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35% off Nail Manicure Set - $22.99 to $14.99 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Queensland Quintessentials via Amazon AU


Hi All,

Just running another deal for the OzBargainers.

This is our Manicure Set which I have just got in stock. We have 50 sets available which I will reduce the price of from $22.99 to $14.99 (35% Off) for the coming days. There is no code needed. Easy.

The astute of you will notice that there are some nail manicure sets on Amazon which are selling for less than $10. Yikes. We have worked with our manufacturer for the last few months to avoid being like these cheapo sets; not actually stainless steel (despite them saying so - sigh), flimsy, not sharp, etc. Our sole aim was to create a set from good quality, solid stainless steel!

Thanks so much to everyone who left a review on Amazon for us with our last round of deals. It's really helpful to our business and we're super grateful!

Feel free to grab them whilst you can - only available whilst stocks last sorry! I currently have 50 in stock and will have more in the coming week if people are still wanting them. I am not selling these elsewhere for cheaper.

Thanks all,


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    Picked 3 up in the last sale and when they arrived was disappointed that I hadn't ordered 4 so this has now been rectified. Really lovely set for the ladies/girls. In fact I might purchase another set now I think of it.



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      and when they arrived was disappointed

      thanks for the heads up…

      I'll pass on this deal…

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        Thanks - I'll take that one..

        PS: time to read the whole line ?


          PS: time to read the whole line ?

          I just finished the Udemy 101 Speed Reading course…

          You learn to only read the first 12 words of a paragraph to understand the meaning… Saves a lot of time…

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            @jv: but if you read the whole line, it will also save an embarrassment (only if that matters :P)

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    Just ordered one hope they are good 🙏


      Thanks for that @Ghosts. I really hope you're happy with the set. If there are any problems at all just contact me here or on Amazon and I'll be happy to sort out any issues. I'm hoping the set should be perfect for you!

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    Ordered a set, got a smaller set last time and was very pleased with the quality.

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    Nail Manicure Set - $22.99

    Is this for toe nails or finger nails ?


      This set is illegal to use on toes nails.


        Then they should make that clear in the description.

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        This set is not in the slightest bit illegal to use on toenails! I presume that was a joke comment! Haha.

        The set has a number of tools that can be used to help with manicures and pedicures either at home or on the go.

        Thanks for all the comments on quality too all. We worked with our manufacturers to actually have a better quality steel that most set out there for all of our nail clipper sets. Glad it shows!



          Yeah just joking at the comment above OP ;)

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    Bought the smaller set last time. Super high quality and sharp. That said, the cutting edge is smaller and flatter than I was used to. Taking the nail catcher off helps to see what you're doing.


      Bought the smaller set last time.

      That doesn't help people with large nails…


        Hey @jv - thanks for all the engagement!

        So in fact, we have a nail clipping set specific for larger nails. We call this the nail nipper set. I sent some stock into Amazon for this but Amazon hasn't checked it in yet because they're quite behind - sadly someone in their warehouse got covid.

        I'll post it on here when I post a deal for that set.

        Good spot!

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          thanks for all the engagement!

          You're welcome…

          Need to wait until after lockdown for the wedding though…

          sadly someone in their warehouse got covid

          I hope they are isolating !!!

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    Bought a set last time. My wife is happy with them so I am happy with them. Thanks.


      Thanks mate.

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    Great quality.


      Thanks @povertytrap.


      They're from Alibaba


    This set does not seem to have a phillips head file…


      How is lockdown treating you @JV

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        I'm lucky I live within 5km of Dan…


          I live within 2.5km of a Dan's store - suck shit jv

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      Haha. Good point @jv!

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    Sold out already :-( Please advise when you have more stock !

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    Out of stock for the moment. Will happily let you know when I run the next promotion - thanks all!


    Another Alibaba importer. They buy a large quantity from Alibaba and get a huge discount, then jack the price up to a ridiculous level, then have a little sale = Profit $$$$

    Here's some food for thought.

    There's literally thousands of manicure sets on Alibaba for sale, nearly 21k! I just had a quick search for a 16pc stainless steel set in pink and found the following that were in the first dozen results:

    16pc stainless steel manicure set for $4.20 + $54.62 postage
    OP's got 50 sets for sale, so $4.20 X 50 = $210 + $54.62 for postage = $264.62 is the total cost to obtain 50 manicure sets.

    Now if I recall correctly Amazon charges a 30% of the product price. Op is selling 50 sets for $14.99, $14.99 X 50 = $749.50 and minus Amazon's take of $224.85 (Bloody Amazon.) = $524.65 profit

    Now op will need to be mailing these out to his buyers, the cheapest way would be to use the Large letter 250g 260 x 360 x 20mm for $3.30. op has 50 manicure sets so $3.30 X $165. Now remember op is running a business so he can save up to 40% off on postage, so $165 - 40% = $99.

    So taking into account OP's expenses of buying 50 manicure sets from Alibaba, having them delivered to him in Australia, advertising them on Amazon, and posting them out to his buyers is as follows:

    • Sold at the discounted price and paying full postage the profit is $95.03
    • Sold at the discounted price and paying discounted postage the profit is $161.03

    I thought I'd include the profit if the manicure sets are sold at full price (This'll also take into account Amazon's increased take, bloody Amazon.)

    • Sold at the full price and paying full postage $375.03
    • Sold at full price with discounted postage $441.03

    From AliExpress you can get a very similar one - well it comes with more stuff, 21 pieces - for $18.43 delivered. Don't forgot Cashrewards that'll reduce it to $17.50.
    Note, for some reason when I'm not signed into AliExpress it's listed at $12.63 (excluding GST) :(
    Thought I'd also mention that there is a pink 26 piece set for $19.82 delivered. Don't forget Cashrewards it'll reduce it down to $17.88

    A closer one to OP's, 16 pieces, for $12.88 delivered. Don't forget Cashrewards that'll reduce it to 12.24 delivered.

    What's everyone else doing during lockdown?


      nice work!

      I don't see anything wrong in earning a few dollars for doing all the work..

      For a couple of dollar cheaper, I would go local and get it delivered sooner.

      edit: noticed that the more you add, the postage increases.


        Thanks :)

        I don't see anything wrong with someone making a profit.
        However when someone imports cheap shit from Alibaba, then greatly increases the price. And then intruduces dubious claims such as they have scoured the globe in search of unique and highest quality products, and have carefully and tirelessly worked work manufacturers to create this high quality one of a kind product etc etc. It's all crap. It's all cheap shit from Alibaba.
        OzBargain is just a dumping ground for these so called entrepreneurs who are operating outside of theirs or their mummies and daddies garage.

        OzBargain is Australia's elite and premiere bargain hunting community. We go to the source to obtain the bargain prices.

        Yeah I didn't do that post too well. I was thinking to find one with included postage to make it easier for people to check out. I recently did a previous post, that one was better done


    OzBargain is Australia's elite and premiere bargain hunting community