Weird Aus Post Collection Notice Scam?

Just received 2 Aus Post collection notices in the mail. One for me and one for the previous owner of the property (3+ years ago). They both have a collection charge of $2.45.
Is this some sort of a scam?

The tracking numbers show on the AusPost site, but the sender is blank. Not expecting any deliveries.

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    Find out and report back.

    Post office closes in 15. Quick!

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    Go ask your post office and report back. :)

    • Tried ringing but not going to bother waiting on hold…

  • Is it a invoice?

    • Nope…standard 'Mail to Collect' notice.
      The charges to pay box is ticked at the bank

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    Popcorn in microwave naow.

    • I can't really see any reason to bother collecting it from the post office given that I wasn't expecting it

      Popcorn will get cold…

  • I have actually had something similar. It started with a text message regarding my order and delivery from the Office of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Called them up (there was no number on the text, so searched), and they had no idea about it. Called AusPost and they told me it is a legitimate item, but have no other details. Went on the idea with AusPost that it is some error/wrong number that the message was sent to. However, there was no sender details or anything of the kind, just tracking.

    Checked recently, shows it was collected from AusPost in ACT…I live in NSW. So, I am going to assume it was an error message to me.

    • Interesting…When I punch in the tracking reference it does say Awaiting collection at Local post office.

      • Yeah, that is what mine said too. But been collected now shrug

        Edit: Also showed up automatically in my AusPost app.

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          @Inquisitor when you create an AusPost account you get a customer number and if the seller puts in the wrong customer number the delivery notification will go to someone else's account. Sometimes the customer numbers are only 1 number different.

  • Is it the legit auspost site?

    • Received physical collection notices in the mail. i.e. snail mail

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        I wonder if scammers are sending out shredded newspaper and hoping to make a quick dollar with Cash On Delivery.

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          Probably… But then again I don't understand why I would have to pay to pick up a parcel

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            @jabba100: It's not a scam persay, as in they don't gain anything from you directly, but it's this:

            You've ordered somewhere off a Chinese seller like eBay or Aliexpress or something and have been added to database of addresses somewhere. They've used that address to generate a fake order for various reasons. Not worth picking up and doesn't make a difference to them whether you do or don't.

            • @Hybroid: Thanks. Probably that. Will ignore the package

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    Is this some sort of a scam?

    Sounds like something was sent without enough postage….. For $2.45, go collect one and see what it is :)

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      and then get a letter that starts with….

      "Dear Sir,
      I'm {INSERT RANDOM NAME}, expert in corporate and legal claims; I'm a partner at {INSERT RANDOM SOLICITOR NAME}.
      I am contacting you in regards to a deceased client who died in an auto accident on the
      {INSERT RANDOM NAME} Highway in March 2021, he was a prominent client of mine. He happens to share the same last name {INSERT YOUR LAST NAME} with you."

      20 million dollars, could be yours, etcetera, etcetara, etceteraaaaaaaa

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        "Well I've already paid $2.45 for this, may as well see where it goes…"

        $10k worth of iTunes gift cards later…

  • should take about 2 mins at the post office in the morning to sort it out…

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    "Free Cartier Watch" is a scam…

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      Christine Holgate says it's not a scam.

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        Her time were up.

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          Watch it.

  • Could be a short payment when the sender was delivering something.
    Don't do anything other than talk with the post office directly. If there is a barcode to scan or there is a parcel there, they will tell you.
    You can most likely see the parcel before payment is made as well. Then you can decide if you want to collect or RTS.

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    Could be an updated version of brushing where sender now doesn't even pay for postage.

    • Brushing?

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        Fake orders. Either to generate sales, fake company revenue or e-commerce ratings etc.

        I once had a small jiffy package sent to me in UK. Had my perfect name and address on it sent from China but had to pay "additional postage" at Post Office because there was not enough else they send it back within 14 days (note: not tax or customs or duty, just postage fee).

        I hadn't ordered anything at all but they wouldn't show me the package or confirm sender either till paid. So paid the postage (think it was £2'ish) and inside was just one random standard Chinese currency coin. That was it.

  • Just a Scam. Dump it.

  • Got the same one today and it is easy to spot as being a scam

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    Probably a scam, I keep getting emails from,
    “Australian Post” saying I have uncollected packages.

    • Same here. I get a few a week. They go to my spam folder automatically.

    • Same here, it's spam

  • Yeah it's definately a scam. Aus post don't ask for money like that. Check with your post office though.

  • I have received something similar in the past which I took to my local post office. Turns out whatever was sent to (and I was expecting) put insufficient postage on it so if I wanted it I had to pay the extra postage or else it got returned. The one I received was legit dont know about yours.

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    Don't even other responding… of corse it is

  • Insufficient postage is a scam. Very simple.

    • Not necessarily, my sister didn't put enough stamps on my birthday present and I had to pay for the difference in postage.

      • ha ha paying or your own pressie LOL

  • I've actually had the insufficient postage thing happen with a legit eBay order for some coin batteries in an untracked envelope with only one stamp when it was large letter thickness and needed two

    The post office actually let me see it so I could confirm it was legit and not brushing in my case, made it hard with no tracking to know.

    If you have tracking and know you aren't expecting anything then yeah, probs brushing. Does spending $2.45 to win a random raffle booby prize sound like something you'd be into? If I was at the PO for something else I'd be curious enough, "is it nothing at all, a single equivalent of a 1c coin, some surplus stock USB cable or some other junk?" but no way I'd be curious enough for a special trip

  • If I open my Spam folder, there are many emails from "Austarlia Post Alert [email protected]" or something similar, asking to pay additional charges for "package pending". Some are from Australia Post, others from Austarlia Post… There is a random tracking number and the message "You have to claim your parcel to avoid further actions". Many others "You parcel is waiting in your warehouse" or "Missing address parcel in our distribution center", together with "We've received your request to be removed from our ADULT list" and a lady called Anna talking about deep throat… I am glad there is a spam folder as there are at least 20 emails from "Australia Post" with different messages and tracking numbers, just in the last three days.

    I think I've forgotten many placed orders, and apparently they gonna sue me for not taking the parcels.

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    Just got a text today from 'AusPost', which I am certain is a scam, but I can see unsuspecting people fall for it.

    Text says

    AusPost: Your package requires a redelivery fee of $1.99, you will need to book redelivery via the link below. Https:// auspost-manageportal .com

    (No spaces in text, added spaces so it's not a hyperlink)

    I get legit text message notifications from AusPost regarding parcel locker collection. This text fell under the same "convo" as the parcel locker texts on my phone, which makes it appear more legit.

    Red flags:
    1. Since when does Aust post charge redelivery fee? Most recent item sent was a letter, so $1.10.
    2. Website is " .com" instead of "". Afaik, all AusPost links are
    3. Website ask for zipcode instead of post code.

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