This was posted 4 months 21 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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20% off $100, 25% off $200 Spend @ Supercheap Auto (Online Only)


5% Cashrewards

Sale starts online only, 13th July 2021 and ends midnight 14th July 2021.

All savings stated are off the full retail price. Excludes clearance. Illustrations, photos and packaging are only a representation of the products advertised. All products were available at the time of send. Supercheap Auto will not be responsible for the lack of stock due to supplier problems and reserves the right to limit purchases to normal retail quantities. Rainchecks not available.

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  • Any idea if it is for New Zealand as well?

  • Does cash rewards honour paying with gift card?

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      I paid using a gift card and a credit card for the remainder (less than $1) and the cashback from Shopback was confirmed.
      However, the T&C states no cashback for paying with gift card. Also, this was a few years ago, they may have updated their system now.

      Since you can get bigger discount on gift card than cashback, might as well use a gift card together with CashRewards; great if you get the cashback, otherwise you're still ahead.

      • Thanks. The item I want is $300+ more expensive than RRP so I want to make sure all the stars align or I'll get stung.

  • Anyone know the highest available rate for the Supercheap gift card ?

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      • I can get the Lumo at 9% off . I remember a 15% off at one of the Supermarkets that has just passed for some group card .

        • +1

          ultimate him cards

          • @impoze: Last time I bought that card, it can only be used in-store.

            • @digitale: Yep, eftpos only. I think you can buy giftcards though - something I wish I did.

      • It's not included in the wiki but if you signed up for recent HSBC premium credit card deal you are also entitled for Frequent Value membership (part of Entertainment)
        The gift card are the same as Entertainment in this case 10%

        • Just tried my HSBC Frequent Values login (issued in March) and it's not currently working.

          Do they expire July 1?

          • @tunzafun001: I checked the email it states that you need to activate your membership within 3 months.
            I also tried to log in from the website and it wasn't working, you need to use the app.

  • Thanks! Seems to include Special Orders?? Looking at buying a Welder which would save me ~$200!

  • Prices already jacked up by SCA auto so much that even with discounted GCs its still expensive on some items than other places

    • Examples?

      • DBA brake rotors.

      • Worx Landroid 1000m robot lawn mower

        SCA: $2216

        Worx eBay/Amazon/Store: $1899

  • Does anyone have any comments (pros/cons) on purchasing car battery from SCA?

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      Depends which brand you buy. SCA stock Century batteries and they are basically the best you can get. Highly recommend Century.

    • +1

      Just grabbed another Ultra HiPerformance Century Battery from SuperCheap on Sunday while it was on sale. 180 down from their RRP of 240 so yeah this deal would work out to the same price. Their normal 'HiPerformance' range would still be perfectly fine down at about the 150 mark after discounts, I just prefer that little bit extra the Ultra provides.

      Of course you've also got the cheaper brands too and I'm sure they're fine but I can't really comment as I only ever get Century Batteries. Great quality and locally made (Carole Park, Brisbane)

    • +1

      My battery just failed, previously the previous battery was bought from supercheap in march 2017, so 4 year and 4 months of usage (pretty decent I guess). Paid $203 dollars for it then, will work out to be ~$240 now after discount.

      The rrp seems jacked as other places seem to be in the 250-280 range, so with discount sca still seems the best.

      From my dealings with SCA, I believe they are a great company to shop with. Easy returns, and will automatically give you store credit straight to your account (must have an account) if something you buy in the last 14 days goes on sale. I don't know any other buisness that does that.

  • Damn, I failed to buy the Bissell Auto Spot Clean during their recent promotion and even with this discount the price won’t match to that deal. So annoyed with myself.

    • Me too.

      Maybe they might reduce the price tomo

      • I managed to get it to the same price with 10% off GC from my employer rewards gateway. And it’s ready for pickup too. Try to see if you can get discounted GC.

      • I’m not sure. I’m after the portable one. I don’t need the large ones.

        • Oh okay.

    • +1

      I've been considering grabbing that Bissell on and off for the last year, but I've finally decided that it's not an appliance I need to own when you can rent the big bois for less than $40 per day at Bunnings/supermarket

  • I believe, if you ask, they can apply this "online only" discount on in-store purchases too.

  • +1

    Will this apply on Special Orders?

    I’m after this battery which is on Special Order only.

    • Yeah, I'm interested in this as well! Doesn't say Special Orders are excluded from what I can see!

  • Is the eufy doorbell usually included with these sales?

    • looking at that as well. $350 to $261

      • If not in a rush I believe they're about to release a new doorbell model

  • Going to get a Sony XAV-AX1000 Carplay Headunit - should come down to $344.31 with Suncorp Rewards GC.
    Any better CarPlay headunits or worth waiting for a better deal?

    • I was looking for a Head Unit as well and am a bit disappointed with the range.

  • If anyone has club login , can you please check this price for this

    For guest checkout it’s coming as $487.

    • $487 logged in and using the coupon also

      • Thank you

    • Showing as $449.25 C&C as a club member using the coupon.

    • $599 for me

      • you may have to apply the code to get 25% off

        • ya that's right

        • you buying one?

          • @Poor Ass: still going through the product review. if you have any inputs share here. i may get membership first and then buy to reduce few $

            • @Ozfanmel: ok probably buy with a discounted gift card if you don't have price protection on your credit card

  • +1

    Can confirm special order works 😇

  • Best industrial strength degreaser?

  • Weird. I only get 20% off on the NZ listing of the Eufy Wireless 2 pack $499

    Discount of $99 bringing it down to $400

  • +3

    So don't go telling SCA, but this is working on sale and club items.

    Was able to get the Kärcher K2 down to $111.99 C&C before using the Suncorp 8% GC

    • +1

      I had a Club Price item in my cart and it was showing the additional 25% off, but when I actually pressed purchase it dropped the additional discount and charged me the Club Price.

      • Must have fixed the glitch, was working till 10ish this morning.

        • +1

          I was about to buy too but missed it and was fixed

  • Nice deal! Can anyone recommend a Spanner / socket set?

    • +2

      SCA stuff usually goes on sale cheaper during regular sales, a lot of other brands stocked usually have an inflated price for some reason.

      • Thanks for the advice! Will hold out then

  • Does anyone know what the quality of their custom/tailor made seat covers are like? There are no reviews so I am reluctant to pull the trigger.

  • Yeah definitely works on sale items too

    Torn between the ToolPRO 198 piece kit or the 131 piece kit with the 3 drawer chest. Value wise the 198 piece is much better but I’ve been chasing a chest to store other tools in there too.

    • How are you going to use it, will it live on a bench in the garage or get carried around in a car?

  • +1

    If you are a trade direct member you get an extra 10% off even with the code

    • +1

      Do you just need an ABN?

      • +1

        Nope, I just walked in a couple years ago and asked for one.

    • so 30% off $100 spends?

  • Trying to checkout now and getting this error: Coupon code "SPENDANDSAVE" cannot currently be added to your cart.

    Anyone else?

    • Yep, its not working now, I had maxtrax ready to go, got them down to $187 with the code. :(

      • Are you logged in? The code is working when checking out as guest, I'm signed into my trade direct account and it's only taking 10% off.
        Also in my club plus account, won't work if there is already a club price discount.

      • Having the same issue

  • -1

    It’s because it’s already on special. If you order the other maxtrax that aren’t on special then spendandsave works. Dodgy company

  • Yep just confirmed they have changed the conditions now. Hence it doesn't work. They said it was an error blah blah. Way to advertise the promo and then go and change it.

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