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Oodie Hooded Blanket and Weighted Blanket Bundle $134 Shipped @ The Oodie


I was looking for a relatively reasonable quality weighted blanket that worked for me and the missus. Bought a couple for us. Works upto $107.20 theoretically if you use 20% cashback from Shopback option.

Blue Variant
Grey Variant

Comes in grey and blue.

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    If you own an oodie, you've already lost.

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    Not $20, $29 same quality based on review on ppl who own both oodie and kmart. but sold out https://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/kmart-knockoff-of-oodie-hoode...

    The comfy is about $55

    There is also a Kogan one for $25-29 but i read somewhere before the quality is not the same.

    Cotton on also has on for about $45, unsure about quality

    And Catch also has one for $26, unsure about quality, quick look at the reviews looks like it is smaller than oodie and a hit and miss

    All prices as of today

    I would only buy oodie is there is pattern i really want like he said

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    Over priced
    And aggressive advertising
    Would rather buy the cheaper ones

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    The cash back may not go through because technically you are using a code thats not listed under ShopBack :(

    • Well, there isn't any code that I could see? Isn't it just a generic offer?

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        The code is WINTER-OODIE-BLANKET-BUNDLE and gets auto applied when you add to cart.

      • When you check out it has the bundle deal listed under the item, I’m pretty sure they are applied by code but I hope not in your case :)

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    omg so expensive.. made from gold ? or may has apple logo on it?

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    This thing makes me cringe and I’m so annoyed of all those ads. Ew

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    fun fact Oodie is currently being sued for all profits made to date by the original Shark Tank creators and patent holders The Comfy. Will be interesting to see how it plays out.