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[WA] Lenovo Smart Display 7” - $45.15 @ Officeworks (Subiaco)


Lenovo smart display 7” with google assistant $45.15 from Officeworks Subiaco, they mentioned there were more left in stock. Not a bad price.

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  • That's half the price listed on my local OW store.

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    That's expensive for a display box only…

    • that's super cheap for a display by itself

  • Would they pricematch themselves?

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      Usually dont, store specific tried many times

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      Iv done it a few times in melbourn with reciept

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      Officeworks price matches competitors. Not ourselves.
      In some cases a store may match another store specific markdown, but it’s not guaranteed, or a requirement.

  • Looks like last one on shelf? Did buy it?

    • More than one, the display box only on shelf. The store said they had more in stock.

    • Yes I brought one.

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        Where did you bring it?

  • Price in Vic on clearance is $90.30

  • Can one price match Office Works with Office Works

    Anyway does this have "hdmi in" too use as a monitor?

    • No hdmi in

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      Why would you want a 7" as a monitor?

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        I use a 7 inch USB powered monitor with hdmi/vga for testing + configuring servers / computers. Very handy for my work. Only the initial imaging / setup would require a screen and then its all done remotely so it makes sense for me.

        Not sure what a normal persons use case would be though, maybe cctv.

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    For those that doesn’t aware
    One difference between this and Google Nest Hub is, this one has a camera for video call

    On google models, only the nest hub max have camera, the 7” model (both gen 1 and gen 2) doesn’t have camera

    • Got the 10" version, don't even remember making a video call or even watch a YouTube video on it. bit slow. Mostly acts as speaker and photo frame on my kitchen table.

      • Same for me, used as photo frame most of the time
        and sometimes playing music via youtube or sportify

      • So you’ve never leaned over and told your significant other to “get your ass to Mars”?

      • I used Google Duo all thr time, no issue.

        • Nice.

    • The disadvantage is that you cannot cast netflix on this device, but you can with Google Nest Hub.

  • have one of these and its great bang for buck conpared to the google ones (mainly cause of the camera as per littlesoldier's post).

    tried at my local ow and no go. said you can get it online, but thats at $90+ bucks atm.

  • More than 10 available?

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      not sure.. but no one is allowed into WA to check it :P

  • I have this and a few Nest Hub 1s. Nest hub is better with software updates and overall reliability. The Lenovo gets features later than the Nest Hub and sound quality is worse I think as well as microphone quality. I've never used the camera as it can't be used for facial recognition like on the Nest Hub Max.
    My advice is to pay extra for the pure Google experience and software update guarantee.

    Also I've seen the Lenovo 7 for $68 at Officeworks in Victoria. Was tempted but wasn't cheap enough to impulse buy.

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    Does it get latest Google Home updates? There was one recently which provided functionality to select a Spotify playlist using the display - has this got it too?

  • None left at Subiaco WA

  • i wish someone would release google devices with AUX out.

  • Jandakot didn't have any on the shelf, and still asking $71 odd for the smart clock so doubt would have been $45 anyway.

    Ended up grabbing a Nest Hub from Bunnings for $88.20 (price beat against Officeworks, they've already matched the Charcoal @ $98 but Chalk is $99 so left themselves open on that one, for now anyway)