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50pk Disposable 3 Layers Face Mask $5.01, 100pk Disposable 3 Layers $8.49 Delivered @ Outbax Camping via eBay


OzB's more favoured disposable mask just got cheaper with the code. Buy up to 4 for even more discount plus cashback incentives.

50pk Disposable 3 Layers Face Mask $4.90, 100pk Disposable 3 Layers $8.29 with Plus membership.

I believe shipping is free for anyone. but note the delivery times of about a week or more based on my area anyway.

EDIT: Thought it might be worth noting that the materials may have changed from the past, despite the item link being the same. The 'Meltblown' description on the item title is no longest listed (compared to when I bought it in Jan), but is still listed in "Materials" under Item Specifics. Will update again when I receive mine to compare it to the original, which honestly I had no issues with. These are still better than the ones they hand me at work, for example.

EDIT2: The masks are in and I am very disappointed to say they were definitely of an inferior quality, and almost a completely different item. As some commenters said before, it feels almost like tissue on some layers. The masks come vacuum sealed and compress into a small pack, which goes to show how much less material is being used now.

The better quality ones I bought in January were manufactured by "Sichuan diweiyi Electronic", but the new ones are from "Tainouer". If you're after a cloth in front of your face to avoid a fine, these will do but nothing more.

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    Thanks OP, living in Sydney, so we're going through them fairly quickly.

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    I don't know if other have the same issue - I cannot add 50s or 100s to my card.. not sure if it is because I previously bought from these guys or out of stock


    get the following error for purchasing 1

    This item isn't available in the requested quantity. It may have been purchased already, or the listing has expired.

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    Are these real 3M masks?

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    • this seems like way too much work. probably better off just buying from a brick and mortar store where you can be reasonably sure they're legit.

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        Buy from these guys:



        Wouldnt trust some brick n morter stores too, they are out there to just make a profit.

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          "they are out there to just make a profit"

          Like every other business in the free world.

          • @Ironh59: Just stay at home, dont go out to do essential oil shopping at dusk.

            • @Turd: Can I borrow your biocharger then?

              • @Ironh59: You can borrow my time machine and show the world how big of an issue this is back early Dec 2019

                • @Turd: What does it have to do with business wanting to make profit in a free economy? (In case you have forgotten my first comment, which you replied to with a personal attack)

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                    @Ironh59: At the expense of other's people's and the greater good's health?

                    It's like selling fake milk powder to mothers to feed to their newborns.
                    That is ok right? in a free economy?

                    • @Turd: I don't think its a valid comparison. These masks are sold legally and are sold because there is a market for it. I don't think there is a market for fake milk powder.

                      • @Ironh59: you wouldnt know it's fake until someone tells you.

                        • @Turd: Again you failed to see the point. I don't think people selling these masks claim to provide 100% protection from virus or stop any virus at all. Buyers are aware of that. Stretching your fake milk analogy a bit further, people selling fake milk claim for it to be real milk. I hope you see the difference.
                          I don't like repeating myself, so I will leave the conversation here. Have fun with you time machine.

                          • @Ironh59: Why so many people buying these masks? Because they are cheap and protect you?

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        I bought the $22 for 50pk Australian Made at Chemist Warehouse and the quality is awful, the straps on them break off so easily I've destroyed a bunch of them just trying to get them out of the pack.

    • But these aren't even advertised as p2 mask ?
      So ..what's fake ?

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      Good on you.

  • Got a pack. Thanks OP.

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    Thanks OP!

    These should do the trick. The one's my workplace provides are 1 layer.

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    These r useless they had them on wa news and only offer 10% protection they held one up sprayed an aerosol in it and all the partials went straight through

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      That;s what im trying to bring awarenes to.

      These look like useless masks.

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        Good on you

    • When you say "these", do you mean this exact product from this outback camping eBay store?

      Or do you mean these disposable (often) light blue coloured masks in general?

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        It said any thing that does not have a ventalater built in

        • sooo. not "these"? since you haven't tested "these" yet?

          • @ashtrayc2c: Any mask not made in australia and it must have a ventilator built in it was wa 7 news they band them all

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    Costco face masks are best but price is 5 times more. I don't know the quality of this masks. Maybe this is better.


    These ones are best from my experience. I use masks 5 days pw since masks are mandatory.


    • Nice find. What did you pay for shipping?

      • I bought 2 boxes of 50 and shipping was free. Shipping for 1 box was $10. So basically a BOGOF deal!

    • ive read the HENRY SCHEIN ones are on the smaller side. but not sure.
      shipping looks about $10

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    Extremely poor quality masks (the 3ply disposable ones), would not recommend these ones for the pandemic.

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  • Got 4 of the 100s at 33.50

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    OzBargainers should be aware that there are sellers of things who are meticulous that the thing they are selling meets the appropriate standards and meet the claimed specification. Companies like Aldi and CostCo are in this category.

    And there are sellers who simply buy from the cheapest supplier who claims to meet the standards and specs, whether or not it does, and sells it as if it is a fact that it does. From the evidence of other products Outbax Camping sells it is hard not to conclude it is in this category.

    So if you just want to be seen to be wearing a mask, fair enough, this product may be the one for you. But if you want to be protected by being sure the masks you are buying really does work as they are supposed to, perhaps you should buy them from someone who sources its products from suppliers you can be sure make them to meet the necessary standards and specs, not to the lowest price.