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Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus from $61,425 Delivered + On Road Costs (Was $64,425 + On Road Costs) @ Tesla


Tesla have once again done us all proud by slashing the price of the Model 3’s.

Standard Range Plus $59,900 (was $62,900)
Long Range $73,400 (was $77,900)
Performance $84,900 (was $93,900)

Prices above exclude on-road costs (varying per state)
and Tesla’s mandatory $1375 delivery fee + $150 ordering fee.

The Tesla Corporate Program will waive a further $1375 on delivery fees.

This is a record-breaking year for Model 3 deliveries and Australia still have more ships coming from Shanghai.

Drive-Away Prices with State Discounts on the SR+:

VIC: $61,968
NSW (starting 1 Sep): $59,473

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      Explain the need for this?

  • https://www.caradvice.com.au/965913/2022-lotus-emira-reveale...

    Vroom vroom… hope it comes under $150k…

    • Looks awesome but can't see it selling very well unfortunately, especially at the likely price. Why not turbo charge the V6 for some real oomf?

      • 1500kg… supercharged v6 is more than plenty… the 2GR has excellent high end torque.

        Higher horsepower does not necessary mean a more fun/better car for any purpose aside from 0-100 sprint (the kids flooring it at the lights). MX5 is a good example of a well balanced sports car.

        If it is at the lower end of the 100 mark, will sell like hot cakes.

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    Tesla is too expensive. How’s the MG ZS EV?

    • +4

      I test drove both recently. The MG is better than you expect it to be. A bit of a whine from the motor. I'm not an SUV fan, but if you're ok with them and the range is ok for you it's worth a look.

      The Tesla is a different cup of tea. It's a rethink of a lot of ways a car can be done and has some nifty things, but some are just awkward. You really need to try one to see if you like it. I found the top half of the seats uncomfortable (no adjustment), the screen too limited and not a good enough GUI. Apart from one squeak in the back it felt nicely put together and quiet. Did make me car sick, but that could have been too much looking at the screen. The thing that really turned me off was the constricted boot opening - the upper bar is way too low. Vision out the back is pretty tight too. It'll be interesting to see what the Y is like as that may solve a lot of the issues I had with it.

      Also interested to see the BYD hatch.

      • +1

        Yes, I have the same feeling, but still concern the battery quality from MG. Waiting for the BYD, $40k is my budget.

      • I believe the whine is actually a created sound by regulation.

        • No, it’s not the low speed pedestrian warning. It’s from the motor.

    • +1

      MG junk car.

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    Anyone who is planning on waiting you can secure the order now by paying the $150. If you are in NSW you can hold the order until 1 September for execution and eligibility for the subsidy (at least that’s what was explained to me). I was told by doing this I would be getting my car earlier as I would be higher up the queue.

    • There is existing inventory as well. No doubt stuck in the wait for rebate and stamp duty exemptions.

  • +3

    Thinking to special order one without the battery, which should significantly lower the price. So if every OzBargainer would kindly donate one spare Eneloop it would be greatly appretiated! Thank you! :)

  • +6

    Why exclude the "mandatory $1375 delivery fee + $150 ordering fee" from the price. Reminds me of those eBay deals, $1 item plus $16.99 postage.

    • I guess so you can compare apples to apples since all cars have these phony costs.

      • +1

        No, you can't really compare apples to apples as most other models (apart from Honda) you won't know the actual price untill you are done negotiating (not that there is much of that going on in the current market).

        • Another good reason to avoid the awful traditional model of buying cars. I have to play games to get the real price, or you'll charge me extra? No thanks.

  • +9

    Was about to have a heart attack.

    Placed an order on a SR+ yesterday and just confirmed on the phone (Rex from Tesla AU) that they’ll honour the discount as my order hasn’t been “fulfilled” and “invoiced”.

    Now I’m over the moon!

  • Do these model 3s use that giga injection moulding ?

    • No, only the rear's of the Model Ys at the moment.

      • Thought they were still 2 piece as the one piece press still in commissioning

    • +5

      I get you. At the same time I don't get you. Full disclaimer I'm as opposed to the Chinese government as you are but facts have to be made clear. It's been proven time and again (check major youtube channels) that the Shanghai Giga made 3s are the far superior ones in terms of QA, compared to the issue ridden ones from California. Unless Berlin starts producing AND is able to supply Australia AND can shows better quality, China made ain't bad.

      Sorry but again, credit has to be given where credit is due.

      Also, all iphones (among most consumer electronics) are made in china. Using them doesn't change my stance on the Chinese government.

      • +1

        Can't compare a $1k phone to a $60k car. Much of that money will find itself into the coffer of the communist party giving them more power oppress people and to bully Australia and other countries

      • +6

        The West has been enjoying low inflation for too long, taking advantage of Chinese cheap labour.
        But that has fuelled the CCP, they now have the financial power to oppress human rights, penetrate the West, collect personal data without users' consent and ignore international laws.
        There is no such thing as private firm in China. Every company has to give at least 1% of shares to the CCP, and set up a department for CCP members take control to monitor how the business runs.
        I've been boycotting made in China products for 20+ years now. While it's impossible to completely avoid, but trying as hard as I can.
        Oh, iphone 13 and ipad production has shifted to India

        • +1

          There is a big difference, huge difference, in quality between foreign designed and owned products made in China (think Apple and Tesla) and Chinese owned products made in China (think MG and Great Wall and these are their export quality cars)

          As for the shift to India, this has been a US government low key directive since the last President. They are slowly moving many supply chain out of China.

  • Does Tesla take Coles $100 prepaid Mastercard? Can save another $3000 there!

    Honestly, I don't like the Tesla 3 as I think it's too much gadget-like, but they are making the competitors' pricing look ridiculously stupid!

  • So tesla is like iphone amoung phones, by not having headphone jack 🎃

  • +3

    Car dealers in WA…..

    61k (+ on road costs) new model 3 under 50km from Tesla

    Or shall I pay 71k (+ on road costs) for 2020 with 25,000km from a dealer ?

    Decisions, decisions…

  • +3

    Me patiently waiting for model Y 🙄
    Can't buy an other car that is not SUV

    • +1

      I am with u.
      Its only 57K for standard range Model Y in china.
      Comeon Elon, Bring us the cheap Model Y here.

      • Waiting for this also!

  • +1

    Still available. Looks like it hasn't been ozbargained.

  • +1

    Price drop thanks to adopting new Chinese battery company

  • +3

    It's better to wait for one of the many new EV offerings from the legacy automakers that are coming to market over the next year or so. Teslas have been around long enough to have a well-known reputation for horrible quality and practically zero customer service plus they're looking dated with their designs that haven't evolved (since 2012 in the case of Model S which is why they hardly sell any of those these days). The company's focus was to dazzle shareholders with promises of self-driving cars and Robotaxis, Cybertrucks, Roadsters (not to mention solar roof tiles) - all of which pumped the share price to absurd levels but none of which have come to market. Making the actual product was always an afterthought.

    For full disclosure I'm a renewable energy developer and love EVs, so it's not an anti-EV stance that I have. These are truly horrible products.

    • +4

      Almost every competing EV design has an ICE car mindset.

      Even the new designs generally have ICe car performance and packaging. There is generally no real advantage to buy them over the markers ICE cars.

      Teslas on the other had are generations ahead, their performance is vastly better, small things like the cameras acting as dash cams seal the deal. Their HVAC system is world class. The mechanicals on a Tesla are robust and durable as well.

      There is more to a Tesla than many casual observers see.

      • +2

        If by "ICE car mindset" you mean decades of experience of building cars without panel gaps, poor paint quality and an absence of stupid gimmicks (like an ipad with computer games on it glued to an otherwise bland dashboard) or false promises of true range estimates or being able to "full self drive", then yes, and that's a good thing.

        The market will be seeing more headlines like this from now on: “Better than Tesla”: New Mercedes electric EQS ranked “best EV in world”.


        • +4

          Pretty nice getting that ranking when the car hasn’t even been released yet mate.

          Wheels magazine gave the EQC a car if the year award despite it being a buggy heap of garbage ICE car conversion,

          Lots of vested interests are triggered by Tesla, EVs or both. The Europeans are particularly parochial, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Berlin Gigafactory is somehow continually delayed by the authorities or union activists.

        • The new Mercedes EQS looks great (technologically speaking, the car itself is ugly as sin). It has a huge range (about the same as a Model S long range, maybe a bit more), it was reasonably fast charging (200kw), but it doesnt have the performance of the Model S (base model is 0-100kmh in 3.1, Plaid is 2.1), where as the Merc is something like 4.5. It's luxurious, but the hyperdash from what I've seen is incredibly gimmicky, and slow with poor FPS when using it. Merc is great at building cars, but software isn't their thing. The real elephant in the room is the price. The EQS costs more than the S class, so you're probably looking at $AU300k for a base model and $AU400k for the high end model with the options you want.

    • +5

      Legacy auto makers have EVs on the market, and they have generally failed horribly. The Audi E Tron has been out here for over a year now, and I have seen exactly 2 of them. I have seen probably 3 Mercedes EQC, maybe 20 Hyundai EVs, and a decent amount of old import Nissan Leafs (but only a handful of new ones). I see Teslas everyday, and there is a reason for that.

      Teslas EV tech is years ahead of everyone else. Hyundai/Kia in their latest products (Ioniq 5) look to be approaching Tesla for efficiency (and surpassing the Model 3 in charging curve- but Tesla chooses a curve to make sure the batteries last), but the vehicles, even in their fastest form, can't match the performance. For all other manufacturers it's a trade off between efficiency and performance. Tesla can do both. Porsche went for performance, and ended up with really poor range. But now the Plaid is so much faster than a Taycan Turbo S (at nearly half the price), it's not even an argument (and it charges faster too).

      The Model S/X is selling horribly because it went out of production in November last year. They just started selling the new model S at the end of the last quarter, and demand is outstripping supply ridiculously, so it looks like Australian and RHD markets wont even see the car till the end of 2022. So much so that they've increased the price on the S Plaid and Long Range significantly. But the $250k Plaid S is the quickest car ever made. It does 0-100kmh in 2 seconds, it does a 1/4 mile in 9.23 at 155mph. It's quicker than a Bugatti Chiron, worth $5m.

      Solar tiles have been on the market for a few years, but they are horrendously expensive.

      Tesla is about to release the FSB Beta V9 today. Game changing apparently. The regular Tesla autopilot is by far the best autonomous systems available in any car at the moment. It has actual situational awareness, which no other system has.

      If you're going to make a BS hater post, do some research, otherwise you look foolish.

  • +1

    Made in China. I'd rather not support them.

    • +6
      • comment posted thanks to multiple devices that are made in China
      • My phone is made in Vietnam.

        • +3

          With parts made in China

        • +3

          Doesn't like one communist dictatorship,
          so supports another communist dictatorship…

          • @fipak: I said south Korea. Not north.

    • do you realise whatever device you used for commenting on here, was actually made in China?

      • Samsung = Vietnam.

  • +1

    Price beat at Bunnings

  • +1

    Nothing gets OzB's talking as much as electric cars and rechargeable batteries

  • +3

    50k driveaway will sell like hot cakes

  • honestly thing holding me back is lack of trickle charge like a lot of upcoming cars, I wanna throw a 200watt fabric solar panel on my roof while I’m at car for the day.

    • +2

      Even if it were parked outside for 8 hours and maxed out, that’d be 1.6kw. That might run the heater for an hour. But you wouldn’t want to do that because it would be summer then.

      • +1

        Still adds up if you plan to keep the car, If mitsubishi releases the pure EV outlander 2022 (Airtrek) in Aus, thats a 10 year warranty

        edit: original post meant to say while at work

  • How do you access the corporate program fee waiver to save the $1375 mentioned in OPs post?

    • +1

      I've heard it's by invitation only. Your employer needs to join the program (free, AFAIK). The only qualifications I've heard of are that it must be a 300+ employee company, and the employer must make the offer available to all staff, but there are probably more requirements.

  • the biggest issue I have is do they do trade-ins? and how do they evaluate your old car online>?

    I really don't want to go through the trouble of seeing my old car off privately

    • I tried their online calculator just for fun. My 2006 hatchback which wouldn't even get $500 was estimated for trade in at $2500. Almost fell off my seat.

      • o wow other car dealers are riping us all off lol

  • -1

    Thanks OP, ordered 4

  • Time to Upgrade my 1994 Camry!!!

    • Hold man. Historic Rego in 3 years.

      • I thought H plates were at 25 years, did they eventually change it? I've been holding out to get my 1999 Falcon AU there!

        • NSW is 30 years

  • FFS, bought mine last month… $7k cheaper now in WA

    • 28 Degrees Card Insurance?

      • I wish 😂

  • 500km range under 35k , probably click bait


    • 500km range for under 35k … I think people will be happy to accept inferior quality and reliability. Would be a game changer.

    • That article is very wrong. It also claims 0-100 in less than 5 seconds.

      Mixed up info about the platform, which will include cars with high range and fast acceleration, with info about the EA1 which is the entry level model of the platform.

      Realistically: 300km WLTP range (achievable if mostly city/suburban, less on highways). 0-100 about 10 seconds. Still at $35k, once you factor in savings from electric vs petrol and lower service costs, it makes a lot more economic sense than a $30k Corolla. Plus all the benefits of electric driving: quiet, great acceleration from standing start, and if you have solar panels to charge it from clean energy you can feel good about reducing CO2 emissions.

      • once you factor in savings from electric vs petrol and lower service costs, it makes a lot more economic sense than a $30k Corolla

        You seem to have forgotten the biggest cost is its going to depreciate faster than Speedy Gonzales !

        • The Corolla will, yes, because ICE are a dying technology.

  • Had anyone got any experience with novated leasing a tesla/electric vehicle? Can you get reimbursed for the electricity from charging at your house?

    • +2

      Wasn't a Tesla, but I bought a Nissan Leaf via a novated lease in 2016. I just opted not to have a fuel allowance in my lease. The logistics of buying a home charging unit which logged usage and then submitting that to the lease company.. it was too hard and the dollar amount was low enough (<$50/month) that I didn't worry about it. Some lease companies might have caught up to EVs since then though.

    • I can confirm nope. I have an mg z's Ev can't claim electricity. Another kick in the gut along with the road tax in Victoria

      • Do you get accounts for ChargeFox and Evie that can be claimed?

  • -2

    emerson 1 hour 56 min agonew
    +9 votes
    There’s a guy in my street with a Model S and he charges in the street. He runs an extension cable from the front window of his terrace house and has one of those cable covers that you see at concerts to stop people tripping over it.

    Classic Bogan behaviour..

  • +1

    Tesla holds its value better than Porsche.
    With nowhere near the $ invested
    Tesla M3 Performance now beats the top of the range Porsche Taycan Turbo S on the track over multiple laps

    • Biggest factor seems to be how fast the RRP drops

      • Model S & X have recently had significant price increases

  • +3

    Now, Qld where is your incentive

  • I saw a review saying the build quality of Tesla was pretty poor - with things like roofs coming off

    dunno as I'm not about to buy one - but just passing on something I read

    • +5

      with things like roofs coming off

      Maybe he bought a convertible without realising it lol

    • +2

      There are cases like this, but Media bias tend the focus on Tesla when shit goes wrong.

  • +4

    Ozbargain admins really need to remove the cap for negative voting in EV threads, the trolls are out in force!

    • +1

      Conservatives are easily triggered by change - the true snowflakes

      • -3

        I will buy a V8 just to anger EV drivers. Lowwer exsice for fuel and higher EV taxes are coming.

        • It’s nice when conservatives finally come out & admit that, at heart, they are just self absorbed people

      • Which conservatives are against ev?

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