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Ian Scuffs $26.70 Delivered (Was $89) @ UggAustralia via BuyAussieNow


Mens sizing here - https://www.buyaussienow.com.au/ian-scuffs-mens

Been watching for these to drop down below $30 as the ones I purchased in this deal 2 years ago have started to wear through at the heel. Great price for Australian made sheepskin slippers and I've been really happy with mine. Some people had some QC issues with theirs which I think got resolved by the company but at this price I reckon it's worth a roll of the dice.

Couple other items on sale as part of their 70% off promo on BuyAussieNow, these would be my other pick…

Bondi 3/4 boots $72.30 (Was $241)

Updated with stacked 30% off coupon code, thanks @cathyrocks !! You rock!
Looks like OZB30 code has been pulled

Edit - looks like they've just added all stock to the deal.

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  • +3

    There's nothing wrong with my current ones. But…

  • +1

    Thanks picked up a pair. Great price!

  • I've had my eye on the Bondi's for ages as I much prefer the ruggedised options. I'm devo the cheaper price is only on size 7/8 - 9 and up are $168 :( I might still grab a pair for the mrs though. Good post.

    • +1

      My bro bought a pair of these for hiking to the crag when he's out rock climbing on cold mornings and he's been pretty pleased with them.

      • +1

        I just went the Tidal but got the Bondi for the other half. $92 delivered for two pairs of 3/4 aus made uggies is daylight robbery - this post is incredible with the discount code.

  • Been waiting for the soft sole version to go on sale, but maybe I should just settle for this. Are they noisy on hardwood floors?

    • +1

      No. They are quiet.

      • Thanks. I'll give them a go.

  • +10

    Use promo code OZB30, comes down to date $18.50. Enjoy

    • Where do you put in the code? I can't see a field at cart or checkout.

      • +1

        Second page after entering your postage details.

    • Updated the post, nice spot!

      • The code didn't work for me :( (mens size)

  • +6

    Even better, use OZB30 for a discount of $8.01 to make it $18.69.

    Edit: cathyrocks beat me to it :-)

  • +4
  • Aus sizing?

    • I believe it's US

      • "buyAUSSIEnow" website with US sizing?

        well i bought it as though it was AU sizing, no mention of it anywhere. pretty crappy if its US sizing..

        • +3

          AU sizing isnt used widely enough, we dont need another sizing to confuse things. Websites are right to stick with US sizing

  • Thanks OP and @cathyrocks for the coupon code

  • Anyone know if these are listed as UGG sizing or Aus sizing? https://www.uggsince1974.com.au/pages/size-chart

    So if I'm men's US size 11 then I should go for men's UGG size 13?

  • No women's sizes larger than 8?

    • +1

      Go for the men's size

  • +5

    OZB30 doen't seem to work anymore - any other codes?

    • Worked for me in last 5 minutes

    • Yup, confirmed not working. Does anyone have the first code?

  • Awesome, bought for myself and family.

  • Bondi 3/4 Boots size 13 $168.40 and OZB30 doesn't work.

  • -1

    says $18.69 but go back to 26.70 on creditcard

    • I will call bank to reverse transaction, there is no cancel button

      • +1

        sorry about that, system error. we will fix this with you.
        Issue has been resolved but we will be in touch with you to sort out

        • Good to know that its fixed :) Could you please respond to my email as I got charged the amount not reflecting what was shown on checkout? Thank you.
          Order‪ no 000002626‬.

          • +3

            @Bang1: We will be straight on to it, dont worry we wont let you down. please give us until monday to resolve.

            • @Buy Aussie Now: By just cancelling the order instead of fulfilling it, Buy Aussie Now is letting us down.

            • +1

              @Buy Aussie Now: Just an update for the peeps who got charged incorrectly. My order was cancelled and the vendor said Ill be issued a full refund. Would have been better if they honor the code price but I guess its not viable for them. Anyway thank you for fixing the issue associated.

        • Same got charged 26 when I put code and all. Not happy Jan


      • -1

        Wow. Amazing customer service

        • what a yak site. pueh! disgusting

          This email is to inform you that an order has been canceled.
          During your purchase there were some technical issues beyond our control.

          Your account has been fully refunded, please allow 3 working days for this to appear.

    • Yes, same for me - their checkout showed $18.69 but charged the full amount on the credit card.

      • Same.

        • same on the Princess slippers

      • +1

        Yep. Same happened to me. I thought I made a mistake but few comments here validates what I saw on checkout. I dont mind they removing the code to not work, but what I mind is showing on checkout as the discounted price but charging full when submit the order. That is misleading and a fraud. I did send an email to them and they havent replied yet. Maybe I have to do a chargeback, not because the price is bad but I dont like how I was mislead to buying with the discount code when it was actually not.

        • +1

          it was a system error over a very short period, not intentional. We will be in touch at the latest Monday to fix this up with you.
          Apologies for this.

  • +1

    coupon code is invalid for me

  • OZB30 not working for me either on a Bondi and a Tidal

  • I am unable to apply discount on Ian Scuffs - Mens. Gives an error "The coupon code isn't valid. Verify the code and try again.
    Enter discount code

  • Noooo just missed out on the code as it doesnt work anymore

  • nice - got a pair for 18 bucks thanks op!

    • +1

      why neg?

      • +1

        Same got charged 26 when I put code and all. Not happy Jan


    • Edit. Said 18 then got charged 26. Once sorted will remove neg.

      • Looks like they aren't going to deliver - they are just cancelling and refunding next week.

        • Yeah got the refund. Should have honured Ah well will wait for another deal. My current UGGs arnt soft anymore so need to wait it out

  • Same here. Code not valid

  • OZB30 isn't working

  • +1

    Code no longer working.

  • -1

    works on Ladies not on

  • -1

    The code OZB30 is working on the women's sizes only.

  • Wow this site sells some really weird stuff… haha

  • +1

    Doesnt work on women's either now..aah well

  • Placed in cart, about to pay.. and the code goes away :(((

  • They pulled the code whilst checking my size in these from previous order so and I pulled my order of 2 pairs. Oh well, gotta be quick.

    • +3

      Lol you sure showed them, I reckon $18 would have to be close to cost. $27 is still a bargain for these slippers.

      • +1

        Catch has them for $25. Can you at match their price ?

  • -1

    Code not working, no order for me

  • Thanks ordered another pair. Current paid bought early last winter and still going strong. Treat myself to a new pair for next winter.

  • Yes the code no working anymore.

    • +3

      The code worked for me at the checkout, but they billed my card the full amount.

      Checkout fraud from BuyAussieNow!

      • this was a system error, we will be in touch to fix this with you

        • Thank you. I will email your company about this.

  • was going to order one for everyone in the family, after adding all the sizes code no longer working… no order for me too

  • How do these compare to New Balance sizing? I'm a US12 in new balance, should I order US12 for these too?

    • Far as I can tell, the Bondi are more rugardised for outdoor usage with a heavy duty sole and more reinforcement, the other 2 I think are just slight style variations. Interested someone knows otherwise…

  • bought one, thanks

  • -2

    Are they aussie made? if not don't buy

    • Aussie made in Laverton. According to them they are the only Uggs made in Australia from Australian materials.

  • Only women's sizes 5-8 :(

    Looks like I missed out again

    • +1

      mens 7 is womans 9 and mens 8 is womans 10

      • What's men's US 11 in women?

  • 100% Australian Made Sheepskin Slipper
    100% Australian Merino Sheepskin
    Sustainably sourced and ecologically processed
    Easy to slide on
    Country of Origin: Australia

    ALL of our Ugg Australia® products are 100% Australian made, here at our factory in Laverton North, Melbourne, that’s our guarantee to you.

  • Bumped a bunch of their prices up, wondered why my cart messed up. Mens mini sheepskin boots go from 53 > 63, larger bondi 3/4 sizes are $168 when smaller are discounted.
    I can take the 30% code being pulled, but jacking after a post will lose my business.

  • Bondi has a heavy duty sole, mini is our standard short and eildon is wider fitting

    • Hey rep, I've placed the order on 16 July, haven't heard anything. I can't log into the site either, couldn't reset my password. Can you help?

      • I have the same questions and sent an email to them. The reply was:

        "Thank you for your recent order with Ugg Australia.

        This email is to provide you with an update on your Ugg Australia order. Due to the overwhelming support of people like you and the current covid restrictions in Victoria, there will be some delays.

        Your order is expected to arrive no later than August 8th.
        Ugg Australia are prioritising our orders and are shipping 400+ orders per day from their warehouse in Laverton, Victoria."

  • Code didn't work dammit, but bought 3 pairs at $26 each, bargain anyways.

  • -1

    I placed an order. Cart showing $26, I was charged $89.

    • I emailed support, got a quick reply that this will be sorted.

  • hi associated,
    i had $106 in my cart and paid for them but i had email confirmation showing the transaction but charged $293????
    what's happening?

  • +1

    Hi, the Bondi 3/4 boots were $72.3 before but are now showing as full price. Is the sale over or is it just a price error?


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