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Free $10 Cryptocurrency When You Signup @ Digital Surge


We want to prove that we offer the best platform in Australia with the LOWEST fees and best customer support in the nation (7 days a week live chat).

We are cheaper, faster, better, safer and easier to use then any other platform out there, allow us the opportunity to prove this with a free signup bonus, no strings attached and no deposit required, all you have to do is signup & verify NOTHING ELSE! Verify in a few minutes and the $10 is all yours.

  1. Register & signup using this link: https://digitalsurge.com.au/?trackingCode=OZBA10B

  2. Complete verification process

  3. Send us a message on our live chat to claim your free $10

To qualify you must not be associated with another referral affiliate.
Not stackable with OzBargain referral system. Do not use referral randomiser.


The Store representative is unable to respond to questions in the comments or Private messages due to a guideline infringement. If you require assistance or have questions about the service, please use the Chat function on the website.

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      • Just signed up as well. Currently use SwyftX but thinking of migrating. Would be good if there was a way to see the live spread when making a purchase.

  • +3

    Got $10 thanks.

    Bought some coin.

    Binance fee = 0.001%
    Digital Surge = 0.05%

    Although it has been me mentioned that finance is exchange as apposed to marketplace, fee might still become a factor in the end. Still better than coin spot though.

    • Coinspot has the worst fees on top of the worst pricing, I was only using them because they had AUD balance, found out Binance website had that as well, just not on the app. No need to ever use Coinspot oflver Binance now.

      • What do you mean by it has AUD balance? I use the app and have never used the web version so I’m keen to understand it better.

        • The website has a lot more options including more cryptos like Algorand, you can trade your crypto for AUD as well which is what we all want to do eventually. That being said know that the verification is so they can tell ATO about net gains.

          • @Jimbuscus: Ah I see thank you very much. On another note I’m going to use Binance to buy USDT which can be expensive to withdrawal, is Binance the cheapest to do that?

            • @billybob1978: USDT is 1 USDT fee, depending on the amount you are moving it's probably fine.

              I generally prefer to move between exchanges with something like Algorand for the speed & fees, plus to do a test transaction on the cheap.

              • +1

                @Jimbuscus: Cheers yeah it’s only a small amount so might just do Binance. Although when I was withdrawing the only 1 USDT option was via the BSC (Binance Smart Chain) network but nor sure what other exchanges support it? I’m trying to withdrawal into Coinbase and their customer service is terrible.

                I looked at Algorand just know but nothing sure how to use it so might be a bit advanced for me.

                • @billybob1978: Most exchanges should support the Smart Chain, it is Binance's copy/paste of Ethereum but with a centralized server based network so the network fees are extremely cheap while having the full smart-contract capabilities that run other tokens and decentralized apps like PancakeSwap for extremely low fees. It literally only cost me A$2.00 to create my own crypto as a script contract on that network.

                  Tokens that run on the Binance Smart Chain generally all use the same address for each wallet, with the user needing to add that respective contract to their wallet to see the funds. The BNB runs on two networks, with the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) making it what is called a BEP20 token which the Binance Coin (BNB) runs on. Exchanges will normally have separate addresses for every crypto and that should include each Binance Smart Chain token.

                  The old Binance network is a BEP2 token, BNB essentially exists on both the old network and the new network (Smart Chain), those two networks are generally completely separate from each other and although both BNB tokens are the same value, they are more like 2 different BNB tokens.

                  They can be swapped for each other which is slightly more complicated, but its important to know that if you send one via the wrong network it will be lost to the void. You need to make sure that you are sending BNB to a BEP20 address if it is a BEP20 and vice versa. Not all exchanges are clear with what network the address they are giving you is.

                  I just had a look at both Coinbase basic and Coinbase Pro and they only accept USDT as an Ethereum token (ERC20), which is a completely different network/adress/token etc. They do not accept it as a BEP20/BEP2, so if you had sent to your Coinbase USDTaddress it would be lost. This is one of the reasons people need to do a small test send before the full transfer.

                  On the Binance side of things, if you are trying to send your USDT as an ERC20 token, you can choose what type you want to send and select ERC20 to send to your Coinbase USDT wallet. With the recommendation that you still send a test amount first. The fee on Ethereum network however is a great deal more expensive, Binance has a fixed fee of 10 USDT to send.

                  This why I send between exchanges with either Algorand or Litecoin, it's cheap and fast so you can easily send a test transfer. Algorand is the cheapest and fastest of the two, it only has the one network (as with Litecoin) and the price doesn't fluctuate the same during the process that Litecoin tends to.

                  • @Jimbuscus: Oh wow thanks for all the insight. I’m still leaning so any info is good. I thought BSC should’ve been more widely accepted. Coinbase appears to be a good exchange until you start using it more. The only good thing is the lessons you can do to earn rewards.

                    I can’t figure out how to get to the exchange for Algorand, what site do you use?

                    • @billybob1978: I used Coinbase for a longtime and eventually switched to Binance for the fees, as long as it's A$25+ per buy.

                      • @Jimbuscus: Yeah it’s a good platform to learn on but I can definitely see the benefits of using Binance/FTX/Blockfolio etc.

    • +1


      Binance fee = 0.001 or 0.1%
      Digital Surge fee = 0.005 or 0.5%

  • +1

    legit. I'm now $10 richer than yesterday. thanks!

  • Tried it, account is created but cannot get the verification completed
    reached out to support via chat been waiting for 45 mins

    • -1

      Sorry to hear that, on the day this was out we got flooded, did this end up getting sorted for you?

  • +1

    I have been using my account for about a month. Some simple statistics need a few clicks to see which is not very user friendly. Otherwise, I like and trust this company. If they can work on a better user experience it will be great.

    • +1

      We are working on some very exciting new features that are coming out soon, will include better tracking of profit & loss as well!

      • Thank you for the update!

        • +1

          No worries =)

  • I've been a user since early this year and very happy so far with their platform and service. Much better than my experiences with competitors like Swyftx etc.

    • -1

      Glad to hear it, thanks for sharing your experience!

  • How difficult is it to move coins to Digital Surge from Coinspot?

    Edit: Not that difficult I see

    • Glad it worked well for you!

  • Is there an app?

    • -1

      There is a web app but not a native app, native app for android coming out late next week, iOS in about 3-4 weeks. =)

      • +1

        That’s what you said last month.

  • +4
    • They aren’t at the same rate ?
      Digital Surge: 42,024.45
      CoinSpot: 42,375.03

      • +1


        if you're selling; you'll get more on coinspot than you would on digital surge for the same amount of btc despite coinspot "instant" sell fee being 1% fee vs 0.5% on digitalsurge.

        hence, fees isnt everything.

        • Is anyone arbitrage trading?

          • @Crownanchor: I'm sure someone would be. The amounts are small so you'll need a large enough capital to justify it. On $1000, after fees, buying cheaper on digital surge then selling on coinspot with the highest 1% 'instant' fee would be a net gain of 82c - if you can transact that in instant real time. Guess the volatility would make it unfeasible for such tiny amounts of money.

            I'd also like to point out that the "buy" rate on digital surge is better than coinspot, so that's also a factor. But for myself who does some casual mining and only sells, coinspot would be the winner here with its higher sell rate on instant sell, despite higher fees.

            If you are buying and selling, you would need to consider the buy/sell rate.

        • -2

          If the coin price is higher, you get less coin. I'm not sure what you are talking about.

          Why are you comparing buy from and sell from another.

          You need to compare cost of buy to buy to make a fair comparison.

          • @No ONE: Lol. Let me try to explain it to you.

            Let's say you have $100 USD and want to convert to AUD.

            Money changer A will give you $300AUD for your USD, with a 5% fee, thus netting you $285.

            Money changer B will give you $400AUD for your USD, with a 10% fee, thus netting you $360.

            Which one are you better off with if you had USD to sell?

            • -1

              @lawyerz: We are comparing buying and selling with the same merchant; not buying cheap from merchant A and selling high to merchant B.

              To make it a fair comparison, compare buy and sell from the same merchant. That is how you compare which merchant has high fee.

              • @No ONE: did you miss this line from my post above?

                But for myself who does some casual mining and only sells, coinspot would be the winner here with its higher sell rate on instant sell, despite higher fees.

                There is another way to obtain BTC/coins other than buying them - ie mining them?

                my whole post was to show for people who mine and want to sell their coins, that they would be slightly better off at coinspot despite 1% fee vs 0.5% on digital surge on like for like instant sell. thus, fees isn't everything.

                Really not sure what you're on about.

                • @lawyerz: You provided a snapshot without context.

                  Of course you buy low and sell high.

                  For many user that is trading coin, lower fee platform would make sense.

                  As for miners and those only want to sell, sell it from the high selling price platform, users just have be wary of how practical and costly it is move coin from to another platform.

                  From your screenshot:
                  Buyer from the other end will not get screwed by paying higher fees but also paying high price for the same coin that can be bought cheaper from another platform. This could result in less buyer and more seller and less liquidity in coinspot.

    • -3

      You need to work on your math mate.

      % fee is the one that matters.

      Coinspot 0.01%
      Digital Surge 0.005%

      • https://digitalsurge.com.au/fees

        Lol, Revisit your numbers mate.

        Coinspot instant fees 1%, non instant 0.1%.
        Digital surge 0.5%

        • From what you provided:

          Fee/total amount = %

          The % is what I got from your said transaction.

  • +1

    Nice quick easy process to register and verify, didn't even need to contact support to get the $10 it just added it automatically

    • Hope you're enjoying the platform!

      • Have decided to move all of my crypto off DigitalSurge and wont be using them again. They made a decision to sell one of my coins for a ~50% loss less than a week after I purchased it for long term hold and the customer support is abysmal, much better alternatives out there.

        • I'm confused. Why would they sell something that belongs to you?

          • -1

            @Scope: Yea we don't sale customers coins, I believe some major details have been left out of this. Also we are very well known for our A grade customer service it's one of the top 3 reasons people even join us. I would love to assist you @xazark to resolve whatever has happened if you reach out to our live chat team.

            • +1

              @DigitalSurge: You certainly did sell my crypto without any input from me, the crypto in question was delisted by DigitalSurge and so you auto sold it with very little notice. I did reach out to your live chat support and they effectively said tough luck and blamed it on everything else they could, nothing was their fault, in fact one of the rationale that they told me was that they thought the value was going to keep going down so didn't want me to loose more - which is not their call, its my asset and if it goes to zero value then so be it, I know the risks and have accepted them. What I did not accept is that you would sell my asset without any confirmation from me. Very poor service and have moved all of my assets to other exchanges, how you think this is good customer service is beyond me.

              • @xazark: This is concerning. Which coin are you referring to?

                • +1

                  @Livert: SNGLS - it certainly has continued to drop in price since it was delisted, but I am not looking to hold for short term, I am looking at holding for the long term in which time it may go back up or it could be worthless. As an example of how it should have been handled, Coinbase delisted XRP last year, which I also hold and they simply stopped allowing the coin to be sold/bought on the platform - which I am fine with I still own the coin and it's price also tanked after it was delisted. If they had of auto sold my coins like DigitalSurge did, I again would have made a loss, instead I have continued to hold them and the price has recovered, the US lawsuit against XRP could result in the price increasing or decreasing to 0 or anywhere in between, but again it is MY choice to buy the asset, it should be MY choice when/if to sell it. Not to mention that there are tax implications when selling that the live chat support didn't seem to want to acknowledge.

                  • @xazark: I agree about selling it without consent. Good thing it has fallen since. Buyback at discount I guess.

                    • @Livert: Yep, exactly what I have done :)

  • Are you in the process of adding more coins? For example, CoinSpot has Telcoin and you guys don't?

    • +1 for Banano (BAN)

    • Yep, we added about 15 new coins since we posted this signup bonus and we will continue to add them.

  • +2

    Thanks, opened one for fun, got the $10 without going on chat. Let's see what happens! :-)

    • Hope it's working out for you =D

  • +1

    So I used the $10 to buy Polkadot which gave me about 0.64 DOT.
    It was in my account for a few hours… then the balance reverted to zero.
    Edit: I got it back after raising issue in live chat… possibly just software displaying balance incorrectly, but it doesn't exactly give me a lot of faith in their platform though.

    • Apologies for this it was something that has only happened 2-3 times out of 10,000's of users we have found the error and fixed it.

  • +1

    Beware that if you use gmail with + sign and a password with a special character, you wont be able to login unless you reset your password. I can now only login by resetting password. Contacted a support rep but he was not able to help. He escalated it though. Likely a coding issue

    • Same for Binance…PITA

    • Did you get everything sorted with your account?

  • +9

    Confirm its legit

    Made account, deposited $10, withdrew $20 in less than 5 min on my phone and thanks to osko its in my bank account already. Did not need to chat to support.

    Thanks OP

    • If you had of purchase something with that $10 and left it, there are easily 50+ coins we had that sky rocketed it would have turned it into $300+ by now just as a FYI ;)

      • +1

        Like I said here https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/10769913/redir some people do not realise how much of a good deal this free $10 to try the platform is.

        When i signed up about 8 years ago and got the free USD5, many ozbargainers decided to do a transaction with the free USD5 worth of BTC, and purchased all sorts of items. The smart thing to have done was sign up for the USD5 and do nothing, to be $1000 richer.

  • +2

    I bought $10 worth of Algorand, which was 9.7 ALGO worth $9.89, then had to go through 2 stages of verification to find that the minimum send for ALGO is 10 ALGO.

    Pricing isn't great, exchange fees aren't the cheapest, there isn't an app as far as I can find. The interface as I can see looks nice on the webapp, but having a limit on a crypto that is 10,000x the network fee is a bit absurd and unnecessary, now this "$10" worth is useless as it can't actually be used for anything.

    One of the team members said that they don't have any staking which is a fairly important omission, Algorand has an auto-staking feature that should mean that the 9.7 ALGO will at least hit 10 eventually, but without staking it's just going to sit there and not do anything.

    Edit: I sent 0.30 ALGO to the wallet to bring it above 10 ALGO, Took longer than usual for other brokers/exchanges but not too long either, the transfer fee was 10x the fixed network fee for Algorand, but at least that is still less than $0.02. If you plan on moving this to a wallet/exchange, sending the ALGO difference is worthwile because it's still 99+% free anyway.

    Recieving the Algorand to my personal wallet was also slower than Binance etc, but it was still less than 2 minutes which is fine.

  • +1

    Any picks anyone for $10 to YOLO into? Hopefully open next year and it's $100. Shill me your shat coins to consider.

    • How's that yolo investment going so far?

  • Random question: is it possible to buy/sell futures on the platform (or brokers in general) or is that generally only possible through exchanges such as Binance?

  • +1

    Got my money for nothing

    • +3

      and chicks for free

      • +2

        Now that ain't workin'

        • +2

          that's the way you do it

    • Did you withdraw the 10 bucks to your bank account?

      • Yep, after depositing $10 in

  • Is the verification a credit check?

    • No

  • Hi, I tried to verify my account but my passport is currently recently expired so it won't allow me to verify my account (when other verification services will take expired passports at most 2 years expired), and I do not have a drivers license at the moment. Anything I could do about this other than renewing my passport?

    • Yes you can use a medicare card.

  • I am not getting the SMS.

    • Did you contact support about this issue? has this been resolved?

  • Can you sign up using a family/discretionary trust?

    • +1

      To do this you would need to contact support. I have opened up several business accounts and trusts at various places and always need to go through support to sign up as application forms by default are for individuals.

      Would the $10 still apply for non personal accounts?

      • Yes the $10 would apply if you opened non personal accounts. =)

    • Yep we sure do this is something we specialize in with high level reporting features to meet ATO reporting requirements.

  • The ID check wants a photo of my passport stating We couldn't verify your ID information.

  • No bsv :/

  • 266 coins, quite nice
    Hoping we can use CC to make purchases but still awaiting verification

    • Did you get all sorted?

      • Yes, thanks, my $10 LINA is now worth $23.91

  • Crypto prices are higher since this deal was posted. Looks like this $10 deal has stimulated the market.

    • My wallet value is now $13.50 for doing nothing.

      • Isn’t the $10 fiat? I thought it would only go up if you convert to crypto?

        • lunartemis bought crypto with the $10 deal, and is up 35% and has done well.

          The value is measured in fiat, so what is the problem?

          • @Crownanchor: No problem just asking as when you get the $10 it’s fiat so I didn’t know it was converted to crypto.

            lunartemis has done well.

      • What is it now lol?

  • +1

    Any recommendations on what to invest in? im use to these deals investing for me as i have no idea..lol

    • What did you end up choosing?

  • avoid this exchange, they cant accept my receiving address so now i have to pay fees to send to an exchange that works