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Oppo Find X2 Pro Telstra Version (Ceramic Black) $699 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ Select Area) @ JB Hi-Fi


Very decent price for a very decent phone.

120Hz QHD+ Ultra Vision Screen
Ultra Vision Camera System
65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge
Snapdragon 865 Processor

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      Yes. S10 5g with Exynos right?

      You will definitely see a big difference. Just over snapniess photo quality and the screen is amazing

      Plus once U get a droplet of that charge speed…. It's going to ruin you if U go back to any other phone that has shit charging

    • I moved from an S10+ definitely a noticeable upgrade. To me the camera is the better, 65w charging is insane and the phone just feels so fluid and crisp with the 120hz+Qhd.

  • Does this support IPSMS on boost? It's not listed on the whirlpool list of volte handsets

    • It supports volte/vowifi on telstra/boost. I haven't been able to get SMS over wifi working on mine yet.

  • Are these companies going to keep producing phones like this for around 600-700 bucks? I bought a Xiaomi mi 9t pro in aug 2019 for 600. Snapdragon 855 and 8gb ram, I can't even justify an upgrade at the moment.
    "The best for the money" phones are better value than 2 years ago. Will this trend continue?

    • Real me gt sd888 for $600-800
      Iqoo7 gt888 for $700

    • always buy a year later

  • So tempting to upgrade from my LG G6 though I am a real rugged case person (Always used otterbox) so the limited case options are kind of a deal breaker. Am holding out for the Pixel 6 range but know they will be atleast 2x this price

    • +1

      There are plenty rugged cases available on amazon

      • +1

        Case options for this phone are absolute garbage.

    • It's always annoying waiting for cases for the China phones haha never any local stock

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    Join the OPPO Mobile Owner group , And for anyone that buy this phone don't update to Andriod 11 as there is way to Convert it from telstra into Retail version

    so u aren't stuck with Telstra slow firmware update !!

    • Do you mind posting the steps here?

      • +11

        Copy/paste of the latest post on that group, all credit to them:

        To Change the Region/Carrier on your OPPO FIND X2 PRO Telstra Variant to Retail Version ""AUSTRALIA_EX"

        First of all if u on C62+ firmware unfortunately the Region/Carrier Change method has been disable there for only way to get around this is to Bring the phone back to OPPO service center and get them to Roll the phone back to Andriod 10 ….apparently they can't refuse it coz C62 Andriod Auto still freeze with AOD/Screen Off ….once you roll back to older firmware by then the Change region/Carrier method will works!!


        Most important thing to get the OPPO Free unlock Tool 1.0 "Sec5.exe" working we need to give it address to look up to there for you need to install microsoft loopback network adapter
        here is a example how to do it in WINDOWS 10 …..WIN7/8 will be abit different!!


        then after u sucessfully add the virtual "Microsoft loopback network adapter"

        1. Open Device Manager on your Windows computer.

        2. Expand the Network Adapters category and find your Ethernet adapter. Double click on it to open its properties.

        3. Go to the Advanced tab and find the Network Address option in the Property panel.

        4. Under the Value panel, Select the radio button.
          In the text box next to it, paste in the following: 704D7B61ABCD
          Then u need to disable all other Wired network adapters ….and u need to use wireless to get on internet for this to work !!
          There is 2 method to do this method 1 is using the Sec5 tool and instal ADB driver for ur phone and use the tool to unlock the phone …..i dont recommend doing it this way as its abit more complicated
          therefore we gonna just focusing on Method 2 which its much more simple and striaght forward which is using Sec5 tool to generate Token code to unlock the phone and make it allow region/carrier change !!

        5. Open your phone apps Dial *#9434# and click on authtokendecrypt, Now you should see IMEI and Time stamp on your phone ….at this point do not exit this screen or restart the phone coz Time stamp will change and render the token generating process invalid

        6. Open the Sec5.exe and enter the IMEI and Time stamp into it

        7. then Click on generate token button then u should be able to see a bunch of number and letters

        8. now enter the token on to your phone in the token blank and click authtokendecrypt…..at this stage if everything went smoothly you should see everything turn Green !!

        9. now minmise everything and reopen your phone apps and dial *#3954391# then you should see "switch activated"

        10. then Dial *#391#

        11. Now you should see on your screen showing up bunch of region/Carrier

        12. i want you to ONLY choose "AUSTRALIA_EX" Retail Version of OPPO FIND X2 PRO

        Warning: Do not choose any other country or AUSTRLIA_"Carrier" im sure all of us just want to make it RETAIL VERSION
        Once you made your selection "AUSTRALIA_EX" then phone should be Rebooting and you done congrats on sucessfully convert your phone into Retail Version !!

        now go to setting => software update ….if u still on andriod 10 it should give u the option to go to Andriod 11 with C57 Firmware …..once u update your phone to C57 firmware go to check for software update again it should now offer you C68 Firmware !!

        "before doing any System/software/firmware update make sure you have enough battery to last you through the process"

        • Can it be done using macbook?

        • Is "Sec5.exe" a safe application? Who developed it, I'm wary of running random .exes

        • +2

          Thanks and thanks to the FB group people, managed to do it. Just note if the token fails to generate on sec5, remove the loopback adapter and re-add (if need be disable any anti virus/ firewalls temporarily). Downloading the C57 update now then the C68 (latest).

          • @OZTechGuy: Would anyone be able to generate the token for me? I can't setup the loopback because I have entire missing menus in windows 10 for some reason (specifically the adapters and bindings menu)

            • @dzhay: Ye I can, just msg me the IMEI and timestamp

          • @OZTechGuy: Thanks! this step "remove the loopback adapter and re-add" made all the diff after 4 hrs trying.

        • Nice info, marked

        • Thanks. I needed to disable the Bluetooth network adapter also to get this to work. Cheers…

    • Bought it In previous deal. Would appreciate some direction to convert into retail version please if you could be so kind. Have joined the FB group, but would certainly save me looking for an unfamiliar post which may be months down the timeline. Thanks

    • +1

      I only found out about this after I updated to 11 :(

      • You can do it after you upgrade to 11, but just not with the more recent updates (i.e. after C62)

        • C62 is what I'm sitting on unfortunately

          • @Astronaut Joe: I'm pretty sure mine was C62 out of the box and i did the carrier change. The instructions do state that you can't do it if it's C62+, which i interpreted as C63 and above

            • @02LyW: I gave it a go. Everything works up until the point of dialing *#395etc and then…nothing. No "swiitch activated" message comes up for me.

              • @Astronaut Joe: sorry. i must be mistaken then. I think i might have seen the C62 as the option to upgrade to out of the box. sorry!

  • Worth upgrading from a pixel 3 xl? Had pretty much every nexus/ pixel to upto 3xl current .

    Possibly looking to change manufacturer but still android or wait to see what google next device is gonna offer

    • +1

      Depends how much stock android values to you. I personally don't feel there is any disadvantages with colorOS compare to stock android. But I'm not a heavy user.

      Bought this X2 Pro during Easter sale and still enjoying it everytime I pick it up.

      The new pixel 6 is rumoured to be spec like a proper flagship again so likely it will be at least 2x the price of this one now.

      • Cheers thanks

  • Great deal, thanks.

  • Hi guys, I just bought this phone last week with a price $849. Am I able to claim the price difference?

    Please help.

    Thanks !

    • +1

      If from JB then you sure can, give them a call first (make sure its the same Telstra model also)

      • +4

        yes, I can confirm that the JB Hifi is happy to provide me a refund after a phone call.

        Great customer service(to be honest, I won't be surprised if they could not do the refund, but they did which is great!)

        That's why when there is something I'd like to be buy, I'd already like to check JB Hifi first. :)

        Go JB HIFI~!

    • why was it $849?isn't it $999 all the time?I've been monitoring the price to buy one

  • is anyone having problem with the ambient light sensor? My Oppo 10x zoom and Oppo A52 always have its sensor spike up too low or too high if you move around.

    • anyone?

      • Seems ok so far, but I'd like it to be dimmer at times.

        • Cheers mate, bought it yesterday and yes it was way too dimmed for me in a room without light.

  • I bought Oppo Reno 5G(10x zoom), then I bought this one as well(because my Reno was stolen).

    One particular issue with this phone is, when you zoomed in 10 times, its vision of camera gets blurred, whereas the Reno 5G still sharp.

    I am not sure whether its just the particular phone I have or it's a common issue for all Find X2 Pro.
    Maybe someone can confirm this issue?

    • I get what you mean. When I zoom past 10x (even 10.1) it goes out of focus. I have to back away a bit for it to re-focus.

      I have an S21 Ultra and it doesn't blur like that. I thought it was a software thing as I've tried some Gcam ports before I updated to Android 11 (they only work on Android 10) and it doesn't become a mess when zooming past 10x.

      The main camera looks great though, I understood what the "zero shutter lag" means now. But no motion photos disappointed me as well.

      • hi @freezingpoint, thanks for the reply.

        Could you elaborate how do you get the camera re-focused when in 10X zoom?
        I have tried several times already and still have no luck to make the image sharp under 10X zoom….

        • I had to move back a bit. Not sure why it's like that but I tried this on text and I had to move back a bit. Could be "too close" for it to focus? Just like if you put the camera too close to your subject it becomes a blur.

  • I bought this phone from JB 26 days ago. My CC's price guarantee is for 21 days after purchase. Bummer.

    At least I bought with a price match from another sale price, and not at full whack. Still, I'd rather have some extra $ back in my pocket.

  • What adaptor are people using for headphone with 3.5mm jack for this phone?

    • the headphone out of the box is already rocking a usb-c connector. Not 3.5mm jack

      • guessing Frankly Frankie has a 3.5mm headphone they want to use.

  • Think it's worth returning a galaxy a52 4G that was $560 and paying extra for this oppo?

    • +1

      I would say so, considering this is a 2020 flagship vs a 2021 midrange phone, and has better specs in almost every way on paper.

      But of course check to see if its got any dealbreakers (eg. headphone jack)

    • It's worth it but you might want to check if your Telco actually has 5g. By the time 5g is mainstream it will be time for a new phone

      • Felt like a52 was over priced for what it offers compared to this phone

  • Can anyone recommend a screen protector for this phone? The one out of the box was awesome, but I have gone through that one and also another that Oppo gave me free via online chat last year. Now they don't have anymore stock fro free or for sale, the ones online all get terrible reviews, and a few I have bought have been rubbish.

    • +3

      Going off xda forum feedback, the Ibywind clear tpu screen protector for Oneplus 8 Pro which can be found on Amazon works well for this phone.

      I've ordered myself one and now waiting for delivery.

  • So wanted the headphone jack, not a fan of Bluetooth.
    The camera looked promising, was after something that is as good as a P40. Researched a bit then saw the Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra review and thought Dam!

    There is a big cost gap and yes, still no headphone jack.

  • Is this network locked to Telstra?

    • +3

      no, you can use it on any network. It is reigon-locked to telstra by default however meaning updates are generally a lot slower to come out. You can fix this so long as you haven't updatee the phone yet via the guide posted here https://www.facebook.com/groups/1184682081675881 .

  • Bought and changed regions to get faster updates. Impressed so far, coming from a S8

    • Sorry to probe but what specific method did you use?

  • Can career change be done using macbook?

    • +2

      Yes it's possible when you type up a decent resume and cover letter for a new career

  • Just got the phone yesterday, it is a big step for me upgrading from Mi A1, thanks OP and Ozbargain!

  • If only the vegan leather was this price!

    • The vegan green leather also $699

      • On the JB website? I saw that earlier this week but it was out of stock.

        • I rang them,been told all green one sold out in Adelaide

        • +2

          I went to the store after i bought Telstra version, asked the staff if they have any colour oppo finds X2 pro, they checked it, and have 1 stock for the green one.

  • +1

    just bought one!free delivery,purchased egift card from Lumo with 5% discount,came to $671.5 inc Lumo's 1% credit card surcharge.

  • Does the included power adapter support 65W SuperVOOC 2.0 Flash Charge?

    • +2

      Yes it does, the big fat charger

  • I have been using this phone for 4 months. And now i got some burn-in because of 1.5 hours using Waze for maps. I don't think this is acceptable. Anyone experienced the same?

    • follow

    • 1.5hrs on a static image is a long time. This would affect any phone.

      • Well, 1.5hours on maps is not a long time. Other people might have longer drive. And i think this is a very common use case for everyone. My friends using Samsung and iPhone (all OLED screens) and never had this problem.

        • Any issues getting it replaced/repaired under warranty? The last phone I saw burn in was an s7 edge, Samsung replaced the screen 2 days after I called them.

          • @AEKaBeer: I haven't had time to go to JBHifi. The burn-in has faded, you still can see it but hardly. But I'll see if it disappears in the next few days

            • @hero1211: why not get it replaced while you can still see the burn?

  • This phone was launched 2020 can anyone comment on how long it will get security updates?

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