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10m Wi-Fi RGB Music Strip Light $28.49 Delivered @ JESLED via Amazon AU


Original Price : $39.99

After Discount : $28.49

Ship from AU warehouse, FAST DELIVERY TIME : 2 - 4 DAYS

The Shining Points :
🌈【Intelligent Voice Strip Lights】Compatible with Alexa and Google Home, then you can free your hands to control lights by voice.Automaticcaly Turn your lights on or off, set the color, adjust the brightness.
🌈【RF Remote & APP Control】Controlled by 44 keys remote and smart APP,16 millions of colors for your choice through the APP "Tuya Smart".[ONLY SUPPORT 2.4GHz WiFi]
🌈【Compatible with Alexa and Google Home】 When faced any issues connecting to Tuya or Alexa, just let us know! We will provide the video to show how to connect the wifi or Alexa, thanks! (Tips:Product Description had detailed mothod to show how to connect the WIFI-Tuya app)
🌈【Easy to Install & DIY】Use manual include the detailed information. DIY the strip with the attached clips & gapless solderless connectors.
$12.99 :5M Bluetooth Led Strip Lights enabled version of the lights can be found here
$11.69 :6M Led Strip Lights enabled version of the lights can be found here
$12.99:3M Tv Led Strip Lights enabled version of the lights can be found here

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Any on sale, powered over USB?

    I only use USB strip lighting, because I dont trust random import power bricks. But I have plenty of big-brand phone chargers laying around.

    • Just have the 3M TV Led Strip Lights!!

  • so it uses tuya, be interesting to see if it can be integrated into hass.

    • You could have a try~~

      • Sure. Send me a free test kit and I'll have a try for you

  • Guys - just be careful with this seller. Apparently the picture is misleading and attachments are not meant to come.

    I ordered one of these lights and it literally just came with the lights and power adapter. None of the clips, solderless board etc all missing and OP said the ad on amazon is misleading and wrong.

    Just be careful…

    • I'd fight that, 1/3rd way down the page:

      16.4FT Light Strip x1
      RF Remote x1
      2-in-1 Adapter (Australia Standard)
      “L” Circuit Board x1
      Solderless Connector x2
      Clip x6

      Just force a refund and let them eat the cost.

      • I did mate and OP (Jackey Chan) here said he has too many positive reviews and don’t care essentially. Hence I’m going to put word of warning in every post he puts on Ozb and we need to fight him together as a community

        • At least you got some free lights then.

          • @MasterScythe: What free lights? Paid for it

            • +1

              @corgicorgi: But I said force a refund, and your said you did. Ergo free.

              If not, get onto it. Tell amazon you weren't sent what was advertised, and they'll reverse it.
              Else, do it through your payment method.

              • @MasterScythe: Yep will try that. Sorry I meant I fought for it and seller just being rude about it. Will ask amazon

        • don't fight with Jackey, just go straight to Amazon.

          Very unfortunate, but I bought once from these guy, no issue.

          • +1

            @kekw: He’s the seller mate. If he says he doesn’t care about my order and feedback as he’s got lots of positive reviews already, that’s exactly the attitude we want to fight against. Let the buyers know what post sale service and vendor attitude is

            • +3

              @corgicorgi: Oh for sure, thats a shonky attitude. But keep in mind the Amazon support staff are international; and are used to dealing with a lot more American customers than Australian.
              Just remind the support staff you're in Australia; and they'll quickly remember our trading laws.
              It was purchased through their site, ergo, they're responsible for the sale; and they'll refund you.
              No harm, no foul.

              But yeah, bad attitudes of advertisers can suck it.

            • @corgicorgi: what i mean is if you like to get your problem resolve then going to amazon might be quicker.

              but i do appreciate you voicing out on this seller. Definitely helpful for other buyers.

            • +1

              @corgicorgi: Just wondering why you have an upvote based on your bad experience?

              Not saying you shouldn't but was curious

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                @Ausdave: I didn’t mate. System error. Won’t let me unvote and neg it. will try again now to remove the vote

        • -1

          You clearly want to threathen us with free products!!
          But we also fulfill the warranty for you..
          If you don't like our brand, pls don't purchase.
          Thanks for your patient and understand.

      • hey,oz customer….
        Expect the first pictures of 3m tv led strip lights was change by Amazon which will mislead customer.
        Other type of strip lights have the right first pictures and accessories. Pls don't worry~
        By the way, according to that guy" corgicorgi ", we check his order. We find that he bought is bluetooth strip lights which have the right accessories.
        But we also fulfill the warranty for you. by the way if you have any issues just free to contact us here.
        Thanks for your patient and understand.

    • So why did you + vote it

    • sorry, you said is 3m Tv led strip lights, the pictures was change by Amazon.
      (we post the deal and have a clear explanation.)
      This type is wifi strip lights, the accessories is right!!
      So sorry for this isssues.

  • +2

    I hoped Jacky Chan would have a better retirement plan ;)

    • thanks for your understand.Just now we had check the product that guy bought..
      Actually he bought the bluetooth led strip lights, the package have the right accessories!
      (The 3m tv led strip lights don't have, because the Amazon change the first pictures)
      Thanks again!!

  • Wondering where's Jackey Chen hiding his face now?

    • hey,bro~ Jackey had solve the issues and refund for that guy!
      Thanks for your attention. We promise to fulfill the warranty for everey customer.
      By the way if you have any issues just free to contact us here.

  • -1

    every Ozbargain Customer:

    1. We post the 3M TV Led Strip Lights. Because the first pictures was change by Amazon.

    (The pakcgae don't have the so many accessories) But when we post we attach the right link and pictures to the comment!!

    We are sorry that you were misled, we would love to give you refund~

    2.Another type of stirp lights, such like: wifi strip lights ,bluetooth strip lights and 6m strip lights have the right accessories!

    If you face any issues just free to contact us here, thanks~~

    • Mate. It’s your product and it’s your ad on amazon. Pictures clearly show it and inwhats included section as well. I bought it based on your advertisement and it’s illegal to false advertise. Might find your abn and acn and go to fair trading office now. You clearly have not responded to my private message still OP.

      • hey,bro~ you could direct apply for the refund!!!
        We will refund you , pls attahc your order numbre to here, thanks!!!!!

        • Why was it misleading in the first place? How many other complaints have you received. Will discuss with Amazon

  • It says "music strip" but does the controller actually have a microphone? So many of these just use the microphone on the app, with a terrible lag - no good for actually being set to music!

    • hey,bro~the music mode you could direct refre to the video!!
      You could search the JESLED Led Strip Lights in youtube~
      By the way if you have any issues just free to contact us here.

      • Hey OP, I got issues and still not resolved since last week. Have posted here. What have you done to resolve it so far?

        • hey,bro~ the product your bought have the right accessories!!

          • @Jackey Chen: It doesn’t. As it should have below per advertisement. Unless you false advisetised.

            Should include below:

            16.4FT Light Strip x1
            44-Keys RF Controller x1
            Power Adapterx1 (Australia Standard)
            “L” Circuit Board x1 - missing
            Solderless Connector x2 - missing
            Clip x6 - missing
            Alcohol cottonx2 - missing
            Installation Manual

            But I accept your gesture of goodwill and will not make anymore comments about your product.

            • @corgicorgi: Are you sure you purchase this product??
              Thisn type of strip lights is wifi!!!!! Pls know that.
              The information is right. thanks for your attention!!

  • +1

    Time for a store ban. Just going through their posted history they need to be culled