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[Refurb] Apple Mac Mini M1 (8GB RAM / 256GB SSD) $929 Delivered @ Apple


Was looking for a new computer to replace my 2017 Macbook Pro. Found this on the refurbished store at Apple and seems to be a good price. A good saving compared to the usual 10% off at Amazon and Officeworks right now ($986) if you don't mind going refurb.

I know it's not the cheapest it's been (was $923 through some Afterpay promotion with eBay before EOFY and $880 back in March) but is definitely the cheapest at the moment from what I could find.

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    If you have Costco membership
    Costco is selling at $980

    Maybe worth paying $50 more for some

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      In my experience, Apple refurbs are as good as new, so I’d save the $50, but YMMV.

      • Bit what's the warranty difference?

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          No warranty difference. Deal with Apple directly.

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          Warranty is the same as new, and you can get AppleCare+ as well.

      • Not according to my friend though. He did get warranty for the refurb, but the iPhone battery did expand.

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          Purely coincidental, I’d say. Apple Refurbished all have new batteries, screens and chassis.

        • Could have happened just as easily to a new phone of any brand.

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    Great value for money, whether refurbed or new.
    Really happy with mine
    Will tide me over until the bigger iMac gets released

    • Don't forget to install Openemu


      • Absolutely!

        MAME is great. But if you want something really simple, no fuss with joystick/arcade stick setup it’s awesome.

        • Better than my default Retroarch?

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    Show student card and price match apple edu at jbhifi and use 10%off gift card will be cheaper

    • You can also go through UniDays and get 11% off.


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        That is "up to" 11% off. The mac mini pricing is $1019.

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          Thanks, that base Mac Mini (8GB/256GB as above) is showing as $998 brand new at UniDays for me.

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      even cheaper if you get them to price match the 10% off at officeworks right now!

      • How to price match a refurbished one

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          officeworks isn't selling a refurbished one??

          I’m just saying if you decide to go this route you might as well get jb to price match officeworks for $986 instead of edu pricing of $1019 and save 10% further from that.

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            @Glodys: Jb price match is a working solution. Price match at officework and get extra 10% is impossible.

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    I ​bought mine during 20% afterpay sale https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/611157
    Very happy with the performance

    • +1

      Damn that's such a good price. Kicking myself that I missed it but I didn't need one back then :(

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    Seems like you can get brand new ones within spitting distance (if not cheaper) if you wanted to hold out. Although Apple Refurb’s are impeccable.

  • Mini or Air?

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      Spend the $400 extra and get the Air IMO. Portability is worth it. I had the same dilemma but glad with my decision, I use the MBA as a desktop 95% of the time hooked up to 27" 4K monitor. So snappy compared to my old X1 Carbon.

      • Thanks. Air is extra $$ but I get the portability in case I need it. Guess that worth the extra $$

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        Same, plug mine into a little USB C dock with a bluetooth keyboard/mouse and it works great as a desktop, unplug and I'm on the go with the exact same device! I ended up selling my top of the range XPS 15 for a 16gb RAM Air and I am loving the experience.

        • Just want to check any of you experience issue with bluetooth/usb device with your macbook air m1? Like my wireless mouse (connected via a unifying usb plug) often experiences lag and delay in moving the cursor etc. not sure why but I saw quite a lot of ppl have same problem on the internet. Also my external monitor is connected via hdmi cable to a usb hub. And sometimes the screen blackout for a few seconds before turning back again :(

          • @Ti94: Yes, my keyboard and mouse disconnect and need to be re-paired every now and then. Also mine is connected by USB-C (the cable apple includes does not work for display (only charging), had to use my own cable) my monitor seems to have an issue where it changes from 4K to 1080p randomly. A few little niggles here and there definitely.

          • @Ti94: I know when I restart my macbook, the keyboard and mouse do not pair until it is logged in. Apart from that I haven't had any issues with pairing.

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      Really depends on what you want. Air is almost the same performance and portable but keep in mind you’ll spend a bit on USB C docks to give it the same amount of USB ports, and the Air can only drive one external display.

      That said, I got an Air and a Dell USB C monitor and I’m pretty amazed at the power and flexibility of the setup.

    • Make sure you have considered 7 vs 8 cores

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      Any good pricing going around on an MB M1 Air? That being said, second hand i5/ 250gb/ 8gb Ram MB Airs are $300 - $400 at the moment..and have USB, display, sdcard ports ready to roll.

      Guessing also M1's might have some older Intel software issues? And say printer driver compatability?

      Can you tri boot an M1 with say Bootcamp, an older OSX, and latest OSX?

      • The best you’re gonna find is 10% off.

        I picked up an M1 Air for $1349 a few weeks ago. That’s about as good as it gets.

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        Bootcamp doesn’t exist for the M1.

        You’ll need to run Parallels etc to run other OSes.

        • What's the battery life/ performance like running parallels, vs a proper bootcamp setup?

          Also, can you at least dual boot OSX ? Some stuff isn't supported past High Sierra, but IOS will need a newer OS. So will need both.

        • Keep in mind its the arm version of windows not standard 64bit which limits things a lot

      • I installed a very old Brother laser printer on my Air without any hassles whatsoever.

        Ironically I had more trouble trying to set up an AirPrint printer!

    • +1

      Unless you need the ports and slightly better performance (in certain scenarios) I'd go the Air as well since a key part of the m1 value proposition was the epic battery life when used as an ultraportable.

  • This is a very good machine. Typing from one right now.

  • +1

    Seems a lot of money for a PC with only 8GB and not upgradable. Not much good having a fast CPU if the RAM is swapping.

    I know IOS works well with far less RAM than Android or Windows needs. (2GB still is acceptable)
    So is MacOS on ARM similarly frugal?

    • +2

      There’s plenty of benchmarks on YouTube, but generally it’ll be fine. If it needs to swap the SSD is so quick you won’t notice.

    • -3

      No, MacOS is not remotely frugal. 8GB is next to useless.

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    All depends on use case but I’ve had no issues with video editing, Lightroom and general web surfing as well as having multiple windows open for WFH.

    RAM swapping is becoming much less of an issue as apps update to run on M1 natively.

  • Does this come with 1 or 2 years warranty? Trying to work out if it’s worth the saving. I just put an order in for 512gb one for $1189

    • Been answered above, sorry

    • Where are you getting it for this price?

      • Was on the refurb site but as soon as I purchased it went to sold out

        • Thanks for that, last one obviously.

  • Anyone know if you can use the mac mini and an old 27 iMac (2012-13) in Target Display Mode as the screen?

  • I saw there was a 1TB with 16GB version at $1699 this morning.

  • These are back in stock 👍

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