This was posted 4 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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$109 off When You Order 3 Oodies + 20% ShopBack Cashback @ Oodie


Noticed on shopback today:

20.00% Upsized Cashback at Shopback
Get $109 off once ordering 3 Oodies with code
- Can confirm it works on licensed designs, unlike the bundles

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$30 off first purchase for referee. $30 off next purchase for referrer.

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  • +12

    If I buy one will it stop YouTube constantly bombarding me with the terrible ads?

    • Use adblock for youtube in chrome, I've never seen a youtube app on my computer.

  • I’ll bite at $109 for 3

    • I think it's $109 discount if you buy 3 of them, the 3 pack appears to be $279 so that would be $178 after discount.

      • They don't have a 3 pack. To get this deal you need to add 3 Oodies to cart and use the code. I did a price comparison down below.

      • I dont understand why you were downvoted.
        Cart shows same for me
        Total $279 - $109 = $178
        Upvote from me !

        • +1

          Plus 20% back if shopback doesn't stooge us

        • Do you have a link to the 3 pack? I don't see it on the website.

          There is a 4 pack for $279 with WINTER-CUSTOM-FAMPACK

          If you try to use AFFTO3FOR2 it overwrites the other code and becomes $436 - $109 = $327

          • +1

            @CodeXD: 3 pack isn't a pack. Add any three (including licensed designs) then add code

            • @lilith: 3 x oodie is $327 - $109 = $218

              How are people getting $178?

      • @Wolfy and @umansPrimitiveNature

        How are you getting $178 for 3 pack? Looking to buy and 20% expires soon.

        • I am unsure how they got that. I got licensed so mine were
          3 x $129 = $387
          Discount (code: AFFTO3FOR2): $-109.00
          Subtotal: $278.00
          GST: $25.26
          Shipping: $0.00
          Total: $278.00

          • Shopback 20% - $50.55

          Total = $227.45 / $75.82 each

          • @lilith: I'm fine with getting the normal design, but TWO people said they managed to get their cart to $178 ($279 - $109) for 3 = $59.33 each. Yet when asked, they provided no explanation and even questioned the people who negged them.

            I see that you upvoted their calculations but turns out the price they are saying is actually impossible to get?

            • @CodeXD: @CodeXD sorry you're feeling put out.
              I provided my calculations of the offer I purchased with the $109 discount and 20% cashback, and at no point suggested anything other than the offer I posted was available. I upvoted their success, not their mathematics, as I was unaware I had to validate the sums of the 721 clickthroughs.

  • ozb bulk orderssss

  • +3

    Dang if only i had 2 friends

  • the ads are so annoying I am never buying

  • +1

    Didn't realise Oodies were this expensive!

    They also have bulk packs which works out better the more people you get in on it. Especially with the 20% cashback on atm.

    6 x for $359 = ~$59.83 each
    4 x for $279 = $69.75 each
    3 x for $218 = $72.66 each (this deal)
    2 x for $158 = $79 each
    1 x for $109 = $109 each

    • +1

      yep but no licensed designs

  • So basically 3 for $218 plus 20% on top c/b assuming shopback doesn't do you dirty?


    Were selling for $99.99 couple of months ago
    Dropped for $45 sometime around beginning of june.

    Were at my local wollies (bonds one) for $50
    Aldi had one few weeks ago for $30 or $40 were plain colours though

    I see some of my fashionable friends following the trend and sharing Tik tok videos and boomerangs videos with tagline its not a hoodie its oodie. Wow i am flabbergasted

    • is this as thick as Oodie? I can't justify the price tag for oodie

      • Noop it's not,it's subpar given the price bonds is charging, even the aldi, spotlight, kmart versions better than bonds

        • Oop was just about to buy it just now but got distracted. Did you happen to get the track pants as well?

  • We have Snuggets from CottonOn as we find Oodie is too expensive. We all love them. Much cheaper too.

  • Screw these guys and their aggressive advertising. You can find something similar on AliExpress for way less.

  • +2

    I wouldn’t buy from them for the fact that their ads keeps coming up on YouTube constantly. It shits me.

  • +1

    Way overpriced and Not even Made in Australia

  • The snowflakes on their website banner are wrong. They are 8 sided, when we all know that snowflakes are hexagonal. snowFAKEs!

  • Does anyone know when Shopback will have another Oodie 20% discount again? (it's only 10.5% right now)

    It looks like i'm about a few hours too late!

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