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LG G1 65" Gallery OLED EVO 4K TV $3990, LG C1 65" Gallery OLED 4K TV $3140 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ JB Hi-Fi


15% off at jbhifi after hours sale using the coupon code.

If you missed out on the recent LG oled prices these are pretty close.

LG G1 65" $3990 using code
LG C1 65" $3140 using code

$0 delivery to selected areas.

Original Coupon Deal

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    Uhmm.. LG G1 sale from TGG recently was not close at all to this sale lol. LG G1 65 was going for $3400 ish

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      $3650 doing a quick search, and those deals are not longer available.

      Edit: looking through the tagged G1 posts this js actually the second best price. Everything else has been $4k+.

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    Just bear in mind you'll probably be waiting till end of August for these.

  • Looking at the c1 or Samsung qn90a 75 inch. Anybody have any experience with the latter?

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      Seems only LG is including 4x HDMI2.1 ports, Samsung is typically 1x HDMI2.1 and the rest HDMI2.0. Sony is typically 2x HDMI2.1 and rest HDMI2.0.
      Then more obviously, Samsung doesn't do OLED TV so that would be a backlit LED.

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      Get the OLED, if you want a brighter LCD TV Id wait for the Sony X95J.

      Be aware of Samsungs misleading model names in Australia (and Europe), Our QN90A is likely worse than USA version, the local equivalent would normally be named QN95A, same applies to the whole QLED lineup. Last years Q80T is a prime example of this, same name, design and vague spec sheet as USA version but the actual display had half the dimming zones and no Ultrawide viewing layer.

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      No dolby vision on Samsung either if that matters to you.

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      The 55", 65" & 75" QN90A in Australia have IPS panels, so look at the QN85A RTings review (also IPS panels) for what to expect.

      The 50" QN90A and 85" QN85A both have VA panels. The 85" QN90A does too, but Samsung doesn't sell it in Australia.

      Tldr: Only get a 50" QN90A or an 85" QN85A in Australia. The rest of Samsung's range uses inferior panels here compared to the US.

      • Thats pretty dodgy by samsung.

        They keep this up it will end up with bad rep like their shitty fridges

      • Damn that's pretty horrible marketing. I've spent so much time looking into vids but thanks for your comment. If it's IPS that'd be worrying.

      • I dont doubt samsung would do this but has this actually been confirmed?

      • I know it's not the same TV, but I had a Q80T and had nothing but issues. Multiple screen replacements and just awful banding and issues. The UI was terrible and the VRR didn't work well (wavy lines across the screen). Wouldn't recommend a Samsung, they act premium but are just quite cheap.

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    Here's how it stacks up. note - going forward I've started to include the coupon code, whether gift cards can be stacked, extra cost for delivery

    LG C1 65 (2021) OLED65C1PTB
    $3580 videopro (14 June)
    $3560 appliance central (14 June)
    $3604 TGG Commercial (1 June)
    $3595 Bing Lee (14 June)
    $3580 JB HiFi (negotiated) (14 June)
    $3510 appliance central (19 June)
    $3480 +Delivery TGG15OFF (9 July)
    $3470.24 TGG eBay Plus (17 June)
    $3276 TGG (14 July) +giftcard code:TODAY
    $3140 JBHiFi ONLINE15 (20 July)
    $3055.75 JBHifi First responders (24 June)
    $2953 TGG Commercial (1 July)
    $2956 JBHiFi +delivery (16 July)

    G1 65" (2021) OLED65G1PTA
    $4032 TGG Commercial (1 July)
    $4045.50 TGG (10 June)
    $4195 eBayPlus5% (2 July)
    $3990 JBHiFi ONLINE15 (20 July)
    $3650.75 +Delivery TGG15OFF (9 July)
    $3436 TGG (17 July) +giftcard code:TODAY

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      You are doing God’s work

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      TGG TODAY was July 14th last Wednesday, you got it as 17th for G1

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        Ah thanks — copy/paste error by me there (only 1 of 2 was correct)… thanks for the pickup!

  • I hate LG. Only 3 weeks, C1 is reduced by 400 dollars.

    • Get a card with price protection

      • Can't get them anymore, haven't been able to for a long time now.

      • What card has price protection ?

    • How much you pay?

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    LG C1s will be waiting till early September for delivery in NSW.

  • What is the difference between G1 and C1?

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    • The G1 has the EVO panel which is a brighter panel.

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      Form factor too:

      • G1 is meant to be wall mounted and is uniform in thickness (can be stand mounted but not as stable as C1).
      • C1 is thickest at the bottom, super thin at the top, and meant to be stand mounted (can be wall mounted but will protrude further from the wall than the G1).
  • Can anyone confirm if G1 TVs comes with stand if we dont want to have the TV wall mounted? At least in the short term? Can someone purchased 65" G1 series from JB or TGG confirm please if the stand included in the box?

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      The stand comes with the tv, but it is a seperate box that is often forgotten. JB had to send mine out separately after I called them about it not being there.
      This is its part number - AP-G1DV65

      • Thank you

  • Hi does anyone have updated pricing for this month such as discount codes etc ? Or how they are able to track the pricing ? Best I can do is a 7% off giftcards for Harvey Norman

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