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[Back Order] Massel 1L Organic Chicken (Vegetable OOS) Liquid Stock $2 Each + Delivery ($0 with Prime or $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


About this item
FOR THE EVERYDAY - Created for busy people who love cooking great tasting home cooked food.
QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Massel only uses premium vegetables and herbs, and pure sea salt from our Great Southern Ocean, the cleanest ocean in the world.
GLUTEN-FREE - One of the only gluten-free stocks with no added MSG on the market.
SUITABLE FOR ALTERNATE DIETS - Our Liquid Stock is plant based and therefore inherently suitable for vegetarian and vegan diets.
HEALTHY & FLAVOURFUL - Massel’s Liquid Stock ticks all the boxes for health and flavour and all Massel Liquid Stocks are certified Low FODMAP by Monash University.

Update 7PM- 24 July Some flavours are out of stock. Chicken and Vegetable varieties now require a minimum order quantity of 3 ($6 total)
Update 12PM 25 July: Chicken stock on back order. All other flavours are out of stock.

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  • +9

    Just an FYI, Massel 7's stock cubes have exactly the same "active" ingredients and are also vegan friendly (has no animal content). It also tastes the same as the liquid variants when mixed and dissolved in water.

    • Thanks and updated.

    • +3

      Really like Massel's powder, cubes are good but like being able to use just what I need instead of cutting up cubes.

  • +2

    Better value is the stock powder at about half the price for weight at woolies. Slightly different ingredients but nothing significant that I can see.

    • Can also get big tins (1kg? 2kg? Not sure exact) from some continental type delis for even less.

  • +2


    Last time I looked, the ingredients were all sorts of weird stuff I haven’t got any idea of. Just sounded so fake but that’s just my memory of it. I know it’s vegan but still, though a lot of vegan food is like this (I’ve been trying to get into it but better to make my own vegan food with real ingredients).

    I’ve been making a lot of stocks lately from finished roast chook carcasses, veggies etc. Turns out really nice if you do it yourself and cook it right down.

    • +3

      Way healthier too.

      Cook down chicken bones for ~1-4 hours to extract the collagen proteins. Add in onion/garlic/herbs/celery for the last hour. That's real stock! Dead easy and costs nothing.

      • -2

        Yes, nothing like the collagen extracted from animals that have been selectively bred and manipulated, fed their whole life with a chemical blend that would make massel stock look plain, and reared raised farmed mass-produced in filth.

        Some "natural foodists" are no less sensible than anti-vaxxers and other 21st century "naturalists."

        • So… Is this stock good or bad to eat?

          • -2

            @tanabe88gg: It's something to eat and (generally) if consumed sensibly will do you no harm. Good and bad are broad terms meaning different things to different people in different situations.

            • +1

              @afoveht: Yeah I get that, I just couldn't get what you were getting at.

              Are you just saying that because you can't eliminate modern farming practices, you shouldn't try to minimise additives in your food?

              I think I agree with you mostly, but equating this guy making his own stock with anti-vaxxers is a bit hyperbolic

              • -3


                but equating this guy making his own stock with anti-vaxxers is a bit hyperbolic

                I'm not doing that.

                Way healthier too.


                ingredients were all sorts of weird stuff


                own vegan food with real ingredients).

                Those ideas are problematic, and very anti-vaxxer-ish.

              • @tanabe88gg: Also

                shouldn't try to minimise additives in your food?

                is just not right. Lots of additives are shown to have good effect in various foodstuffs - iodine, fluorine, various vitamins, etc. Some others maybe not so much. Again depends on the people and their situation. There is no one right way to eat "healthily."

          • @tanabe88gg: IMO, it is bad. Bought one by mistake and it takes like a poor imitation of chicken stock with a weird dodgy taste. Down the sink it went.

        • Perhaps we need some science here.
          I do happen to prefer stock made from dead animals, but do support Animals Australia.
          Can we do both?
          I am sure we can.
          There is some science around the benefits of soup made from chicken broth for the immune system.

          • @marcozmitch: There is at least just as much science to suggest plant based diets help reduce a tonne of diseases. So what?

            You can do both in as much as animals Australia care a lot about your donations. You cannot do both if you actually take animals Australia's political position to its logical end. The chickens don't care about your money or protest banners, for a real effect they require you to leave them alone and stop breeding them into existence in the first place.

            • +1

              @afoveht: I agree with your sentiment actually, it would be great if we didn't bring animals into existence so we can murder them later on (that's what it is - do animals want to die?). Anyway I eat meat, but just try not to eat too much. I'm not going to stop mass animal farming on my own so. But I do only buy free range chicken and so on.

              I'm about as far from anti-vax as you could get — I am booked in late Aug for my first shot.

              • @GeneralSkunk: Good job on both points

              • +1

                @GeneralSkunk: Free-range is merely a label that's designed to keep people funding animal agricultural industries and make the consumer feel less guilty for their choices. The lives of the animals are still miserable and they ultimately still have their life taken away from them. The fact we gravitate to buying free-range suggests we think animals are worthy of some moral consideration. Most animals would rather live than be slaughtered and mutilated, and the only reason that's done is because we demand these products. If we boycott these industries, eventually it will be unviable and uncompetitive with plant-based or lab-grown alternatives. Until then, we're paying for sentient beings to be enslaved, tortured and slaughtered.

              • @GeneralSkunk: Do you realise that

                it would be great if we didn't bring animals into existence so we can murder them later on


                Anyway I eat meat

                is a disconnect in reality right now? At the moment you can only pick one.

      • +2

        It does costs 4 hours of gas so not nothing.

      • If you have time then that's great. But one of the things pressure cookers can do and really fast is make great stock.

  • Vegeta is by far my favourite stock. Try it if you haven't yet.

    • +2

      I tried it but it didn't quite finish the job. So i picked Goku

      • Underrated comment for sure…

    • Vegeta is great when you want MSG but sometimes things might be better without, and massel does taste different and is completely soluble. Both massel and vegeta are different, both my faves.

  • +1

    "QUALITY INGREDIENTS - Massel only uses premium vegetables and herbs"

    HAH!, premium vegetables for store bought stock for a bargain price.

    sure buddyyyyy.

    • +1

      It's just marketing fluff, premium, quality, etc doesn't really mean anything.

    • -1

      u can make ur own masel by dehydrating bnch of veges r grinding them down into powder…

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    However I don't think you will find your niche crowd sourcing ideas on Ozbargain.

    • This is so random and off topic that I suspect you’re a CIA operative planting cryptic comms messages in public websites.