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Boost $300 Starter Pack for $233 @ OzTechBiz


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Got a ripper deal from Officeworks, price beat (5% price beat) with online store for boost mobile $300 starter pack for $221.35. 12 month plan with unlimited calls to Aus no..also includes international calls..240gb data.Also no need to port out port in ..just call customer service they will add new credit to exiting sim.. all went well. Invoice picture attached. Enjoy

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    Will this work for recharge?

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        You can speak to Boost support and they will activate the new SIM while keeping your current number, though this is not guaranteed. I did this in May without having to port out and port in.

        • So did I, just last month. But, they warned me not to do so because we can lose our number in this process. However, it worked for me.

    • same question, will this work for recharge?

    • YMMV but chat or call & tell them you purchased thinking it was a recharge voucher, they should add it to your account.

      Worked for me cpl months ago, although they did stuff it up first time, had to contact them again to get it rectified, tried telling me it was a 6mth recharge, i told them it was for 12mths & they fixed it eventually..

      • Will it extend the expiry date too? Say I have 6months left and 100G data. What will I have after adding this?

        • mine was expiring in a few days when i did it, not sure how long they will activate for if you have 6 mths left, call & ask prior to purchasing i suppose.

          • @Bunsen: So we should recharge only near the end of current plan? Not in the middle of it, right?

            • @nuker: that's what i did but YMMV, depends when the sim you purchase expires i suppose.

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    Yes ..I used it as recharge..just call customer service on 1800100933 tell them to add this to your existing account.. it took 10 mins and I had credit added to my existing boost sim.

  • Dammit call centre closed

    • I didcit via the live chat on the app. Super easy and friendly

      • How do you access the live chat on the app?

        • Can't remember exactly, it wasn't super easy. You need the new My Boost Mobile app, and i think you had to go to help, support and hidden in there was a live chat function. You need to have ad blocking disabled on your phone for it to work though.

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    will wait for deal on Telstra $300 sim kit (just for esim option)

    • I thought esim option was only on Telstra plans? not prepaid

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        I have been using Sim on my Telstra prepaid (I recharge $5 every 45 days) since 1 year.

        • You’re on PAYG plan?

            • @hopper: So you never need data even when outside? I rarely make calls or send texts but need some data just in case.

              • @hawkeye93: I use this on my lte watch
                Just to get missed calls and texts on my watch when I'm away from phone. It hardly uses any data.
                Also I can get notifications when away from phone.
                I give missed call to my wife in case of needs from watch if I leave my phone home.
                Mostly leftover credit rolls over.

                • @hopper: which plan are you using? also im assuming your watch uses a different number?

                  or is it the same number as the 300$ plan?

                  • @furythree: Payg. Watch uses different no. But will only be active once watch is disconnected from phone. Like said I only use it to get notifications from phone and make calls if needed

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    any idea when will boost support eSim? its 2021 and still no esim is a shame for 3rd party telcos

  • How long is the expiry for the pack?

  • Expiry date: March 2022

    • is this legit?

      • Certainly seems like it, I already bought one today and PayPal protection

      • it's a Scam!! People are receiving Optus sim cards

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      Is it legit?

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        Seller has a 98% rating so it's probs legit. If it's fake, it's pretty easy to reclaim your money

        • Says that seller doesnt have any more in stock.

        • But OOS now

          • @Wiser: In stock again. I ordered one from that eBay seller.

            • @Nunubuffs: Thnx. Ordered 1.. curious to see the exp. date on the sim.

      • Got apology msg… and told might have sent wrong sim (optus)!! lol

      • Back in stock!

        • Out of stock again

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            @Tleyx: Back on at $199 again, 10 available. Legit??

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              @Cheeper: Again10 OOS, but I have not seen any changes in my order from 14th. Haven't posted yet!

              • @mountains: Could it be too good to be true? Hope you get it.

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                  @Cheeper: It shipped today :)

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                    @mountains: Another reason I was suspicious of this .. " Item location: New Cassie, New South Wales"
                    Is there such a place?

                  • @mountains: Has it arrived yet?

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                      @Cheeper: Not arrived yet!! Just like following comment Tracking number provided but not yet scanned. ETA 4th Aug.

                      • @mountains: Seems a long time for a simple mail item? Wait and see I guess.
                        No one has submitted feedback for receiving a Boost card yet.

                        • @Cheeper: There is one now..
                          Never received. Tracking number never worked. Received duplicate email as others saying shipping error. Reports made to relevant authorities.

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                            @Cheeper: I got the shipping update as well but I also just received an apology email from them saying there has been an error and the wrong item has been shipped (sim cards from other providers)? I feel like this is one big scam!! Definitely will be requesting a refund and will recommend the same to you.

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                              @knight321: Definitely dodgy. I didn't buy one as it was just a little too sus for me.
                              There was no feedback from buyers and the fake location address rang the alarm.
                              I have no idea how their scam will work but I know in situations like this a lot of victims find it too hard to push for their money back and just forget it. That means big $s for the scammer.

                              • +2

                                @Cheeper: Seller Rating dropped!! Looks like someone did leave feedback. I will follow up mine next week. Status changed to "it's been Prepared" today, Ordered date 14/07 lol..

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                                @Cheeper: 22/07 UPDATE
                                New message from: joycefl_37

                                Dear Customer:
                                This is a sorry message, we just find maybe we shipped the wrong items to you because of the new operator in the warehouse, if you receive the wrong item, please let me know, we will issue a full refund or reship the correct items to you(we also provide Half refund when you want reship), sorry again for this trouble, please let me know if nay concern, Thank you

                                So, Scam in short.

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                                  @mountains: Yeah I just got the same email right now. As long as everyone paid using PayPal you shouldn't have anything to worry about, but just in case I'm going to record myself opening the parcel so in the eBay dispute they wont have a leg to stand on.

                                  • +1

                                    @Emre: Yeah! But still a hustle. A seller like this shouldn't be on eBay. Sold more than 100 fake sims (& still continue selling). What if even few do not get refund or not able to get refund, is a lottery for such scam seller.

                                • @mountains: Damn it. Wish I saw this a couple of days ago.

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          Scammer has relisted @ $169.99 !
          I have reported the listing but doubt ebay will do anything.

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            @Cheeper: The scammer is listing the $200 ones also for $93 each if you buy 3

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        those who have requested the refund, did you wait until the wrong sim is delivered?

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          No, I requested for the refund as soon as I got the message on 22nd. No refund yet! left negative feedback.

    • Does this also work for recharge?

      • Why don't you message the buyer?

    • More than 24 hours.. haven’t shipped the product.

    • Update status if anyone's order got shipped.

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        Mine is shipped

        • Mine also shipped on the 15th but just checked the tracking and there has not been any scans made yet, is yours like that as well?

          • @knight321: Yes mine is the same but that's not too unusual as I have had Australia post items delivered before any scans show up. If I dont get it by the end of the week I will follow up.

  • I still get 20 gigs of data on my Circles plan for $18 a month. But I hardly go near using that much unless wi-fi is down for some reason

  • Does $300 Pre-Paid SIM Starter Kit provide access to Telstra 5G netowork

    If not Boost Deal is way better unlimited international calls to zone 1 countries.

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        • I'm literally using this plan, and only have 4G.

          Although I will note that last year's plan I was on (exact same) - was 5G.

          So go figure

    • But telstra also has free international calls

  • Um, so i just went through Paypal payment, gone through putting in my name and address, my money got withdrawn but the page just got stuck there and i didnt get any confirmation of purchase? nothing was sent to my email either

    • +1

      I had the same experience 3 weeks ago! So I sent them a message and I received a confirmation email before they responded to the message. I can't remember the lag time between purchase and confirmation, 2 or 3 days?

    • +1

      same same

  • how long do you have before activation? (still on plan)

    • For 240 GB Data (Activate between 06-07-2021 To 27-sep-2021

      May relate to the data inclusion only though

  • Why is it 237.99 when goes to payment?
    NVM It was express shipping

  • Can you request officeworks for a price match online?

    • Yes that's what I did…see link above. You can show office work copy of receipt attached they should honour it.

  • -1

    $200 100GB for $129. Even if it just lasts 9 months (11gb/month) it will still come out to $14.30


    • Can I use the eBay plus $50 voucher on this?

      • Should work. Only problem, In case of refund, they will only give you $$ minus voucher amount. So, you technically paying $50 for eBay plus in that scenario.

        • +1

          hop onto live chat and they will give you a new one

          i actually realised my voucher worked again. because paypal refunded to it. so i double dipped lol

          • @furythree: So was it a scam?

            • @GDayStraya: no im talking about the ebay voucher i got

              i bought something that needed to be refunded

              i asked live chat to restore my voucher, they gave me a new one

              but i noticed in the paypal transaction that the refund credited the voucher. so i tested the old code and it still works lol

              mind you this was over a year ago before ebay separated themselves from paypal as a default payment. not sure if they modified their code

              either way ask live chat to give you a new code if you ever get a refund

              • @furythree: Sure mate … Thanks for the detailed explanation … :)

              • @furythree: Did you receive it?

                • @GDayStraya: I also received an Optus SIM card. I have put in negative feedback and messaged the seller for a full refund.

    • Sorry 9 months ? Did you mean data comparing to other plan ? Plus members it’s 123.49$.Thanks

      • Sorry should have been more specific – the data is the main thing we're buying here and even if you can't make 100GB stretch for the full 12 months, its still good value if you make it last 9 months then move to another plan after that.

    • Why would it last for 9 months? i thought it was a 12 month sim?

      • +1

        It was mentioned that "Even if it just lasts 9 months"

        Why there is too much confusion ..? "Even if" refers to an imaginary situation … !!

        • Wish english was my first language but it’s not so I asked to clear the confusion as I have ordered from the same seller last Friday. Thanks anyways for clearing it out for us.

          • @Gavezy890: That's okay mate … Indeed English isn't my first language either…

            Have you got any confirmation reg that order? any tracking number whatsoever? Does it seem legit?

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