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Xiaomi Aqara Smart Window Door Sensor 2 Pack US$20.99 (~A$28.77) Delivered @ Banggood


After many requests for another Aqara sensor deal I've managed to get a deal on a pack of 2 Zigbee Window/Door sensors. It's not as cheap as previous deals that were run at a loss by GeekBuying, but it's still a good deal from Banggood for only a couple of dollars more.

These sensors are designed to detect when a door or window has been opened to trigger an alarm to the Aqara/Xiaomi hub or push notifications to your phone. It can also be setup to work with other smart home products in various ways, like turning on your smart lights when the it detects that a door has been opened.

This sensor requires the use of a Zigbee hub to work and is compatible with many brands including Aqara, Xiaomi, Conbee, SmartThings and more. It also supports Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa.

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    Feel free to suggest other Xiaomi/Aqara sensors and I'll see what I can do :)

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      switch button please

      • +2
        • +3

          Yes please. 2 pack at least

        • +1

          Me too - 2 or 4 pack would be good.

        • yes please

    • +4

      Temperature please! Just the cheap one without barometric pressure (someone explain how they ever use that metric without being a metrologist ! )

      • these door sensors (if the photos don't lie) do report temperature actually :-)

        • If your using them in home assistant with a conbee the temperature values are useless and it's a widely known issue. They are completely inaccurate compared to other dedicated temperature sensors. Not sure how the temperature reports in other hubs though.

    • +6

      Motion sensor please!

    • +3

      Aqara Water Sensors please

    • +1

      Is there any deal on the xiaomi Mijia door sensors to work with the gateway v3 hub? thanks

    • +1

      Would love a code for the following:
      Temp/Humidity Sensor

    • +1

      Human body PIR please :)

    • Any possibility for a deal for Xiaomi Night Light 2 with Bluetooth? (Don't know if that counts as sensor related ^^")

      Thanks for the post OP

    • ZigBee motion sensor please (with lumens reading if there is one)

    • Xiaomi/Aqara hub, not just sensors.

  • Aquara is good for iPhone / apple product users mostly due to HomeKit support.

  • Been using Aqara for a year, can confirm it’s good.

  • Just want a higher discount for larger purchases. Want to replace about 15 dying Wyze sensors in my house at once and was hoping to get away with under $13 a pop.

  • How do these work with smartthings? I have a Samsung hub V2 - are these compatible?

    • I don't own SmartThings but it seems there is some work required.

    • +1

      I have ST hub v3 and tried some Aqara Zigbee door and motion sensors, and the button/switch: After some tinkering, things work, but they all tend to loose connection to the ST hub. And yes, tried a lot of different pairing approaches (e.g., removing all ST plugs that act as repeaters during first 48h after pairing so they don't interfere) but still, it's not reliable enough for a busy life where we can expect things to just work ..

    • I can't say for sure about the hub, but I know they don't work with the Smartthings switches (as a repeater)

  • I have no smart things atm, can anyone recommend me a good base station to talk to these things?

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      How far down the rabbit hole do you want to go?
      Home Assistant with a Conbee II if you really want to get in to it.

      • Cost comparison ?

        • +8

          Biggest cost with home assistant is time. It's an involved hobby.

        • The hardware may add up to a little more depending what you already have but isn't huge $. Conbee I got for around $60. You can run HA on a Pi or old PC.

          You could get a Xiaomi gateway or similar for less I would imagine, or maybe use an Echo that has a built in ZigBee hub (maybe someone can confirm if they are compatible, not sure myself) but if you want to go beyond basic stuff you'll find yourself looking at something else.

          There is a learning curve with HA though it's getting more user friendly and you can bring together pretty much all the smart devices you have (or will get once you get the smart home bug), ZigBee, WiFi etc so you're not limited to one system.

    • +1

      Try Hubitat, if you are not interested in doing a bunch of technical stuff (like home assistant)

  • Any deal for switchbot? Thanks

  • These are great

  • Will this work with Philips hue smart bridge

    • It's not possible to connect Aqara sensors to the Philips Hue.

      • Hi Clear,
        Hoping you can help - does your Aqara sensors work with an Amazon echo plus gen one ? Without me needing to buy a separate Xiaomi gateway hub device or additional hardware? I know the Mirabella Kmart sensor switches work standalone with the Amazon echo plus ok. Thanks in advance

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    Lovin the new avatar op!

    • what is it? too small for me to see; looks like someone (I suspect important) opening a car door?

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    Can someone explain the value in having these? I get that they tell you that a door was left open with an alarm, but my wife already does that.

    • Yep mines "ready to go" is GTF out of the house so that I can check every door & window in the place three times.

    • Haha, could be a notification that a door is opened when you’re not home so you can call the cops. Otherwise use it as a trigger to turn lights on or off when you enter a room, open a freezer or jump in the shower!

    • Once you have a few pieces you can link them together in all kinds of interesting ways.

      I have one automation; If the garage door is opened, and it is night, then the garage light switches on. Also if the garage door is closed then the garage light switches off.

      Also added one to turn the garage light on when the sun sets if the door is already open.

      And I added an alert to let me know if the garage door has been left open after dark. I get a reminder every 15 mins.

      • What hub do you have to do that? I want to do that as my garage door often gets left open at night. Even managed to get robbed once because of it.

        • That setup above isn't using zigbee, I made my own garage door sensor/controller using esphome.

          But you can do the same easier with off the shelf devices.

  • Hi all, silly noob question - I’ve got the Amazon Echo Plus (1st Gen) – With built-in smart home hub, Black - will that work with these sensors standalone or do I still need to buy a physical Xiaomi hu/ gateway to use? Thanks in advance.

  • I have 60 ZigBee devices on my conbee now lol.

    • Conbee is amazing. Works flawlessly with all my sensors and other Zigbee devices.

      • +1

        My Aqara devices keep dropping off and refuse to recognise. I have no idea why.

        • What's the distance like? I've had issues when getting to the limits of the Zigbee range

          • @Darkscythe: A few metres. I've had them in the same room and they drop off and refuse to be seen again. It's annoying, because I had big plans for some nice automations.

        • I have a similar issue, but just with some window/door sensors (temp, motion sensors work perfectly). Let me know if you figure it out!

        • Apparently Aqara is not fully compliant with some Zigbee specification regarding timeouts or something, so it gets dropped by the Hub or repeater from time to time and needs to be re-registered. Pain in the a$$ as otherwise they work really well. I have a problem with door sensors and body motion sensors (I have about 12 of those inside and outside the house) using SmartThings v3 Hub.

        • +1

          I had the same issue with the Conbee connected to my NUC. I had kick all the hue lights off the network and put the conbee on a USB extension cable away from USB3 ports.

    • You have the Conbee 1 or 2?

  • the way our homes are headed for Smartville they're going to be hacked in ways we can't even think of.

    • +1

      One advantage of zigbee is that it's isolated from the internet. Way better than all these wifi devices that phone home.

  • Any chance of some discounts on Tuya devices?

    I already have a few (as well as devices for SmartThings and Yeelight), but it seems that Aqara would need yet another app, so trying to stick with Tuya as they seem to be most the diverse and affordable options that are available locally .

  • +1

    Can you recommend a hub to work with this and Apple HomeKit?

  • +1

    Is anyone else getting "This coupon can only be used 100 times"?