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XFX Radeon RX 6900 XT Speedster MERC 319 Black 16GB GDDR6 $1999 + Delivery @ PLE Computers


Decent price for a 6900 xt with stock available, I was gonna get this but thought I should wait for a good deal for the 6800 xt

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  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0LuIGI_9guQ

    Seems like not worth it… might as well grab a 3080 or a 6800xt

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    Yeah nah

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    Improving.. but not quite there yet

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    Soon the normal price will be $3000+ just for the card.

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      Personally I won’t be buying another Asus or Gigabyte GPU, as they have done nothing but gouge buyers.


      Similar pricing for Asus cards throughout the various tiers they offer.

      Gigabyte also have very badly designed cooling on the 6800 cards I tested. Also most as if they design for Nvidia and then fit to AMD cards.

      100c + junction temp on multiple of their 6800XT’s.

      XFX, and Sapphire cards don’t exhibit the same behaviour.

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    these names are lame

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    Hold OzB prices will go down again. I expect this car to be $1500 in the near future. 7900 (guess name) might be worth waiting for.

  • If my monitor wasn't G-Sync only, I would get this in a hearbeat.

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    Intro Retail Usd is $999. Given this is not a founder version, I think AU$1500-$1600 is a fair retail price.

    I will wait till the price comes down :) got an Xbox SX for the moment.

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      Considering the founders edition msrp was 1699 AUD, I doubt you will be seeing AIB cards for less than that before the 7900XT releases.

      Getting a founders card would be $1600 imported if found at msrp for reference (1KUSD+10%GST+10% for an imported product over 1k = 1600AUD)

      I got this XFX card for $1699 because I ordered the founders edition, production on it was stopped and PLE swapped it to this for no extra cost.

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    I managed to pickup this exact card in January for this exact price $1999
    I have NO REGRETS at all.
    It looks good and performs AMAZING.
    I dont play with Ray Tracing, if thats super important to you, the nvidia 3080 or 3090 would be a better buy.
    I play COD at 1440p max graphics (ray tracing off) and paired with the AMD 5900x and using AMD SAM (smart access memory, I am able to get a reliable 230-260 FPS.
    Paired with the Alienware 27 AW2721D, Its Heaven!

    • how are the temps???

      • not sure, ill check :)

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        I tested out last night, under full load I was hitting 82C GPU temp and 95C GPU Junction temp
        Idle it sits around 50C for both.
        Also I have not overclocked this card at all. Havent needed to! maybe if I was doing raytracing I would.

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          Thanks for that. You may want to try undervolting slightly to bring the temps down under 80c if its a bother.

  • Is this good for mining or should I get RTX?

    • Rtx for mining. This only 60Mhash

    • Non-LHR RTX should be the first priority for mining when price right. If else fail then grab a 6800 when it less than 950 AUD.

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    HOLD its finally coming back down to Earth.
    Almost MSRP ($1599 AUD)

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    Waiting for 6800 XT deals 👌 specifically the nitro+.

    • same, what price would be nice to buy on?

      • I'm hoping around $1600-1700 😅

        • 6800xt is 960$rrp, and AIB nitro+ i am hoping somewhere 1300$ish……
          might just be dreaming but yeah might just pull the trigger when it hits 1500ish.

      • 1100 -1250 AUD would be nice to buy.

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    Waiting for 3080 to go sub 1300. Will be quite a while I know. But I am in no hurry.

    • Nvidia will kill off the 3080 before that, or else no one will buy their hyper inflated Ti model.

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        I dont think they will kill the non-Ti models. The issue with Super models were different as they were replacements. These are different tiers.

        • Honestly, when do you think 3080 Ti will go sub 1300?

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            @g1: When did I say the Ti will go sub 1300? The 3080 will only go sub 1300 if the crypto bursts and second hand cards will start hitting ebay. Retailers will have no choice if they have to sell new cards. I think maybe another 4 to 6 months?

        • Personally I believe they stand to gain far too much money from selling the Ti for ~2x the price of a 3080, for them not to kill off the old model.

          • @xuqi: It has never happened before, so it may not happen in the future. If they kill the 3080 people will shift to the competitor 6800XT. From what I know till date, the Ti series has never killed the non-TI series.

            • @John Doh: Unfortunately were now in an environment where pricing is determined by demand(decided by performance) and not RRP. Theres a reason the 6800XT's are hovering around $100-$300 below the 6900XTs at the moment instead of costing $700 less like they should. If 3080 pricing doesn't dip then neither will the 6800XT.

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                @bumbandito69: That might be true, but what I meant was that they will not kill the non-TI variants.

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    ahh yes i remember when you could buy two Radeons for a total of $600 and we thought that was expensive!

  • It used to be …box ,gpu ,CPU ,power supply ,hd ,ram ,floppy drive from assorted dodgey suppliers an hey presto you had a comp.
    Now you have to be so precise with every nut bolt and component…..Arghhhhhhhhh

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      I had my own share of issues with those components, sound card not working in certain games in dos, getting IO errors, hardware conflics, later on BSODs as windows evolved and so on. At least now we have nice forums to discuss and send back hardware within a months time.

  • Meh, wake me when they get below $500

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      Rest in peace my friend

    • Dont forget the regular inflation.

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    I know it's hard to predict whenever the next generation GPUs get released but I could have bought a 3080 for ~$1200 back in December but I decided not to because I wanted to see how much a 3090 was going to cost. 3080s then doubled and even tripled in price. 7 months later and they are only now showing signs of slowly coming back down to reality in price however when it is finally reasonably priced, I will have missed out on 8+ months of gaming on it and there could be a new architecture coming out soon enough.

    Those are my worries. Anyone else feel the same?

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      They refreshed the 3080 by releasing the Ti, and asking 2x the asking price for it.

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      Not enough people acknowledge this. I know it sucks but there is a "cost" in waiting too, just not an explicit monetary one!

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        Just HODL the line bro.

        At the end of the day anyone that bought an "overpriced" 3080/3090 5 months ago would have been able to make back a significant chunk of that overpayment by mining.

        And they've had a graphics card to enjoy the latest game on, meanwhile the "squawk RRP RRP squawk" parrots are sitting around with their collective d1cks in their hands.

        This point of view will never be acknowledged on OzB though where people circlejerk each other over buying at RRP only.

        • you dont make $$ mining on one card…if you do (mine on one card) you are most probably losing out on electricity and wear costs down the line

          • @botchie: nope just $, $$ is with 2 cards :D

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            @botchie: Not true. You're not going to be making squillions sure but enough to reciver the additional cost of your card? Easily.

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            @botchie: 3080 depending on power bill is ~$7.5 a day, assuming 24/7 operation for 5 months thats $1125,

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          lol rough but true. I couldn't care less about a few hundred bucks and tbh if people can afford it at $1500 they can afford it at $2000.

  • I remember a time when top of the line video cards was priced at $500 and the ultra super pro fast ninja version of it at $600. My wage has not tripled since those short years ago. I need a higher paying job.

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      And they cost up to $2000 way back in the nineties.

  • which is better for vr? running a hp reverb g2 - sims (driving/fs2020/elite)
    Im guessing the more vram the better?