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Ecovacs DEEBOT OZMO T8 AIVI $849 Delivered @ ECOVACS via Amazon AU

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A full $100 cheaper than the previous all time low.

Don’t own one myself, but previous threads seem to think this one’s a winner.

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    I have this and it saves us so much time…. we set it off at 11pm and then again at 9am each day and we only have to vacume the floor/mop once a month at most. its awesome.

    PS: we have 3 kids and a dog

    • +1

      Curious, how does it handle toys on the floor?

      • Ideally you move them, but it does go around big obstacles

      • +21

        I've told the kids our vacuum will eat the toys, so they pick them up when they hear it turn on…

      • Its fine and works around then. the app then says you had x number of items to move and would you like to reclean.

        Cords are the only problem. It does go around most, however I always check there is no phone charging cables on floor before bed.

    • you run the whole house 14 times a week? :O

      you use the inbuilt mop right?

    • we set it off at 11pm

      Is it loud when you are trying to sleep?

      • 3 settings. But I'd not run this in your bedrooms while sleeping even on the lowest setting.

      • we only run it downstairs at night. When it has the mop on and I'm awake I can hear it slightly, but not enough to annoy me.

  • +1

    Seems pretty good, though they had the new model with the auto disposal base for about $1.1K recently, seems like why not just get that if you are going to spend nearly $1K anyway.

    • +1

      Honestly, emptying a plastic container takes about 7 and a half seconds. I'm all for automating pointless busy work out of the day but the auto-empty stations are still a gluttonous non-essential item. There's lazy and then there's "are you that (profanity) lazy?"

      • +4

        Eh, I'd want a robot vac to clean while I'm not there. If it gets full and then just stops and needs intervention when I'm back to continue again, that kinda defeats the purpose.

      • If you have a large house and want it to do the whole place in one sweep, an auto emptying station is essential.

        Most robovacs can do an apartment on a single sweep but not a proper house (at least not if you have pets)

        • 30sq house with two kids, a dog and two cats. It runs every day and will be full at the end of its cycle but it hasn't prevented it from sucking or anything.
          I don't have carpet ((profanity) carpet) so that might be what I'm missing in the understanding. If you clean regularly, it shouldn't be filling beyond it's capacity.

  • +6

    I've tried a couple different models in the Deebot line up, and this one is pretty good. Definitely worth it over the U2PRO in my opinion, while the T9+ is a little better (with things like driving straight over obstacles).

    - Mapping is good. It systematically does the whole house, and you can get it to do a particular room(s) of the house.
    - Suction is adequate. Deals well with long dog hair.
    - Leaves the floor clean. I'm a little bit of a clean freak and I find I only need to spot vacuum if I spill something, or once a fortnight or so with the stronger suction to clear out the carpets.

    - Dust bin is very small.
    - Does get stuck from time to time. Once you figure out its problem areas and either put no-go zones in the app or rearrange furniture a bit it's pretty fine!
    - Requires regular maintenance, especially in the case of long hair. But there's an included tool to help with this, which works quite well.

  • Are these robot vacs worth it for a small apartment? like 70m²

    • +3

      70! Must be nice mine is like 40 heh

    • our single-storey house is like 65-70sqm… our S5 Max really good

  • I have this with the auto empty station, it's frckn awesome. 2 young kids and a cat, it's a life saver. Vacuum is amazing, mop is so so, don't use the mop function much.

  • +1

    Better than the roborocks?

    • +1

      I'm using a 4 year old Xiaomi variant and it hasn't skipped a beat, cost $300 back then. The new ones go for similar prices.

      What's the benefit of spending triple the price on this?

    • I've had the S5 for 2.5 years and replaced it with the T9+ (almost the same as this but with air freshener and comes with the auto-empty bin). I've noticed this one getting stuck less than the S5 and the 2 sweepers as opposed to 1 on the S5 make a difference. Roborock tends to sit and the top of the midrange vacuums in terms of value for money while this one is somewhere in the middle of the top range for vacuums. Generally better suction/mopping/mapping but really only just worth the extra cost comparing the two.

  • +3

    Going against the grain here, but I had a maddening experience with this robot. I've just sent mine back to Amazon.

    The final straw for me was the mapping software. For whatever reason mine simply refused to understand my house. One door being open or closed where it wasn't the last time and it would get completely bamboozled and basically rewrite the entire map. It is absolutely, completely ridiculous that you cannot lock the map and tell the robot to stop making changes. I think I managed to get the map right about six times, but every time I scheduled a clean I would come home to find it had basically redone everything. That would make me lose all my labels, and also screw up the scheduling.

    I also think it's simply not good for big houses with carpet (I don't think any robot vacuum is, so I think this is just a limitation with the machines generally). It would get too full too quickly and then just wander around not actually picking anything up. I also had an auto-empty station, but maddeningly it didn't seem to know when it was full and return to the auto-empty to empty. Instead, as I said, it would wander around not actually picking anything up…

    I tried and tried and tried with this robot, and really wanted to love it. I was actually sad when I finally gave up and sent it back.

    • +1

      Completely agree with this. The vacuum itself is fine. I’ve got the auto disposal and its great, both saves me so much time.

      The software however is trash. It keeps forgetting my house. Once I map it properly, it slightly offsets which ruins the whole map and I have to remap it again.

      I haven’t returned mine though and I probably won’t be.

    • Same here (920 model). While the mopping/vac actions are great, the software is a huge let down. The overlaying maps and constantly getting lost trying to get back to base - has huge rooms for improvements still. I had the old Roomba and they find their way back a lot better.

    • +1

      I've had mapping issues with my T8 as well (not this model, which is the T8 AIVI). They released some new firmware recently that allows you to RESTORE your map, not the best option but certainly better than having to remap the house every other day… For anyone else with the same issue, you can restore the map by tapping the 'map layers' icon on the bottom left and then tapping on the map - there should be an option to restore.

      If you can't see it then you'll need to update your firmware to version 1.7.1 I think, or wait till you automatically get the new update if you have auto update on.

    • I have mapping issues with my 930- it doesn't always respect boundaries and then uses the boundary it crossed as a door to the existing map and duplicates, so it can double or triple the house footprint. Not so great when it starts going into rooms it's not suitable for. Organising the house defeats the purpose of hose boundaries and do not vacuum areas.

    • +1

      Yep, bought the Ozmo 900 from Aldi at $399, final straw was when it lost everything for the 9th or 10th time, and wouldn't go more than 1m from the base station before saying it was finished. Returned, full refund.

      Hardware is ok, but software is utter dog poop, and they made no changes to it in the time we owned it. It turns the device into garbage. Waiting for a roborock offer as the software is reported as being better.

    • My mapping was fine. Did you let it complete the mapping process until completion?

      • It's probably an underestimate to say I did the full mapping process about four times. I would get a perfect map after the first run. Then I would go through the process of joining up particular rooms, labelling, putting in no-go zones, etc. Then, next time I ran it, it would rewrite the map and it would become a garbled mess.

        I think it was at least partly to do with my house. I have a long corridor from one side of the house to the other, and if a door is closed it didn't seem to detect that the corridor has come to an end. Then if it started to be wrong, it had no mechanism to correct its screw up and got completely lost.

  • Anyone out there use these over multiple floors? Do they map and handle the change okay?

    • I don't have one but FWIW discovered thru research that these only save 2 maps. That is not clear in its advertising.

    • +2

      I wouldn't rely on any functionality that's software dependent. The software is the worst aspect of this machine.

    • +1

      yep, can only save two floor plans. it really needs a second base upstairs, but I just throw it out while I'm doing other stuff upstairs and then take it back down when I finish.

    • +1

      Not having any luck at all with my T9+.
      It won't save the 2nd map and keeps telling me mapping incomplete even when it says cleaning complete.
      I've even had my first map (downstairs) self delete probably 6x in a few months.

      I believe "gamblor" is correct, I've read having a second base station upstairs will fix this. But why do I need a second base???

      I concur with everyone else… Decent hardware, sh!t software.

  • I think we can expect further price drops on this one as they may be making way for the 2021 version which I imported - Ecovacs Ozmo T9 AIVI Plus. Mine was $1190 shipped with the auto empty bin, so happy taking a risk with the China Mainland version Considering some benefits over the T8AIVI.

    Main features/benefits over this model are an upgraded Aeroforce brush system (licensed from iRobot), Scent/Perfume dispenser, Ozmo 2.0 mopping system.

    I came from a Neato Botvac Connected, so can’t comment on the T8 AIVI, but despite some initial buggy setup experiences with the app to get the map (took 2 runs), the performance of the vacuum itself is quite amazing. It’s a set and forget, and especially with the new dual rubber brush system, there is no pet hair that gets stuck (I have 2 cats & my wife and daughter shed hair as well). Performance on hardwood and carpets is great as well. It’s great that I can adjust the suction power per room, so usually leave it at high for carpettted areas & kitchen, and standard for other rooms.

    • Also, re the camera, In some regards object detection it is still fairly basic. Main issue I have is limited object recognition - eg with sheer curtains, it thinks there is something major blocking and does not go all the way to the edge. But does a good job to recognise cords, toys and any pet accidents (fur balls) left by my cats as long as there is good lighting. The LIDAR works independently and is pretty good too.

      What I thought was a gimmick initially, turns out to be pretty handy - works as a decent remote camera when you are away from home. You can program it to follow a specified path and watch the live video stream remotely or see pictures captured by the robot in the app itself. This feature should be on the T8AIVI as well I think.

      • My main gripe with the camera is that it still just eats up cables/chargers etc.
        Wouldn't be hard to identify these objects but (profanity) me, I just ended up putting a giant red rectangle around anywhere with a power point.

        • In my case, if there is enough lighting in the room eg - during the day, it avoids the cables, but yeah, you can have no-go zones in the app. Most of my cables are well organised, or in cable management boxes. It's the occasional ones that my daughter leaves on the floor that I don't want to keep picking up evertime the robot starts it scheduled job

    • Is the one you have this one?
      How long ago did you import it?

      • +2

        @Broos - no, not that one. That's the T9 Plus, which is different to T9 AIVI Plus. Basically, the T9 Plus lacks the camera & AIVI features (see my comment above if you need it), the T9 AIVI is the only one to have the Aeroforce brush system IMO and a few other things. I imported mine ~4 weeks back

        Check this listing for details:

        Slightly cheaper to buy from Alibaba though with some goodies thrown in…I have a seller I can point you to if you are interested. PM me.

        • I'm keen to grab one if I could do it for $1190 shipped?

          I can't PM you though, I think you need to enable a setting?

  • +1

    This or Rockbot s5 max or s6 max?? Any thoughts are welcome

    • We chose S5 Max and v happy. Still getting updates too.

      Main thing like many other robovacs, is to do a quick clearing of the floor for little items and cables.
      If your floors have a step ~3cm or more, then need a piece of wood or small threshold/ramp for it to climb.

    • T8 without AIVI for $599.

  • +1

    The basic T8 was said to perform better (at least a few months ago when I was doing my research) over this model. If you're interested in this then maybe find some up-to-date comparisons between the t8 and the t8 aivi.

    Nice price for this model though.

  • AIVI is not essential.

    Just get the T8 from JB for $599 .. still has full mapping and laser.

    The extra $250 for the T8 AIVI is not value for money.

  • +1

    How do these compare to other top of the line ones? What is the best robot vacuum at the moment?

    • I watched all the YouTube videos .. iRobot, Ecovacs, Rockbot are all pretty solid ..

      Best advice from my research is that a spend over $600 is unnecessary .. the extra features are expensive and unnecessary .. just get one with mapping

      The T8 for $599 from JB is solid .. the Rockbot at that kinda budget are solid .. no need to spend $1000 on a Rockbot or any other.

  • This or the roborock s7? Coming from the original Xiaomi vacuum which doesn't have no-go zones. So the mapping function is essential to me as that is one of the main reasons for the upgrade

    • How much is the S7 .. $1200? .. you don't need to spend that much for making .. S5Max or T8 for half the price is more than enough

      • the S7 has been as low as $934 but yeah I see your point

        • Yes, S7 will be better but maybe only 2% better for an extra $240.

          For example .. the T8 works great and doesn't get stuck .. do you really need AIVI???

          "T8 AIVI uses AI to detect 2D and 3D objects, avoid obstacles and prevent itself from becoming stuck. It also features functions such as voice control, image capture, patrol and human shape detection"

          So (a) not needed as normal model is great .. and (b) extra $$$$$

  • Purchased - been looking for a while, umming and ahhing about which one. Seems as cheap as I have seen it. Dock and more advanced mopping modules available if it doesn't cut the mustard. Figure this and a steam mop for once every now and then will yield a better result than an S7 ot the T9.

    • The Amazon AU version ships with the Pro Mop attachment included just FYI.

  • +3

    Posted in the comments on https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/639401

    eric-houkin 7 hours 30 min ago
    +3 votes
    Not sure if it's a pricing error or sale promo, but ecovacs eBay seller has this T8 AIVI for $499. Maybe due to pending release of T9 AIVI. Just be quick if you're in the market for one.

    I was prompted during checkout to use a voucher code which brought it down to $474.05 with free postage.

    • +1

      OMG - just bought on eBay and cancelled my Amazon order. That's insane savings thank you! Lets hope its totally legit and they deliver at that price…only 9 available when I ordered.

      Also my Amazon order is not guaranteed to cancel…so I guess worst case is I end up with two and have to on-sell one

      • You can always initiate a return with Amazon even after you receive the parcel, They are very good with returns.

    • +1

      Thanks a lot, Got one from eBay

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