[PS5] Free 6 Months of Apple TV+ for PS5 Users (Excludes Apple One Subscribers) @ PlayStation


How to redeem your offer

  1. Find the Apple TV app from your PS5 console’s search bar, or find it under “All apps” in Media home.
  2. Download and open the Apple TV app and follow the on-screen instructions.
  3. Sign in with your Apple ID or create an Apple ID if you don’t already have one.
  4. Enjoy your six free months of Apple TV+.

If you have a current Apple TV+ free trial or are already subscribed, you can redeem this offer. If you've subscribed to Apple TV+ through a bundle offer like Apple One, you are not eligible to redeem this offer.

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  • +12

    If it doesn't pop up straight away for you (common issue right now), give it a day or two to update.

    You have till 22nd July 2022 to redeem this so may not want to straight away anyway.

    • +2

      Wish I'd read this before jumping on it like it was ending today!

      • I thought the same, but didn't bite! I'm glad I can use my mum's free 12 months and then grab 6 months! Awesome!

    • Update the app and it will show up

  • +2

    Just subscribed to Apple One yesterday 😣

    • I've been on the fence about apple one premium, I really enjoyed my fitness trial. Apple Arcade was the most poop part of it in my opinion.

  • +2

    I got 1 year from iPad purchased but not sure what good to watch on it.

    • +4

      Ted lasso
      The morning show

      • Trying was great

      • +4

        I’ve enjoyed a lot on Apple TV. I’d actually say I prefer it to Netflix in the last 12 months.

      • +2

        Mosquito coast was ok too

    • +14

      Ted Lasso!

      • +3

        Loved Ted Lasso!
        Season 2 starts today!!

        • +1

          Same…. that bit about "Being curious vs judgemental" hit me hard

    • +4

      Ted lasso! Apple TV actually has some great shows including for all mankind, mythic quest, defending Jacob, plus some great music docos (beastie boys, Bruce Springsteen).

    • +5

      For All Mankind, Ted Lasso, and Mythic Quest are great.
      Long Way Up, Beastie Boys Story, Greyhound, and The Morning Show/Morning Wars are good.
      Only thing I haven't really enjoyed is See.

      • See is excellent if u value action

    • Darn, I only got 3 months with mine =/.

    • +4

      We've just got through For All Mankind in about three weeks, which is really "binge" for us, now waiting on the Foundation series.

      • +3

        Yeah For All Mankind is a really great show. Since I got Apple TV I've found myself watching it a lot more than I expected to.

    • +1


    • No one mentioning it so I'll also include Little America. I'm half way through, and really enjoying the self-contained stories, and the different styles between each episode

    • +1

      Thanks for all the suggestion, need something to watch during lockdown.

      Apple TV should improve their preview like Prime, Netflix to make it easier to check what to watch.

    • +2

      I liked For All Mankind. Keenly anticipating Foundation.

    • You gotta see See.

  • +2

    Uhmm not working for me for some reason

    • Not sure if it's related, but I kept getting an "error" button with no message when I tried downloading the app. Had to update and restart my ps5 which fixed it. You also have to have a valid payment method linked to your apple account.

  • +8

    Right in time for Ted lasso season 2. Thanks OP

    • +2

      Can’t wait! Season 1 just picked up 20 Emmy nominations as well. It definitely is one of the most wholesome TV show I’ve watched.

      • have you seen Detectorists? feels like a more natural wholesome show

        • +1

          Detectorists a much slower burn though, can see this appealing to a wider audience

        • +1

          No, haven’t heard of it. Thanks for the rec though, will add it to the evergrowing to-watch list!

  • Apple are fighting me here. Said my account was locked, finally managed to get it unlocked and the app logged in, but now it wants to confirm my password and it wont accept.

    • +1

      Didn't like my password because I was hitting the buttons too quick… Now it wont let me use it because I've apparently used a free trial before (I haven't). Back on the ship I guess.

      • +1

        Been on the ship, sailing since I was a little boy, haven't jumped off since except for the odd maintenance and servicing. Sometimes our routes get blocked by various elements but the good thing about being on the water is that there are no roads and you always have a natural detour.

        The ship could use a fresh lick of paint though

  • -1

    Even with free Apple TV subscription I find most of the content needs payment

    • +6

      I think you’re confusing Apple TV with Apple TV+ which is pretty understandable. Apple TV is more like iTunes in the sense that the content is purchasable/rentable whereas Apple TV+ is their streaming service (which is what your free trial is for) which they populate with the shows/movies they make or have purchased to put on the platform.

      • I am pretty sure I got Apple TV+ With iPhone purchase but then I don’t still see any free content, and I thought that’s usual hence stopped using it.

        • +5

          You probably need to go to the Apple TV+ section. You are just looking at Apple TV.

          • @onlinepred: Realised I had turned off the auto-renewal which actually is complete cancellation of subscription.

        • +3

          The TV app is a content aggregator. One of the content sources in the TV app is Apple TV+.

          The TV app also aggregates content from the iTunes store and other streaming services such as Prime, Binge and all of the catch up services. A lot of people struggled with this concept and over time Apple have made the TV+ content more obvious by giving it a showcase section then its whole own tab.

          They tried to avoid being accused of being anti-competitive by unfairly showcasing their own service, then everyone piled on them for not unfairly showcasing their own service.

    • Browse the Apple TV+ tab within the Apple TV app.

  • -1

    Man I hate this and Apple Music free subscription offers. Makes my premier subscription seem less worth it due to these offers :/

  • I got 12 months free through my mum's Apple account, I think she got it with her iPhone. Could I stack this on top?

    • Yep

      • How do I do this? Do I need my own Apple account? Or I use it via hers?

        • +1

          You need to log into the same account as the one that got 12 months free. Yes it is definitely stackable, I just did it.

          • @rickyw86: Stack it now, or just wait til next year? I signed up a week or 2 ago. This says til July 22 2022?

            • @Adelv: I'd say just stack it now as it adds 6 months to the expiry date, so it doesn't make a difference if you do it now or closer to July 2022.

  • Do you need to give them CC details first?

    • +2

      You must have a payment method registered on your Apple account.

    • yes

  • +1

    It doesnt work for me. I logged on to my ps5 PS+ account downloaded apple tv app started the application and when the app openned i went to apple tv+ category and i saw a 7 day free subscription. I skipped this went to settings on the app registered an account it directed me to activate through a broswer address and i entered the address on my phone and created an apple account ID. It still gave me 7 day free trail. What did i do wrong?

    • +1

      delete the app.. go the store and search the app - make sure you see the 6 month banner and click that, it should download the app and show you the 6 month free after it has been downloaded.

  • +1

    Update after few minutes my apple tv app updated it self and saw the 6months free subscription!!

  • +3

    Great, all I need now is a PS5…

    • +2

      Just buy one

      • Yeah they're cheap as chips and plentiful. Totally worth the $$ for a 6 month Apple + sub. xD

  • -3

    Apple TV, what a joke. Nothing on there worth of value and when you find something, you have to pay for it. Bounce!

    • +4

      I personally disagree that there is nothing. However, it is frustrating to try and figure what is Apple TV and what is Apple TV+ it is an awful naming convention.

      • There is a section for the + stuff

        • +1

          It's not bad, their not Netflix but most their shows are quality and they have some good shows coming out this year.

        • Oh I have no issue finding it at all. I love ATV+ content. I even rent my films from ATV. The commenter seems to be having some difficulty finding the difference though. It is certainly more cleanly done now IMHO.

  • +2

    A bit confused. If I'm already on a trial, does it extends or override my existing trial?

  • +3

    I opted in for Apple TV+ when I bought my iPhone. Legit never watched one thing as nothing was worthy of watching at the time…

    • Don’t forget to cancel next year

  • +1

    Works a treat! Was going to subscribe to this yesterday - Thanks heaps Op!

  • What do you watch in disney P

    • I basically only watch Disney+ and Apple TV at this point, they have between them provided the best 'Original' shows in a long while.

      • +1

        only watch Disney+

        I found that except those newest Marvel series I really couldn't find anything else new to watch

        • Yeah but they have been like an episode a week pretty consistent for a few months, that's more than enough to keep me invested. I'm not a massive binge watcher.

          • @cc23: I may cancel it and wait for the whole series before go back to watch them all. I have Netflix, Prime, Apple TV already.

            • @superforever: Yeah I am with you.

              Though Disney is very easy to set up a group for on the forums here, I have a solid group going and we pay $25ish each for the full year, so I consider it good value.

              The hardest one to share is absolutely Apple TV+ as an iPhone user I already have a 'family group' so I either have to swallow $7.99 a month or hunt for great free trials like this.

              • @cc23: Can Disney Plus setup with separate profile and login to share? Seem no streaming service allow that.

                • @superforever: It's really easy to share Disney+, we each have our own profile and share a login, then just pick our profile on logging in.

                  • @cc23:

                    we each have our own profile and share a login, then just pick our profile on logging in.

                    Like Netflix, $25 a year with Premier Access?

                    • @superforever: Same as Netflix yeah

                      • @cc23: You shared $25 a year with Premier Access? Because premier access is one off payment.

  • +1

    PSA, I jumped on this so hard as I misread the end date as July 22nd and was like runnnn! Then realised it is open until July 22nd 2022, I may have held back for a few months if I read the T&C.

  • I wonder if free 1 yr trial stacks up. like if I got a new iPhone this year would you get another year?

    • I have the same question.
      Has anyone tried?

    • It works, just got it myself :)

  • I can’t seem to get my 6 months working. I’ve logged in the Apple TV app on my ps5 but the 6 month subscription just doesn’t show up. Any ideas?

    Edit: looks like a system and app update and a restart helped. Got the 6 months now.

  • +1

    Many thanks, I was looking to watch Ted Lasso.

  • Got it, thanks. Morning Wars, The Servant and of course Ted Lasso are all great. I haven’t watched much else on there. Any other recommendations? Looks like there’s quite a few good shows coming up on the service in the next six months or so.

  • great timing, my free trial ends end of July

  • Just run out of 12 months sub for getting AppleTV (the hardware) last year and can confirm this works now. Thank you.

  • If I have 2 Apple TV accounts with separate email addresses and a PS5 can I redeem the 6 months on both accounts?

  • +2

    can we cancel instantly after signing up or have to the wait the 6 months?

    • Would also like to know.

    • Anyone know?

      • +1

        I don't think so, usually for some reason Apple trials cancel as soon as you cancel your sub. I had Apple Arcade for example and went to cancel after sign up and it cancelled the free trial as well. So I'd set a reminder in your phone for the day before and cancel it like that.

    • If you go into the app and system settings it says you can cancel now and still access your subscription until 28 Jan 2022 👍

  • So I just got the 6 months free with Apple TV with the PS5 (don't like Apple - overcharging #$%^&).

    Now can I use it on Google TV, PS4 etc… with my login details, or is it exclusively to be used only on PS5?

    • Works fine on my tv after claiming on ps5

    • The subscription applies to your account and not the device, you can login to anything you’d like.

  • Trying to redeem it, created an apple ID but I get to a certain point logging in to the app and it tells me I need an iTunes account. At this point it's easier just to pirate what I want to watch.

  • So I've been in contact with Apple and are getting a call back from them. Apparently it doesn't work if you already have a subscription (even though the PlayStation website and literally everywhere else says otherwise).

    I tried getting this yesterday on my PS5 but checked my account this morning and my renewal date didn't change so I chatted with Apple support and was told "I have consulted with a senior advisor. Only one offer per Family, regardless of number of devices purchased. You can share your Apple TV+ subscription with up to 5 other family members via Family Sharing."

    A senior member is apparently going to call me about the matter. The person I was chatting with also mentioned I'm not the only customer with the issue.

    Will update when I know more.

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