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Hitachi 75QLEDSM20 75" 4K Ultra HD Android QLED TV $796 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) @ JB Hi-Fi


Was $995 now $796 ($199 off)
Seems like a good deal to me

Free delivery to select areas for a limited time.

Hitachi 75QLEDSM20 75" 4K Ultra HD Android QLED TV
PLU: 9332066058222
75" Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 QLED Panel
Included Google Assist Voice remote control
Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube & Google Store streaming apps

Potentially cheaper than the previous deal.

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  • The stock level is low/none in NSW. It seems lot of people bought it last week.

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    i guess it is OEM by Hisense

  • Can anyone comment on this TVs actual picture? Gaming/sports?

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    Item(s) unavailable for delivery

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    No stores were found within 200km of your location.

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    No stores were found within 200km of your location.

    cool man

  • Looks the exact same as the EKO TVs - bought my self a 75" one and its great.

    • How much did you pay

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        i got it for $700 or so after a mates employee discount

        • Damn thats really good price

        • +1

          EKO 75" is not on QLED panel, definitely not same.

    • Curious if the Eko is made by Vestel too. According to this they box the production date in the serial number, does yours have that?

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      Not Japanese since last many years lol

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      Not Japanese.

      As posted above made by Vestal a Turkish company.

      Hitachi stopped making TV's in 2012.

      • So is the EKO TV made by Vestal as well? They are very similar in design etc.

      • Hitachi sold out to cheap Turkish/Chinese junk

        • Plenty of great panels come out of China (if not almost all of them)

    • +1

      I wouldn't think so, but the 3-year warranty is promising :)

      • Is that from hitachi?

        • Manufacturer's warranty 3 Years

    • +5

      It's about as Japanese still as MG is still British. Ie none.

  • Seems to be in stock at a few stores in SA - CBD, Mile End, and Colonnades

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    This will be good for PS5! Can it get cheaper or not is the question now?!

    • Nopeeee

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      No hdmi 2.1 if that matters to you.

  • +1

    Managed to order one (including free standard delivery). Let's see if they process/actually ship the TV. Thanks for posting the deal OP :)

    • How did you manage to get a free delivery? thanks

      • Free del for 75" + TVs

      • Based in VIC so free standard delivery for orders >$100 due to lockdowns possibly

        • Received mine today. Great comms from the delivery staff to coordinate time. Thanks OP!

  • +5

    Still shows in stock and free delivery in VIC 3000

    I almost pull the trigger but I decided to consult my other half. She said our TV is not broken so NO :-(

    • You could always accidentally trip over 😏

      • -1

        Let me try tonight ;)

        Perhaps try claiming insurance for accidental damage too..

        • +4

          You might want to change your username. The neg is probably her reading this.

    • Tell someone to jump off the plank

  • How to get difference back from JB hifi last deal

    • +1

      28 degrees

  • +1

    Damn, bought 1 last week

    • Tv any good?

    • Same Last week brought as well how to get back difference ☺️

  • I read in another deal about this TV only being 60hz? How much of an issue is that and when is that most noticeable if it is? Can it do 24hz and 30hz etc for other video types?

  • +1

    Sweet as, gonna have to go to Cranbourne to pick it up, but cheers OP.

  • Hitachi the TV that never dies! I’d get one if only I had the room for it!

  • Took too long to pull the trigger and now not available (3028)


  • nearest store is Shepparton. wonder how I can take a drive for "work purposes" LOL

    • they should be able to deliver from there?

  • Don't bother wasting your time if your searching JBHIFI Brisbane/Gold Coast areas. They are showing "in stock" on the website but the stores have 1 left (display). PASS!

    • +1

      Earlier today they had delivery available, so I guess they've sold whatever stock allocated towards that

  • Picture quality is decent if you watch 4K. Only downside is is 60hz panel. So sports and action movies won’t be smooth. That being said, it’s great value for the price. It’s a brand new 75inch tv

  • Got price match at the good guys. The sales phone line is super friendly.
    Thanks op

    • Did they match the free delivery by any chance?

    • how did you get it through them?
      I just tried and the girl on the phone said their system wouldn't allow a price match that low

      • +1

        Looks like it's just a matter of getting the right person on the phone. second call got it ordered

        • Did they also match free delivery?

          • +1

            @prxy: I didn't bother to ask. was just happy to get the price match of the tv and they could deliver monday.

            • @LeifSmart: Good job on the price match anyway.

      • Wtf. Contrary to policy!

    • What number are you using?

  • Hello fellow ozbargain-ers, I bought this 4 days back for $945 from JB hi-fi online using this deal and have not even opened the box. Do they have any policy on price guarantee as price has dropped by $149? Any suggestions?

    • +1

      I tried to call and ask them
      Returning delivery good has 20% restocking fees and you need to pay for return delivery

      • Well their return policy suggests 100% refund on unopened items within 30 days. Am I missing something?

        • Can you return the item yourself with your own vehicle or will you need jbhifi to organise return delivery?

          • @prxy: Size too big so if you can do thats different

          • @prxy: I am not sure. I called the help line and they asked me to email to [email protected] but it seems that email id not monitored.

            • @ommitedspider: I just say still good deal for Android 4k QLED TV under $1k

              Price back up now so fingers cross 🤞

              • @hurr1cane: I bought it from the last deal too for $945, just called JB and they refunded the difference of $145! Just quote them this https://support.jbhifi.com.au/hc/en-au/articles/360053852613...

                • @starcub: Yeah I received email saying refund difference

                  Looks like thats why they change price back up even no stock so now on no one can claim it again n again lol

                  • @hurr1cane: I just called them this morning, the price was already back to 1600. The rep said she could see price history but I did mention I had screenshots too etc.

  • +2

    Missed it from JB and was able to get price match from Good Guys after day of dilemma :)
    But had to pay $55 extra for delivery and I hope it will be worth.

    • Did they price match over the phone or in store?

      So they wouldn't match JBHIFI free delivery as well?

      • +1

        Via Phone, there was no delivery from JB in brisbane so!!

        • +1

          Congrats on the pricematch and for thinking outside of the box.

          Your post as well as RUBEN BLUEBERRIES above helped a friend get a price match at his local GoodGuys but they wouldn't match JB free delivery either.


  • Got it on the last deal and really not happy on how to get the difference back. Did not pay with a price protection credit card is a huge mistake…

    • Any idea CBA cc price protection is good? Anyone have done it before?

    • Can u return tv with your own vehicle and repurchase from jb or goodguys?

    • How is the tv? Any problems?

      • None color setup manually android n processer also good can not complain for $800 5 stars rating

  • Why did it return back to normal price again?! Just borrowed a hilux to return it

    • It was a 1 day only sale unfortunately

  • +2

    I bought it from the last deal too for $945, just called JB and they refunded the difference of $145! Just quote them this https://support.jbhifi.com.au/hc/en-au/articles/360053852613...

    • Good work!

      As per link did they refund you, give you store credit etc?

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