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ASUS TUF GAMING X570-PRO (WI-FI) $86.05 + Shipping @ Catch


1st time post, So cheap, grab it before it gone.

ASUS TUF GAMING X570-PRO (WI-FI) AMD AM4 X570 ATX Gaming Motherboard with PCIe 4.0, dual M.2, 2.5G Intel LAN, Wi-Fi 6, 14 Dr. MOS Power Stages

Elsewhere $250+

Stack with gift card from Suncorp and if you are catch member free shipping.

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  • +3

    It showing as 500 plus dollars

    • +2

      yeah thats another buying option. catch will send you to the same product sold by someone else if one option has sold out.

  • +1

    showing as $540.99 for me

  • +1

    $65 shipping lol

    • +2

      What stopped me and it sold out after I got distracted with euros.

      • +1

        same here

  • Relisted as $540, current link showing sold out

  • Will they honour it? Great deal :D

  • Do you have to be a Catch member? It's showing as $540.99. $86.05 would be great.

    • nah i got it without being a member

    • listed deal is zotim computers. austic is another buying option.

      • Damn.. was able to add it to cart from zotims product page.. then went oos in cart

  • Picked up 1 for:
    Subtotal: $86.05
    Postage: $63.89
    Total: $149.94

    Got the confirmation email, lets see if they go through with it. $150 is still a great price for this board.

    • +1

      i got $12 shipping in vic, $63 seems a bit steep but still a good deal overall in context

      • Damn, I should have sent it to my GF's then got it shipped to me! (Metro Sydney)
        I was too scared the link wouldn't work anymore if I didn't bite the bullet

        • +3

          TUF titties

  • Thanks OP bargain.

    Subtotal: $86.05
    Postage: $11.79
    Total: $97.84

    • Would have but was 65 shipping for NSW for me.

  • -1

    Great motherboard, i bought this in January from Amazon. No frills.

    • +2

      Lol it's definitely not no frills. Have the same Mobo mid-high tier

      • Any major issues you had with it?

        • +1

          Just had to update BIOS to get my 16-16-16-36 RAM & 5600x to work properly. Amazing Mobo.
          Highest tier in the TUF Range, the PLUS would be the little brother and that's still mid tier.

          Paid $280 in Jan and that was a great deal.

          WIFI 6
          Great Soundcard
          2.5GB Port
          Bios flashback
          Big VRM Heatsink
          DR MOS
          Much better build than a standard mobo, better capacitors, better everything.

          Can't beleive this price, insanity

  • +5

    For those who missed out, the new X570S motherboards have been released, so we'll see a few more X570 clearances as dealers try to sell their old stock.

    • What is the difference?

      • +2

        pretty much just passive cooling of the chipset

        • So more reliable in other words? Good.

  • +1

    This price is insane! Why are they dropping prices for these mobos?

    • +2

      New x570s release.

  • Did anyone use the 15% off catch gift cards to pay for this?

  • Dang could of used for htpc, any other Mobo deals that suit htpc?

  • +2

    Dammit. Needed it. Missed it.

    • +1

      don't worry, be happy, dooo dooo do dah do dah dooooo do do do

  • +2

    Damn, I missed this and am in the process of doing a new build. Can anyone recommend a good place to monitor for these deals?

    • +1


    • +1

      Set up OzB search alerts. The recent PCCG Klarna deal would’ve been perfect for new builds.

  • +2

    All refunded. I guess pricing error.

    • +3

      That or because they saw that you ordered 4 lol

    • i haven't yet been refunded

  • +1

    Refunded. This is like the third time this has happened on catch…

  • Just got mine refunded


    Our sincere apologies but the product that you ordered is no longer in stock. Your order has been refunded in full and you should receive the funds back to your original payment method within 2-5 business days.


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