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Xanes 84 LED 1.8m Height Adjustable Tripod Light US$19.99 (~A$27.03) Delivered @ Banggood


Discount on this adjustable light that would be useful for camping. It can be adjusted up to 1.8m, powered via USB so it'll work with power banks and 85 LEDs with 18W max power, 1680 lumens and 6500-7000K white colour temperature.

There are pictures showing it's brightness in the review section of the BG product page.

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AU$ based on current Mastercard rate at time of posting with free delivery from the CN warehouse.

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  • +1

    What happens if you plug it into a low power USB port? like on a laptop or phone?

    • Probably lower lumen?

    • can factor in those cheap amazon chargers we see e.g 20w 2 for $15 deals.

  • +6

    Nothing I need and I spent 15 mins reading about it. 🙄

    • +16

      How many did you buy?

  • +3

    Won’t be lighting very long from a power bank. 10000mAh would give less than 3hours.

    • +7

      Power bank isn't the only way you can power it.

  • +1

    thks , actually needed one of these ….cheaper than bunnings options though it is usb, so will tie up a charger when used, but option of power bank for use as rechargeable also appealing.

  • I got one and use for light when sharping chainsaw when late afternoon when light is poor. You be suprise what it can be used for when need light over something you fixing

    • Is it very bright?

      • it says 1680 lumens, so i assume YES pretty good.

  • +6

    Cool white is pretty crap for camping imho. Perfect for attracting every single insect known to man.

    • +19

      So you put it 100m away from your campsite and you have no insects at all ??? This would be amazing.

    • Put a yellow sticker over the LEDs so you have yellow light

    • Mothra wants to know your location..

  • Couple of traps here. Power source and cable need to support 2A discharge. Description says 18W but also says current draw is 1-2A and at 5V that is 10W max.
    So with a 10000mAH battery it should last around 5 hours. There's only so much light that can come from 10W even with the new high efficiency LEDs so take the lumens output with a grain of salt. That being said it has some positive reviews so it may fit your needs as long as you know what to expect.

    • +3

      Remember that's 10000mAh at 3.7V, not at 5V. The battery will discharge at faster than 2A if the bank supplies 5V2A, so you can expect about 3hrs after efficiency losses.

      • +1

        Ah yes, that is true forgot about that. Power banks should really list the mAH at 5V as it can only output voltage at 5V and not 3.7V. Would be interesting to see if it actually draws any where near 2A. Can someone put a voltage/current analyser on one of these lights?

        • There's arguments both ways - most of the time power banks are used to charge phones that run at 3.7V too, so it makes figuring out the number of phone charges it can provide pretty simple (compare the mAh numbers)

  • Thanks OP, wanting something like it bu the price comes up much higher.

    • In USD it's certainly correct. Since the product is already on sale it returns it to full price and then applies the discount.

      AUD however will depend how you're paying. Using BG's AU rate may be inflated, using PayPal to do the currency conversion will also be inflated. If you have a card without currency conversion fees in PayPal, then at payment you can choose for it to bill in USD and that'll give you a more accurate price.

      • I'm trying to pay via credit card with no conversion fees in US dollars and the price is $25.49. I can't seem to enter the code for the $19.99 price. Any tips fpr that?

        • $25.49 US or AU? Is this in PayPal?

          • @Clear: $25.49 in USA and I want to pay via credit card

            • @mtbboy41: What price are you getting at the cart checkout? I assume you've applied the coupon and unticked insurance?

              • @Clear: I'm not seeing any option to apply the coupon at checkout

                • @mtbboy41: On the desktop site it's on the right under Discounts. On the mobile site it's at the bottom.

                  • @Clear: Thanks for your help. Finally got it done!

  • So what is this useful for? Camping? On location video shoot?

    • Yes and yes. Anything else a light is useful for.

  • +18

    Thanks ordered one. Can't wait to store it in the garage.

    • +1

      This is the way

    • Ah yes. Buy now ask later. :)

  • +1

    For those times where you want to clearly see what you're banging really good.

    • +8

      If you don't know what your hands look like by now, how are you still alive?

  • Might be good for my indoor plants.

    • +1

      No it probably won't. You want photosynthetic active radiation from your lights. I doubt this is made for that. Get a dedicated grow light.

      • +3

        Their plants are plastic.

        • You have no idea.

      • I am not sure about this Xanes one, I will test it. Nevertheless, I have many indoor plants getting light from LED lighting, ranging from 500 to 800+ LUX according to the adjustment of the tripods. Over 2 years now, all those indoor plants are thriving like crazy. Led lights are good for indoor plants, the LUX you are getting is important. I might try to put a blue filter on the lights for experimentation.

      • The ones I am using look like this one. I have been using them on a smart plug with excellent results.

  • Looks good for photography lighting? Or is this too weak?

    • You think the Ozbargain community are nitpicky? wait till you get the photographer community to chime into this one, popcorn ready.

    • +4

      That’s what I was wondering, but might be too high temp and poor cri

    • This question largely depends on what your subject is…

  • +3

    I definitely did not wake up this fine Monday morning needing one but now I absolutely cannot wait to make space for it in my storage room.

  • Review here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNdiTzi1RNk. useful if you can understand russian. Looks like it works to brighten up dark place so definitely would light up tent or cooking area.

    • +2

      Looks like it works to brighten up dark place so definitely would light up tent or cooking area.

      So you're saying it does the bare minimum of what it was fundamentally designed to do?

      • I meant it does what it says. Brightness looks ok.

    • My russian is not good but I don't think he's speaking Russian in this video.

  • Thanks OP, bought 1 for backyard bbq at night time, if it's good will buy another..

  • If it uses up to 2A, how does it reach 18 watts? From what power source can it draw 18 watts, and at what voltage would that be?

    • +1

      18W / 2A = 9V

      I think you are wanting to know how does a USB port with 5V output 18W if the lights are 2A. It would most likely take 5V and 3.6A(+ a little for conversion loss) and then convert that to 9V / 2A to the LEDs. I haven't seen the specs to confirm that though.

      • Yeah, but it says "5V/(1-2A)"…

      • +3

        Check out this user photo from the reviews. That's 1.54A @ 5.3V = 8.2 Watts, not even half of the wattage advertised. Something isn't adding up. And people are saying it's 1.32m high, not 1.8m.

  • 9 Volts

  • Received email saying oos and delay in delivery