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CommBank Rewards: $20 Cashback on $49 eBay Plus Annual Membership


Activate and spend by 18th August using your Commonwealth Mastercard. Can stack with eBay Plus retention voucher offers. All CommBank needs is $49 deduction from eBay Plus on your account for the cashback.

How to claim

  1. Activate before you spend
  2. Shop online on the eBay Plus website
  3. Pay with your eligible CommBank debit or credit Mastercard
  4. Automatically get paid to your account within 14 business days

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    • ok sorry just saw the link above. thanks :)

  • Im not targetted

  • I see "You have already tested eBay Plus for free. If you sign up now, the membership fee is due immediately." I suspect this still means that I get the voucher?

  • Is this for new members only or for renewals too?

  • Targeted

  • targeted ?

  • Can you renew using the $50 credit deal? Or perhaps let it lapse and rejoin, or is it only for new customers

  • I signed up for membership but by card has not been charged yet.. does it show after some time?

    • Did your card ever get charged?

  • +1

    So what're the perks for eBay plus? Would this be worth it for the average Joe that doesn't frequently order stuff of eBay?

  • Thank. Just found my ebay plus will renew today. Cancel my memebership to get $30 gift card, then chang the payment to CBA to get $20 Cashback. Nice…

  • Spend by the 18th and my membership finishes on the 20th August… :(

    • The same here

  • Anyone have ideas on how to get any CW Rewards offers ? I've never seen a single one.. despite having a CW MasterCard.

    Are they for specific types of card or some other criteria ?

    • +1

      Honestly, not too sure. I have wondered this myself as I've told my parents about some Cashback deals from Commbank and they don't have any rewards despite having their CC. It doesn't seem to matter whether it's a debit or credit card as both my cards are eligible to be used to receive Cashback.

    • +2

      @jason andrade @ef7411
      i think Open App >> Go to Settings&Security >> Go to Home Screen >> Go to Favourites >> You can setup 4 Favourites to be shown on Home Screen. Bring up Commbank Rewards to HomeScreen by reordering.

      You can see all of them on homescreen in future.

      • +1

        I think he's asking who qualifies for CB rewards. I know how to see what offers and rewards there are, but my parents don't have any offers despite having a so called eligible card being a CC Mastercard.

        I get rewards, and both my cards are eligible. Just don't know the specific criteria for some despite people having a mastercard credit or debit card.

    • On Android open app, click on accounts, use fingerprint to authenticate (or code).
      Scroll to bottom "products and offers".
      Click on CommBank awards.
      Then you see rewards (rewards to activate) and activity (activated rewards).

  • Mine finishes on 21st Aug :(

  • -2

    Not targeted

    • +1

      Well I don't see it, and others in the post seem not able to see it either

    • Yes, it is

  • I'm getting an error when I enter my commbank. Weird.

    • I was also getting it but now it works.

      • +1

        Same, ended up working in the end!

    • I wanted to add the card in my partner's account but it didn't work. I then added debit card and that did work. Tried CC again, then it worked.
      I thought it was me.

  • Perfect timing! My renewal is due in 3 days :D

  • Crap timing for me lol. Mine doesn’t renew until November. Great for those who are due before the offer ends though.

    • Second account for partner?

  • +1

    If the invoice amount for renewal is 48.99 then you won't be eligible for $20 cashback as the minimum spend is $49. Am I right?

    • +1

      Deal is for annual membership of ebay plus, which is $49. How would you even get $48.99? ebay will charge $49 as far as I know.

      1. Fees
        4.1. The annual membership fee for eBay Plus is AU $49.

      See T&Cs

      • +1

        I think it is $49 for the first year and then becomes $48.99 for the subsequent years. My most recent invoice amount is $48.99. Can anyone confirm this as well?

        • +2

          Interesting, it never came to a "second" year with me. I cancelled and signed up again with $50 voucher (with the same account).
          Maybe that's why it's always been $49 for me.

          • @johnmelb: Good point! So instead of getting the $30 voucher that ebay offers to keep ebay plus membership I can cancel and sign up to receive a $50 voucher with the same account. Also I can pay by CBA card to get additional $20 cashback.

            $48.99 - $30 = $18.99 out of pocket cost
            | $49 - $50 - $20| = $21 free money

            • @haliloo: There were people before that got both the $30 voucher and $50 (but you need to be lucky with the timing of your account to match this promo).

          • +1

            @johnmelb: My invoice is showing $48.99, new ebay plus, first time I took the offer (only had trial in the past). Same for my friend who subscribed last month (first time ebay plus too). So, not sure if CBA would honor that 1c differences

            • +2

              @hny3: That's a dodgy practice. They clearly state $49 as cost, which matches the CBA promo.
              But nothing surprises me anymore.

              • +1

                @johnmelb: yeah, probably won't end well. still set my payment method to CBA though, just in case

        • +1

          I got the same amount. This could be their way of excluding people who have previously had a membership.

          • +1

            @JIMB0: Just applied on my partner's account:
            $50 voucher works instantly after signing up
            invoice shows $48.99 (dodgy) - no amount charged to CC yet
            Immediately placed an order with the $50 voucher (min. spend is enforced now, so you do need to spend the entire balance).

            Removed anything related to paypal from selling 1 item before (I really hope I didn't oversee any other dodgyness).

            • +1

              @johnmelb: Please update us when they charge CC. Interested to know if CBS still gives the $20 cashback when the actual charge is $48.99.

              • +6

                @haliloo: I took screenshots all the way (I'll make them honour it) - and payment method was the CBA CC, I'll post here when it gets charged.

                • +1

                  @johnmelb: Transaction description is “eBay Plus 888-749-3229" -$48.99
                  Still pending, card was just charged

  • Interesting…I don't have it in my list…

  • can i get a new credit card on a parttime or casual job?

  • If I open a Commbank account now will I be able to take advantage of this?

  • Is everyone's invoice showing $48.99? I haven't been charged

    • +3

      Same here. I used the eBay plus trial in the past, like 2 years ago. If the $20 cba bonus doesn’t get credited because of the $48.99 invoice then that’s very dodgy!!

    • During sign-up it says $49. I haven't been charged yet. Invoice also show $48.99.
      I did immediately get the $50 voucher.

    • Same here. Do you know why they have not charge anything? I have not get the $50 bonus either.

  • just to confirm you can use for normal purchases as long as your an ebay plus member and spends at least $49 right?

  • PayPal as payment they charge immediately for subscription, why is it different with credit card payments?

    • +2

      No, I subscribed a week ago, still haven't been charged, was on default (paypal). I just changed to CBA card, hopefully works. As others posted, mine showing end of month for billing cycle, so hopefully work, though not that optimist with the $48.99 instead of $49 showing in the invoice :(

      • +2

        Also don't forget to remove the payment authority in Paypal - if you don't want to get charged via PayPal.
        Via paypal.com.au
        - the "wheel" top right
        - Payments
        - Manage automatic payments
        - (On the left under) "Show active" / "show more" (check for ebay in this list and cancel; make sure there are no multiple ebay's listed in there.)

        I'm not sure if ebay automatically switches to your card. Normally you can check the payment method during signup. I'm not sure if it works when you change the payment method afterwards.

        • +2

          If you go https://www.ebay.com.au/ebayplus/home it will tell you what your payment method is

          • @djevoultion: Somehow between my account and my partner's account I get 2 different views. On my account there's no "Payment method".
            The "Change payment method" under "Edit membership" also doesn't work under my account.

          • +1

            @djevoultion: Damn, didn't notice invoice showing $48.99. That's really dodgy! Well too late now. Also I used my CBA CC rather than paypal….surely if I cancel before next year, they wouldn't charge my CC??

  • +6

    Was excited to join but this 48.99 dodgy thing has holds me back. Don't wana chat with lots of people to get $50 and $20.

    If people dont get $20 from Commbank, Ebay should be banned from here.

    • so true

  • it shows for the first subscription only in the CBA app, I can't receive the voucher after registerd

  • +1

    FWIW when Westpac ran this deal the headline offer said $49 but the fine print was edited to $48.99. I'm sure it'll be the same for Commbank. I doubt they wouldn't honour the deal over 1c.

  • +2

    It’ll be pretty bad if CBA don’t honour the $20 cashback simply because eBay’s invoice shows $48.99.

    I guess all we can do is wait till the end of the month when it gets billed and then wait 14 days for CBA to hopefully do the right thing!

    It does beg the question though, what’s to stop people signing up to eBay Plus, using the voucher then removing their payment details (or having insufficient funds) so they can’t be billed at the end of the month?

    I’m guessing in that instance, the eBay Plus membership would be cancelled, but at least you still got/used the $40 or $50 voucher?

    • +2

      Few people abused that on ozb and some had all of their ebay accounts banned so I guess that's the risk.

  • Any suggestions what to buy with the 50$ voucher? I am out of ideas.

    • +2

      Chemist warehouse

      • Didn't even know that CW is on ebay.

      • Thanks
        Let me see if there is anything :)

        • Nope nothing that I need at the moment.

          I think I will get a PS5 controller charger for future. Even though I don't have a PS5 or a controller.

  • +2

    Once the eBay Plus subscription fees is invoiced, can pay it manually through Seller account/Backup payment method/"One-time payment for fees" and able to edit the amount to $49.

    • +1

      When does it get invoiced?

      • +1

        End of the month?
        You can still pre-pay it manually without it invoiced but I don't know what CommBank looks for in the statement to determine it's a eBay plus subscription.

        • @wekimekigugudan i paid as per above method and my ebay account showed $0 balance to be paid. Last night ebay has again deducted 48.99 from my card. I don't know what's happening.

    • +1

      @brandogs @hamza23 please include above comment in deal details.

      Did it but it wasn't allowing to select $49, forced me to pay 48.99 only. What a dodgy company. lets see if it comes.

      Called CBA to complain and the guy told that he is in the same boat and CBA will look into it if not honored :D

  • +3

    Anyone know how to prepay the membership? Mine renews in late August. Anyone know if this link is suitable? https://pmtapp.ebay.com.au/otp

    • +1

      thx mate, used this link and paid $49.00.
      Hopefully it works.

      • +1

        What does the transaction say in the bank statement? ebay.com.au subscription?

        • +3

          Pending - EBAY.COM.AU/CC 888-749-322 AU (full description available next business day)

          • +2

            @zakarados: Keen to know if this works. Signed up and also fallen into this weird situation .. where the invoice is $48.99, and invoice won't get issued till Aug 15th.

            Once invoice is issued direct debit, may not even happen within the expiry date of the deal. What a freaking mess.

            So .. I m gonna count on the direct payment link and make a $49 payment, if it works out for you..

            • +1

              @On1: 26 Jul 2021 EBAY.COM.AU/CC 888-749-322 AUSClick for details -$49.00

              • +1

                @zakarados: Did your reward already update to claimed too in CommBank app?
                I went through my records and found the description from last time on my own account, which was "eBay Intl Ag - 888-749-3229"
                Apparently also $48.99, I thought it was $49 all this time.

                Not sure what CBA will look for. Maybe the description changed in the meantime or it's different because of manually paying vs automatic payment.

                • +1

                  @johnmelb: I actually used my main CC which is Westpac, but it has the same deal.
                  Westpac you don't need to apply for deals, it's already there.
                  I have the same offer on my CBA card, but Westpac was easier.

                  • @zakarados: Thanks, I'll just wait and let it be billed normally in 3 days. I'll report back here.

                    • @johnmelb: It seems I'll only be billed by 13 August

                      • +1

                        @johnmelb: I didn't end up getting the cashback, so I raised a complaint with Westpac and they manually credited my CC.
                        Expected result with added steps.

                        • @zakarados: Got charged just now, pending: Transaction description is “eBay Plus 888-749-3229" -$48.99

  • +1

    Is the $50 coupon thingy expired? The link just doesn’t let me click on continue after adding the payment method (on mobile) and on laptop it shows a red warning symbol which can’t be expanded to see what it is.

  • +1

    If the spend needs to be by 18th August and they don't take money until the end of the 30 days, is it too late to sign up now?

  • +1

    So has anybody actually gotten the cashback from signing up for this deal yet? Or is everyone waiting for the end of month billing to occur?

    • -1

      Or is everyone waiting for the end of month billing to occur?

      Waiting for the invoice at the end of the month, and then pre-pay $49 instead of $48.99.

      • +1

        U can use https://pmtapp.ebay.com.au/otp link to prepay $49.

        Ebay chat confirmed that it will get just credited against the next invoice.

        If you wait for direct debit, it might miss the expiry of the deal depending on when ur billing cycle is. Mine is on 15th of Aug.

        • +1

          And did they confirm the message in charge to CC will be valid for the deal?

          • +1

            @johnmelb: nah.. they have no idea about the Commbank side of things.

  • +2

    I signed up to eBay Plus using my debit card that has the CBA offer. I did this through https://pages.ebay.com.au/Buyer_coupons/plussignup/ which gives a $40 Ebay voucher. I've received an email saying:
    Membership Details
    Start date: 27-Jul-21
    You’ve been charged AU $49.00 for your first year of membership.

    I checked my debit card account a few hours later and I don't see a transaction from Ebay. Is there usually some sort of delay before the Ebay transaction appears on CBA side..?

    • +1

      Realised from reading previous comments that they haven't charged my debit card yet because Ebay Plus's billing cycle is the last day of each month… When I view Account Activity I also see the subscription fee being $48.99 despite this being the first time I'm paying for Ebay Plus as I only tried trial Ebay Plus few years ago.

      • +1

        Where do you find this account activity or invoice? I’m having the same issue but not sure where to find this invoice either

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