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Use Credit Cards to BPAY Your Bills with $0 Fee @ Beem It


The Beem It App now offers fee-free BPAY bill payment with credit cards.

Installed Beem it app long time ago while they have referral cash back but not lately

Recently downloaded the Sniip app due to the AMEX $30 cashback deal and found that the 1.5% credit card fee doesn't worth using it for regular bill pay purpose

Today opened the Beem it app and checked now the app accept Credit Cards (Visa / Master) which they initially doesn't

They also allow using Credit Cards to pay your bill with BPay without transaction fee and you probably still earn credit card rewards points of the spending

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    Don't worry found the answer

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    Just tried to pay Strata Pay with NAB visa and it states "Payment method not accepted by biller". 😩

    • worked for my starta with NAB qantas reward signature card, worked fine for me

      • Is it Biller Code: 74625?

        • nope 96503

          • @ujwols: Any surcharge added to the next bill?

            • @the splingee: just to clarify, did you get your qantas points for the transaction with NAB>

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                @OzCheapo: NAB card was not me.

                Beem It has always earned points with whatever points-earning card I've used. And for 96503 there was no surcharge added to the next bill.

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    Been using this method to pay the ATO with the Qantas Premier Platinum Card and earning points at 1:1

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      that is great

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    It's your bill who do NOT accept credit card.
    Just look up in the bpay website to tell whether you can pay it via you credit card.

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    With services such as ZipPay and Beemit, it is a roundabout way to pay the ATO and still get points on the Visa/MC. I can say points earning is possible on ZipPay (even Citibank and Commbank gives you points on Zip) but do you still get points on BeemIt?

  • Interesting! I already love the beemit app so this makes it even better. I only use bpay to pay off credit cards atm but this is still handy for those once off bills.

  • Had no love trying to add my Macquarie platinum credit card (visa)

  • Can anyone confirm Qantas Money will give points via this method?

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      Yes can confirm. I have been using the Qantas Premier Platinum Card and earning points at 1:1

  • So If I pay my ATO PAYG bill with my credit card via Beemit BPAY, would I avoid the card payment fee (0.77%) usually charged by the ATO if I had paid by credit card through their portal?

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    Not sure what this is about… it is the biller that decides whether a credit card is accepted. When you do BPAY from your online banking, you can already choose to pay via Credit Card, if the Biller accepts it. Unless you are saying with Beem It, it somehow magically lets you pay via Credit Card to any BPAY biller even if the BPAY biller does not accept credit card.

    This is like saying Beem It will let you pay via Credit Card to a retailer that only accepts cash, which I find it hard to believe. Unless somehow you pay via Credit Card to Beem It, and Beem It pays the Biller with a savings account on your behalf.

  • Wouldn't this about the same (could be better) for the current PayAll by Citibank? 0% fee at the moment.

    • From my understanding Citibank PayAll is to pay to BSB / Account number, does it accept pay to BPay now?

      • Not sure. But you're right, Payall is pay to BSB/Acc. I better check it out.

        On unrelated matter, just realized in the last 2 years my council rates payments in Citi didn't earn points. What the hell! They charged me cc fee but no points. lol

        • The CC fee was presumably charged by your Council and Citi doesn't award points on Government transactions, so that's normal. Citi haven't charged you. If your Council has a way (mine does) the pay them via PostBillpay/PayPal.

  • Anyone know how to do BPAY if you got a Crypto.com card?

  • Credit checks apply to these Beemit, zippay, sniip…things?

    And can we get a table going with the cards / billers that they help to earn points with.

    Looks like Qantas Premiere - ATO is the only confirmed points earner?

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      Credit checks:
      Beemit - no
      Zip - yes if zip money , no if zippay
      Sniip - no

      • Zip - yes if zip money , no if zippay

        Not true - zip performed a credit check when i applied last year. And yes, it was zip pay, not zip money (never applied for it).

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          They only did a soft credit check (same as applying for utilities)

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            @silenthillrocks: where are you getting this from? The enquiry type on my equifax report is personal loan (revolving), which does not sound like a soft inquiry at all.

  • It says there is a problem with my payment with bpay and try again later. anyone has this and know why?

  • It looks like this is a permanent offer. I would have thought they are paying credit card fees so I wonder how they make money?
    Great offer anyway!

  • I was wondering, there are many billers that impose a percentage surcharge for payment by card.

    While I know Beem It isn't charging extra on their end for making BPay payments via credit card, does using Beem It (or other similar 'indirect' methods such as PayPal via Post Billpay as mentioned in this thread) allow you to use a credit card whilst also avoiding card surcharges on the biller's end?

    Or will the biller still be able to know that a credit card was ultimately used and presumably pass the surcharge on in the next invoice?

    • Guess time will tell…

    • +1

      Hopefully someone will post their firsthand experience. I won't find out for a while.

      Happy that BeemIt payments are earning points, however on closer inspection my ANZ card has been earning points on normal BPay anyway.

  • Couldn't verify a Citibank Premier card via the normal method. Can't delete the unverified card either. Annoying.

  • -2

    How do i do B Pay i cannot see Bpay option on the app

    • Bpay is above Transfer

      • Oh just found out blockada was blocking that, But still unable to use my prepaid Visa debit card.

        Bought a $500 visa GC just to pay this now will have to stick to that, at least it's a Visa card, can use it anywhere else

        • Yeah don’t know about prepaid ones, I only use my debit ones currently

          • +2

            @Jase1: Why bother with debit card in beemit to pay bpay bill when it's the same as paying Bpay bill from your bank account?
            Is there any secret benefit that I miss?

            • @kctt: I dont personally use for bpay, was just pointing out where it was on the app.

        • you cant use a prepaid card with beem it but via sniip you can but pay fee 0.5% ? still not bad but if you use a $10 referral credit for sniip and have many prepaid cards to get rid off.

          • @coolsteps: Thanks mate it seems like Only1Visa prepaid card works with it, Can finally get discount on my taxes, aka pay less on taxes. Great way to reduce taxes without using those credit cards, and credit checks.

            Going to have to buy another Only1Visa prepaid card tomorrow to do the rest of ATO payment.

            Best now to use your HSBC debit card (2%) or credit cards (YMMV) to buy discounted VISA/MASTERCARD prepaid cards, and the $10 signup bonus removes that 0.5 % fees payed now anyway

            • @USER DC: Is there any sale on only1 visa at the moment? Otherwise, you will be making a loss using HSBC to buy $500 only1 visas (507.95*0.98=0.44% discount, which is less than the fee charged by sniip)

              • -1

                @feihong: There was a discount in past

                I think you may be able to get 10% off using your once a month even though it says discount doesn't apply on gift cards

                But give that a try

  • does beemit verify the card in some way? can coles prepaid mastercards be used to make payments?

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      Two small authorisations are temporarily charged to the card and you have to enter the correct amounts in the app.

    • no to prepaid cards try sniip.

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    Ok just used the app to BPay to my council bills from my CC (Coles MasterCard). Obviously no surcharge fee here, but let see if I'll get the points.

    No surcharge fee for using CC to pay government bills is great, even if i don't get points. So this is a plus from me.

    Now i have more reasons to use BeaemIt - previously only used to quickly transfer between banks that not support fast payment.

    • +3

      Can confirm that i get the points with beemit payment. Paid council rate last week and got the points few days later.

  • lets us know. it will be interesting to see if any citibank issued credit cards will earn points via beem it.? also if any card issuers treat it as a purchase or cash advance?

    • +1

      I can confirm receiving points with Citibank.

      also if any card issuers treat it as a purchase or cash advance?

      There's no reason a card issuer would treat it as cash advance.

      I've tried making a BeemIt payment to a business that treats credit card bpay as cash advance but it was not accepted.

      • Do you know if the credit card issuer knows where the payment is going? Wondering if topping up trading accounts like SelfWealth would count as a transaction (not a cash advance)

        • +2

          Based on the above experience, I suspect there is no situation in which BeemIt is treated as a cash advance. I'd wager the only options are normal purchase or not accepted.

          • +2

            @the splingee: Was able to BeemIt to Tatts Online (thelott.com) with a credit card. No cash advance fee.

            • @the splingee: Hey mate just wondering if you also got the credit card reward points on this transaction? Also do you mind to disclose which credit card did you use?

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                @arctan: Yes with Citibank Premier.

                • @the splingee: I tried with ANZ visa and it did not go through. I then tried with Coles MC it went through (thelott.com).

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                    @arctan: Are you getting internal server error? I've been getting that with my ANZ card for a couple of days.

                    • @the splingee: Yeah I keep getting internal server error with ANZ credit card

                    • @the splingee: I checked bpay ID for thelott and another bookie. They accept credit cards so in theory ANZ credit card should work. It looks like it's been blocked by ANZ bank. My Coles MC worked and no fees incurred so far. I would assume all citibank issues credit cards would work (Coles MC, Qantas credit card, Citibank credit cards etc).
                      The big 4 banks would definitely be more strict in this area. It's interesting to see what will happen when Nab takes over Citibank's credit card business.

                      • @arctan: To clarify I am having internal server error with the ANZ card for any transaction. Not specifically related to TheLott.

                        • +1

                          @the splingee: I was able to use ANZ Visa credit card to pay ATO with bpay last night. So it definitely works with some of them.

                    • @the splingee: Same here, ANZ and ATO.
                      It went through (still pending on ANZ) last night though.

                    • +3

                      @the splingee: I'm getting it too with my ANZ card. I've been able to make the same payment every week but for some reason I get the 'Internal Error' yesterday and today. I checked the BPay ID on their website and they accept Visa Credit card payments. I contacted BeemIT and got the following response. Not sure what's going on.

                      "Sorry to hear that you're having issues making a payment.

                      Some users are experiencing issues making BPay payments at the moment, the issue has been raised with our backend team, so we should hopefully have a resolution quite soon. We will definitely keep you updated.

                      Apologies for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your patience."

        • +3

          Upon checking on www.bpay.com.au, bpay codes 279422 and 279430 do not accept bpay from credit cards, so you will not be able to use Beem It to fund your Selfwealth account unfortunately.

    • +2

      Can confirm receiving points and also bonus points with Coles MC (from Citibank)

  • i have a large invoice that i need to pay soon. does anyone know if there is a bpay limit amount using beem it with a credit card? how long does funds take to arrive at the other end?

    • if you pay before cut-off time 5pm on business day then it should arrive overnight.

      After cut-off time it is the same as payment in the next business day. i.e payment after 5pm on Friday is the same as payment on Monday before 5pm so the fund will be updated on Tuesday morning by biller.

      • thanks samehada, ill be sure to do it before 5pm. i only hope beem it dont reject the large amount 32k im not sure if they have limits.

        • Not sure if you can even BPAY 32k in one transaction, I believe BPAY have limit of 20k.

        • Hey did you figure out how to do this is? I also have a large bill I’d like to pay through beem it. But the limit seems to be $2K per day?

    • +2


      4.3. Transaction payment limit
      (a) The maximum amount you can pay through the Beem It app in one day is $2,000
      (b) The maximum amount you can send through the Beem It app in one month is $10,000.
      (c) Any other existing limits on your linked debit card will also continue to apply.

  • Has anyone tried using ANZ rewards credit card to BPAY bills with Beem It, and did you receive the reward points?

    • +2

      I haven't tried ANZ rewards credit card to BPAY
      but tried NAB qantas rewards signature to BPAY
      and can confirm that I receive the QF points

      Its a true win for me because the bill that I have paid got a 2% surchage for credit card payment
      By using Beem not only that I have avoid the surcharge, but also earn QF points

      • Cheers thanks for the reply

    • +1

      Have earned Qantas Points on an ANZ card. However that card earns points on normal BPay anyway.

      • Awesome, thanks Splingee

  • +1

    Good to hear on ANZ card working with Beem it :)
    Confirming for peeps that are wondering what other cards work currently
    Coles MC (someone else had already mentioned)
    PayPal visa - works
    HSBC - not supported (Beem it customer service confirmed when i'd asked)

    Does anyone know if Suncorp cc would work/is supported?

    • +1

      There's no reason to think any Australian MC/Visa won't work, with the anomalous exception of HSBC and prepaid cards.

      Suncorp credit cards are provided by Citibank.

      • Thanks
        And thats true - HSBC - strange one why its not supported.
        But thanks for confirming on Suncorp as i was looking to apply.

  • Looks like Beem It only allow payments up to $2000.

    Anyone had any issues splitting a payment for Body Corp Rates (e.g. paying $2000 in one payment, then $300 in another)? I assume the Body Corp will still see both payments on their systems and there wouldn't be any issues?

  • +1

    Tried to pay off my citibank CC with an ANZ CC, and also to pay my body corporate fees, both via BPAY on Beem It BPAY - no luck. I get the "Something went wrong error - The payment method is not accepted by the biller".

    EDIT: Does work to transfer BPAY funds to Superhero - but a max of $2,000 at a time, and SH deduct $1 each time you BPAY, so not work it I think.

    • Tried to pay off my citibank CC with an ANZ CC


      "Something went wrong error - The payment method is not accepted by the biller".

      Yep, it won't always work.

      but a max of $2,000 at a time

      Beem It has daily and monthly limits..

      SH deduct $1 each time you BPAY, so not work it I think.

      A $1 fee on $2,000 sounds very reasonable.

      • Thanks for this, I looked into it and you're dead right, rewards points worth about 10x more than the fee. I've since transferred about 16k to shares, which is odd, since it seems to exceed that monthly limit

        • Yeah, even a crappy rewards card should give a return of more than 0.05%.

          I've since transferred about 16k to shares, which is odd, since it seems to exceed that monthly limit

          Thanks, it's good to know when the T&Cs aren't necessarily enforced :)

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    has anyone paid their personal tax bill using this? I'm planning to use it with my ANZ FF credit card

    • +2

      Yes, works 100%. Received CC points too

      • +1

        Awesome to hear thank you

      • How could you tell if your transaction earnt point? With my ANZ FF CC (platinum) I see a monthly summary of points, but not an itemised transaction by transaction summary. Not even the statement displays it.

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