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Apple TV 4K (2021) 64GB $265 Delivered @ Amazon AU ($251.75 Price Beat @ Officeworks)


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A12 Bionic chip gives a big boost to audio, video and graphics, for an even better game and app experiences
4K High Frame Rate HDR with Dolby Vision for fluid, crisp video
Apple Original shows and movies from Apple TV+
The latest hits from Disney+, BINGE, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix and more
More ways to enjoy your TV with Apple Arcade, Apple Fitness+ and Apple Music

I just got it from OW with pricebeat

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • Apologies just realized this is for 64GB model

    • +33

      On the other hand, it beats paying 2-3 thousand for a smart TV that stops getting the latest apps.
      ~$200 to keep your TV up to date is great.

    • +22

      the interface/overall user experience is actually just better with apple tv vs the majority of smart TV's

    • +7

      I wish I could buy a dumb tv. rather an Apple TV over the tv os anyday

      • +3

        My thoughts exactly! Gimme an amazing dumb TV and lemme take care of the rest

  • +3

    My Lg smart tv just had a software update , it supports air play now, so its basically same as this device?

    • +7

      Depends how you see value. I like the Apple TV's UI more, and how it integrates with my HomePods (daytime) and AirPods (nighttime).
      Yes, I'm quite invested in the Apple ecosystem.

      I'm pretty keen on upgrading my current Apple TV 4K to the new 4K for the improved refresh rate and improved remote. But I only need 32GB 🤔

      • +2

        If HFR isn’t too big a concern it’s worth looking into just buying the new remote standalone, it’s $79 (I managed to get it for $69 during a mobileciti $10 off code), which is still pricey for what it is, but definitely a huge quality of life improvement over here

        • Ooo, I would've pounced on that! Thanks for the heads up!

      • +2

        Amazon is selling 32GB for 245, $1 less than OW, so you can try price beat.

    • +6

      No. LG doesn't have all apps available. Kayo and Jellyfin are two examples that are annoying me at the moment.

      • LG seems to be missing a lot of apps, as it has WebOS and versions to suit just dont seem to get made.

        Interesting to see that some Aldi tv's are shipping with WebOS.

        • My SONIQ 4K has web OS and it's great very easy to use. Plenty of apps. App slider not the full screen like Android

    • What model?

      • SONIQ 65" UHD webOS TV
        Model: W65UV40A

    • +1

      Apple TV is also the hub in the Apple Home Kit eco system (e.g. integrate with Apple or third party smart devices like August Smart Door Lock and Door bell/camera). It is also a game device (Apple Arcade). The remote control is a motion controller so you can play motion games like Dance Now.

    • -1

      No its not. But if you only need basic casting and handful of smart devices then air play should do.

    • LG TV doesn't support Kayo

      • You can cast it to the tv from your phone tho

        • Kayo live streaming is terrible on the LG TVs running Airplay 2 - keeps switching to 480p pixellated and breaks streaming often. Running "Live" sport a minute behind fixes these issues. Does anyone else face the same issue ?
          The childish geek in me says buy the Apple TV, but the sensible adult is asking me to put up with the 1 minute delay.

          • +1

            @de9299: Use the TV Web browser to log into your Kayo account. It works well enough that you won't feel the need for spending more just to get that functionality.

  • +1

    Surely OW would include shipping for a price beat?

    • Even for free shipping?

      • This is free for everyone is it? Ok then. I can't easily tell as I have prime.

        • I've had issues in the past with OW price matching Amazon because they classify Amazon as a subscription service. Those few times I've just gone over the road and JB has price matched without question.

          • @whitey1212: Doesn't make sense, especially if item is over $39 as it would be free shipping irrespective on whether you have Prime subscription or not.

  • Does the Apple TV remote have a pointer, (e.g., similar to the lg oled magic remote or a Nintendo wii)

    • no it doesn't - swipe / click to navigate around the UI using the remote.

    • It has Bluetooth support so you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard or other accessories, eg. a PS4 controller works! But it’s illegal to connect a Bluetooth mouse so don’t even try, buster. 👮‍♀️

  • +3

    $259.99 at Costco with free delivery for members. https://www.costco.com.au/c/Apple-TV-4K-64GB-MXH02XA/p/11214...

  • +1

    Considering getting one of these for mums tv. Besides Apps what’s everyone using the extra 32gb for ?

    • Because 64Gb > 32 Gb

    • +4

      The Aerial shots on ATV are amazing. each is about 950mb so the extra space helps.

      • +1

        Yeah! underrated feature, its a regular talking point with guests

  • This vs a Shield Pro?

    • +1

      Shield Pro if you like streaming games from your PC. Otherwise both excellent choices

    • Prepare for a religious debate. Both solid choices so choose your preferred ecosystem

    • +1

      I have both, picked up the apple tv 4k 32gb today.

      Honestly they both perform equally good though some apps perform worse on shield pro like plex with it's slow thumbnail loading speed when scrolling through the library.
      Remote on the shield has one feature that all remotes should adopt which is backlit keys.

      Buy whatever's cheaper.

    • If you dabble with Kodi, go with the Shield Pro

  • This vs chromecast with google tv?

    apology, im sure this probably has been discussed before.

    • +2

      This if you care about 4K content. Google TV if you don't.

      • Is there more 4k content on Apple TV?

        • Google TV just doesn't support 4K across all streaming platforms.

          • @Ringu: Do you know which platforms? I have a CCwGTV but am debating getting an Apple TV, so just wanting to work out benefits.

            • @Hargain Bunter: I know that Disney had issue, and only HD option was available using GTV, don't know about the others recently.

    • +2

      Really just went down to which cult are you on. AirPlay, HomeKit and all that Apple proprietary stuff, obviously ATV (some fancy stuff like Atmos for Airpods as well). Or cheaper, integrate w google home, chromecast protocol, and easier to watch shady contents, then GTV.
      Both has 4K capabilities, while GTV could upscaling low res content, ATV don't. And AFAIK, ATV Disney+ only supports HDR10, not Dolby Vision.

  • +1

    I have a 2021 Samsung 4K TV and I decided to get Chromecast w/ Google TV (CCwGTV) ($100) instead of Apple TV 4K (ATV) ($260).

    I definitely wanted one of them because we all know default TV systems just suck and are slow and out of date.

    The CCwGTV has been absolutely perfect for me so far in my Google ecosystem. I have a speaker and lamp with Google Assistant so I thought I’d keep that ecosystem going. It’s hard finding cheaper speakers and lamps that work on Apple HomeKit.

    I use it for streaming 4K on all apps such as Netflix, YouTube, Stan, TV channel apps, etc. and it all works perfectly - connected to my 5GHz Wi-Fi so 4K never lags. The remote controls everything on my TV and volume button syncs with master volume. The mic is great for typing via voice.

    IMO - it does everything I need and pretty flawlessly so I cannot justify the premium for the Apple TV even if I have an iPhone and Mac.

    • +2

      I've got both, google tv during the Netflix deal and the old ATV 4K. the UI and the interface of apple tv is just so nice and everyone in my family(7yo,9yo) prefers that over the google. just my experience. i don't use my Tv to control my google dominated home. I have 2 hub max and 3 nest hubs for that purpose.

      • Nice and fair enough. Also I don't use my TV to control my google dominated home either, actually it's the opposite. I can tell my speaker to turn on my TV and play things.

    • +1

      Same with me.
      I have absolutely no use for this after owning the much cheaper GTV. Runs my media like a champ.

    • +1

      Chromecast with Google TV also has Bluetooth LDAC for pairing with my WH-1000XM4 perfectly with no lag. You can also add a hub for additional storage, webcam, Ethernet, KB/mouse if needed. I use Steam Link to stream games from PC, and play PLEX library. You can also sideload any Android App to run on it. Using Google Home to turn on the TV and voice control. Loving the 4k Netflix and youtube capability.

  • So does this come with instant access to Apple tv+ and apple tv++? Or do you need + before upgrading to ++ and +++

    • 1/4 less +++ from 1 July
      But not much content, so it doesn’t really matter.

  • -3

    Woohoo $14 saving

  • Does this do any ai-upscaling?

    • Can't comment on Apple TV, hopefully someone can confirm, but the NVIDIA Shield does have this.

  • +1

    My Sony X9000F (2018) interface is so slow and laggy, and so the Apple TV just makes life a little easier.
    Airplay is the best feature for it.

    • Same here that's why I got this Apple TV but to be honest it is more of duplicating of same thing minus speed

  • +3

    Theoretically Apple TV stream same content your Smart TV can stream however I am happy with the overall experience like the fluid interface, improved quality of picture and sound and available of quality apps. I should have brought it earlier!

    • +2

      I can’t though - it can’t stream anywhere near the amount of media codecs that the Apple TV can direct play on plex.

      • If you are centric on own video collection, better get Nividia shield or anything android based. Apple TV is better for app oriented streaming services, voice controls etc… I do have a NAS and simply use vlc player on Apple TV to play just anything else.

  • +1

    64GB model no longer available? Only 32GB showing now?

  • edit wrong post

  • I just bought one for $265 (minus 7% from Cashrewards, as far as I know) so appears to still be a sale price.

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