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CommBank Rewards: $20 Cashback on $49 eBay Plus Annual Membership


Activate and spend by 18th August using your Commonwealth Mastercard. Can stack with eBay Plus retention voucher offers. All CommBank needs is $49 deduction from eBay Plus on your account for the cashback.

How to claim

  1. Activate before you spend
  2. Shop online on the eBay Plus website
  3. Pay with your eligible CommBank debit or credit Mastercard
  4. Automatically get paid to your account within 14 business days

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    • +1

      Got my CBA $20 today. Success!

      • Mine is coming up as "Claimed" as at 13/08, however the funds still haven't hit my account

        • yep same. ive never used commbank rewards before so no idea how long it takes for the money to hit

  • +1

    Is there a particular number to call at commbank for rewards? Last time I called cba I was on hold over an hour

    • +2

      132221 is the no told by rewards guys to call next time, when I complained for long wait time. Still holding my horses, will wait a bit more before calling.

      • Thanks

        It's weird I had the 49 prepayment and the 48.99 charge the other day but it doesn't say claimed on mine just says activated.

        I'll wait a few more days too. I'm sure ebay and commonwealth bank are good for thr money so whatever.

        • I am exactly in same boat but I prepaid $48.99 as system wasn't allowing $49 prepayment. I think its better to wait for few days rather calling and wasting time atm. If its not fixed in a week, then we shall call.

      • +1

        That’s the main CBA number haha.

  • +5

    Was charged $48.99 on 7th August, still no cashback to be seen.

    • +2

      Same here. I just checked my cba, while I haven't received $20 back yet, the rewards now says "claimed" on 13 August. I assume it'll get through today.

      • I was charged $48.99 on 9th of Aug, just received an notification on the app today that I've claimed it. From experience it does take a few days to actually hit the account.

  • +2

    Charged $48.99, no other follow up or intervention. No pre-payment. Got $20 cashback today.

    • i regret doing the prepayment that's for sure

  • cba 'we are currently taking a high number of calls, the wait time may be up to one hour'. again. yet they have huge profits.

    what a joke, why the fk we still have an account with them i dont know. my kids will never be dollarmites i know that much. thanks scott pape

  • I was charged $48.99 too a few days ago and now in the Commbank App, it says - "You've successfully claimed your reward, your $20 for shopping EBAY PLUS is on the way". No pre-payment was done.

  • while i was on hold with cba the notification came up in CBA saying i'd successfully claimed the reward. to be on the safe side i'll will wait for the $20 to actually hit my account first (does anyone know how long roughly it takes) and once it does will contact ebay for the $49 pre payment refund. which im sure they will do.

    what a reach around

    though to be fair — a reach around caused by me panicking and jumping the gun so it was a reach around entirely of my making. next time ill just be patient.

  • anyone had any luck getting a refund from ebay? i feel like i just got palmed off for it to be 'investigated and escalated accordingly'

  • CommBank Rewards: We're sending you $20 for shopping at eBay Plus.
    $48.99 was charged 6 days ago.
    No prepayment, CBA was also not contacted.

  • Got $20 message from CommBank that its coming (like they send usually) .. waiting for ebay now to refund transaction.

    • +2

      Yeah also got my $20 message from CBA about 20 mins ago.

  • My eBay plus expired. I didn't renew it. After couple of days got 40$ voucher offer from eBay for renewing. Used with CBA offer, today I got 20$ message from CBA. Not bad at all!

  • Got the $20 claimed message from CBA today as well. Joined eBay plus on 2 Aug and the $48.99 payment was taken on 8 Aug (although it was pending for a few days).

    Worked out well in the end as eBay plus was already free for me with the $40 voucher sign-up and also saving $10 on delivery for an item I needed to purchase on the day (which ended up being free express postage with eBay plus). The $20 cashback is now extra money on top!

  • I used Ebay chat to ask them about getting the prepayment refunded and the response I got was:
    "I have checked the details and I can see that you got double charged for your eBay plus membership and hence I need to escalate your issue to our specialised team which will look after this matter and will get back to you once we resolve this issue. Till then your patience and kind co-operation will be appreciated."

    When I asked how long that would take and if they'll email me after they've looked into it:
    "Our team is already working on this matter as we have received multiple concerns regarding this . But rest assured , they are working on top-priority and it will be resolved as earliest as possible."

    So I guess I will just have to wait and see…

  • Also just got the $20 from CBA today, paid $48.99 on 7th. Used the $40 voucher already. Another $5 and 5% vouchers available too and hopefully every month. Great bargain!

  • Received the $20 notification today. Good

  • +1

    I received an email follow up from chat support today regarding the doubled up payment after prepaying

    Hello Erlich

    Thanks for your contact.

    We are aware of a technical issue that meant some customers were incorrectly charged for their eBay Plus membership. This has now been rectified and all impacted members will receive a refund in the next 3-5 business days.

    Look out for another email from us in the coming days with more details on your refund and a little something from us to say sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Kind regards,

  • Missed the $50 offer, but joined today with $40 offer, CBA charged within an hour,GTG

  • Signed up and did the manual $49 payment. Then Got charged twice. Then eventually got a refund for one of them, as well as the $20 cashback from CBA.

    Then today got an email with an extra $50 eBay gift card as a sorry for the hassle!! $120 of vouchers as well as 1yr of eBay plus for $49, I'm stoked haha

    • Damn … $50 for the hassle … you talked to ebay chat for refund or not ?

      • +1

        Nah didn't contacted them at all, just let it play out tbh

    • that's good. I haven't even received any reply from ebay! I hope I'll get the same voucher you mentioned.

    • +1

      For those interested, this is the email I got;

      We recently experienced a technical issue that meant you were incorrectly charged twice for your eBay Plus membership.

      This has now been rectified and you have been refunded via the payment method that was incorrectly charged. The funds should appear in your account within 3 - 5 business days.

      We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused and would like to offer you a $50 eBay Gift Card* to use on any of the 40,000 Australian retailers we support.

      Gift Card code: ‪############
      Expires in 3 years
      Thank you for being an eBay Plus member.

      The eBay team
      *Gift Card T&Cs apply

      • just curious, did you get refunded on the $48.99, or the $49?

        • Just checked - refunded the $48.99

  • Got my cashback paid 😊

    • i got it today aswell.

  • Can anyone confirm cashback for a one off payment?

    My membership expires in October and it seems one off payment is my only way to try get the cashback.

    • ya, if you buy for 1 year, not applicable on monthly. Transaction to be processed before 18th Aug as per deal.

      • Yes but I can't force ebay to charge my annual membership before it expires in October. But they do allow a 'one off payment' into my ebay account…

        • If you avail this somehow, you will get $20 … If you don't renew or try to cancel, you will get a better offer of $30 to $40 vouchers … I think its better option. Main advantage of this offer was to people who signed up via $40 vouchers link and got $20 from commbank aswell.

  • So it's 11pm AEST on 17/8… Ive activated the deal in my CBA app but just realised I don;'t think I would have enough time to receive the bonus. If eBay plus gives me a 1st month trial, then I wouldn't be charged until next month… and this pre-pay option sounds risky or unlikely to work if I havent sold anything on ebay before.

    Should i give up or is there a reason to think it could still work?

  • Got my 48.99 refund, and the $20 from cba

    Now I'm just waiting on the $50 good will credit for the stuff up others have mentioned which is pretty nice of them

    • It wasn’t really a stuff up from them, was it? Was that ever an established way to pay for eBay Plus?

  • I still haven't been refunded for the double charge. Been chasing ebay for the last 3 weeks.. What a nightmare.. Is anyone in the same situation?

  • I received my refund but not the $50 good will credit others mentioned

    • Same. I received on my refund on Sat 28th of Aug. They double charged me on Sun 8th of Aug. Have not received an email from ebay about the refund or goodwill credit mentioned above.

      • Same. Maybe you had to be lucky in the first batch of refunds to get any extra credit.

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