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D-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee $2 + Delivery or Free VIC Pickup @ Centre Com

D-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee

Could not go too wrong if you can pick one up for $2. About 5 Stores has stock

Some Features from the website listing
  • AC2600 Wi-Fi with MU-MIMO
  • Gigabit ports (4 x LAN/1 x WAN)
  • Cutting-Edge Chip Technology, Intel GRX350 processor
  • McAfee Secure Home Platform (SHP)
  • Comprehensive parental controls
  • Downloadable antivirus software for devices
  • Protects all connected devices, including IoT devices
  • Cloud-based machine learning helps detect threats
For awareness (Just found that this is discontinued)


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  • +35

    RIP McAfee

    • +3

      I learned my entire cocktail repertoire from his Twitter.

    • +3

      Just as an FYI for those who may not know, John McAfee has had nothing to do with the McAfee software for a very long time though.

      • +2

        I think at this point in time, that is perhaps the best outcome for society

      • -6

        I don't believe you. Would you happen to have a video of the late John McAfee explaining his relationship to the company of the same name?

        • +5

          Well, you could just check the Wikipedia entry:

          John McAfee, who no longer had any involvement in the company, expressed his pleasure at his name no longer being associated with the software. "I am now everlastingly grateful to Intel for freeing me from this terrible association with the worst software on the planet. These are not my words, but the words of millions of irate users."


          • -4

            @NinjaChicken: It seems like you have had nothing to do with the internet for over 15 years. You must have had more pressing things to do.

            • +2

              @This Guy: Haha, I suspect you were asking me to post that very video by specifically asking that question but a lot of people here seem to have misunderstood you. :-)

  • +24

    Hope the router doesn't die suddenly

    • +16

      Yeah this model tends to hang

    • +2

      Killer deal by all accounts

    • -2

      What's the difference between John McAfee and the D-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee?

      If the D-Link AC2600 Wi-Fi Router Powered by McAfee has trouble streaming security footage from inside a cell, call an IT guy to install cable and mount it to the roof.

  • +7

    I thought it's a rain water tank :D

    • Looks more like a White Elephant to me

      • Well, not that bad. I don't really need a router or AP but just want the 12V/3A power adapter comes with it, you can look around to see how much does that cost.
        Unfortunately I wasn't fast enough all snatched by someone else before I submitted my order.

    • Same here

  • Thanks OP. My router is quite bad, no idea if this is any good but for $2 I'll try it out.

  • Wow price, no brainier, can be used for extension.

    Is there custom firmware for this?

  • $12 with delivery, not too bad

  • +3

    Sold out for Online.

  • +5

    Router has just drained you bank account, smoked a pile of rock and launched a dozen crypto scams.

  • Thanks op, $12 with delivery is great 👍

  • Thanks Op. Buy now and think later for $2.

  • +1

    RIP McAffee

  • Any store that still sells this and is willing to price match??? haha

    • +1

      Your Orbi is better. Saved yourself $12 ;-)

      • You still remember lol. Was able to fix my issue in the end btw :)

        Wouldn't have had paid $12. Wanted to see if I can add this to the collection of stuff I bought because of OzBargain for $2

        • Never forget haha. What did you do to fix?

  • thanks OP
    does this work with NBN FTTP?

    • Honestly, no clue.
      I planed to use as an extension.
      I have a POE terminating in a seperate area where I can use some wi-fi

      • As per review from centrecom quote
        “ Doesn’t work out of the box with NBN, and CentreCom won’t take it back because “you should know that”. So… you should know don’t buy it, and think twice about CentreCom.”

        • +2

          That could mean anything from "I have FTTN and thought this was a modem" to "This router does not support TPG Group's weird PPPoE with vlan tags"…

          It would surprise me if it had no support for a simple dhcp configuration.

        • It doesn't work out the box for FTTN/B. It works if you put in the right ISP settings.

        • +2

          you should know that

          They should know that. Far too many people are ignorant on their nbn connection.

      • fair enough - see how we go. I still have the Optus sagemcom thing they give you. surely this will be better than that

      • I planed to use as an extension.
        I have a POE terminating in a seperate area where I can use some wi-fi

        This is how I've used this for the last 6 months or so
        Haven't had any problems since getting it set up.

        EDIT: Sorry, misread the earlier comment. I have mine working from a powerline adaptor, not power over ethernet.

    • It works with FTTP.

    • Yes, I have one.

  • Able to do USB tethering with mobile?

  • OOS for online delivery

  • Out of stock? Couldn’t check out. :(

  • Thanks OP, grabbed one.

  • Yeah messed me around when logging in, gone now.

    • 2 stores may have CC

    • Well 1 and it is bendigo 😂

  • probably crappy broadcom chipset

  • +4


    Bought this for $99 18 months ago. Been solid.

    No coke, hookers or crypto inside however

    • Is this any good as a router ?

      • +1

        Yeah actually been pretty good. Great range, stopped me needing a mesh router

    • +1

      No coke, hookers or crypto inside however

      Nearly pulled the trigger. Thanks, I'll pass.

  • Dang, for that price who cares what it does.
    Oh wait.. OzBargained.

  • missed it, one day i'm going to get one of these super deals. lol

  • +2

    If this is like art will go up in value.
    RIP McAfee

  • +3

    Who knew that getting rid of McAfee would be so much easier than his anti-virus.

  • +1

    ‘Router Powered by McAfee’

    This explains why it’s discontinued….

    • Came for the comments. Yours did not disappoint.

    • Just like the Norton Core. Sad as it was a cool design.

  • Thanks OP. Whooohooo
    My 2nd Super Deal in years of Ozbargaining.

    The first was a Singer bread maker thingie for ~$20.00 - no regrets.

    This one….????

    Actually all I wanted was an extra access point at the other end of the house (have ethernet cable ready).

    Hope this does it.

    • Congratulations! Lucky you, I recall that bread maker deal and obviously missed both of these deals…

      As gratitude to the OP, maybe vote this post a +Positive?


    • Received today. Much excitement.

      Now running as a cheapest access point in my LAN, ever.

      Very good.

  • +1

    can't be whackd

  • Wow, this deal got whackd.

  • +2

    Great Deal! I've got one of these at home, pulling ~950mbps down over ethernet and around 600mbps down over wifi on my NBN FTTP connection. You can just disable all the mcafee stuff. Bought when it was ~$99 at HN, and thought it was a bargain then for the speeds.

    • +1

      So you clearly have the option for 1000mbps? Nice. What suburb/area are you in?

      • I'm in Riverwood NSW. Only gripe I had with this was only 3 wired ethernet ports (the 4th is for WAN).

  • +1

    Waiting for the version powered by McCafe™

    • +2

      You want wi-fries with that?

  • Can someone ask McAfee if the Clintons did it?

  • Got my pickup notification, will go get it after work.

    • Yeah same!

      • Ended up getting it on my lunch break, lady took a while to get it and then came back and said "this is very cheap"

        • I am heading there after work! I am sure they will have the same expression!

  • For anyone trying to get this going with iiNet FTTB at the TP-Link VR1600V v2 , this worked for me (using TPG's FTTB service, not NBN):
    - Put the TP-Link into bridged mode by deleting all existing gateways under DSL and EWAN (can be recovered via factory reset)
    - Add new DSL interface (interface type VDSL, enable VLAN ID, enter value 2)
    - Confirm the Interface Grouping for your new interface is mapped to LAN Port 1
    - Connect the Ethernet cable to LAN Port 1 (TP-Link) to Internet port (D-Link)
    - Go through set-up wizard with D-Link. The app is flaky for set-up, so get it to the point you can connect to Wi-Fi and just go to with the credentials you've created
    - Configure your connection type to PPoE, username/password is not required by iiNet but D-Link require a value, so pick something
    - Do not enable VLAN and do not enter a value - this is what I spent a bit of time mucking around with
    - On the landing page of the D-Link you'll see connection light up and obtain a Dynamic IP

    This took a bit of trial and error because I was using the app (bad idea), the HTTP config is far easier. Also, don't config VLAN on the D-Link - leave this on the TP-Link interface only.

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