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[NSW] IKEA LADDA Rechargable Batteries 900mAh 4x AAA - $5 @ IKEA (Rhodes)



I bought 4 of them and whatever left on the picture

I used it with this $10 coupon https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/637426

Ended up paying $2.5 for each pack

Good deal!

Previously offered for $8.99

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    Come on guys, there is nothing essential about IKEA.

    Stay at home so we can get this lockdown over and done with sooner rather than later. IKEA Rhodes is comfortable within an allowable 10km travel radius of a number of Sydney hotspot LGAs including Fairfield.

    This deal is irresponsible.

    • IKEA Rhodes is comfortable within an allowable 10km travel radius of a number of Sydney hotspot LGAs including Fairfield.

      Not for Fairfield.

      Source: Google Maps says 16km from Villawood

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    Just irresponsible on all sorts of levels.
    I am really going to rethink Ikea as somewhere I shop…

  • Delivery not until August 11.
    They should be prioritising Deliveries, not browsers.

    • Their postage is bonkers. $49 for small or lower value items if it exceeds their set dimensions. Meanwhile other retailers have flat rate shipping ranging from $8 to $15 for large items

  • They got the new one with grey blue color? Is that inferior or superior?

  • Anyone know why the NEW AA are 2450 and OLD AA are also 2450? No change then?

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    so Ikea Rhode will be next? Their Tempe store already got hit twice in this wave.

    Negging this Ikea deal. Ikea is becoming a joke. Hope Decathlon across the road is NOT open…

    No offence to you, OP, not directed at you.

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      Decathlon’s of as it’s essential

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    Not essential, you shouldn't be going in to get this deal.

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    I'm reading the "irresponsible IKEA" comments from outside NSW and thinking how irresponsible the NSW gov has to be to keep any non-essential stores open.

    • I feel for Gladys, and not envious of her job.

      The rate this is going, will be a matter of days for a hard lockdown - some ruined it for a large part of the population that's hermitting at home in hope that things will get better.

      • You called it on that one, based on the number of non-isolated cases it was bound to happen.

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      Did the government ever actually define what an essential business is or did they just leave it up to the individual business to decide that? Ikea would be the last place I'd want to go to in a lockdown. Especially in or near hotspot areas.

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    Sydney will be in lockdown for the rest of the year with deals like this.

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      some of those who can work from home may not mind that.

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    IKEA Marsden Park has been confirmed as a COVID-19 case location.

    NSW Health has advised anyone who has attended the IKEA Marsden Park store Monday 12 July 11:30am to 7:30pm and Tuesday 13 July 8:00am to 4:20pm to get tested immediately, self-isolate, and follow the directions from NSW Health.

    So Rhodes next?

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    I never negative vote, but I will this time, because I don't think batteries are essential and the whole city is screwed whilst people are still out and about…

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    "I had to self-isolate for 14 days afterwards because it turned out a staff member had COVID when I went to Ikea to do some non-essential browsing, but it sure was worth it for these batteries!"