.50 HDMI cable i linked was the same cable that kcbworth paid $104 for.
            Same scenario for the original thread OP (which he linked).

            So your complaint is they should of had to provide emergency stock to be installed asap

            Nope. Not at all the complaint.
            They need to make it clear upfront. Either tell people you will need XYZ for the install and if you dont have it, it can be provided for $ABC. Or just include it in the quote, clearly its common if they always have the parts on-hand. Don't sting people with some exorbitant cost after youve installed it. Same case for both the OP and kcbworth. It's just predatory tactics.

            Yet the markup at most stores is like this anyway

            Not true. Show me an 11x markup on a product at JB.

            replacement battery from RACQ is I guess that would be excessive to you too

            I just got a replacement battery from RAC a couple weeks ago. $150 battery from Supercheap. RAC charged $200, and they came to my house, tested the existing battery, and installed the new one. Bargain.

          • @solidussnake: Lmao there are some dumb comments but this takes the cake

          • @solidussnake: The ebay link there is for the SAME brand as my invoice?

      • Do you install tvs by any chance?

      • Other way around. The guy initially got out enough cables to connect all of my devices and I STOPPED him and said hold on I probably have some long enough. NO WAY would I have let him connect that one other device (I didnt even ask for any devices to be connected) if he had told me the price

  • Can anyone recommend a good wall mount installer?

  • +8

    OP, there is no justification what the contractor did, regardless what the other opinions that you should ask etc. These are predatory behaviours precisely designed to profit from people's trust with a big brand (TGG in this case). So stick to TGG and ask for /insist on a refund. If they cannot /won't or not good enough refund, do a chargeback(if you paid by CC) , and do it as early as possible. You have much better chance to get your money back via charge back.

    • Sorry noob question, what is charge back and how to do that?

    • +1

      But then why didn't op buy all the recommended add-ons from the GG in the first place ? He wanted the cables concealed but had no HDMIs to provide to the installer ??? Seems a bit silly

      • +1

        Best question ever — ops answer was probably "yeah i have some at home i think. Dont worry"

    • Unfortunately the good guys don’t have anything to do with the install. They use subcontractors, so you pay the subcontractor not the good guys. Good guys receive a commission of around $50 per install.

      • +1

        Not really - the commision is the business between TGG and the contractor, but from a consumer's perspective, it is TGG who charge their CC/ TGG is the one consumer will deal with.

  • +2

    Thanks for the heads up on this. I think that's convinced me to avoid Good Guys if they're offering such a predatory service.
    At that price, it would be cheaper to hire any electrician and have them do it properly with power points and keystones directly behind the TV running into the wall so you don't see anything at all.
    Can hardly believe it!

  • You got ripped off, massively (sorry to say).

    This looks awful for the rip off installers, but also would rub off on the good guys who utilise this sub-contractor too.

    (send this thread to the good guys).

  • +1

    Always ask ? U to shy or
    Think it’s rude ?

    Their not shy and rude to bend u over and shaft ya were they ?

    Lesson learned.

    Those uninitiated by twice or thrice the price.

    • +1

      i did not ask because
      (i) they were sent to me by the Good Guy.
      (ii) a week ago, the Good Guy sent to me another guy to installing the wall-mount for the dryer, without charging me extra fee. So I am expecting the same thing.
      (iii) this excellent point is copied from @john_conner (below) "E.g. if you order a $5 pie at a restaurant and get asked if you want sauce, you say yes and get served the pie and eat it. They can’t then charge you $10 for sauce because you didn’t ask how much the sauce was."

      • +2

        Sorry mate not trying to be rude but why did you pay extra for cables being concealed if you didn't have the required cables at time of install ?

        I don't agree on the cable pricing but that would of meant these guys would have to come back a second time which also isn't fair. Also JB wall mount services has the cable concealment included in that price weird how the GG doesn't I guess different subcontractors

    • +3

      Is Maccas selling the $10 burger for $100?

      • $10 Centers for $10 same thing

  • +2

    The first mistake you made was letting TGG choose your installer. It's a scam. They have the worst people/companies. Live and learn.

    • +3

      They'd pick ones with the biggest kick-back

      • +1

        100%!! Had to learn my lesson the hard way.

    • Or, you'd expect there to at least have some assurance that while above market rates, it will be in line with the quality and service that you'd expect at the good guys. Definitely easier to get money back now than if he'd been scammed by some gumtree operator.

  • I felt you man, been in a same situation last year but for car repair. However, I cant justify how u can spend 2k on the entry-level TV. Better off with sony last year version but 65 inch

    • It is off topic, but i bought this TV from the GoodGuy for $1700 - $100 egiftcard = $1600 although the RRP is $1995

  • the only way you will get a resolution is to call them and annoy them each day. hopefully they will half the cost

  • +9

    Dear Op, as mentioned by others, contact consumer affairs or the equivalent in your state. Suppliers do not have carte blanche to charge whatever they want. It has to be reasonable.

    E.g. if you order a $5 pie at a restaurant and get asked if you want sauce, you say yes and get served the pie and eat it. They can’t then charge you $10 for sauce because you didn’t ask how much the sauce was.

    Definitely see what TGG has to say, but if they don’t support you, then you will need to make a written complaint and take them to vcat/small claims or equivalent.

    I’ve successfully written to companies and received refunds when it’s been obvious that I’ve been ripped off.

  • We got an 85" mounted a few weeks back for $500 - as an avid DIYer thought that was dear - but no way I was going to DIY such a massive bulky heavy TV in a steel stud wall. One installer from JB Hi Fi was scared to do it (at the $300 mark), but Jims Antennas did it for $500 - I know it was a difficult job though, and they have insurance if the tv rips through the wall in the future! JB were actually awesome with the whole thing, refunded me, and because it took like 6 months from when we bought the TV, also threw in $50 - they didn't need to, so was stoked with that.
    Jims Antenna install came with an additional powerpoint and some optic cabling I didn't care much for but he threw it in anyways. Doesn't look so bad now I suppose!

  • People are so (profanity) shitty. The same job cost me $250 in vic

  • Op, do share pictures of the shabby install. Thx.

      • -1

        Holy shit that's god awful.

        You should be taking this matter to shows like ACA and TT & naming and shaming both the Good Guys and the shoddy installer.

        • +1

          That's look super messy. Is it me or TV is definitely tilted on left?

        • +7

          Whats the issue? The tv is on the wall (im assuming its straight and the pic is just wonky) and they have run the cables inside the wall. What more are you after?

      • +1

        Oh mate, I feel sorry for you. What an absolute scam!!

      • +1

        Wow you paid so much for it to not even being straight?!!

        • I've had a few friday beers but it looks like it's just taken from an angle

      • +4

        You need a long cabinet that is higher than the point where the cables came out and have all the equipment inside the cabinet, then the install will look good.

        I suggest a floating L cabinet. To hide all the rest of the power points too.

        • +1

          thanks for the suggestion!

      • It's not even straight

  • +2

    Let us know the outcome OP.
    I'll ditch TGG if they don't back you on this (I bought my last phone from them)

  • +2

    This reminds me of the days when I'd walk into certain multi-national retailers who'd have HDMI cables, plug-in surge protectors (similar to the cheap <$10 ones at Bunnings) etc. on the shelves for something like $89.99 and I'd think this is daylight robbery… then realise so many people buy them anyway because they think that's just the normal price.
    I'm sorry to hear what happened OP. The facts may be that you didn't ask the right questions before paying, but I've had a lot of people say things to me in a way that skirts around the important bits and makes a deal sound sweeter than it really is, and it's sad that we need to be wary all the time, query everything, and never take things at face value to be a smart consumer. When someone charges $100 for HDMI cables you gotta admit it's not just the consumer's fault, they've obviously been taken for a ride.
    I wouldn't hold my breath on the retailer doing anything for you other than talk to the installer and pass on the same message. If that happens don't let it get to you, just enjoy your new setup and take your business elsewhere next time.

    • Agree with you, there should be mandatory disclosure if extra fees to be charged, it is just not logic / counterintuitive that consumer will be happy to pay for goods & services without knowing the price, who on earth in their rightful mind will reject a confirmation of fees to be charged? It takes both parties a few minutes to exchange and confirm the price in a transparent manner and then everyone is happy in this regard.

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