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20% off WORX: 500m² Landroid Robot Lawnmower $1279.20 (Was $1599) + Delivery ($0 to Select Area) @ WORX eBay


Worx has 20% off store-wide on eBay.

I've been wanting a robot lawnmower for a while and it seems Worx is one of the better reviewed and has a decent reddit community.

They also have the 1000m²: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/383079441524

and 1500m² models on sale too: https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/383079525899

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  • $1519 for me after discount with eBay plus.

    Edit: Nevermind, it applies on checkout.

    • checkout before providing payment info?

  • 20% from Worx, then another 10% from eBay Plus

    I bought the 1500m2 version, a little garage for it, and the anti collision sensor which came in at under $2000. Our lawn is around 4000m2 but if it can keep the area near the house under control I'll be a happy chappy.

    • Can you add 2 codes ?

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        Yes, the 20% off (WORXWINTER20) and the 10% off eBay Plus one both applied. Cant remember the code specifically - it was advertised in the listing and I just pasted it. Didn't think to write it down. Looks like "SAVER10OFF" (10%) and "PLUS12OFF" (12%) are active at the moment and may stack.

        • Are you sure cuz that codes are for specific items in eBay for storewide. I am not eBay plus member for a while now but non members can use saver10off but workx is not the item list and unable to add it in the code section .

        • They didn't stack for me but I had a 5% off eBay voucher.

          I also bought ebay gift cards through shopback, I think 3% off. I also tried using the shopback cash back but didn't track

        • eBay warned "Looks like that's the wrong code. Please double-check and try again." on code WORXWINTER20…did I miss anything?

  • Any difference between the models other than the area size they now?

    • The larger-area models have a better user interface on the mower. However, if you do most of your interacting via the app, that might not matter. Apart from that, I think it's just a case of getting a bit more of everything - more battery capacity, more wire, more pegs.

  • Does anyone know if these perform well if the land is on the slope.
    I mean not too steep but little bit slope.

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      Just assumption here. It will depend on how much grass and thr traction it can achieve, less when there is dew but maybe can add studded/spiked wheels 🤔

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      I have the Flymo one and they do fine on slope. As long as the spikey wheels will find grip, they mow.

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      I've had one for over a year. As others have said, it's all about the traction. If your grass is thin/weak, the wheels will dig through it (especially where the mower tries to turn) and carve ruts in the ground before getting stuck. If your grass is healthy and not too slippery, slopes are no problem - it easily has the power to climb slopes

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    I've trialled these since before they arrived in Australia. They can handle slight slopes okay but if the grass is thick buffalo they might have issues if it's wet.
    Generally you don't want to mow when it's wet though.

    For me I noticed a boost in quality of turf after using one.

    • Is it good for buffalo you mean ? I have buffalo but no slopes .

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        Good for buffalo and other grass yes. If your lawn is spongy though it might struggle a bit.

  • The only reason stops me from buying this is its requirement for setting the “fencing” wires…..it sounds like a hack of a job and the troubleshoot can potentially be frustrating…..

    Still waiting for something like my Robo vacuum, plug and go….

    • That is a massive technical challenge. I suspect you'll be waiting a very long time.

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      Isn't just laying a wire down on the perimeter with some pegs? Shouldn't take more than an hour

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      There's the ardumower which uses GPS RTK to give cm accuracy… But it's about $3k Australian, no warranty and you have to solder/build it yourself.

      But… It's super cool and impressive.


      I personally think we're 3-5years away from an affordable commercial solution but if there's enough demand it might come quicker.

    • The wire fencing takes about 6 hours for your average yard.

      • Wow, so something you basically need to leave up permanently

    • It's surprisingly quick and easy - I got mine 99% right first time. I left loops of spare wire (about 60cm) in each corner of the garden which helped when i needed to adjust the layout

      Probably took an hour or two to install and ever since it's been working perfectly

      • The loops of spare wire are a real pro tip and definitely worth the effort. They're also good if your wire gets cut and you need to repair it. (As can happen when you've just laid it and the grass hasn't grown over it yet. If your mower decides to pivot on top of the wire, it can dig it up and push it into the blades.)

  • Is the collision sensor a must if I don't have much obstacles?

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      No, it still has a bumper sensor too.

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      It probably drives better than the useless shit that reversed into me in the carpark

    • Good if you have kids, toys etc. Otherwise does a good job of bump and redirect.

    • No. If you have nothing on your lawn for it to avoid (eg statues, bird baths, etc) there is no need for it.

      I bought the collision sensor for mine and really it's unnecessary

    • I have my clothes line in the middle of my lawn. Didn't bother fencing it off with the boundary wire and don't have a collision sensor. Mower gently taps it and changes direction without any hassles.

  • Thanks guys, took the plunge. Now thinking what to say to wife :(

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      You just say you were robbed by a robert……

  • How about this cheap one?


    • No idea. There's also the Australian 'moebot' which I assume is just rebadged of something else.

      I went landroid because it has reviews/community etc.

  • i would love one of these, but until it has a dog shit avoidence function its a non starter for me….. dont fancy cleaning dog shit out of the mower all the time.

  • +1

    I have one of these (the 1000m2 version) for my 350m of lawn

    Literally one of the best devices I've ever bought.

    Many times more useful than the robovac we have indoors

    If you have lawn, buy one.

    • What's the difference between the 500m2 and 1000m2 versions?

      Is it just battery size to make it run longer (both have a single 20V battery, but maybe one has more Ah)?

      Or is the physical hardware different (however judging by the photos, all versions look like they have the same physical build)?

      Just wondering what you're actually getting for the extra $300 cost for each higher model.

      • Physically bigger and takes less time to cut the same sqm (due to it's size).

      • I notice overseas have a new one called plus that’s waterproof that you hose off.

        Is yours hard to clean? Or got any water damage?

  • Will wait until it is $955.60 delivered again:


  • +1

    Early days but damn, I'm impressed!

    Boundary wire was reasonably fast to set out. The included measuring tool made it easy to get the mower closer to the edges.

    I've got it programmed to come on at the end of the day, a bit before dusk. It has been so good getting home from work and seeing it driving around the lawn.

  • This or the Moebot? =) I have a really small lawn… Like really small, as in townhouse small. Setting up the actual lawnmower and putting it back takes more time than the actual cutting. I'd love the robot to do all that for me =)

    • Moebot would surely be fine for such a small space… But I don't own one so not sure.

      Landroid would handle it easily

  • trying to purchase but the discount code seems not working?

    • Pretty sure it expired late last month. Good unit, I bought it. Hold off for next promo. If you can't wait it's $1349 on Amazon

    • tried the code and it is not working now and I guess that we have to wait for antoher eBay plus garden Tuesday

  • How long of the power supply cable ? Is that weather-proof ? Thanks !