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Sonos Playbase $594 + Delivery @ The Good Guys


Same price as the last deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/617384

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys

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    Missed opportunity for a meow woof chomp!

  • What’s the consensus on these, there’s not too many reviews online that I could find but the few there were are quite positive.. anyone here with personal experience with the PlayBase? Cheers.

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      I have this and it is a pretty good all-in-one sound system without having to get a sub. Its only perfect for a small living room in apartment and works best in a small room with 4 walls. For example in an open living room, it may not be the best.

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    i have one, its good but i think playbar is better.

    my local has 3 of these for $295, was looking for play5 but theyre sold out.

  • Got mine brand new from JB for $245

  • There is a downside of soundbars (such as this), where you put the TV on top.
    Many TVs are larger now and stand on 4 legs. So it is impossible to put this sidebar under the TV.

    I have this problem with my Bose speaker. I have to prop up the TV on uni textbooks, so there is enough height for the soundbar to sit underneath.

    Here is an image of the soundbar: https://scx1.b-cdn.net/csz/news/800a/2017/1-reviewbigtvs.jpg
    It wouldnt work if the TV had 4 legs.

    • It's not impossible. U can mount the TV and bar on the wall lol

      • You got me at s.anus

      • I bought the stand from Kogan, the more expensive one, I’m prettt picky on quality, it really is heavy duty, swivels, looks good (not that I really care).

        Bought it for the sole purpose of fitting a Yamaha centre speaker under it which is very tall.

  • Decent deal. They’re a well made unit and good enough bass too. Playbar probably has little better soundstage but not the bass.

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    I have the playbase (downstairs) and playbar (upstairs). Much prefer the playbar. I find the playbase a bit strident and tiring in comparison, and as above the soundstage isn’t great. It’s obviously better than most tvs though.

    We really chose it for the form factor and the look with the Sanus stand (ie I wanted something better than the TV audio and my wife liked how this looks).


    Myer were clearing these (the playbase and also the playbase and sub) last month and had 30% off the reduced price of 700 I think for the playbar and for the sub) ie $490 in Brisbane - haven’t checked this month to see if there are any left.

    • Thanks for sharing your experience. Do u have the playbar with a sub? I remember trying both at Myers a few years back and found the palybase sounded better at the store with deeper lows. But my experience was only a few minutes in a store

      • Got the sub a couple of months ago to use with the playbar. Really happy with the combination of playbar and Sonos sub (thanks ozbargain) but I preferred also the playbar alone to the playbase alone.

        Having said that the play base is still great as compared to my TVs.

        By the way both the playbase and the playbar rely on optical audio out from your source - typically using your TV to switch and supply that signal though there are workarounds.

  • Any deal in WA?
    How does it connect to PC?

  • I just bought an arc and am selling my playbase if anyone wants a white one for $400. Located on the Gold Coast