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WORX WX051 Pegasus Multi-Function Work Table and Sawhorse $151.20 + Delivery @ WORX eBay / $189 Shipped @ Amazon AU


Happen to stumble across this while browsing for a track saw…..I've failed to pull the trigger on other post at a cheaper price. Maybe it's a good enough deal if you have FOMO from any of the previous deals. SRP= $249.00 (24% off) means a $60.00 savings to spend on another bargain. (

Thanks to matyman you can take 20% off the op price on eBay with code WORXWINTER20 ( which comes down to $151.20 (add shipping of $19.95 outside major metropolitan cities) and thanks to JC1986 you can also stack it with Afterpay for another $10.00 bringing it down to $141.20 which now may qualify this a a bargain for some…. I know it's been cheaper….jeez.

Now for the details - Highly rated work table plenty of Youtube Videos to look at.

Versatile work table that converts to a sawhorse or work bench in seconds, with handy, built-in storage shelf, no assembly required
Compact, foldable, and lightweight for take-anywhere action and storage, 125mm depth when folded
Work table mode supports loads up to 135kgs, sawhorse mode supports up to 450kgs, features locking legs
Feel confident with the 2 Quick Clamps and 4 clamp pegs (dogs) included to secure a variety of materials and shapes
Tabletop is 787 x 635mm or 18.5m2, 813mm in height, and weight 13.6kg

Original WORXWINTER20 Coupon Deal

Original AFTERPAY10 Coupon Deal

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    quite a good work table but it's definitely been cheaper.
    I paid $106 for it in Oct last year when it was on special

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    Yeah I paid $130+ for it on Amazon when I posted this deal last year.

    • Yup…it's not the lowest it's been….but it's been a while since i've seen it less than retail.

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    thought this price was for 2x

  • +1

    That's expensive….

    I'm happy with the one I got for about $100, but that being said the plastic moldings on the bottom shelf snapped after not to long

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    20% off this price on ebay with code WORXWINTER20 which comes down to $151.20

    • Nice one, that's getting me closer to actually buying. Thanks.

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      Also can stack with AFTERPAY10 if haven't used. I got one because need one soon and can't wait this long to get lower.

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        Nice to see you and matyman adding to my original post….I was starting to feel pretty bummed out with my post and felt it maybe wasn't "up to par" with others. It's probably why i've never posted before and like won't again it's not worth the sticks & stones from other posters telling you it's been cheaper despite saying that in the initial sentence of my post….

        • +1

          Haha. No stress mate. Usually these searches when someone posted something, and most of time lower prices were discovered. I think it's worth to mention the ebay link and discount code to your post :)

        • It's probably why i've never posted before and like won't again it's not worth the sticks & stones from other posters

          Hang in there champ, you've been around since at least 2014 and will have seen that it can be a tough crowd here at times. No one's throwing 'sticks and stones', this is a site where people take their bargains seriously and will let their voices be heard if they believe there are better prices to be had. Don't let cheaper prices put you off, use it as motivation to do a little more research next time you see a bargain…might even save yourself a few $$ in the process.

      • I tried, but it wouldn't stack: "You can only apply one voucher code to this purchase." - the other was WORXWINTER20.

        • I was able to stack it by clicking the "After Pay" option in the cart. Great! Your voucher has been applied.Order total AU $161.15

        • Weird. this is what I'm paying now. Maybe they've made some changes shortly after?

          Order total

          Subtotal AU $189.00
          Item discount -AU $37.80
          Postage Free
          Coupon, Voucher -AU $10.00
          Total AU $141.20

          • @JC1986: How did you get the free postage?

            • @Tinman: I just did and didn't do anything special. I'm in VIC and am NOT a Plus memeber.

              • @JC1986: hmmm i'm in VIC too Regional….maybe that has something to do with it.

                • @Tinman: I reckon that's the reason. I rarely paid for postage in ebay.

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      Thanks for that matyman. I've been waiting ages, can't wait any more so got this deal.

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    yep, at $100 it's a deal, not at $150+

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    Been using a couple from a previous deal. Very useful and happy with the quality. Put a circ saw through one about 150mm in and no issue as the structure is deep and strong. Clamps are useful and they fold and stand on their own so easy to store and move around. Recommend.

  • It’s cheap last year, I purchased 2 from ebay from worx official store, around $110 each delivered.

    fortunately I didn’t purchased it from Amazon deal last year, I’m still waiting for the other Prime deal Worx item I purchased in Oct 2020. I haven’t received it yet, but received lots of emails from Amazon saying they were trying their best.

    Cancelled the prime membership this year.

    • +1

      229.84 for 2

      Subtotal AU $338.00
      Item discount -AU $50.70
      Postage Free
      Gift card -AU $229.84
      Coupon, Voucher -AU $57.46

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  • +2

    Been watching this like a hawk daily. Missed the sale when it was @ $100'ish. Then it stayed $150 for months. While I was holding my trigger it went up $200+.
    Took a plunge on this ebay deal, not bad for 20% off, need to use it now. Might get another when its on real (Amazon) sale.

    Thx OP.

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