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[Prime] Sennheiser HD599 Open Back SE $153.11 Delivered @ Amazon UK via AU


Seems about as low as these get, 63 cents cheaper than the last deal

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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    Very good price. I paid for about $200 3 years ago

  • hows this compare to ATH-M50?

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      These would be more comfortable being open back and better pads.

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      Far superior and comfort is on another level but I've never been a big fan of the ATH-M50 and barely used mine.

    • I had M50 and M50x and sold them both. They are good headphones but the V shape frequency response is not my taste

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    Bass is neutral, not the best.

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      That's subjective. Which headphones would you recommend?

      • For bass?
        I've got the V-Moda Crossfade 2 Wireless which I like for bass.
        For neutral sounds, these HD599 would be great.

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      So, unnatural is the best?

      • V shape all the way :)

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      That is very subjective, I personally hate the trend of all the V shaped frequency response.

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    I've been using these for about a year. There is nothing better comfort wise, they have a very gentle clamp and you can barely feel them on. They can get a little warm in the summer though. Sound wise they are a bit more "aggressive" than my HD58x which feel a bit more balanced but they still sound quite similar. I would say they are more bass heavy but still restrained. I'm no audiophile though, only experience using some of the more popular mid-range headphones. I'd rate them up there as the better mid range headphones. They don't need an amp and work perfectly with the Switch, Series X, PS5 controllers or directly hooked up to even low end on-board audio. The cables it comes with are pretty crap, the 3.5mm is short so doesn't work well with computers but is fine for handhelds or controllers. The extra cable is longer but has a huge adapter to convert the 6.3mm to 3.5mm. Also Amazon sends the SE version in its own generic brown box.

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    Keep in mind this is without the cashback that was on offer during that Prime Day offer, and that the HD560S was up at $290.

    HD 560S seems like a better deal than this @ $230 with cashback (less with other promotions stacked), along with the AKG K612 Pro @ $220 (will need an amp over time for the AKG, but it's arguably the best audio of the three in many respects).

    Also a couple of good HIFIMAN Planar options at $180-$220 as well if you want to try that out (HE-X4 from Drop, and HE400SE Stealth from HIFIMAN via Amazon AU).

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      If I had a dollar for every time you mention the HD 560S…

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        Or the K612…

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          Or the HD 6XX, or the ATH-R70X, or the K371, or the Penrose, or the Starfield, or the ER2XR, or the Galaxy Buds, or the N400, or the Sundara, or the Takstar Pro 82, the Takstar GM200…

          I mean, what's your point, exactly?

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            @jasswolf: Good list. Listen to this man.

            Let me add:

            PC38X, Aria, BL-03, N700NCM2, JVC HA-FDX1.

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        You'd have about $50 a year. Find a new strategy.

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    I'd go the Hd58x over these any day of the week. Wasn't a fan of the 598s or 599s. Drop have the 58x on sale atm as well.
    Comes down to budget tho. If you wanted something more balanced and reference then the 560s would be a great choice. But they might be too flat for some.

    I much preferred the beyerdynamic sound and loved my dt 990 250ohm. Progressed to the dt 1990 pros after trying a much of other headsets.

    Always found the sennheisers to be a little flat in the high and low end (sennheiser Vail). Altho it does make them easier to listen to on long sessions.

  • Was really hesitant between those and 58x. ended up going for the 58x.
    Anyone who tried both can share their thoughts?

  • for those own this can you please share how loud if the noise leak from open back when the volume is at 50%? can you hear the noise say about 2m distance? I thought I had made my mind up to get the ATH-M40s but looks like this is much better in terms of comfort. Im not an audio nerd, just need some wired headset that i can wear for hours.


    • Open back will always leak sound, and it depends on environmet and you prefferance listening levels. M40 is tonaly good, has better soundstage then M50 (that I hate) but it lacks in detail. Way better closed options are AKG 361/371, or if you wish something cheap and have small ears to fit them…Creative Aurvana Live, or SE.

      • Thanks.. looks like 361 suits me well. I can see the cheapest it ever got to was $99 - does this happen often?

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          Not really, but $110-$115 should be achievable, likely though Amazon UK storefront on Amazon AU.

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      I got the ATH-M40x just last week. The sound quality is good, but they were surprisingly uncomfortable when I first put them on. Maybe I've got used to them as I don't mind them as much now, but I still don't consider them all that comfortable and I wouldn't be able to wear them for hours.

      • Thanks for this. Im still not decided if I should go with AKG 361 - it looks like it suffered from several QC issues as per this guy and also someone else posted similar issues in OZB https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTkeHhksf6Y&t=293s

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          QC issues have long passed.

          • @jasswolf: thanks for that. I noticed someone in this read recently commented on the same sliding adjustment becoming loose.

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              @lknight: There have been several manufacturing revisions of these, including improved pad performance out of the box. I assure you, these have been addressed by AKG, and you can try talking to them about confirm batch or serial number issues if you'd like to get the best possible information on the stock you're purchasing.

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    HD 599 are not that great choice, comfort is great, tonality is typical Sennheise neutral with not much base, but wrost aspect of it is actual performance, lack of speed, detail and clarity. I know 150 is not much, buy better fork out 200-250 for something better like 560S, 58X, 6XX…you wont regret it.

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        Speed. Think agility, liveliness, energy.

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      Eh. EQ them both to harman and they sound identical.

      The HD560s sounds better stock, but after EQ the HD599 is excellent.

  • PSB M4U 2 if you can find a pair. I have never looked back and bought a spare pair straight away in case I couldn't ever find them again.
    Actually here's some..


  • Big fan of these for using for quiet practice with my guitar/bass and iPad amp Sims. Have an amp in the room feel while watching tv and noodling without bothering the missus.

  • These are open back, not ideal if you want bass.

  • Going to stick a couple alternative preferences for those interested. Had plenty of headphones, my first proper expensive audiophile ones were a sennheisers 595 ack in the day. These days I have a couple I really enjoy using that arent that expensive.

    The Audio Technica ATH-AD700X is brilliant. Bass isnt too strong but you can enhance it some with the equalizer if you like. I'm fine with it. But the sound stage is immense. Half the time I think sounds are coming from outside my room and even to this day I still turn my head. Comfort is amazing. You can go 10 hours and still be fine. Very airy, very wide earpieces so your ears dont touch anything. I think its going for around $185 on amazon.

    The other would be the sennheiser G4ME ONE headset. Around $220. Sound is very good and it comes with a great mic so perfect for using with the pc and gaming. These are my two go to's for everything. Will admit to using the senns more but thats because I've gotten incredibly lazy.

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      The gameone is the same as the pc37x on drop apparently. Which is on sale for $95 usd (+$15 delivery) great price for a gaming headset if that's your use case.

      • I never noticed they were pretty much the same headset. Looks like theres a newer pc38x thats slightly better in audio and comfort, but doesnt seem too cheap. Honestly even though they're gaming headsets the sound is brilliant. I just use them for watching movies and stuff now. The little volume dial on the side of the headset is one of the most glorious things I've ever had. It boosts the audio hheaps with zero distortion.