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Apple iPhone SE 2020 64GB with Vodafone $40 Starter SIM - $497 (Locked to Vodafone) @ Officeworks


Yes this is locked, confirmed. $50 to unlock and still a bargain.

In store only. Seems to be reasonable stock left around the place.

2020 hardware specs in the previous generation chassis.

Unlock here

Any colour you like as long as it’s black.

iPhone SE is the most powerful 4.7-inch iPhone ever.¹ Featuring A13 Bionic, the fastest chip in a smartphone, for incredible performance in apps, games and photography. Portrait mode for studio-quality portraits, and six lighting effects. Next-generation Smart HDR for incredible detail across highlights and shadows. Cinematic-quality 4K video. And all the advanced features of iOS. With long battery life² and water resistance³. This prepaid bundle comes with a bonus $40 Vodafone Stater Pack, so you can connect to the network in a swift manner.

This prepaid model is locked to the Vodafone mobile network and includes a $40 Vodafone Starter Pack.
4.7-inch Retina HD display.¹
Water and dust resistance (1 metre for up to 30 minutes, IP67).³
12-megapixel Wide camera; Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting, Depth Control, next-generation Smart HDR and 4K video.
7-megapixel front camera with Portrait mode, Portrait Lighting and Depth Control.
Touch ID for secure authentication and Apple Pay.
A13 Bionic chip with third-generation Neural Engine.
Wireless charging.⁴
iOS 13 with Dark Mode, new tools for editing photos and video, and new privacy features.
This prepaid model locked to the Vodafone mobile network, and includes a $40 Vodafone Starter Pack.

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  • grrrrr- paid $50 more a few days ago lol!

    • Don't be too angry, I bet 95% of customers are still paying rrp for this

    • I bought it two weeks ago, $50 more too. Checked - CC gives me price protection, within 21 days….but diff must be $75 or more. Ouch. Nice phone though.

    • I bought mine on the 1st of March at $547 called and asked if they would refund the difference and they said yes as long as u have the receipt and it's within 30days. This was at OW at Narre Warren. When in there tonight and happily got my $50 :) worth a shot at ur OW too

  • I know this could be a long shot but you could but it from Telstra and get them to price match within 7 days of purchase. I did that last time with the Vodafone deal through OW. All you need is screenshot of deal. Check out their website.

    • Do Telstra sell Vodafone locked 📱

    • so they do not do price matching upfront? looks like you have to buy the phone and wait for it to be delivered. And the black one is out of stock anyway on telstra store.

    • Could be very much YMMV. The Telstra price matching policy states:

      "A lower price is ineligible if the offer is:
      for products with pricing set significantly lower than the RRP or Market Value"


      The fact that you have to buy the phone first makes this option less attractive (though what is Telstra's return policy?)

  • dayum been eyeing for an iphone 12 mini. The SE iresistable at this price. 12 series are in mid-cycle anyway. Might call telstra tomorrow if they can price match.

    • I agree, at this price, feature-wise, the 12 mini makes almost no sense. But the mini looks so much nicer, has a bigger screen, takes better photos and is even more compact…

  • So if using it overseas, is it still needs to be unlocked before it can be used with any network?

    • Needs to be unlocked.

    • Last I knew, iPhones were all unlocked. Double check with OW.

    • vodafone has good international roaming rates. for $5/day uses data and voice as if in australia. and the 24hrs starts on when you first use it so if you plan it right you get to use it for 2 calendar days but pay for 1 day. eg 1pm till 1pm the next day. I stopped renting mobile wifi hotspots and just use my iphone when I travel now, or when I used to travel.

  • 64GB concerns me.

    • The screen size worries me more

    • It concerns me that you concern

    • yes, not enough for bang bang photos and videos.

    • If you stream everything and use iCloud already it's not such a big deal. I recently downgraded from a 256gb iphone to a 64gb, I had 110gb of photos on the old phone. I setup the new iphone as a brand new phone (did not restore from backup) and let it "optimise storage" for my photos. Total space used on my phone now is just over 17gb.

      Of course if you download music/videos or lots of large games and apps then yeah, it won't be enough for you.

    • Once you have iCloud set up it’s of zero concern. For $1.50 or so a month I get a 50gb plan. I think my phone is circa 20gbs used in apps and system files.

  • I endorse this deal.

  • Anyone selling unlock codes on ebay?

  • https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/600779
    This deal expired
    got price beat with Officeworks for $707.08 on Wednesday 3/3/21. I noticed noticed extra 10% was applied to 256gb version at David Jones

  • Chirnside Park sold out, said Ringwood and Vermont were showing one in stock.

    I just rang Ringwood and got their last one put aside for the missus, thanks a bunch OP!

  • Is it worth upgrading to this from an iPhone 8 ?

    • Only if you feel that your phone is becoming sluggish - the camera is slightly better (because of software) and it has esim (dual sim capabilities). It will not be a very noticeable upgrade for you (no ‘new phone feeling’) but at least you’re sorted for the next 3 years with a very capable phone (with an outdated design) and TouchID (I think it’s superior to FaceID in many ways). Maybe check how much you could get for your iPhone 8 and do the maths if it will work for you.

      • Let me pick your brains.

        Online it seems like iPhones get 6 iOS updates which is like 6 years of support (Vs Android one being 3 years)? Obviously by year 3 battery life might be a problem.

        Only problem with the SE is the low Res screen and potentially short battery life down the track.

        • My SE battery health has dropped to 87% within 11 months with normal usage (typically only charge overnight). Will be interesting to hear from Apple if this is seen as normal. Don’t think the screen is low res at all, it’s just small compared to other phones. Might be a shock if you’re coming from a Plus or Max, but if you’re on an 8 now, it will just be a continuation of your current screen experience.

    • Probably not. The A11 in your iPhone 8 was a significant upgrade designed to power the new generation iPhone X, followed by smaller bumps in the A12 and A13.

      Having said that, this is peanuts for a new phone with warranty and everything the other guy said.

  • Do these come with the charger included?

  • Great price for the basic iPhone along with warranty support. Perfect as a backup iPhone in between trade ins/upgrades (surely I am not the only one that does this?)

    FYI having used the SE before I will say the battery life is average compared to the bigger iPhones eg. XR, 11, 12, etc which is to be expected

  • says unavailable online, has it been ozbargained?

  • All Australian carriers stopped selling locked handsets with the launch of the iphone 5S last year. Further, all existing handsets locked to Australian carriers were unlocked automatically upon upgrading to iOS 7. All Australian carriers stopped selling locked handsets with the launch of the iphone 5S last year.18 Apr 2014

    • Yes, that was true back in 2014. Something that was true back then can be false 7 years later.

      • Consumers shouldn't have to pay a fee to use a prepaid handset with another carrier. They own the handset and should be free to use it as they want.


        If you purchased your device outright to use with a prepaid service, there'll be a fee to unlock it from the Vodafone network.

        If you’ve had your device for less than 6 months there’s a $50 unlocking fee.

        If you’ve had your device for over 6 months there’s a $25 unlocking fee.

  • Wife has samsung galaxy s5 i had the same but could not get rid of Android robot on screen, took it to a place they said not worth fixing blah blah.
    So as fund where tight at time and hearing the samsung s20 was value for money i got that.

    It was less than $140 then im sure from bigw which had a promo code with $20 off.
    It was locked to vodaphone but heard people had success with getting it unlocked for free.
    With many calls,lies and weeks of pushing it i got it unlocked in the end but it was hard work.

    I'm with boost so had to get it unlocked,

    Wife says she is after an apple phone this time but funds are still limited and i said they are expensive unless buying old.
    Our samsung galaxy's s5 we purchased same time was many years ago now and she is complaining about her one..
    Is this much better than a s5 or even my current cheap
    Am i right newer iPhones have bigger screens or is this not a full sized phone or as big as current ones.
    I do see this is 2020 model but it most have less features of some newer models etc.

    With Apple phones and ipads dont the updates stop several years after and become hard work to use or less compatible with apps etc.

    This might suit the wife but its locked and that's another $50 she is on boost.

    Im tempted to grab this as well but im sort of happy with my samsung a20 cheapo.
    But like wife im boost and that's another $50 to unlock, if this was telstra friendly or unlocked would be all over it.
    But a possible $50 or $100 to unlock puts me off.

    • Ok…..

    • Its seems my cheapo samsung a20 has better specs than this iphone unless im comparing wrong phone?
      And was a fraction of this price.

    • Yes this one has a smaller screen than the “full screen” models. It has a button on the bottom.

    • Just about anything will be a significant upgrade over a Galaxy S5. Not bagging the S5, I still use one.

      The A20 is also a perfectly serviceable phone and will do everything most people need. I bought one but offloaded it to my mother after I found out it didnt support my 5G router, meaning I couldnt cast to my chromecast from within my network, unless I moved all my devices to 2.4g.

      Also no NFC, so cant use it in place of an EFTPOS card. But most people probably dont care about either of those things I suspect.

      My guess is, given your needs seem relatively modest, you could probably get a phone that would do everything you needed within a lower price point. But sometimes the mid range Androids have a few rough edges. I got a Nokia 5.3 when they were on special, good phone, but quite a few issues with Wifi that are only just now starting to get addressed in updates.

      Certainly your wife would be perfectly happy with this phone.

      • I can't remember my first samsung maybe s2, had it for years then both myself and wife upgraded to s5 back in 2013 i think and when phones was half as much as today im sure.
        Now phones in the xxxx prices.
        I not been the type to buy new phones each year but would be nice.
        But plan was to upgrade from s5 samsung to something not the latest but close.

        When my s5 packed in at the time did not fancy spending heaps on a phone and the a20 seemed ok.
        To be honest very similar to my s5.

        As i not had the latest and greatest phones i probably would change my mind on what i think of the a20.

        Only thing this iphone has smaller screen i wonder how it compares to s5 screen as wife has not had anything better then screen size might be ok.
        This a20 i have is 6x4 and at times i think its too big to fit in pockets etc.

        Im tempted to grab this iphone myself, we both have ipads but i been more a fan of Samsung.
        Could use this a20 for work and iphone for leisure.
        Only drawback is the unlocking fee to vodaphone.

    • Is she happy with that screen size?

      Yes? Then buy it

      • Is not even out box yet, waiting for cases to arrive then set both up.
        Both our phones was samsung s5 her one is still ticking away but does moan about it a bit, i suppose its full of crap and needs a clean out.
        Mine packed in about a yr ago and at the time did not want to buy an expensive phone. So grabbed the Samsung a20 cheap.
        My days of spending loads on a phone are long go more so when the pump them out too often.
        Then this one came along thought it was a good price and thought give a iphone a go as always been samsung even though we use ipads.
        As its mentioned its a good phone for price and same chip as iphone 11 etc why not.
        Wife was a few times intetested in getting iphone this time and i told her about this and she said go for it.
        She has seen the sizes of iPhone 7 etc so know's what's to expect and i know my a21 will not last me so thought i grab iphone also.
        Maybe next time we grab a better iphone on some deal who knows i might like the change from samsung.
        I maybe use my a21 for work. Talking about using the two phones its not possible to own sims with same number?
        To save taking sims out of one into another?

        I believe not but maybe get a cheap sim deal for other a21.

  • "Any colour you like as long as it’s black."

    Apple & Officeworks meets Henry Ford - if you want lots of them cheap, that's how you do it.
    Although a famous statement he made, it wasn't too accurate, they didn't stick to it and actually did generally make early Fords in numerous colour choices.

  • Anyone recommend a screen protector that fits this well and a.case

    • If you cant wait for an online order (ebay/aliexpress), kmart has cheap screen protectors and cases. The iphone 6/6s/7/8 has the same body as the iphone se 2020 so just get one that fits one of the older ones.

  • So My network is Internode who run on the Vodafone network. So does that mean I don't need it unlocked?

  • Grabbed one of these yesterday from Officeworks in Melbourne CBD. As close to a perfect an update as possible for my elderly aunt on a 16GB original SE. She’d have liked smaller but the 12 mini at more than double wasn’t worth it to her.

    Just waiting for the unlock to come through from Vodafone since she’s on Boost, the unlock page said it could take two days.

  • Do they send you an email once the unlock request has been actioned?

  • Anybody who bought this phone from this deal, can you please confirm if the box is open sealed? I got one from South Yarra OW, they told me the sim card in the iPhone box was faulty so they opened the box , took out sim card, they said all this batch have faulty sim card.
    What happened to yours, was it sealed or opened?

    • Hmm, come to think of it, the box wasn't sealed for me either.

    • Take it back. It’s a pain to reset Apple warranty. It’s one of those never ending stories where you keep being passed around endlessly.

      Don’t believe anyone including Apple thats says you “just need to call xyz” or email receipt to xyz.

    • Check warranty expiry date tomorrow! The default warranty date is Manufacture date + 1 year, 24 hours after activation will be your actual warranty.

  • Mine 5 March 2022.

    • When you bought it? 5th March?

      • 6th of March.

        • Mine has 12 months too.

          IIRC it was sealed. However it was a completely normal retail pack with the starter pack just taped to the outside. I was surprised it was actually locked to Vodafone. Surely they’d package it a bit more professionally with a sleeve or something.

          • @DingoBlue: Definitely locked :(

            Wish they would hurry up and unlock it already. I paid for the unlock on Saturday but have not received any correspondence from Vodafone since then.

  • I returned it just now, the phone has lots of finger print, has no protection film, USB cable was not sealed , very suspicious

    Then went to JB hi-fi got a XR