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82" 4K TV $1299 + Del, JBL N/C H/P $79.99, Alkaline AA/AAA 50pk $14.99, Microfibre Cloth 50pk $16.99, Hass Avos 6pk $3.99 @ ALDI


Excerpt from the upcoming Aldi catalogue.

Original scan

The JBL noise cancelling headphones were $172.93 via Amazon UK recently.

Logix dishwasher tablets is $16.99.

Mod: TV and headphones 24/7. Microfibre and batteries 21/7. Avocado 14/7-20/7?
Note that ALDI Online only delivers to selected postcodes in New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland.

Full credit to the original Facebook poster.

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  • +24

    82” TV. Any good deals on houses?

    • +76

      Use the box

      • +9

        On the plus side, you know the tv will fit inside!

    • +1

      That sounds tasty

    • +3

      cheaper then timber. they make great structural walls

  • +3

    The JBL ones aren't good, had got similar ones and they don't work with MS teams etc and noise cancelling isnt good either.

    • Hardly any headphones predominantly made for music have decent noise cancelling mics. If you want to use a good headset for Teams, use a certified Teams headset.

      • They don’t work with teams or zoom .. not even talking about NC, that’s secondary.

    • +5

      Get Sony 1000 XM3. I've been using them since COVID-19 started with MS Teams and they work great. Music quality is fantastic too and they offer some of the best NC on the market.
      Unlike 1000XM4, XM3 support aptX Bluetooth codec which is important if you're connected to a Windows 10 laptop.

      • +2

        Is it? My xm4 set works fine on the work laptop and on calls

        • but I've got my xm3 for only 200 bucks on Amazon :) best purchase ever - pretty happy with sound quality. Really like the water-resistant feature on xm4 but I can't justify the price jump.

          • @dawnflower: oh yeah no criticism for the XM3s. My primary reason for getting the 4's was marginally larger earcups, cost be damned.

            vrsac seemed to suggest there's a fault with the XM4's functionality which is what I got confused about.

  • +5

    Which TV is this?

    • +23

      It's their 82" one.

      • +4


        • +4

          Bauhn is the Aldi house brand for TVs. I have a 55" dumb I bought a few years ago which is still running fine. The blacks aren't particularly even and the sound isn't good, but it's otherwise decent.

        • +2

          It will be Bauhn made by OEM manufacturers such as TPV or Tsinghua Tongfang Company as per this thread.

    • +8

      Why the neg? I simply don’t know what TV brand it is and just asked…..

      Honestly I don’t need a response as I already found out but seriously you neg someone just for asking a question….

      • Some bauhn are lg

        • +2

          LG Web OS is totally different from LG panel / system board

      • +11

        Just ignore those people want to neg for no reason. OZB voting system is a joke so don’t take it too seriously.

        • -4

          Whirlpool has not voting at all, so ozb is an improvement to the forum interface.

        • +1

          Agree'd, at the end of the day OzBargain internet points really are just meaningless, although the people that farm them would love to have you believe otherwise.

          You do you, don't worry about what the random internet strangers think. :)

      • +11

        Think of it as for every question you asked, there are probably at least a few wanted to ask, out of these some didnt ask due to ozb voting system, may be a time for a change. So you are doing some people a favour by asking as someone also want to know. I know it stings a bit to be neg and especially you are not intentional. Think of JV, JV is not afraid to be neg, something we should learn from.

      • +2

        Gave you an up vote for the question as I too am curious,

  • +9

    I didn't know NCHP stands for Noise Cancelling HeadPhones, learn new things everyday from OzBargain.

    • +3

      Thanks for translating, I learnt this today too.

    • +1

      I always thought it stood for New CHaP on the block

  • This TV kind of looks like an LG. WebOS.. Magic Remote…

  • -6

    That TV will great in landfill in 12 months

    • Maybe - but at least you'll get your money back if less than 12 months.

  • -1

    Srsly how many can fit this in their car?

    • +1

      It's online + delivery only. Extra cost for the delivery.

  • Their batteries are like rabbits.

    • +7

      As in they taste great when cooked slow?

      • +2

        brb, slowly simmering Eneloops in beer with prunes

    • +2

      As in my wife asked for one for Christmas and was still upset with me when it was a real rabbit?

    • Yeah I was thinking, get some rechargeables and be done with these massive packs to reduce land fill chemicals. Plus the mining in the first place.

    • +2

      "Their batteries are like rabbits".

      What, really?? So you put 2 in a drawer and a week later you have 12 ??
      Please, nobody put a full 50 pack opened and alone in a drawer with enough wriggle room as the results could be catastrophic.

  • +1

    Any thoughts on the soundbar and SW?

  • +1

    I am a touch confused, the 14th of july specials are bedding and homewares, nothing electronic, I saw the catalogue today and I just checked online too. Am I missing something?

    • +2

      The date?

      • Yeah my mistake, I saw the date on the first page and assumed it was this weeks catalogue not the one in a couple weeks time.

  • That is obscenely cheap for that TV, even if it's a weak TV.

    I love my plasma but my god that's a biggun.

  • +9

    why am I the only one here excited for microfiber cloths and Avocados?

    • 99c for choose your own Avocados (not Avocato) or 67c bagged up in groups of 4.
      Which is better?

  • +1

    Does anyone know how is the Aldi's alkaline battery compared to verta brand from Bunnings?

    • I've always used Aldi's - they've never leaked which is my main concern and performs pretty well. I think I've used varta once but doubt there's much difference.

      • -1

        Varta don't leak easily either

        Buonoirs have lots of Duracell's atm, 20 packs, so you can test how long they go flat on the shelf after you bought them

        Varta, or Ikea batteries FTW

  • May as well get Soundcore Q30 for better ANC.

  • Any alternative for 2 metre long TV cabinet? I assume this is tall that can seat of 2 independent short stand.

    • Yeah this trend of huge TVs but the stand being based at the EDGE of the TV, is very limiting for me.

    • +3

      Wall mount

      • She's only an 82" I like my TV 1.5 foot from the wall so it seems bigger!

        I'll wall mount when it's a 95"

    • Any alternative for 2 metre long TV cabinet?

      You could technically have 2x 20cm wide cabinets placed under the TV's legs. Or even just 2 Ikea LACK tables.

      • Two decorated milk crates. The ozbargain way.

  • +1

    Powered by Weabos? Wtf?

    • +1

      A bit cheaper hourly rate than your standard AC flowing in, but you need to get a separate line hooked up.
      Just give powercor a call and enquire.

  • +4
    • Good find Brad……same stand, remote and box dimensions (near enough). GG's gonna have to drop the price now if they want to sell any.

    • Tempting this TV.

      Any ideas how many hrz? Would it be 60 like the Linsar?

  • WebOS, isn't that's LG's operating system for their TV's?

  • In the last bag of Aldi avocados I bought, five out of the six looked like the middle avocado here

    Is that typical for Aldi's bagged avocados or did I get unlucky?

  • Was the powerboard with usb sold by aldi before? Is it good or is it better bargain elsewhere or in the past?

    • Also wondering this. I'd like to know the output of the USB ports

  • Hello fellow friends.
    Any one know if the mini portable project is worth it?

    Thank you

    • It will have low light output and resolution, don't go expecting some amazing 100" image like they claim. If you want something portable and convenient it might be ok, but just use it for a smaller image.

  • 82" TV now… How on earth are people loading these in a trolly to buy.. Are you supposed to balance it between 2 trollies.

    • +6

      They'll be pushing around two empty trollies because they will be the people that failed to read the "Online Exclusive" banner on the catalogue,

    • -1

      They have “flat” trolly that they need to withhold your ID for you to borrow it to transport bulky items to your car.

  • +5

    $199 shipping for the TV for me in Metro Melbourne.

    I'd be better off paying $200 more for the good guys one with a 3 year warranty.

    • I'm the same, part of metro… and I'm a mere 1 minute at best from a $99 delivery suburb.

  • +1

    TV warranty form Aldi, for those of you have bought big TV from Aldi, how is the warranty process? DO you bring to the shop or do you call them? Do they send technician come to your home to fix the TV? What is the go and how is your experience with Aldi TV warranty? Thank you in advance.

  • Currently delivering to selected postcodes ONLY in NSW, VIC & QLD.


  • Looks like the TV uses webOS TV…is this is same webOS that LG uses?

  • I’m not familiar with 82” TVs but is 52kg normal?!

    • Thats the tv and packaging. the TV is 41.4kg

  • -1

    hi All,

    • +1


    • hey

  • Any thoughts on the 40" HD TV from Aldi for $329?

    Looking for something cheap and cheerful for the garage gym now that lockdown is going to extend forever.

    Does anyone know if I can sideload apps like SmartTubeNext / SmartYouTubeTV?

  • Tv unavailable to add to cart

    • 8:30am

    • …and gone 8:30:01am

      • not bragging, just arrive today. I added to cart at 8:29 so 8.30 is sold out time I"m guessing

  • JBLs still available @ St Marys after lockdown. Took a 2 mile walk this arvo and am well pleased with the result - as comfy as, and I'm a wing-nut, and wider and clearer than the Marshall Majors without having a g-clamp over your head.

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