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4x Orico 2139U3 Clear Toolfree SSD Enclosure $39.84 Delivered ($9.96 Each) @ Shopping Square

  • 2139U3 is made of transparent ASB fireproof material with blue LED indicator, double as the beautiful ornament on your desktop.
  • USB3.0's theoretical transfer rate is up to 5 Gbps, 10 times faster than USB2.0; SATA3.0's theoretical velocity reaches up to 6 Gbps, saving some time for file transfer.
  • New UASP protocol improves transfer speed, reduce the utilization of CPU, data delay and waiting time.
  • Tool free installation, easy to use

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    Are you being transparent about this deal?

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      Are you being a tool about this deal?

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        Is there an disk in your enclosure ?

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    not sure about anyone else, but the last few of these i've purchased, the performance on a USB3 port with an SSD like a samsung evo 840-860, 2.5" has been extremely poor. I personally wouldnt invest in these anymore.

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      Invest? Just say "buy" as that's what you were doing.

      • stonks

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        Really? Same difference lol

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        I have de-comissioned mine in favour of sticks!

    • They look great and the quality is nice, they are fine for old hard drives.

      BTW was mentioned in the other thread - SSD drive shows up a hard disk in windows

    • Did yours come in a random non Orico packaging with a message saying why it wasn't in Orico packaging?

    • Unfortunately the whole USB naming convention is a mess between USB 3.0, 3.1, 3.1 Gen 2 interface, etc…

      Basically you need the Gen 2 for 10Gbps… eg https://www.amazon.com.au/Plugable-USB-C-SATA-Adapter-Cable/…

      There was a good video on Digital Foundry covering these a while back and how it impacted game loading on next gen consoles.

    • I am a bit late to the party here, but I recently purchased the USB C version and it has been problematic. Raspberry Pi don't seem to like them and on Windows 10 it seems to do something nasty to the USB traffic. It makes my MS Mouse unusable if it is plugged into the same USB set. It seems to be an issue with the JMicron chips used in them.

  • transparent ASB fireproof material


  • +1

    blue LED indicator, double as the beautiful ornament on your desktop.

    I need this

  • Why does it say:

    "Order total:
    Delivery & Handling:
    Order payable:


    Free ship or hit w/it after?

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    Thanks OP. Already have two and just purchased another 4. Great for turning old SSD's (taken from old PC's or laptops) into USB drives. Never had an issue with speed on them.

    • I got one of them, nice quality and the drive looks good in it, red and blue LED is a good touch to see when it's working (some just have one LED)

      Personally I think they are really only good for old hard drives that you would usually toss, refer comment above, they don't show up as SSDs (like they should if mounted internally)

      I've got an old 320Gb Hitachi Sata 3.0GB that i may grab another enclosure for, handy for connecting to telly's or something i suppose. Not really much storage these days to bother though.

      Edit: will probably bin that drive, years and years old, speeds are terrible too (86Mb/s read/write)

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    Cool! So I can slip in some photos while waiting for it to connect…

  • This drive enclosure is used as a normal external 3.0 USB drive for data storage and transfer. If you need to keep 100% function & speed of SSD, you need to directly put the SSD in your device via 2.5 SATA port.

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