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Breville BES870BKS The Barista Express Coffee Machine - Black $594.15 + $10 Shipping @ The Good Guys eBay


Original Coupon Deal

I guess this is a good deal for Barista Express.

Product Identifiers
Brand Breville
GTIN 9312432023504
UPC 9312432023504
eBay Product ID (ePID) 5019369009

Product Key Features
Number of Cups 8
Water Tank Capacity 2 L
Control Panel Analog
Capacity 2 L
Heat up Time 60-65 sec
Number of Settings/Programs Not Specified
Colour Black
Style Coffee
Cable Length Not Specified
Bean Capacity 250 g
Power 1850 W
Bar Pressure 15 bar
Coffee Type Whole Beans
Type of Coffee Made Espresso, Hot Milk, Cappuccino
Features Built-In Grinder, Water Tank
Material Metal

Item Height 38 cm
Item Diameter 15 bar
Width 320
Item Weight 12.5
Weight 20
Height 380

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  • +1

    Would have jumped on the deal if it was dual boiler :(

    • +1

      For noobs like me. What is the benefit of a dual boiler?

      • +6

        Simultaneous or concurrent steaming and hot-water/coffee extraction and generally less fluctuation in temperature if multiple coffees involved. If you don't mind doing the steps sequentially you can get a machine with a smaller footprint (like the deLonghi from the recent deal). I typically heat 2x glass with boiling water whilst doing the milk-steam for x2 coffees, and then x2 coffee extract after that step.

        Edit - my machine (EM7000 5+ yrs old) is twin thermoblock, not dual-boiler. Dual-boilers I believe are considerably more expensive, and a step up again.

        • +2
        • Wouldn't milk get cold if made first before coffee extraction?

          • +2

            @mhc: Perhaps if it is left for too long. The timing works for me because whilst I'm doing my 1x or 2x coffee extraction I can collapse the bubbles / get a nice stable milk-froth before pouring the coffee. My milk is typically 60-65deg and into the coffee less than 90sec later. Can't recall the temp setting for my coffee, somewhere mid-80s I think because I'd rather err on it being mildly cool than bittering it from too hot. I'd also rather the milk cool a bit than do that second and lose the crema in the coffee pour [if I did coffee extract first, then milk frothing because the milk step takes longer]. (These are all mostly just personal taste & convenience preferences, welcome to the adventure and just keep trying until you find what works for you! :)

          • +1

            @mhc: Just buy 2 DeLonghi machines so you can do milk with one and coffee with the other haha

        • +3

          The Delonghi is nowhere near as good a machine as the Breville ones.

        • +1

          I used the same deal! Also still using the machine, thousands of coffees later. Legendary bargain.

      • +1

        Can make coffee and milk at same time I think

      • Another advantage is OPV which allows you to extract the coffee slowly and nicely. I got a 870 last month, still struggling to get 25Seconds for a 18-36 shot, but I am yet to dial it in though. We have a wega at office, its a commercial grade machine with the OPV set to 9bars. Its so much easier to use that over the 870 I have at home.

      • +1

        Breville dual boiler vs this machine gives better temperature consistency, 58mm portafilter (potentially better coffee) and the ability to steam and brew at the same time.

        You lose the grinder though.

        • +1

          You lose the grinder though.

          That another advantage - built in grinder is very average.

      • +7

        Dual boiler means no pressure loss during the coffee extraction and milk frothing in the close or same time frame.It is not that effective with small (home ) machines.Anyway most of commercial machines coming with one boiler only.From my experience (I use to be coffee machine mechanic, and my brother still have service back in Europe) one bigger boiler is better, unless you have huge spike in numbers of coffee shots that you need to make in short period of time.Some posh $20000 +, professional machines have one boiler per group(coffee extractor head).For a best home coffee machine results, use filtered water, freshly roasted beans(as fresh as possible) and service machine on time, especially seals.If you have grinder, do not store/leave beans inside.Slowly heat up beans in pan before grinding.If its rainy or humid weather outside, set up grinder one or two clicks on coarse side.Try couple of different coffee mixtures, usually arabica/robusta will do the job, but depends of personal taste…If you dont want to waste your time with home machines, buy nespresso vertuo machine and for $1 per coffee you will have better results than half of coffee shops around..

        • +1

          hadn't thought of heating the beans, thanks for sharing, interested to see the impact so will give that a crack. I'm usually lazy with the hopper though, and store 2-3days in there since I find it negligible difference at the level I'm making my coffee (good enough, not aiming for great / barista perfection).

          • +1

            @xdreamyst: It will pick up humidity in grinder.Just lightly warm beans to dry them and to release essential oils
            from them (beans and grind coffee will further heat up during the grinding proccess).You will see the difference..

        • buy nespresso vertuo machine and for $1 per coffee you will have better results than half of coffee shops around..

          Where do you live for this to be true haha?

      • +2

        For noobs, this is perfect and much cheaper than a dual boiler. I've had this model for 3 years now and it gets multiple daily usage (especially since covid), and you can still do some steps sequentially to save time. Add hot water to cup/glass(s) + grab milk from fridge and pour into jug > steam milk > while steaming I grind the beans (sometimes I even tamp one handed to save more time) > wipe steam wand > pour espresso shots > run water shot to clean machine + combine milk and coffee > enjoy! It honestly doesn't feel like a dual boiler could shorten it much more and you become a well oiled machine after the thousandth coffee haha

    • Me too. Sadly no deals on the BES920 since the sales last month.

      • But you've just posted one ;)

        • Haha yeah! Had a quick search after a gaming session. Found it and bought it!

  • +2

    Silver also available at the same price, only 3 left though.


  • +4

    For $100 more after discount, would it worth to get this instead https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/NEW-Breville-BES878BSS4JAN1-The-...

    • See my comment but I saw this after I posted so thumbs up from me!

    • +3

      I use both on a daily basis.
      I own the 878 at home, while at work there is 870 in the office.
      I do prefer mine but to be honest you will not tell enough of a difference to spend the extra money on…

  • +4

    I am in my 30’s and still don’t how coffees works or how to make one. Every comment above me is new Science for my brain. Did I miss out on life not caring about coffee?

    • +2

      nope, the opportunity and joy (occassional frustration) still lay ahead of you! :)

    • +1

      It's crushed bean water. Don't overthink it

  • +4

    PAY A LITTLE MORE & GET THE ~ Breville,The Barista Pro Espresso Machine (BES878BSS4JAN1)
    As its way better then the Breville BES870BKS (ive had this one) over the better digital, Barista Pro!
    Consistency between brews is better than the manual dial, range feedback.

    Its not worth paying the extra over the Barista Pro for the COLOR LCD edition…

    ALDI have LIGHT/DARK roast beans that are imported and roasted in Melbourne and shipped AU wide for $12ish 1kg
    and single roast Peru, Brazil, ect for under $2 more… Keep in a sealed/airtight container once opened in the fridge as
    its a natural dehumidifier (chips, popcorn, open basicity for the same reason too)

    Both this and the The Barista Pro are end to end, fresh coffee solution! It grinds/brews/milk morning coffee machine.

    Or save a couple of hundred and go the Breville Creatista Plus and buy the Nespresso compatible pods.
    They stay fresh for years and coffee is good and no mess solution… Its good coffee too and Im a coffee SNOB!

    • As for the claim: Consistency between brews is better than the manual dial - is it based on your experience or is there a source for it?

        • I wouldn't trust a comparison video in which he doesn't have a physical Pro unit. It's an overlay image..

            • @mjwills: He contradicts himself in the second video.
              Seems to me that he didn't have a unit on hand for the comparison, as all the comparing was based on a spec sheet - Noting there is no difference in the end coffee output between the machines and it wasn't worth it.
              Then 6-months later he has the pro unit in hand and says it's the best in the market, making several improvements on the previous machines, notably and the wand is superior for milk coffees

              • @swimmingtoad: None of those benefits for the Pro are consistency though, are they?

                As per his comments below the (second) video:

                "I still had a lot of hands on time with both machines before making that last comparison! Just couldn't get the machine in studio yet.
                My opinion is that the Barista Pro is clearly a more refined machine, and clearly has advantages when it comes to steaming speed, but if you already own the Barista Express, its likely not worth the cost to upgrade (but that's up to you). If you're buying new, it will all come down to your budget. The Pro is a better machine, but its also more expensive for advantages that really only come down to speed and appearance"

                and also:

                "The Express is the better cash / value machine when both are being considered at MSRP.
                The Barista pro really only provides an advantage to those who regularly make milk based drinks, and only with respect to speed, not overall quality"

                So, I am not saying it is not better. It clearer is in some areas (although the lack of gauge is disappointing). I just have seen literally nothing saying that consistency is an area it outperforms the other low end Brevilles (like the Express).

                Now the Pro does have the benefit of more steps on the grinder - but the underlying grinder is still the same. But, as many people have realised over the years, that is somewhat of a moot point since you can make the 870 close to stepless with the investment in a binder clip for a dollar or two. https://imgur.com/ZRRVBzg

    • What features of the Pro Esresso do you appreciate over the BES870BKS ?

      • I've been wondering that too.. Digital vs analogue interface comes to one's preference, to me. And warmup time difference is neglectible, but there might be people needing to save 10-15 seconds by buying the Pro Espresso.

        • +1

          More like 30seconds… time is money!!!

        • The faster steaming is a considerable benefit over the 870.

    • Its good coffee too and Im a coffee SNOB!

      A real coffee snob would never admit this haha

      • +1

        A real 'coffee snob' would never say the light/dark ALDI beans are good either. They're passable at best. I used half of the dark bag I bought as smell absorbers for my fridge and bin cupboard. Couldn't drink it once I tasted better. All the stuff you can buy at a supermarket is crap or extremely average.

        • If you do buy from Aldi, critical that you check the roast date. You may have something that is 2-3 weeks from roast date. You may have something that is 6 months. Clearly there will be a taste difference between the two. ;)

    • What pods were you buying with the Nespresso machine?

  • +3

    owned it for a year, i drink a lot of coffee. has paid for itself 100%.

  • +3

    Have had this machine in black for over two years. Have never looked back. The black still looks great.
    Quality beans from a local roaster definitely help. Start up time is never a problem. Can grind beans while you wait.

  • +1

    Personal preference, I'm very happy with mine, been going since 2014, sure it takes a small wait to warm up (30s-ish?), after that it's been going strong, never had it in for repair, I just look after it.

    • Which one do u have?

      • Silver, that's the only thing superior with this model imo, the Black version I would pick instead if I could go back, not a big deal

  • I have been drinking Nespresso for years and i do love coffee. It is my reason to get up.
    I mostly drink espresso.
    However, i am at the point where Nespresso capsules are not satisfying me anymore.
    I do not even pay a cent for the pods.

    I am so confused. I do want to get one of these machines because i know they will make great espresso. However i am so used to convenience of Nespresso. No mess, no maintenance

    • Nespresso are definitely easier. There is no way around that.

    • Honestly, I didn't know anything about coffee before I got the similar model to this, but with the LCD screen - Barista Touch.

      If you want dead simple, and finally decide to upgrade from Nespresso, I recommend the touch. All you need to really adjust is the number on the grind depending on how you want it to come out, and find the sweet spot between slow and fast, and you learn to tell by the smell.

      I calculated we've pulled about 2000 latte through the machine in 3 years, and even my girlfriend can do it no problem.

  • I've got this and just recently it's got some kind of fault and is tripping the power. It's 3 yo. Anyone have any idea how much or if it's worth getting these repaired or do I just but a new one?

    • It's 3 yo

      There you go. Don't expect much from a $500 all in one machine.

      • the post itself says it's $605 but sure just round down. And i've got plenty of cheaper appliances that last significantly longer than 3 years

    • Have you popped it open to have a look?

    • Have you tried turning it on and off?

  • What grinder do people recommend for roughly $500? Any ones that are better or significantly better than the built in grinder for this price point?

    • +1

      This has a conical burr grinder I believe which is decent. The main advantage you will get from a $500 grinder is dosing accuracy, maybe someone who owns one of these can comment on consistency of the built in unit.

    • What grinder do people recommend for roughly $500?

      Direct import Eureka Specialita.
      Local best price for it would be ~$750.

      The main advantage you will get from a $500 grinder is dosing accuracy

      The main advantage is grind uniformity (the main quality of the grind).

  • +2

    Bought! What an ozbargain! Thanks OP

    • +1

      You are welcome. Do let this community know about your experience though.

  • PSA: I was able to get an offer for $596 from the JBHIFI hotline (check the website for the number) for this one. It wasn't a price match, though, that is just the best price they can do apparently. If you quote this deal, or mention you saw it for less than $600 online, you could probably get that price too.

    • Hmmm, I rang and asked and was told they would do $649 on the SS model. Perhaps based on local stock levels.

      • I did ask for the black one, so maybe there is a difference in lowest price.

        Did you mention the online price as well? When I called, it was weird… they said 'we can't price match ebay, so the best I can do is $596'… which is less than $2 more than the ebay price.

        Good guys were confused about the price being so low as well, but I had the deal texted to me by them to prove it!

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