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[Refurb] Sony WH1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Black/Silver $224.40 Delivered @ Sony eBay


Good price without any code. Price reduced since 16th July. Comparison with previous deals .

Or $213.18 if you have the targeted eBay 5% discount code.
AFTERPAY10 code might still work for $10 off. I can't test as I have already used that code.

Also just reduced to $127 (no code required) Sony WF1000XM3S (Seconds^) WF-1000XM3 Noise Cancelling Headphones (Silver) .

Pay even less using Shopback app's 3% discount eBay gift cards.

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  • +4

    got my refurbs from the last deal - they had a weird glue? smell - but they work fine, and came with latest firmware

    • +85

      That's not glue. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • I just received mine today. It also has a funny smell to it… other than that they work really well

  • +3

    I have a pair of these refurbs from a previous post. I'm happy with the product. Nothing noticable with my pair. Nice upgrade from my WH1000XM2s.

    • -1

      Nothing noticable with my pair

      Get implants? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Did it have any weird glue?

  • Are these any good for working from home zoom/team calls? Can anyone comment on the microphone quality?

    • +14

      I can attest they are excellent for drowning out your wife's voice. I love mine. Haven't used it on a call though.

      • Your wife or your headphones?

    • +1

      yes i use the xm3s for Teams

      audio is amazing

      i tested against every microphone i had and it was crystal clear. so clear my team told me to talk softly lol

      audio is amazing for work and entertainment

      and noise cancelling blocks out screaming kids

      • Really, I had a consultant call me on XM3 and I had to ask him what he was using because it sounded so terrible. It was almost hard to describe. This was a normal phone call and not teams however. And I think there may have been background noise in his office. So maybe that is the difference or point to note for future owners

        • +1

          You sure it was these and not the WF-1000XM3 (the in-ear ones which are notorious for having terrible microphone output)?

          • -1

            @Munki: Oh yes I have the WF. Not good. No but he had WH, maybe bad example. I didn't think these headphones were very good generally in less than perfect ambient environments but assume everyone's mileage will vary a little

            • @dainese: your connection. device and doftware used also play a factor

              i have NBN, a expensive router, hard cabling to PC and using teams not mobile call so the connection was crystal clear

              mobile call is wireless, couldve been crap reception or the phone itself messing up the audio

        • Maybe because of Optus?
          I mean Optus has a terrible sound quality no matter what mic you use.

        • A certain batch of XM3 had this issue. I was affacted and was offered a free replacement from Addict to Audio.

        • I've had issues with Microsoft Teams with 2x pairs of XM4s (and older Sony models). The voice comes through all 'pixellated', people sound distorted like robots, can't really understand what they are saying. My office tech team updated Teams, bluetooth drivers, etc, and it still happens. A bit of Googling shows that it's a common issue, Microsoft says that the XM4s aren't certified for Teams. The recent XM4s firmware upgrade helped a lot, bit it's still not satisfactory for a $350 pair of headphones IMO.

    • +2

      Daily use for working from home calls. Zero complaints.

    • +1

      Also have XM3's. The quality of the voice is excellent. However, if you're outside with these and on a call (e.g. walking) the voice gets completely lost in the wind. You also have to speak fairly loud for your recipient to hear you. I know that wasn't what you initially asked, but considering many of us working from home are going on daily walks I figured I'd add a slight downside to these.

      • Could you recommend something which would help with outdoor calls?

    • My colleague has XM4 and I have XM3. He frequently sounds like a robot and I don't :-)

      Early XM3's (WH that is, over the head headphones) had some MIC call quality issues. This was resolved in later batches and via firmware updates (Google is your friend).

      With his specific pair of XM4 the robotic voice and answering calls when multiple devices are connected is an issue. Google it before buying XM4's.

      I've had all XM models up to XM3. Did not buy XM4 bacause they don't support aptX codec which is used on Windows 10 laptops. I also use the same headphones to listen to the music streamed via my laptop, so, using SBC codec for that was not an option.

      Consider XM4 as a downgrade in terms of Bluetooth codec support.

    • I can't speak to the XM4's but the XM3s aren't great for zoom calls as the microphone is pretty sensitive and picks up everything around you and in the background, unless you are in a controlled, quiet environment, then they are great. Much better to have a noise isolating microphone for calls.

      That being said I still love the noise cancelling and sound quality of the XM3s and use them daily for listening to music and the ambient noise projection is great for safety when out walking the dog, or in the city.

    • There are ok for calls, not too good.
      Also, you can only connect to one device at a time for a high quality connection with Sony.

      I have this, plus Sennheiser PXC 550 and Bose 700.
      Bose is the best for calls.
      Zoom / MS teams usually has no issues with wireless/ Bluetooth headphones. But Skype sometimes plays up.
      ( Most of the time I still use a wired headphone for calls, esp as I am sitting by the table).

      But love the Sony for exercising (esp walking) with adaptive noise cancellation.

      From the Sony headphone app, it is clear that you can connect two devices, but quality is not lossless.

      Connect to 2 devices simultaneously

      By enabling this setting, the headphone will be able to connect to two devices simultaneously. Connected devices can be checked from [Status]. LDAC cannot be used when this setting is enabled.


      • +1

        "LDAC cannot be used when this setting is enabled"

        This "undocumented feature" makes XM'4 about as good as XM3. If you're connecting to a Windows 10 laptop and a phone, you'll be stuck with crappy sound SBC codec produces on a laptop.

  • +2

    Thank you, I was literally just looking for the xm3 / 4. Happy that I picked these up!

  • Whats the noise cancelling improvement of the XM4 over the XM3?

    • +1

      Not a huge improvement. Just a bit.

  • +4

    Also bought XM3's as a refurb from a previous sale. No issues. Recommended.

    • +1

      me too, it is awesome

  • What's the main difference between the XM3 and the XM4's? Has anyone owned both, is there a significant difference?

    Looking for actual experiences, not just on paper. I can read a spec sheet lol

    • +1

      I'm pretty sure multi-device support is the main addition to the XM4s.

      With my XM3s, I hold the bluetooth button to enter pairing mode and then connect from the Bluetooth menu of the next device when I want to switch. It's not the biggest deal for me.

      • I think you need to only pair it for once after that changing from other device is enough. I have paired XM3 with multiple devices but only connect from one device.

        • Correct, all my devices are paired (up to 8 devices can be paired). My holding of the bluetooth button to enter into pairing mode is a way to force XM3 to disconnect from previous device without logging into it. I only need to "connect" from the next device then.

          • +1

            @dkausa: While the XM3s don't support multipoint bluetooth pairing, you can actually still connect to 2 devices at the same time as long as one is for calls only and the other is for media.

            I currently do this with my phone (connected for "calls" only in the bluetooth menu, audio is not selected) and my PC (connected to "music" only, not "calls"). The result is that any calls/Zoom on my phone will work through headphones, and then once the calls are done, I can then continue to play media from my PC without having to disconnect/reconnect. It will remember this mode each time I turn on the headphones too, so auto connects to calls for phone and media to PC as long as I'm in range of both. If I want to switch over to phone for media as well, then just tap on NFC.

          • @dkausa: did you find a way to use LDAC with PC ?

      • +1

        Some further clarification. The XM4 new feature is called "multipoint" pairing. It's off by default though can be turned on in the Sony Headphones app. When enabled, there will be no need to disconnect the previous device. It will bluetooth connect to multiple at once (which the XM3s will not do).

        • +1

          Please note that by connecting two devices simultaneously, you lose lossless sound quality.
          From my app

          Connect to 2 devices simultaneously

          By enabling this setting, the headphone will be able to connect to two devices simultaneously. Connected devices can be checked from [Status]. LDAC cannot be used when this setting is enabled.


    • You can also turn on talk to chat I think it's called where it automatically pauses your music when you talk.

      No good if you sing along to your music :(

      Also found covering the earmuff to enable hear through and silence the music is not as jarring - it fades in and out smoothly and nicely instead of on and of of the 3s.

      Also pausing the music when you take of the headset is pretty cool.

      Those are the major differences I think yes it supports multi-connect but I'm also miffed at the fact it drops back to SBC on both connections to actually do so which is kinda pointless with my current Tidal Premium account.

  • +2

    They stopped selling refurbished WH1000XM3?

  • There's lag right when watching media content?

    • +2

      Not that i've noticed…

    • Depends on how your device it's pairing to.

      All Bluetooth paired devices will always have latency, but how bad and how often it occurs depends on your device and Bluetooth version.

      These are Bluetooth 5.2, which is the latest version of Bluetooth technology.

      If your device let's say is Bluetooth 4.1 then the lag may occur more frequently, and also unstable connections vs a 5.0+ device.

      This is a general summary, but hopefully answers your question.

      I'm sure you can refund it if it's bad.

    • +2

      No lag noticed watching TV connected via Google chromecast TV.

      • How do you connect your headphones to Chromecast?

        • "Google chromecast with TV" version. (The newer one with the remote) You can connect easily in the settings.

    • Yes there can be. When I fly and watch netflix on my phone this can be very apparent so I connect them with the included 3.5 mm cable.

      • Are you using android or iPhone?

        • Android, but this also happens on my mac.

  • +1

    I received this from last deal and it looks and performs like new.

  • -3

    refurbished - used ear sponge and just ultraviolet ray and then put it back in the box. look for parasites that jump into the hair

  • Thanks OP, I bought some earphones from Sony seconds.

    Looking forward to drowning out my colleagues in open office.

  • +1

    Might worth waiting for the 10~15% off code, could bring a pair down to sub 200

    • don't forget extra 2% if ur plus member :)

  • If you after a new pair, Sony did a price match for me at $330 + gift box (no use for me anyway). If you use Cashrewards, it's 8% Cashback on Sony today. This may not be the best deal compared to few others.

  • found a brand new listing XM4 for $310, is it legit?

    • Only one way to find out.

  • +1

    My two cents…bought these refurb from the last deal. Returned the next day as the left earcup kept cutting out. Bought a brand new pair of QC35ii instead as I loved the comfort of my QC25 better than the Sony. Now I am glad they were faulty, much prefer Bose.

    Would love Type C in them though

  • -1

    wish there is a 22% code on top of it, (extra 2% as i'm ebay plus member 😇 )

  • +1

    had one from last deal too, refurb too, works perfect, has strong perfume smell -.- smells nice tho.

    • perfume? I guess that would be better than glue

  • purchased from last deal, were lacking mid range compared to a brand new pair from TGG yet if you didn't have a comparison pair you wouldn't know the sound was 2nd rate… returned but had to go through paypal as sony ghosted me even when I contacted them the day of arrival…

    warning: you may not be getting the full sound

    • My "refurbished" xm4 has much better sound quality and battery life compared to my "brand new" qc35 II I recently purchased, YMMV.

  • +1

    Great deal

  • OOS? can't see the item under seller

  • I got my XM4's for 280 brand new from ebay. I wouldn't risk it for seconds. Wait around for specials, they come frequently.
    They do work well for voice calls, even outside. I was chatting while walking my dog and it was a little windy and they are fine.

    • Nice one! I thought I did well nabbing the $292 deal not long ago.

      Very happy customer though I can live with the extra $12.

      • +1

        I had a mate get me a $30 discount with ebay or something.. Was listed @ $310 at the time. Seems like the price has gone up over the past few months.

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