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AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper 2970WX $685.57 Delivered @ Newegg


AMD 2nd Gen Ryzen Threadripper 24-Core, 48-Thread, 2970WX 4.2 GHz Max Boost (3.0 GHz Base), Socket sTR4 250W YD297XAZAFWOF Desktop Processor

2nd Gen Threadripper
AMD SenseMI Technology
AMD Ryzen Master Utility
24 Cores / 48 Threads
4.2 GHz Max Boost Clocks, 3.0 GHz Base
Socket sTR4
DDR4 Support
Unlocked for Overclocking
Cooling device not included - Processor Only

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  • Can it beat a 5900x?

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      Horses for courses; 5900x is faster, newer, uses less power and in most cases better. The threadripper has more traffic lanes, allows for more memory and has more cores if you're into that type of thing.

      • +1

        I need the lanes, so this is a nice deal!

  • +1

    damn that packaging is so cool

  • That's a nice core count. Tempting to get one to build a new server.

  • Here is the comparison


    It will beat 5900 in every field.

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      Not in every field, gaming is one of which 2nd generation Threadripper would lose massively compared to the Ryzen 9 5900X.

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        I think you are right in saying gaming is where 2nd generation Threadripper would lose but not massively. I think it depends what is your use case if you are looking CPU for gaming I would buy 5900X or even 5600x CPU.

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        cool your in a workstation cpu thread talking about gaming :)

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      Apart from gaming and single thread intensive loads, then yes.

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      I don't like this comparison, as it doesn't acknowledge the architectural changes in Zen 3, which are huge. (I recall 15-20% performance boost in general)

      I'm not entirely sure what the differences are between Zen 1 and 2, but this Threadripper uses Zen 1 I believe.

      Also, just because there are more cores available, that doesn't mean that the application knows how to use them.

      EDIT: That doesn't take away from the fact that this is a fantastic price, I actually had a conversation to my mate about this earlier today, I believe I ended up saying that with the extra lanes, I could put three gpus in there using x16 (although I think this might actually be capped at x8), get 500 fps and MAX resolution on os Runescape. Lol

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        Not sure here but aren't they Zen+ and not Zen1? I might be wrong but Zen1 was 14nm and + was 12nm so slightly better than first gen ryzen architecture… (not 100% sure here amds numbering was a bit wacky back in the day)

        • +1

          My apologies for the labelling, you're completely right in regards to it being Zen+, I should have said instead that it was on the first Zen architecture, then separately added Zen+ in as well.

          I appreciate the inclination for revision, as well as how you phrased your post.

          I followed up on a few pieces of documentation and videos just to confirm I wasn't going to mess up the post again.

          1000s - Zen 1
          2000s - Zen +
          3000s - Zen 2
          4000s - Laptop-related, who cares
          5000s - Zen 3

    • It will beat 5900 in every field.

      Even single core programs that can't make use of multi-core CPU's?

  • +3

    Great price,
    however the 2920X and 2950X will be faster in most situations, due the memory access slow down, between the cores..

    If you managed to have a use for that many cores it may be worthwhile….

    all the benchmarks will show the old 9900K tearing threads through this CPU..
    For 99% of peoplea new consumer 8 core paltform will be far cheaper / far faster and consume much less power..

    I have a couple of older X399 - 1950X threadripper systems…

    this price is extremely cheap for what use to be a $2000+ CPU..
    As much I want this.. its dumping good money, in want is an obsolete slow platform..

  • Unless you need lot of VMs, memory etc I would not buy this.

  • If you run up to 24 thread (5900x) workloads, the regular Ryzen will be faster. Once you start exceeding that and go upwards towards 48 threads, then this Threadripper will be faster. The only reason I would consider TR in a home desktop is if I needed the PCIe lanes for many NVMe drives.

  • what is a good motherboard recommendation for this CPU.

    • Ye and cooler, I think the cpu is not regular size?

      • That's right, it needs a TR4 specific cooler. Some aio water coolers included conversion kits but the blocks are a bit undersized for threadripper.

      • Noctua NH-U14S TR4-SP3 should work well with it, probably the best choice with this CPU.

  • -2

    I suppose can save on heater costs during winter times. lol.