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Spend $100 Get $30 off, Spend $200 Get $60 off Select Products (e.g. Nvidia Shield $189, AOC 27" $169) @ Shopping Express

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    NR200 case is a brilliant price… Paid $120 from another store when it came out (Inc shipping)

  • Anyone shucked one of those 5TB drives?

  • is there a discount code? I went all the way to the checkout page, but still showing the full price

    • Did you enter a postcode for delivery? I did that and the discount got applied at checkout

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        yes, I tried that, but still no luck. I think the discount is only for the selected products. I was looking to buy a gaming keyboard and it's not on the list.

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    nvm… selected products on that page only

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    so, only for selected products. no deal for me then.

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      the TBW is 274. Is that a bit low compared to others?

    • +1

      was looking at that

      but 3d qlc… apparently write speeds are shite when drive is at 65% capacity… not sure if its been fixed

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    Ryzen 5600x for $360 seems like the best deal here.

  • I think I need a discount code or am I missing something?

    • +1

      No code. Just add to basket then enter postcode when checking out

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    Don't buy the shield tube version people. It's got some bugs set to never be properly fixed. Get the Pro or dont get it at all and get a chromecast with googletv instead.

    • I can't justify paying twice as Chromecast anyway. Does at least have 4K upscaling like the shield pro?

      • Yes. But i had to buy the Pro after getting the tube as it was just too buggy for local high bit rate 4K content. I cannot recommend it at all. There is some serious bugs with how it manages it's (lower compared to Pro) memory.

    • The Selfhosted podcast slammed the latest update to the shield, displaying adverts on the top line of the home screen.

      • +1

        Yeah, its all google fault though forcing it, same on the chromecast, Vodafonetv etc acrosd androidtv boxes.

  • +3

    The title is a little misleading, it’s only selected items.

    • -1

      It’s only what’s on the link they posted, (gotodeal)

      • Yeah I know, just thought it should be reflected in the title. Good thing it got changed.

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    I added a 970 evo 1tb and the smart Wi-Fi plugs to take it over 200 and it only gives a $39.95 discount, the price of the Wi-Fi plugs.

    • +1

      I tried the same thing. Disappointing!

    • i think they set the discount to single item.

  • Is the shield pro included in this deal?

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    The 6700xt Mech was $999 from these fellas not particularly long ago, in fact about a week before this sale.


  • Thanks, grabbed a pair of SteelSeries Arctis 7 - the final cost is $180.00 though.

  • Is the Toshiba micro sd a good deal? Looking to use it with the gopro and DSLR.

    • Depends on the GoPro. No Toshiba cards are on the official compatibility list, but it is a Class 10, U-3, V30 card, which should be fast enough for all but the highest bitrate 4k video (and no current GoPros will let you select a combination of settings that would hit that bitrate as far as I know)

      So it SHOULD work with a GoPro, but they are notorious for not working with cards not on the official list.

      It should work fine on just about any DSLR though.

  • To get ryzen build now or wait for alder lake…tell meeeee

  • Is Samsung 970 evo for 169 delivered a good price?

    Is it worth the extra $ than crucial p1?

    • Not a bad price although the 970 Evo Plus has been around that price before or even cheaper, and the 980 Pro 1TB just recently for $229.

  • +3

    Typical SE, they jack the msi 6700xt price by exactly $60……

  • Just keep in mind that the 144Hz version of the 27G2 has been available for very little more than this just recently, e.g. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/633915 (still the cheapest ever).
    Edit: still available for just under $200 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/637954

  • Ryzen 5 5600x $359

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