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Bosch 8kg Front Load Washer WAN24120AU $558 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ The Good Guys


Popular Bosch 8kg front load washer
Not the best price but close to it.

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    Comes to $558.40 on mine ($139.60 discount)

    • Mine too (though on the second go - first time I was only getting $10 off with Price Beat Guarantee being the discount name.)

    • Sorry, updated

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    Another option is the Bosch WAW28440AU 9KG front load washing machine (Made in Germany) down from $1248 to $998 with code TODAY (ex Delivery).

    • Any particular reason to choose this one other than the 9kg, extra 200rpm, losing the duvet/quilt function… ?

      • The more expesinve model also has an Aquastop.

        Also no idea what exaclty the doona functionality does, but surely it's not like you can't wash doonas without it.

      • If you need 9 kg capacity, then it's not.

        Apart from that there's little difference.

        • Except where they are made, which makes an the difference…

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    Got this washer almost 1 year, it runs pretty quiet, pretty good energy and water rating, clothes come out clean and quiet gentle on clothes compared to my old washer.
    However, the drums size pretty small, especially the depth and probably won't fit 8kg clothes. If you need to stack dryer on top. There aren't many new dryer can stacked on top.

    • thanks for the heads-up. I got a Bosch dryer recently and it's 600mm deep and this is only 550mm. I think there's a stacking kit for Bosch's though.

    • So, I picked up this deal. It did its first wash yesterday. Yes, the wash cycle is practically silent. The spin cycle however - holy hell! It was like insanely noisy - and the whole thing started walking across the laundry. I've just ordered some rubber feet things to see whether they'll keep it under control. I assume it's designed to be hung on the wall or something, despite it having feet.

      Also, it has a bit of a scratch on its side now, as it walked across the floor, it scraped against the laundry tub. :(

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        You removed the transport screws, right?

        • It turns out, I had not. Following the instructions, I removed the Cable tidy things from the rear of the washer. They were the only things that looked like what were being removed in the picture. I'm sure if this were not my first Front-loader, I'd have had a better idea of what the bolts should look like and how large they would be. But I've been all top-loaders until now. Side note: I couldn't find a video of anyone removing the bolts of this particular model. All the Bosch videos on this topic look like they're removing plastic things from the rear. This unit is nothing like that.

          So anyway, I removed the bolts last night and ran a cycle. It's working fine, now. Thanks for making me re-visit the topic of transport bolts.

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    I have this one and its been running like a champ for 2 years now, even after i forgot to remove the transport bolts on the first run.

    im a single bloke and only do one load a week on average (maybe do 3 if i have been on holiday or doing bedding) and the 30min quick wash function is all i have ever really needed.

  • I love my Bosch 8kg washing machine. It's about 6Y.O now. It's now gone from single guy household to family guy household and it's never skipped a beat.
    It does about 5-7 loads a week now, up from 1 load every 2 weeks when it was single guy household!!

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      Do you think, the bosch washing machine helped turn you from a single man into a family man

  • WAU28490AU is an ok price too sub $800!

  • Fair bit Cheaper than when I got it for 593 + delivery with the Ebay deal :(.

    That being said, it seems pretty good. Super quiet, though I've only done the clean machine wash cycle so don't know how it actually performs.

  • None in stock for C&C in Melbourne, deal breaker

  • The price may have changed today but thought I would check in case I am missing something - when I add to cart the price I am getting $679?

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      yeah am getting that as well. i think they jacked up the price

      • your are right the bad guys

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    anyone got a screenshot of TGG yesterday price or if someone can upload the receipt please TA.

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