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Breville BES920 The Dual Boiler $999 Delivered ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ David Jones


Best price on the Dual Boiler at the moment. Free shipping as well. 2% cashback with cashrewards or shopback.

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David Jones
David Jones

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    Pretty much standard price?

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      About 200 less than the current standard.

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      Remember when these for under $700 was a deal.

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        Got mine for $639 in 2019 and I remember thinking (at the time) I probably could have got a better deal if I waited. lol

        • I think mine was about the same, plus it lined up with a recent eBay gift card sale not long before.
          Not sure I could handle spending $1k on one

        • +1

          Yeah I was about to bite the bullet at the time some people got it for $600 with the smart grinder included. What a steal!

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    Breville BES920's price is as solid as realestate price. Great investment if you bought it before 2021.

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    Still quite expensive, maybe they will fall in prices like the GPUs?

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      Yeah the dual boiler means you can pull a shot with one & still mine Bitcoin on the other.

  • -2

    Insane. I have a dual boiler that was about$500

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    With lockdown and this model being discontinued without the grinder I decided to pulled the trigger on this. Used $10 rewards voucher and left over gift card to get it to $950. With my luck on these things you should have a deal come up for $600 tomorrow.

    • +1

      Is there confirmation that the individual machine is discontinued?

      • Haven’t seen anything from breville but just what I’ve heard in stores in past (Harvey Norman and bing Lee) and talk of it online. Looks like they are just packaging it with the smart grinder.

        • It would be disappointing if they did, but unlikely as it sells so well.

    • You won't regret it!

  • bought ~5 years ago for $799 with bonuse $100 eftpost card, i.e., actually paid $699. sold a few month ago for $880. then bought a bambino plus which suits my needs better.

    • I was just looking at the bambino plus .. looks simple & nice .. what are the benefits for you?

      • +1

        Small and compact! The footrpint and size was the main reason I sold my BES920, otherwise BES920 is a very good machine. Did not have any issue with mine.
        No waiting time! It takes literally less than 3 sec to start making a cup of coffee. I had to wait for like half min with BES920.

    • +1

      You sold a 5 year old machine for $880? Wow!

      • Everything after COVID gets more and more expensive. A 20 years old Honda Jazz goes for $5000 LOL

      • -1

        Amazon also blocked us buying these from Amazon UK, aus tax is huge

  • Could someone please tell me how this is different/better than the Breville BES878BSS (https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/636944)

    • +3

      920 is a dual boiler so you can extract your coffee and froth your milk at the same time. The other only does one thing at a time

      • One at a time does work alright though. There's definitely other pros to it, but honestly the Pro works pretty well imo

        • I think if you already have the pro, you won't need to upgrade until something wrong with the machine and is too much to fix it.
          For me, 2 of us drinks 3 cups per day and we use different type of milk so if I have to wait for the extraction completed before frothing the milk, coffee will get a to warm only as we like extra hot by the time rinsing the handle, milk jug and towel etc.

          BES920 does has its issue and the most comment one is the leaking from the steam wand. My machine is 8+ years old and I have replaced twice the Ball Valve and once with the pump (insufficient pressure).

          I haven't tried the pro but I am happy with the dual boiler still given the repeat parts failure and the non existing after sale customer service. Just don't think they will do anything for you free if you are 1 day out of warranty.

          • +1

            @JCRALLYART: All good points. When mine dies I'll probably get the dual boiler, I just hope they have it in black by then

    • +3

      Much better temperature control (Digital PID)
      Pre infusion
      Over pressure valve
      Proper high pressure/dry steam
      + the obvious two boilers so you can pull a shot and froth milk at the same time

      The Pro is a toy compared to the dual boiler imho.

      Just on pre-infusion, see blurb below. These features all add up to a much better shot pull. (And exist in every commercial coffee machine, or are done manually on old school manual machines)

      "Pre-infusion refers to the process of gently soaking the puck of ground coffee in your portafilter before applying the full desired brewing pressure. The goal is to ensure that water evenly penetrates the grounds to ensure that the entire bed has the same amount of water flowing through it once extraction begins."

  • +3

    Picked one up for $899 less a discount code and discounted TGG vouchers late last year.
    $999 is a reasonable price I guess if you can get yourself a further discount via vouchers or the likes.

    Not a bad unit - much prefer not to have the grinder built-in. IMO - a better idea to have the grinder seperated.

  • +1

    And… it is back to $2000

  • +4

    I’ve had this for half a decade, provided you keep cleaning it, such a workhorse. Delivers the household 2-3 cups a day without missing a beat. Best value machine in the Breville range and saying this having owned an Oracle and Barista Express.

    • Have you ever descaled it? I drain my steam boiler every week or two and am hoping I can get away without a descale.

      • +1

        If you use filtered water you can probably get away with never doing it.

        • I’d not risk it, sure it’ll reduce the need but still best to do so at least semi-annually or so just to be safe. A lot more expensive to replace a broken pump assembly than to just buy a bulk bottle of descale solution. Hell you can even make your own with household chemicals on the cheap.

          • +1

            @dmgmelba: Normally I'd agree but the dual boiler has a history of catastrophic failure after a descale.

            • @Cyb3rGlitch: I've descaled mine a few times after the warning flashed. Machine is still going good but no idea how I can remove the descale warning.

            • @Cyb3rGlitch: Thanks for the heads up, I’ll have to keep that in mind and try minimise doing so on mine too in that case!

        • +1

          I only ever use rain water. Hoping won't get the scale that's usual with all town water supply, my kettle never needs cleaning of scale from only using rain water

      • De-scaled twice, it’s not that hard trust me.

  • Got this a bit over a week ago for $950 from Harvey Normans (was advertised as on clearance for $999) and now no longer on their website
    They had quite a few…
    Maybe worth ringing a few stores and asking?

  • +3

    3 things to remind from a current owner:
    1) remember to extend the warranty to 5 yrs
    2) remember to extend the warranty to 5 yrs
    3) remember to extend the warranty to 5 yrs

  • +1

    Well that didn't last long… Back to $2000 now.

    • +2

      They're dreaming. Can be had for $600 less with the Breville Smart Grinder Pro included

      • Where?

        Oh, don't worry, I see you mean $600 less than $2000 so $1400? Makes sense but you can get the grinder less than $200 on many deals so you could get both the dual boiler and grinder for less than $1000 if you keep a look out.

      • It never happened for a brand new duo unless you are telling me somehow you have $200 discount here and another somewhere$100. Cheapest for the 920 would be around $600 mark and Grinder for $160 with ebay promo etc. But that time passed and I think your thinking should move on too. If you can get me a brand new Duo with full warranty, I will pay you $750 for them regardless how cheap you can buy them for. I am in Melbourne and I am happy to met up and have a spare set at home.

        • They said $600 less (than $2000)… so $1400. Which is a pretty common price around the place with the grinder.
          Will keep waiting.

  • A month or so ago it was being sold for circa $850 on goodguys eBay.

  • I knew I should’ve bought this same model four years ago for$639 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/350211

  • best machine

  • So is the BES920 more or less discontinued as a machine that can be purchased on its own?

    I already have a smart grinder and am looking to upgrade from an Infuser (BES840) which is 5+ years old. Kinda annoying if every higher end Breville machine comes with a built in grinder I don't want..

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