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Breville BES450BSS The Bambino (Silver) $305.15 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys eBay



Like professional machines, Breville the Bambino BES450BSS can deliver third wave specialty coffee. This is made possible by the 4 keys formula. Delivering barista quality performance using a 54mm portafilter with 19 grams of coffee for full flavour and a powerful steam wand to create microfoam required for latte art (milk jug sold separately). With a proprietary Thermojet heating system, this Breville coffee machine is ready to start in just 3 seconds.

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    Great machine, been really happy with the coffees i've been making with it.

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      If it's anything like the Bambino Plus, I recommend getting an unpressurised basket to improve your coffee even more.

      • +1

        Any suggestions on where to get one? New to espresso machines.

      • Any tips on using the unpressurised one? I can't get enough pressure unless I go the finest grind and push as hard as phyiscally possible on the tamper, only then I will get just enough pressure. Surely that ain't right?

        • Have the beans been roasted in the last 3 weeks?

          • @Cyb3rGlitch: Probably not, I buy beans whenever I see on special on Oz Bargain, most of them are freshly roast I think? But I rarely test out the single layer basket, good chance any time I've used it the beans were a little older by then.

  • That is so cheap, seems the perfect upgrade to the delonghi…

  • so many coffee machines in ozbargain lately hmmm

    • Gotta be your own barista for WFH

  • This is the newer cheaper Bambino model. Not sure really what the difference is with the Bambino Pro that goes for around $450…

    • Looks like there is no auto milk steamer function (no temperature sensor for the milk in the drip tray). I am not sure what else is different

      • someone said the drip tray on the base Bambino actually felt slightly more solid and well put together than plus model and it had hot water function

        • the bambino plus has a hot water function, it's just hidden and comes through the wand.

      • +2

        The auto milk frother is a game changer for me. It's so good! As per the post below, you can get the Plus for $361 from Good Guys Commercial.

        I got my Plus for just under $300 back in 2019. It was $326 until mid last year. Maybe prices will start to fall again soon?

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      Video comparison. Looks like the two main feature differences are Bambino Plus has auto frothing, whereas Bambino has hot water funtion.

      • the bambino plus has a hot water function, it's just hidden and comes through the wand.

        • "Hidden"? How is it activated?

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            @TimeOrMoney: by pressing two buttons at the same time it will pump out heated water through the wand.

            • @dasher86: Interesting. All the reviews and comparisons point this out as a difference, and that if you want to make hot water with the Bambino Plus the best way is to us the steam function to heat up a jug of water.

              • @TimeOrMoney: yeah, it was a revelation when i found out. that is why i call it hidden, because i've only ever seen one video on it and i can't find it now.

            • @dasher86: Plus owner here, never knew about this. Searching online now it says press onecup and steam together to start, and onecup to stop. I know holding down the 2 outer buttons switches the machine off, but will have to try this tomorrow.

              Only gripe is sometimes i wish it had a little more pressure. Even on the coarsest smart grinder (non pro) setting and a single wall basket I still seem to get low volume/slow pulls. I doubt i'm that strong tamping but I'm not sure what else could be wrong.

              • @isaw: Tamping pressure won't make a difference to your extraction times, unless your starting point is not tamped enough.
                Tamping pressure affecting extraction is a myth that has long ago been debunked.

              • @isaw: Have you run a clean cycle lately?

    • +1

      Big difference to me is that the drip tray on the Bambino Plus gets real messy, especially due to the gap the milk temp sensor creates for water to get through. Not to mention, backflushing makes a real mess (not sure if the same holds true for the base Bambino).

      • I also had the same problem, but then my friend suggested to use the milk jug when doing the backflushing to help contain the mess

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    How is this compare to Delonghi Dedica?

  • What's a good grinder to pair with this one?

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      • +1

        Thanks! I guess its similar to the Breville smart grinder pro. Seems like a better deal than the barista express.

        • Much real world difference between the two Breville Grinders?

        • +1

          Make sure to look up reviews. This one has known issues with a plastic component near the burrs.

      • Unfortunately this grinder is a real PITA - after about 1.5 year plastic impeller wears out and it cloggs. There are 2 issues with this - one it no longer works…. Two - you end up brewing your coffee with that finely ground plastic.

        I raised this with Breville as a health issue, they gave me smart grinder but seems like haven't really done much about the grinder itself. I still see reports of plastic impeller wearing out although I can't be sure if they haven't fixed it to be metal in new models.

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    FYI, the Bambino Plus is $361 on The Good Guys Commercial (sign up to SunSuper to get access). The auto milk heat/froth function makes things pretty easy. Worth the $41 extra IMHO.

    • Free to join?

      • +1

        Yeah, just open an account with them. Don't have to put any funds in. SIgn up for TGG Commercial through the rewards portal (I think this may have taken a day or so to process).

        • +1

          This didn't work for me. I signed up a few months ago, didn't put any funds in, and keep applying for TGG Commercial access and have never gotten an email with login details

          EDIT: I just tried it with my adblocker disabled and got my email 30 mins later. I'm an idiot :D

        • Opened a SunSuper account last September and applied for TGGC.
          Received an email requesting for proof of something (employment I think? Can't remember exactly)

          Edit: I just tried to reapply for TGGC and just got a welcome email! Happy days!

          • @SuiCid3: how long did the TGGC welcome email come through after registering?

            • @skully78: Less than 5 minutes from retrying this morning.

      • +1

        Fee free?

    • I agree! I bought the plus last week, great machine

    • Thanks, bought off your recommendation. The way I look at it it is if it can make 100 or so coffees it'll pay for itself.

      Everyone recommends these so I bought one as well: https://www.breville.com/au/en/parts-accessories/parts/sp000...

  • (Sorry for slightly hijacking the topic… I'm just trying to decide if this deal is the one for me ;)

    Would someone that owns a Bambino or Bambino Plus please measure how wide it/they are? I don't understand how Breville's website says they're:

    It might be correct, but it always looks to me like the base Bambino is significantly narrower than the Plus?

    Also, the Sage website says the Plus is 31 x 32 x 31 cm, which still seems a bit off since that makes it as wide as it deep/high, which also doesn't seem to match the photos either?


    • Only for purchases from 1 August, though?

      • You might be right. Giving it a go anyway.

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