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iPhone SE 64GB Vodafone Prepaid Bundle Black $297 (Vodafone Locked) @ Officeworks (C&C) Limited Stock


$200 cheaper than previous deal. Link

It should be one of the cheapest brand new iphone in the market.


This prepaid model is locked to the Vodafone mobile network and includes a $40 Vodafone Starter Pack.
4.7-inch Retina HD display.¹
Water and dust resistance (1 metre for up to 30 minutes, IP67).³
12-megapixel Wide camera; Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting, Depth Control, next-generation Smart HDR and 4K video.
7-megapixel front camera with Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting and Depth Control.
Touch ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay.
A13 Bionic chip with third-generation Neural Engine.
Wireless charging.⁴
iOS 13 with Dark Mode, new tools for editing photos and video, and new privacy features.
This prepaid model locked to the Vodafone mobile network, and includes a $40 Vodafone Starter Pack.

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  • Is it possible to unlock this phone?

    • +3

      i would like to know too, stuck with Vodafone network is not great, i'm planning to use Coles prepaid which is on Optus network

      • Coles network is shit at best. I am stuck with it for 8 months now. Better avoid it

    • +5

      yes via Here for $50.

    • I bought one of these four months ago for my aunt, was an easy $50 unlock from Voda and took about 24hrs for it to complete.

      • -1

        You paid? We put in a Telstra sim and just used the phone. iPhones aren’t locked anymore.

        • +2

          These Vodafone prepaid iPhones are definitely locked.

    • It’s not locked. Got one yesterday afternoon

      • Receipt or it didn’t happen.

  • +1
    • +5

      Those stock levels say from April 25th. I’m battling to find any in VIC.

      • my order for 2 in nsw was confirmed

    • +2

      using officeworks app to find stock should be easier I believe.

      • Thanks. But every store I try with “limited stock” rejects me!

        • This product cannot currently be purchased online, but here is something similar!

          shows for me now

    • +1

      I get the feeling “24” means zero.

      I too can’t find stock at any store remotely close to Melbourne.

  • -1

    I found some stock at maribynong - covid19 capital - lol

    • +4

      Fort Detrick is the Capital.

  • +6

    Rookie error, went to look up how long they hold a click and collect orders for and by the time I went back someone yoinked the last one at the Fairy Meadows store.

    Well played fellow OzBer, well played…

    • Doh! Fairy Meadow is also my closest store so thanks for at least confirming they have no stock :-(

  • +2

    All gone in nsw from the looks of things. wanted to get one for grandparents. too bad they have to use our hand me down x

  • +2

    This is honestly excellent for anyone upgrading from an iPhone 6,7,8 and wants the same design on their new phone

    It's a complete internal upgrade, but leaves the exterior the same

  • +3

    Only store showing stock is in SA:

    Store Phone Stock
    Noarlunga (08) 8186 9500 2
    • Can’t seem to select any SA store for C&C

  • +1

    Devastated I missed this!

  • +1

    Can't find any stock in VIC

  • +1

    excellent bargain, devastated I missed out as I could've used this and would've been excellent time.

    I'm still using the original SE.

  • Was anyone able to order in Qld ?

    • +2

      I got one before this post went live at around 3pm at garden city. It’s a steal. And it’s not even locked.

      • Can you upload or PM me your receipt? Cheers

  • +1

    So annoyed I missed this!

  • +1


    • +2

      And the not fast enough.

      • +1

        2 Slow 2 Furious

        • Hardly any stock (at the time of posting) and when we really think about it, buying this is more not wanting to miss out on a bargain, rather than we actually need this.

  • cheapest iphone ive ever seen.. i really need to get rid of this iphone8 its laggy at times

  • So annoyed I missed this :(

  • Shattered I missed this. As a Vodafone user, it would have been perfect. Damn! Please do this again soon Officeworks…

    • Available now Bondi

      • No stock when you try to checkout.

        • My order got cancelled, stock numbers must be wrong

  • +1

    i got my 2 iPhones today from office works
    one was new but activated in dec and one was open box and activated in dec, cost 25 each to unlock

    • What? So they’re not brand new in the box???

      • one was brand new
        one was an open box

        • +1

          Well you’re one lucky bloke

  • +2

    Fantastic price!
    Would I buy one after owning larger phones with smaller bezels though? Not a chance.

    • This. It might be good but the look is so 2017.

      • 2014 to be exact…

    • Sure, but a lack of bezels isn't worth the extra $700 to me.

      • Pretty sure it’s more than a lack of bezels.

        • Not for what I use on a daily basis.

  • Is this an upgrade from an 8?

    • +1

      It's basically iPhone 8 with a new CPU (A12) and 3GB RAM instead of 2GB RAM. It does also benefit from newer WiFi and 4G support. Camera, hardware wise, is the same, but the new CPU has a new ISP (image signal processor) so images can still look better.

  • Showing back in stock for me.

    • Which location?

      • South Melbourne 3000. Now showing unavailable online.

  • I got this phone previousl deal yes would have loved to have got it at this price on this post by I’m sure stock would be very limited as was back then.

    I had mine back in March and just had not got around to unlocking it, yes some say there one was already unlocked and some paid $50 to unlock.
    Even back then and with possibly a $50 unlock it was still a good deal.

    Myself and wife got one and knew it would hurt to splash out $100 to unlock both, as we kept using our older phones I decided to get my up and running.

    I asked the question somewhere on here Vodafone price unlock was $50 and $25 the $50 being less than 6 months and I thought this might be how long you owned the phone.
    But I was thinking how do Vodafone know how long you had it as mine was still sealed in box.

    When I tried in my boost card I got a sim not supported so right away I knew phone was locked, I tried to set up my phone for first time and to transfer my stuff from iPad to phone, but it would not let me as kept getting sim not supported.

    I then decided to skip some set up options including the iPad to phone thing and I can’t remember if I removed my boost sim at time or not to do this.

    So as I now seen the apps provided when your on the phone and settings someone said you can check there if phone is locked and it is.

    I went onto Vodafone unlock site and it said, did you buy this from Vodafone I said not and that’s as far as I got, but then I thought it’s a Vodafone sold by officeworks so went back and it said yes.
    It then to my surprise said unlock fee was $25 and option to pay which I did.

    I did this after 12pm that afternoon on Tuesday and I believe it’s still unlocked.

    Rather than pull my sim out of my current phone and into this one often is there a way to check when it’s been unlocked?
    And does it just unlock automatically no codes needed etc?
    When I enter my imei number into Vodafone unlock page it still says locked? Will this change to unlock or do I need to keep checking with my sim?

    I’m assuming I do nothing more? It does say it takes two business days but from when and how long did it take you guys?

    I’m thinking mine ain’t been done right or something and thought I ask you guys what you did and what happen.